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Companies usually expect their new employees to make a quick adaptation to their working environment. A good adaptation, of course, will lead to a great atmosphere as they can focus more on their job duties. The same thing is also what new employees at Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. need to do. They are supposed to understand how the new system works in the company and how to make a great partnerships with other employees at Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

Thus, this company has facilitated Winn Dixie Employee Portal to give some assistance to its new employees to work better there. With this portal, employees are able to do beneficial things to support their duties at the company. Also, they can find a great way to communicate with seniors and other Winn-Dixie employees through the portal. However, the portal requires employees to create accounts before accessing the information provided by Winn-Dixie employee portal.

If you are one of the new employees at Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., you should know more about Winn Dixie Employee Portal. You must learn about Winn Dixie Employee Self Service Login process. Well, this article has collected some important information about the employee portal for you. In case you find any difficulties in accessing the employee portal, you can use some easy steps to contact the portal support. So, happy reading!

winn dixie employee portal at mywinn-dixie
winn dixie employee portal at mywinn-dixie

About Winn Dixie

Winn-Dixie has been a chain of supermarkets in the United States since 1914.  It goes officially as Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. the current company headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Florida. William Milton Davis built this business with his sons, James Elsworth Davis, Artemus Darius Davis, Tine Wayne Davis, and Milton Austin Davis. He purchased a store in Burley, Idaho and named it as Davis Mercantile. This family then bought shares of Winn & Lovett in 1939. Winn & Lovett was a supermarket chain with 73 branches.

This store chain started to go as Winn-Dixie in 1955 when Winn & Lovett completed an acquisition process of Dixie Home, a store chain with 117 locations. Winn-Dixie is a combination of Winn & Lovett and Dixie Home. So far, there have been 495 store locations run by this company. Customers may find the stores in  Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. has 41.000 employees.

Winn-Dixie stores provide many sorts of items for customers’ daily necessities, including grocery, meat, frozen food, bakery, merchandise, pharmacy, and floral. Besides, it also has its own brands, such as SE Grocers Essentials, SE Grocers, SE Grocers Naturally Better, SE Grocers Prestige, Chek, TopCare, Whiskers & Tails, and Kuddles.

What is Winn Dixie Employee Portal

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. has an official portal meant for all of its employees. The aim of this portal is to help Winn-Dixie employees to do their job duties at the company. It is a must for all employees to use this portal as it is also a way for the company to supervise how well the working performances of each employee at Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. it means new or old employees working for the company are able to access this portal at

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Further, this portal will help each employee connect to other employees. This way, they can start a discussion about solving problems occurred at work. Moreover, Winn-Dixie employee portal is also accessible for all registered employees of Southeastern Grocers, LLC, because Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is a part of the company. it means employees of Harveys and BI-LO have opportunities to access the employee portal as well.

However, the portal will be accessible if you have created an employee account. You cannot register your employee account by yourself as Winn-Dixie employee portal does not provide any button for self-registration process. By this mean, you should see a staff of Winn-Dixie Human Resources Department to request an account registration. With your employment information, the staff will process your request in a few minutes. When the registration process has finished, the staff will hand in the username and password of your new Winn-Dixie employee account. Make sure you save the information well as you will really need them for the login process on your employee account.

Winn dixie employee portal
Winn dixie employee portal

Winn Dixie Employee Portal Login Guideline

To make your first login experiences run well, you need to have some equipment that will support the process. The equipment includes a device, an internet connection, and your employee account credentials. The device here can be a laptop or personal computer. You’d better not use your smartphone to access the portal as it may not be able to work well with the portal. Then, you should get the device connected to the internet as you must be online wherever you use the employee platform. And things you cannot forget here are your account credentials, such as account username and password.

If all the things mentioned previously are ready, it means you can start your login process as a member of Winn-Dixie Store Team. Just follow the login guideline below if you do not have any ideas on how to begin the login process.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to This portal address will take you to the employee portal of Southeastern Grocers where Winn-Dixie uses the same page, too.

  1. Click Here on Store Team Login

Second, the portal will show you 2 options based on your current position. The options will let you access the portal as a Retail associate or a Store support associate. If you are an employee of Winn-Dixie company, you can choose the field of Store Team Login. Next, you must a link to click here and let the page load.

  1. Choose A Security Option

Third, you can see a page offering you security options. There are 2 options to make your login process secure, such as using a private computer or a public computer which you may share with other people. You may read the explanations provided for each security option. Make sure you choose an option with fewer risks on your account and information.

