Winco Foods Survey – Enter to Win $500

Have you just visited Winco Foods? If you still have Winco Foods receipt, you can use it to enter portal. You can talk to Winco Foods about your shopping experience. This way, you can convey your feedback and opinion about this store. At the end of Winco Foods survey, you will be offered to join the sweepstakes. If you win this program, you will be awarded $500 Winco Foods gift card.

Winco Foods customer satisfaction survey can be accessed at The aim of this survey is to collect the customers’ opinions. So, this company really appreciates the voice of the customers. the customers’ satisfaction becomes the priority of Winco Foods. That is why you should not miss taking part in this survey. it is because you can involve in Winco Foods business development. In the future, you can enjoy the better service from this store.

You can review Winco Foods customer survey sweepstakes rules and guideline on this article. This way, you can get started to take part in this survey. Furthermore, you can find out other details related to Winco Foods. As examples, you can review Winco Foods company profile, Winco Foods hours, and customer service information.

winco foods survey portal
winco foods survey portal

Winco Foods Company Profile

Winco Foods is employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States. This store is headquartered in Idaho. Besides, it operates the retail business in some states such as Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. This company was founded in 1967. In the beginning, Winco Foods is privately owned. But now, most of the stores are employee-owned with an employee stock ownership plans.

Winco Foods was known as WareMart Foods. Nowadays, Winco Foods has more than 120 locations in the US. It also has some distribution centers in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and California. This store offers a lower price than the competitors. It is because Winco Foods can reduce the operating expenses. It purchase the products directly from the farmers and manufacturers. If you want to find more detailed information related to this company, you can visit its official website at

Winco Foods Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Do you want to get a chance to win $500 Winco Foods gift card? If so, you have to join Wincofoods survey. But, before accessing this survey, you have to review the regulations of this survey. This way, you will know whether you are eligible to be the participants of this program. Also, you can find out the survey method and reward. So, what are the rules of Winco Foods survey? You can review the following explanation.

  1. Survey Sweepstakes Eligibility. is open to all customers of Winco Foods. But, the eligible sweepstakes entrants must have some criteria below.

  • The sweepstakes participants must be the primary residents of the United States including Virgin Island and Guam.
  • The minimum age of the entrants must be 18 years old.
  • All the employees of Winco Foods are not allowed to enter this sweepstake program.
  • The immediate family members of Winco Foods employees are not eligible for this program too.
  • The Winco Foods survey takers must have a valid receipt.
  1. Survey Sweepstakes Method.
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There are two methods to enter Winco Foods sweepstakes. You can choose one of the ways below.

  • Online survey.

This method requires a purchase since you must have Winco Foods receipt to enter the survey portal. You can access it at after answering all questions on this survey, you will be entered into Winco Foods sweepstakes.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

In case you lose Winco Foods receipt, you can still participate in the sweepstakes program. You can send your sweepstakes entry by mail. For the complete sweepstakes entry method, you can check it in the following section.

  1. Winner selection and announcement.

In each month, Winco Foods selects one sweepstakes winner. The winner is selected by using a random drawing. The winner will be informed by email and phone call.

  1. Sweepstakes prize.

The sweepstakes winner will be awarded $500 in the form of Winco Foods gift card.

  1. Survey Sweepstakes Rules.

Here are some regulations and restrictions you have to pay attention to.

  • One Winco Foods receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • This sweepstakes program is void where prohibited by law.
  • If the potential winner does not give any response, the sweepstakes administrator will choose another winner.
  • The sweepstakes prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • Winco Foods limits one sweepstakes entrant per entry period no matter the sweepstakes entry method.

Winco Foods Feedback Survey Preparation

If you are interested in taking Winco Foods Customer Opinion Survey, you need to prepare several items. These things help you to complete this survey easily. What are the requirements of Winco Foods Survey? Check this out.

  • Winco Foods Receipt.

It can be said that Winco Foods store receipt is the main requirement of this survey. If you decide to enter Winco Foods online survey, you are required to enter the survey code printed on your Winco Foods receipt. That’s why, you cannot start Winco Foods survey without having this receipt.

  • A device.

To access Winco Foods store survey portal, you need to prepare a device. Using a computer or a smartphone is allowed. Just use the device that you feel comfortable with it.

  • Internet connection.

Your computer or smartphone is useless without an internet connection. So, you can take this survey by using Wifi connection or mobile internet data. Make sure that internet access is stable. So, you can avoid getting the technical troubles during the survey sweepstakes completion.

