Winn Dixie Ad – the Facts about Winn Dixie Weekly Ad and Winn Dixie Card

Have you browsed Winn Dixie Ad before going shopping in this store? There are a lot of benefits of exploring Winn Dixie Sale Ads as well as the Weekly Ad. When you explore this advertisement, you can know what products are on sale. As a result, you can purchase this product and save your budget. We all know that most customers will purchase the products on discount program. They will postpone buying the products at the regular price.

There are several ways of exploring Winn Dixie promo. First, you can check the weekly ads on the official website. Learn how to browse the ad and promo on our guideline below. Besides, you also can find out Winn Dixie promotions by exploring it in Winn Dixie App. Just go through this article to get the important details about the promo, Winn Dixie App, as well as Winn Dixie Plenti card.

winn Dixie Ad
winn Dixie Ad

How to Check Winn Dixie Sale?

One simple tip to saving in grocery shopping is searching what on sale at Winn Dixie. How to view the discount on Winn Dixie Sale? Here are the brief steps.

  • Visit Winn Dixie website at
  • Select Savings option.
  • Choose the Ads you like. (there are Winn Dixie Weekly Sale, Plenti offers, digital coupons, and printable coupons)
  • Explore Winn Dixie offers.
  • Save the coupons and go shopping.

Most of Winn Dixie stores give the discounts personally. That is why when you click on Winn Dixie Ad or Weekly Ad; you need to select the store. It is because every store has the different offers for the customers. In order to identify your location, Winn Dixie website requires you to enter the zip code, city, and state. This way, Winn Dixie website can locate the closest Winn Dixie store around you. Then, the website can present what Winn Dixie sale and offer at that store.

When you select Plenti offers, the website will ask you to activate the offers. So, you can earn more points from this offer. Just click on the Yellow button to view the offers. The next, you have to sign into your Plenti online account.

Enter your email address as well as Plenti password to reach your Plenti account. This page also provides the registration form for the customers who have not become the member yet. After logging into your account, you can explore Plenti offers.

Under the menu menu, you also can search the digital coupons. This type of coupon is simple to use. Once you select Winn Dixie digital coupons, the website will display hundreds of coupons for you. There are various products offered by Winn Dixie.

As a result, you can save $1 up to $3 per product. For instance, you can find food, bath products, baby products, and other daily needs. Every coupon also has the expire date. So, before saving this coupon, you should check the date when it expires.

When you are interested in the certain product, you should click on Plus icon. Then, you can add this coupon to your Plenti account. It will be better if you sign into Plenti online account before you browse the coupon. Then, when you are in Winn Dixie checkout place, you just need to show this digital coupon to the cashier. Then, he or she will decrease the price based on the discount on your coupon. It is the benefit of searching Winn Dixie sale.

What are the Benefits of Having Winn Dixie App?

Since you often go to Winn Dixie, installing Winn Dixie App will be beneficial for you.This application will guide you to view Winn Dixie sale easily. This way, you can check Winn Dixie Weekly Ad as well as Winn Dixie Sale Ads.

Having Winn Dixie App on your phone also helps you to save money on every shopping trip. Have you installed Winn Dixie Mobile App on your smartphone? If you haven’t, you should open your App Store or Play store to get this application.

The users of Winn Dixie Mobile App will get several advantages. For instance, they can get the updates about Winn Dixie promotion. Furthermore, they can log into their Plenti Card account easily. If you still doubt about the usage of Winn Dixie App, you should review the benefits of this application below.

  • Checking Winn Dixie Weekly promo.

The first benefit of having Winn Dixie App is the ease to check out the latest sale and promo. This way, you can search the best deals for this retailer. Whenever you want to check the weekly offer, you can open this application on your phone. Accessing is not necessary anymore. Besides, when you find the deal which you are interested in, you can save it directly on your phone.

  • Logging into Plenti.

Have you joined Plenti program? This program really helps you to save in Winn Dixie. Besides, you also can get the exclusive offer from Plenti. Having Winn Dixie App lets you sign into Plenti easily. So, you do not have to sign in through Winn Dixie official website. After logging into Plenti, you also can see the various offers and deals.

  • Checking the Plenti point balance.

Every time you use your Plenti card to make a transaction at Winn Dixie, you can earn some points. Then, you can collect these points to get more saving at Winn Dixie. Winn Dixie App lets you check total points you earn.

Furthermore, you also can activate the offers from Plenti as well. Moreover, the user of Winn Dixie Application also can access the digital Plenti card. This way, you can scan your Plenti card at the checkout process. You do not need the physical Plenti card anymore.

  • Activating the digital coupons.

When you get Winn Dixie digital coupon or Winn Dixie e-coupon, you cannot use it immediately. Every coupon holder needs to activate it first. Then, they can use this e-coupon to get the bigger saving from Winn Dixie. You can browse the digital coupon or the printable coupon from Winn Dixie or Winn  Dixie Sale Ads.

  • Adding the deals to the shopping list.

If you often forget the items you need to buy, having this application is very helpful. It enables you to add the deals and offers you like to your shopping list. This way, you will not forget what you would like to purchase.

  • Using the store locator.

Where is Winn Dixie near me? This question often comes out when you are out of the town. But, with the help of Winn Dixie store locator, you can find the nearest Winn Dixie store easily. It also shows you the details of the store. For instance, it tells you about Winn Dixie hours and store direction. So, you can know when Winn Dixie opens and closes the store. Besides, you can get the shortest route to Winn Dixie as well.

  • Getting the tips.

