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Wawa is the largest convenient store as well as the gas station on the East Coast of the US. You will be easy to find this store in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and Virginia. In Philadelphia, Wawa becomes the third biggest food retailer in Philadelphia. Wawa provides various food and beverage products. For instance, you can order chips, sandwich, coffee, or tea.

So, when you come to purchase the fuel for your car, you can buy some snacks too. To fulfill the customers’ need, Wawa introduces many new items on the menu. Then, you can view the lists of Wawa menu and its nutrition facts on Wawa website. Furthermore, Wawa keeps innovating their products in order to satisfy the entire customers. To support this innovation, Wawa creates MyWawaVisit to gauge the customers’ feedback.

As you know, Wawa has the image of flight goose as their company’s logo. This logo reflects the teamwork and encouragement principle on Wawa business. So, Wawa always encourages all of its employees to serve the best for the customers. This way, the people will return to Wawa store since they get satisfied with the service and menu items.

Besides, MyWawaVisit also has the crucial role in observing what the customers feel. No doubt, Wawa survey helps the company to find out which business aspect needs to improve. Every customer has the right to share their concern and opinion after visiting Wawa. Then, Wawa will be glad to listen to your feedback. So, if you want Wawa gives the better service in your next visit, you should take part in Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Wawa offers the sweepstake entry for the customers who access MyWawavisit. Through this sweepstake, you can have the chance to get Wawa gift card valued $100 or $250. The requirement of Wawa survey is very easy. Just use your Wawa receipt to access mywawavisit.com.

Then, you have to answer a series of questions asking your recent visit at Wawa. Upon completion of Wawa Survey, you can enter your identity to enter the sweepstake. To get the further info about Wawa Customer Survey, keep reading this article. Here, you can review the Wawa survey requirements. Get the simple guideline to take this survey as well.

What are MyWawaVisit Survey and Sweepstakes Rules?

Mywawavisit comes in the form of an online survey. Since Wawa survey is available online, the customers can take it anytime and anywhere. The questionnaire given in Wawa survey is also so easy to answer. This way, the customers can share their experience easily.

For instance, they can share Wawa complaints or compliments. When the customers had the terrible experience at Wawa, this survey enables them to relieve their unhappy feeling. Besides, the Wawa company can evaluate what makes their customers dissatisfied. So, in the future, Wawa can give the excellent service for them.

No matter the experience you got, you should feel free to share it through Mywawavisit. So, although you had the nice experience, you should take this survey. Your positive feedback will encourage Wawa to keep their service quality. But, make sure that you have understood the survey requirements. Then, you should notice the Wawa sweepstakes rules as well.

Knowing these aspects enables you to complete Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey easily. Besides, you can avoid being disqualified in the Wawa sweepstake. It means, your chance to win $100 or $250 gift cards from Wawa will be bigger. So, review the Wawa survey requirements as well as the sweepstake’s rules below.

  • Survey requirement.

The most crucial requirement of MyWawaVisit Survey is a receipt. Every time you make a transaction at Wawa store or gas station, you will get Wawa receipt. Make sure that you keep this receipt in order to access My Wawa Visit survey. Look at Wawa receipt thoroughly.

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Do you find any Wawa survey code in this receipt? To start Wawa Customer survey, you have to enter this code along with Wawa store number. When your receipt is ready, you need to prepare other requirements. Since this survey is online, make sure that you use a computer or smart phone to access it. Then, the internet connection you use must be stable to avoid the trouble.

  • Survey rules.

Knowing the Wawa survey rules enables you to complete this survey easily. First, you need to know about the participant eligibility. MyWawaVisit is available for the legal residents of 50 states in the US. It includes the District of Columbia.

But, to participate in this survey and sweepstake, you must be 18 years old or elder. The employees of Wawa must not enter this sweepstake. Moreover, if you have the close relation with Wawa staffs, you are also not permitted to enter this contest.