  1. Enter Employee Number
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Fourth, you may enter your employee number in the first blank field. This employee number will work as your account username. Do not use leading zeros when your typing the employee number here.

  1. Provide Password

Fifth, you must provide the password of your Winn-Dixie employee account. This must be the password given by a Human Resources staff last time.

  1. Click Log On

Finally, you can click Log On button. If your employee number and password are correct, the button will help you to enter your Winn-Dixie employee account. Just wait for some seconds to let the page load and you can start exploring your new account.

Winn Dixie Employee Login Steps for Non Store Team

But, what if you need to use the portal as soon as possible when you are not a part of Winn-Dixie Store Team? Don’t worry! You can access the portal as a Field or Store support associate. Actually, the login procedure is quite the same as the store team login process. Only there are a bit differences used here. To make it clearer, you may use the steps to log in below.

  1. Visit

Firstly, you must go to the same Winn-Dixie employee portal as all Store Team members do. It is available at

  1. Click Here on Support Center Login

Secondly, you can click here link provided in Support Center Login field. This link will take you to view the login page for Field or Store support associate of Winn-Dixie Company.

  1. Choose A Security Option

Thirdly, you can look at the upper part of the login field. You need to choose a security option before you continue. You will see 2 options which will ask you if you are using a private or public computer. This security question will help you secure your data and information on Winn-Dixie employee portal. Just check the explanation given for each option if you are wondering more about the security options.

  1. Inform Username

Fourthly, you must inform your Winn-Dixie account username. This should not be Winn-Dixie employee number for employee login process. You must get the username from Human Resources staff of Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

  1. Enter Password

Fifthly, you may enter the password of your account. You should type the password correctly to make the login process done easily.

  1. Click Log On

Lastly, you can just click Log On button to let the portal load the next page. The login process is over when you are able to view your account page.

How to Reset Winn Dixie Employee Login Password

Any unexpected things may happen to a portal user when they are trying to access their account on some online portals. The causes can be the internet connection, browser’s versions, device choices, error server, or incorrect password. In case you are not able to enter the correct password of your Winn-Dixie account, you may need to start to reset the password. This way, you can access your account again without any difficulties. Here is the procedure to reset the password.

  1. Go to
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First, you must go to the portal for Winn-Dixie employees. The address to reach the portal is

  1. Click Here on Store Team Login

Second, you may choose the Store Team Login field. It has a link that will help you go to the login page of Winn-Dixie employees.

  1. Forgot Password? Click Here

Third, you may see a red link under the login field. The link will ask you to Click Here to help you get a new password from the employee portal. If you have clicked the link, the website will load another page where you may begin the procedure to recover your Winn-Dixie account password.

  1. Enter Employee Number

Fourth, you must enter the employee number of yours. If you cannot remember your employee number, you may use your Winn-Dixie employee card to find the number in the provided field.

  1. Create New Password

Fifth, you are allowed to create a new password now. To make a secure password, you combine letters and numbers as one. Then, keep the password for yourself.

  1. Type In Birth Year & SSN

Sixth, you only need to type in 4 digits of your birth date and 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Do not attempt to fake the numbers as the system will reject the information.

  1. Inform Store Number

Next, you can inform the store number where you are working for Winn-Dixie currently.

  1. Reset Password

The final step is to click the Reset Password button. Make sure you have submitted the unique code given before you reset the password. It will only take 30 minutes until your Winn-Dixie employee account is ready to access.

How to Reach Winn Dixie Support

Do you need some helps with your account on Winn-Dixie employee portal. You do not need to worry about it as Winn-Dixie has provided some easy ways for you to fix the problems. So, you can choose which proper ways for them. You may try the following ways to get helps and supports from Winn-Dixie.

  1. Phone

If you find any technical difficulties with your Winn-Dixie employee account, you can just try to reach Winn Dixie HR Contacts by phone. This way, you can tell everything happens to your account and ask for the solutions from the staff. You can call Winn Dixie Phone Number to get supports from the Human Resources Department at 1 855 HR FOR ME or 1 855 473 6763.

  1. Website

In case you need helps about Winn-Dixie stores and products, you may visit the official website of Winn-Dixie at Besides, you are able to check Winn-Dixie careers and  Winn Dixie Employee Benefits on this website.

  1. Mailing Post

You may also contact Winn-Dixie via mailing post. Just send your letters to Winn-Dixie corporate office. It is also possible for you to visit the office and tell how you need Winn-Dixie supports. The corporate office is located at:

5050 Edgewood Court

Jacksonville, Florida, 32254-3699

The United States.

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