This application allows the users to access Flavor Magazine. Besides, Winn Dixie App gives you the useful information about the new recipes. Furthermore, you can access various shopping tips as well as saving tricks in this application.

What is Winn Dixie Plenti Card and How to Upgrade it?

All Winn Dixie customers will be familiar with Plenti card. This card has many functions. But, you should notice that Plenti card does not serve as the payment card. So, it is different from a gift card, debit card, or credit card. Winn Dixie Plenti card is a reward program which lets you access the promotion easily.

Joining this Plenti program is free. If you have registered as the user of Winn Dixie card or Winn Dixie reward card, you can upgrade it to Winn Dixie Plenti. You do not need to spend any cost to register this program.

The process of registering Plenti card is also easy. You can sign up online or in-store. If you want to sign up in Winn Dixie store, you can ask Winn Dixie cashier to help you. Then, you need to scan your driver license. Besides, you also can sign up by mentioning your name as well as your phone number at the checkout.

But, you still need to activate your Plenti by accessing After completing the registration process, you can use your Plenti points. Furthermore, you also get the personalized offers from Winn Dixie.

There is a little bit difference between registering Plenti card in-store and online. When you sign up this Plenti program in Winn Dixie store, you will get the card immediately. But, if you register online, Winn Dixie will send this card by mail. Then, you will receive it within two or three weeks later. Make sure that your age is more than 13 years old if you want to have this card. Besides, you must reside in the United States.

If you already have Winn Dixie reward card, you should upgrade it to Plenti card soon. You should not worry since upgrading your Winn Dixie card lets you use the remaining fuel perks. Besides, you can collect Plenti points soon after upgrading your card. If you would like to have Plenti card, you can follow the steps to upgrade it below.

  • Go to

We suggest you upgrade your Plenti reward card online. It is because the steps are very simple to follow. The first thing you have to do is visiting Then, click on Saving menu. After that, you should choose Plenti Sign up. These steps will take you to the Plenti registration page. Besides, you also can reach this page by accessing

  • Upgrade your card.

There are two options for upgrading your card. First, you can upgrade Winn Dixie card into Winn Dixie Reward Plenti. Besides, if you have already had Plenti, you also can upgrade it as well.

  • Upgrade Winn Dixie card.

If you do not have Plenti, you should click on the first option. This button is the Plenti enrollment for Winn Dixie card holder. On the next page, Winn Dixie website asks you to enter Winn Dixie card number. It consists of 15 digits. Your card number is located on the back of the card under the barcode. Besides, you also can sign up by entering ten digits of your phone number. Then, click on Next button and follow the further instructions.

  • Upgrade your Plenti card.

Winn Dixie also allows you to renew the Plenti card. To sign up, you have to select the second yellow button. This button is for Plenti card holder. After clicking this button, you will go to the following page. Then you must provide 16 digits of your Plenti card number.

Furthermore, you also can submit ten digits of your phone number. Entering your Plenti number means that you permit Winn Dixie to use your Plenti information. Then, press Next to continue creating Winn Dixie online account.

Even you have upgraded your current Winn Dixie card; you still can get the benefits from this card. For instance, you can use the remaining Winn Dixie Fuelperk until it expires. But, you cannot use it to earn Winn Dixie fuel perks anymore. Besides, you also can use this card to get the store discount. Then, you should notice that you cannot use Plenti points in the Fuel reward Station. You only can use it at Mobil and Exxon station.

How to Earn Plenti Points at Winn Dixie?

When you go shopping based on the advertisement, you not only can get the discounts but also earn points. Furthermore, if you are the holder of Plenti reward card, you will get much more benefits. So, you can not only get the discount from Tell Winn Dixie.

However, you also can get the discount from Plenti program. Every time you buy something at Winn Dixie, you will get some points. Then, with these points, you can save more when you purchase something in Winn Dixie or Exxon. Written below are some strategies to obtain Plenti points. Besides, you also can view other details related to Winn Dixie Plenti.

  • How to get Plenti points.

Earning points is very simple. You just need to use Winn Dixie rewards Plenti cards at Winn Dixie. Besides, you also can earn points from other stores which become Plenti Partner. For instance, you can collect points from Macy’s, AT&T, Exxon, Harveys, Mobil, etc. You can go to to view what companies which have partnered with Plenti. When you use the Plenti card, make sure that you use the key tag as well as your phone number.

Furthermore, you also can collect points by activating the offers from Winn Dixie at This task is easier if you use Plenti Mobile App. So, you can activate the offers more quickly. The last, you can receive more points when you go shopping online at Plenti Online marketplace.

  • How to add the points faster.

You can add up your points faster if you use Plenti card at Winn Dixie store, Macy’s, Exxon, Rite Aid, and Mobil. This way, you can get more savings from Winn Dixie and other Plenti partner. Also, you can use your digital card to shop online at

  • How to check your points.

You have to notice that the Plenti points you earn can expire. This point will expire in two years. Therefore, you need to how many points you have earned. Then, you should also check when it expires. There are three methods of checking Plenti points.

First, you can see your points balance on Winn Dixie receipt. So, the cashier will print out your current points on the receipt. Second, you can check it through Plenti App or The last, if you use Winn Dixie App, you also can check it through this App.

  • What if You miss the points.

Remember, you will always get the points no matter the payment method you use. It means, whether you pay by cash, gift card, or credit card, the cashier will add up your points. But, what if you do not get any points after making a transaction at Winn Dixie?

If you do not earn points up to 24 hours, you have to call Winn Dixie customer service number soon. Winn Dixie phone number is 1 866 946 6349. Besides, you also can contact Plenti customer service. the phone number is 1 855 753 6841.

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