Then, make sure that you access Wawa survey within five days after your purchasing date. If you forgot the date when you went to Wawa, just look at the date of your receipt. If you do not take this survey soon, the survey code can expire.

It means you cannot use this Wawa survey code to access the survey. Furthermore, once you enter this survey, make sure that do every survey steps till the end. If you stop in the middle of the survey process, you will not be able to restart Wawa survey. Then, you will lose the chance to enter the sweepstake.

  • Sweepstakes Rules.

Wawa sweepstakes do not require any purchase. This sweepstake is free to enter. You just need to finish the questionnaire at MyWawaVisit in order to enter the contest. Although you need Wawa receipt to enter, the amount you spent does not affect your winning chance.

Besides, one Wawa receipt is only for one survey and sweepstake entry. If you want to increase your chance to win, you have to go to Wawa often. This way, you will have many receipts. So, you can enter the survey and sweepstakes many times.

  • Sweepstakes drawing.

In every survey period, Wawa will decide one winner in each state. Wawa draws the sweepstake winner randomly in every state. So, there will be only one winner in every state.

  • Sweepstake reward.

The sweepstake prize will vary based on the state you belong. In DE, MD, PA, NJ, and VA, the winner will get $250 Wawa gift card as the sweepstakes reward. However, for the residents of Florida, the winner can win $100 gift card from Wawa. This company will contact the sweepstake winner through mail-in or phone. So, in the process of sweepstake entry, you should provide the valid address and contact information.

How is MyWawaVisit Survey Guideline?

When you enjoy the tasty menu at Wawa, you may have the unique experience. Besides, you may also have the different experience when you were pumping the gas at Wawa. It is good news for you since you can share your recent experience when you visited Wawa.

By accessing MyWawaVisit, you are free to voice your feedback about this convenient store. For instance, you can give your opinion and rating about the service at Wawa. Besides, you can speak up about the food taste as well as the location cleanliness. Wawa will appreciate your honest feedback. Indeed, Wawa welcomes you to enter their online sweepstake.

MyWawaVisit Survey is a short customer survey. So, you do not need to allocate much time to complete it. If your internet connection is stable, Wawa Survey may take only five up to seven minutes to complete. It is because the questionnaire is very simple to do. Besides, the level of difficulty of every question is low.

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To answer Wawa survey questions, you just need to recall your latest experience at Wawa store. Furthermore, the instructions at Wawa survey website is clear to understand. So, you will be able to do every Wawa survey step without any confusion. For your convenience, here we present Wawa Customer Survey Steps.

  • Access the official survey website of MyWawaVisit.

Visit Wawa survey portal at www.mywawavisit.com. This website has Wawa logo at the top left corner of the page. Then, you can take the survey not only in English but also in Spanish. Just click on Espanol link beneath the Red Start button to switch the language setting into Spanish.

Then, before you start Wawa Survey, you should view the Privacy Policy. This way you will know how Wawa company will use your information. For your information, at the end of the survey, you need to provide your information as the sweepstake requirement. So, by reviewing the Privacy Policy, you will not doubt in giving your personal info completely.

  • Input Wawa Survey Invitation Code.

See the receipt you get from the last purchase at Wawa. Try to find the survey code on this receipt. Then, insert this code in the section provided.

  • Enter the store number.

Every Wawa location has the different store number. Just look at Wawa receipt to find the store number. Usually, it is in the top section of the Wawa receipt. After entering this number, you can begin the survey by pressing Start button.

  • Select the day and time of your visit.

In the first page of the survey, you should indicate the day when you visited Wawa store. After that, you can select the time of your visit. Wawa store opens 24 hours. So, you can select the time 12 am –  5 am, 5 am – 9 am, 9 am – 11 am, 11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm, or 8 pm – 12 am.

  • Answer MyWawaVisit survey questions.

After selecting the date and time, you can start answering the questionnaire. First, you may get some questions about your recent visit. Then, Wawa survey may ask you to rate their food, service, and location as well. Give your feedback objectively.

