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Winn Dixie survey is a customer satisfaction survey from Winn Dixie Grocery Store. It is the well-known supermarket chain in America. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Winn Dixie can achieve 24th rank as the top North American Food Retailer. No doubt, Winn Dixie can expand its retail business in several states. For instance, you can find Winn Dixie chains in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana. Nowadays, there are 500 stores in the US. So, you will be easier to find the store nearby.

It is not easy to survive in the retail business competition. But, Winn Dixie can win this competition since it guarantee the quality of the product. This company has a slogan Fresh Checked Every Day. It means that all products they sell are fresh. In order to maintain the customers’ trust, this grocery store has Winn Dixie  Survey.

This simple survey collects the customers’ opinion about the service, products, and store condition. To join this survey, you only need the receipt which contains the survey invitation. Then, to thank you for taking the survey, this survey will give you a coupon. With this coupon, you can claim $5 discount for minimum purchase $40.

Winn Dixie Survey
Winn Dixie Survey information this year

What are the Tips to Complete WinnDixie Survey?

Winn Dixie always wants to make sure that the customers are satisfied with their shopping trip. That is why this grocery store conducts WinnDixie Survey. This survey can help the restaurant to identify the weakness of the store. Besides, it can help to find out the issues which make the customers unhappy. For instance, the customers can rate which area need to improve. This way, the customers can contribute to make it better.

Furthermore, by taking part in this survey, the customers can get the coupon. This coupon gives you $5 off if you make a transaction at least $40. So, you will be able to save your grocery shopping budget. Winn-Dixie Survey is so short and simple that you only need a few minutes to finish it.

Furthermore the instructions are clear enough to understand. That is why, in this article, we do not present the survey guideline. Here, we only gives you the tips to complete this survey easier. So, check out our suggestions below.

  • Prepare all survey requirements.

Before accessing, you should check whether the requirement is ready. Check whether your survey codes is valid. Your receipt must contain 18 digit survey invitation codes. Only with this code, you can enter the survey portal. The next, you should check whether your computer and internet can work properly.

  • Enable JavaScript and Cookie.

In order to take the survey without any troubles, you should check your browser’s setting. Make sure the cookie and JavaScript are active.

  • Take the survey soon.

Other customer surveys may give a few days to take the survey. But, Winn Dixie only gives you 12 hours after shopping to take this survey. After 12 hours, this survey code will be void. It means, you cannot use this code anymore.

So, soon after you finish shopping, you should access this survey at the survey portal. Winn Dixie only gives the short time to access the survey. It is because the restaurant hopes that the survey takers still remember the details of their shopping trip. So, they can provide the valid and accurate response for the survey.

  • Enter the survey code correctly.

Most of the survey takers are failed to enter this survey since they do not input the survey code correctly. Tell Winn-Dixie survey invitation code contains eighteen characters. Then, you have to input this long code into three fields provided.

  • Answer the questionnaire honestly.
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Your responses in this survey do not affect your chance to get the rewards. But, you still need to respond the survey honestly based on your shopping experience. If you had the terrible shopping trip, you should tell it honestly. This way, Winn Dixie can evaluate the store.

So, in the future, Winn Dixie can provide the better quality of service and product for all customers. In contrast, if your shopping trip is exciting, you should give the high rating. So, it can motivate the company to maintain its business quality.

  • Do not forget to write the coupon code.

When you have completed the survey, the survey website will display the Coupon code. Once it appears, you should write it down on your receipt. Then, keep this receipt well. So, when you go shopping at the restaurant next time, you can present this receipt to the cashier to get the discount. But, make sure that the total amount of your transaction is more than $40.

  • Call the Customer Care for help.

If you get any trouble in completing the Survey, you should contact the Customer Support Center. You can dial 866 946 6349 to speak up with the service team. But, make sure that you contact the service team at Monday to Friday at 8 am to 7 pm. The customer service is also available at Saturday at 8 am to 4 pm.

What are the Questions at Winn-Dixie Survey Portal?

Have you ever involved in this survey? If you want to get the discount from this grocery store, you need to take this survey. After completing this survey, Winn Dixie will reward you $5 off on your next transaction. So, you can save your shopping budget. If you have never taken part in the survey, you may wonder what questions will appear in this survey.

You should not worry since the questions will relate to your shopping trip at Winn Dixie. TellWinnDixie will ask about your shopping experience. The questions will include your review about the store, product, and the employees. Then, are you curious about the details of questions at this customer satisfaction survey? Here, we have listed the questionnaires at the portal.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Winn-dixie survey aims to assess the customers’ satisfaction. So, that is why you have to give the rating for overall satisfaction with your grocery shopping trip. Just select the scale which represents your feeling after shopping at Winn Dixie.

  • The area you visited.

The next, you have to state the area of the store which you visited. For instance, you can tell that you visited restroom. Also, specify the store area you visit.

As the example, you might go to the center store aisles to buy the dry good. Besides, you might go to the refrigerated dairy area to buy cheese and milk. Moreover, you can state that you go to Produce Department.

  • The product rating.

The next, it comes the time to give your honest review about the product. Winn-dixie survey gives you chance to rate the variety of the products. Then, give your rating about the freshness of the product at the center store and the refrigerated area. Also, give your opinion about the ease of finding the product you need. Then, give the objective rating for the overall value of the money you spend. The last, you must rate the price of the sale and non-sale items.

  • The store rating.
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After that, this survey asks you to rate the cleanliness of Winn Dixie store. If you went to the restroom, you can give your review about the cleanliness of this area. Then, do not forget to rate the cleanliness of Winn Dixie parking area. Besides, give your rating about the ease of moving through the rack and shelf at the store.

  • The employees rating.

This survey also give you the chance to rate the employees’ appearance. Then, give your opinion how well they bag your items. In the next section, this survey asks you to answer some questions related to Winn Dixie employees. For instance, state whether you got the cheerful greeting from them.

Then, state whether they help you to find the items you want purchase. If you recognize the store attendance who gave you the exceptional service, you can mention his/her name. After that, you can explain how well they serve you.

  • Recommend and Return.

Based on the rating you give at the previous sections, you can decide whether you are willing to recommend Winn Dixie to others. If you get satisfied with Winn Dixie product and service, you will be likely to recommend this store to your family. Besides, based on your previous shopping experience, Winn-Dixie survey whether you want to return for the next grocery shopping.

  • Leave your comment.

Winn-Dixie Guest survey lets you to write your comment about their store. You can write up to 1200 characters to explain why you get satisfied or dissatisfied. You should use this chance well. It will be better if you include some suggestions to make the restaurant better.

  • The store you often visit.

In this last question, Winn Dixie wants to identify its competitor. So, this survey asks you to choose the store which you often visit for grocery shopping. For instance, you can select Winn Dixie, Walmart, Publix, Rouses, or Costco.

How to Sign Up Winn Dixie Plenti Card?

As the customers of Winn Dixie, you must want to save money when you go shopping to this store. One of the ways to get the lots of saving is by having Winn Dixie Plenti card. When you have Plenti card, you can earn some points every time you make a transaction at Winn Dixie. With these points, you can get the special offers from Winn Dixie. Plenti card can give you several benefits. Here are the advantages of using Plenti Card at Winn Dixie.

  • Save your money.

If you often purchase some items at Winn Dixie, you will get some points. Then, you can use this point to get the discount at Winn Dixie. Besides, you also can use the points at Winn Dixie partners. For instance, you can save your money at Exxon, Chili’s, Mobil, and Macys.

  • Earn more points.

The more transaction you do, the more points you will get. Every time you pay the items you purchase, you should present your Plenti Card. Then, the employee will add more points to your card. The amount of points you get depends on the amount of money you spent.

Luckily, you can use these points to get discount not only in Winn Dixie but also in the partner’s stores. As the example, this point is valid to use at Hulu, Harveys, Bilo, Expedia, Direct Energy, Macys, etc.

  • Boost your point balance.
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If you want to boost Plenti points balance, you can try to shop at Plenti Online Marketplace. In this platform, there are more than 800 retailers. Then, you can explore the special deals and offers from Plenti.

Knowing the benefits of having Plenti Card, you must want to have this card soon. Luckily, you can sign up for this card online. You just have to visit Plenti website at Then, you can do these following guidelines.

  • Visit Plenti official website.

If you want to possess the Plenti card, you have to sign up online. So, you must access This website provides the section to register the new card. besides, it also has the login section. So, you can track Plenti points balance.

  • Click on I Don’t Have Card.

At the left side of the page, you will find a button entitled I Don’t Have Card. when you click on this button, the site will take you to the new page to sign up Plenti.

  • Enter your Personal Details.

There are three steps of signing up the Plenti. The first stage is getting started. The second is confirming your information. Then, your signing up process is successful. In the first step, you need to supply your personal information. For instance, you should fill out the name and date of birth field. Entering your date of birth is necessary. It is because Plenti can provide you the right offers based on your age.

  • Supply your contact details.

The next, Plenti requires your contact information. So, you need to fill out the form with your phone number and address. In the certain location, you can use your phone number instead of the Plenti card in order to earn the points. Also, do not forget to enter your zip code.

  • Create the login details.

After completing the personal and contact details, you need to set up your login details. First, you have to enter the valid email address. After that, you must set up a Plenti Password. Your password must consist of 8-20 characters in length. Then, it also should contain the one letter and one number. Furthermore, you have to create PIN. This PIN must contain four characters. Usually, the cashier will ask your PIN in the checkout process.

  • Confirm your information.

After completing Plenti registration form, you need to confirm the information you have entered. Finally, you have created Plenti account. Now, you can try to log into your Plenti account. Just enter your email address and Plenti password at the login section.  You can use your Plenti card whenever you go shopping at Winn Dixie. So, you can earn more points. If you want to check your point balance, you should sign into Plenti account at

If you have any questions about Winn Dixie Plenti Card, you have to contact 1 855 753 6841. Plenti Customer Service is available at Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm. Besides, you also can explore more information about Plenti at

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