If you got a bad service, you should tell it honestly. This way, Wawa can improve their customer service. So, in the next visit, you can experience the better service. Make sure that you do not skip or miss any question in this survey.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

After completing all steps MyWawavisit, the site will inform you that you have one chance to enter the sweepstakes. Before entering your data, make sure that you are eligible for Wawa sweepstake. For instance, you must be at eighteen years old or more. Then, you must be the legal resident of the United States. If you can pass this requirement, you can press Next button to enter the sweepstake.

  • Complete the contact information.

To submit the online sweepstake entry, you should fill out the form provided at MyWawavisit. This sweepstake form requires your name and address. Fill out the address form completely by stating your city, state, and contact form. Then, enter your phone number. After that, you should provide the valid email address as well. Make sure you confirm this email address by retyping it on the next field.

All entries you provide in this form must be correct. So, when you become the winner of Wawa sweepstake, the committee can contact you easily. Then, you can prefer receiving the offers and information about Wawa by giving the check mark on the box. The last, click on Next button to submit this sweepstake entry.

The next, just wait for the notification from Wawa if you become the winner. You deserve to receive the gift card as the prize. But, the value of this gift card may vary based on your location. Then, with this gift card, you can purchase at any Wawa location.

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You can use it to purchase the meal and drink at Wawa. Besides, you also can use this gift card to pay the fuel. But, make sure you know Wawa gift card balance before you use it. So, checking Wawa gift cards balance is necessary.

There are some methods of viewing your gift card balance. First, you can call 1 877 217 5366 to ask the customer service about your card balance. Besides, you can check the balance in store. Just ask the cashier to check the balance. The last, you can visit Wawa website to view the balance online. This is the easiest way to check the card balance. Just access www.wawa.com/card-balance.

Then, by entering Wawa PIN number, you can see how much your balance is. The third method is the most effective way to view Wawa gift card balance. It is because you can check it anytime and anywhere.

How to Get in Touch with Wawa Customer Service?

As the customer of Wawa, you may need to know the information related to this store. For instance, you want to find out the information about the product, price, Wawa careers, gift card, etc. To get the trusted info about Wawa, you should visit its website. You can access the official website at www.wawa.com. In this site, you can view the nutrition facts of Wawa menu.

Besides, you can try Wawa nutrition calculator as well. This way, you can calculate the calories in every food and drink you order. Furthermore, Wawa website has FAQ page. So, you can find the most frequent questions asked by the customers. Wawa has provided the satisfying answer to every question.

However, if you cannot find the information you are looking for, you should contact Wawa Customer Service. You can ask any topics about Wawa to the Customer Support. Two methods are available to get in touch with Wawa Customer Support. You can try one of these methods which you think the most efficient.

  • By phone.

By calling Wawa Customer Service staff, you can get the fast response for your question. To speak up with Wawa Customer Care representatives, you can dial 1 800 444 9292. This line is for the general topics of questions. But, if you want to ask about Wawa gift card, you should call 1 877 217 5366.

  • By email.

It is not necessary to send the convenient email to Wawa. It is because Wawa has provided the online form at Wawa website. You can send the email by completing this form. To reach this form, you should go to www.wawa.com. Then, find the link labeled as Contact Us.

This link is at the bottom menu of the page. Once you press Contact Us, the site will display the form. The next, enter your name as well as your email address. After that, select the type of question that you will ask. Write the detail of your question in the space provided. The last, submit this email.

You have to wait for the response from Wawa. This company will answer your questions via email. But, you have to be patient since it takes a longer time to receive the response. If your question is about the urgent issue, you should prefer calling the customer service than submitting it via email.

Those are the ways of reaching Wawa Customer Support. Which method do you think is the most efficient? No matter the method you choose, Wawa Customer Service will try their best to answer your question. So, you can get the satisfying response from this company.

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