  • Writing tools.

If you prefer submitting the sweepstakes entry by mail, of course, you need some writing tools. You should prepare a pen, a piece of paper, and an envelope.

  • Email address.

When you submit Winco Foods sweepstakes entry, you are required to enter the contact information. So, you have to submit your email address and phone number.

winco foods survey steps
winco foods survey steps

Winco Foods Survey Steps

Have you prepared all items to support the survey process? It means you are ready to enter Wincofoods survey. This survey does not need much time to complete. Just allocate seven minutes to accomplish all the steps. Here is the complete guideline to take part in Winco Foods Feedback Survey.

  • Step 1. Visit Winco Foods Survey portal.
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First of all, you have to go online to reach Winco Foods survey website. This portal is accessible at

  • Step 2. Review and Agree with the survey rules.

At the homepage of WincoFoods survey portal, the complete survey rules are displayed. It is better to read this rule first. So, you are sure that you are eligible for this survey.

  • Step 3. Press Take Survey Now button.

After reviewing the survey rules, you can click on Take Survey Now button. By pressing this button, it means you agree with the rules as well as the term and conditions.

  • Step 4. Enter Winco Foods Store number.

The survey system wants to identify which store you have just visited. So, you are required to enter 4 digits of the store number. You can find Winco Foods store number at the top section of your receipt. Press the Next button to go to the following step.

  • Step 5. Enter the User Code.

The next information you need to enter is the User Code. This detail is located at the bottom part of your receipt.

  • Step 6. Indicate the date of visit.

Enter the day when you were shopping at Winco Foods. Enter the date by clicking on the small calendar icon.

  • Step 7. Enter the time of visit.

Also, you are asked to enter the time when you make a transaction at Winco Foods. See your receipt to be able to enter the correct time.

  • Step 8. Answer Winco Foods survey questions.

Now, you need to recall your shopping experience at Winco Foods. Then, give the response to every single question given by Wincofoods survey. Rate your overall satisfaction after shopping at this store. Then, give your rating to other store aspects. For instance, rate the employees’ attentiveness, price, products, store cleanliness, etc.

  • Step 9. Enter Winco Foods sweepstakes.

After submitting the survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program. If you are interested in joining this drawing program, you need to provide the personal details and contact info. So, write down your full name, age, zip code, phone number, and email address.

That’s a brief explanation about the steps to complete Wincofoods survey. After submitting the sweepstakes entry online, you have to wait for the winner announcement. Make sure that you check your email. Also, your cell phone is always active. This way, the sweepstakes administrator can reach you easily in case you win Winco Foods Sweepstakes program.

Winco Foods Mail-in Sweepstakes Guidelines

What is you lose Winco Foods receipt? It is not a big problem at all since you can submit your sweepstakes entry by mail. This method is easier since you do not need to complete the survey. Just write down your identity and send it to Winco Foods sweepstakes administrator. Here are the steps to submit mail-in sweepstakes entry.

  • Step 1. Prepare the needs.

There are some requirements for this mail-in sweepstakes. You have to prepare a piece of card or paper, envelope, and a pen.

  • Step 2. Handwrite your personal information.
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On a piece of 3”x5” paper, you have to write down your personal details. This information include your full name, age, and mailing address. Also, you should include your contact information such as an email address and daytime phone number.

  • Step 3. Mail your sweepstakes entry.

After writing down your personal and contact details, you should put this entry into business sized envelope. Then, mail it to the following address:

WinCo Sweepstakes #1112

c/o ROIC analytics

6154 N Meeker Place Suite 185

Boise, ID 83713

Winco Foods Hours

Visiting Winco Foods store is the best decision in case you want to shop for groceries. This store provides your daily needs at an affordable price. But, before going to this store, you have to check Winco Foods store hours. So, you can know what time Winco Foods store is open and closed. The timetable below shows Winco Foods general hours.

Days Winco Foods hours
Monday 24 hours
Tuesday 24 hours
Wednesday 24 hours
Thursday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

The table above shows that Winco Foods store is open 24 hours. But, you need to notice that Winco Foods store hours vary by location. So, every Winco Foods store has different hour of operation. It is better that you call the local Winco Foods store customer service to confirm the operating hours.

Besides, you also need to consider Winco Foods holiday hours. During holidays Winco Foods usually has shorter store hours. Also, this store is usually closed at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Winco Foods Customer Service

When you face any problem when you go shopping at Winco Foods, you should not hesitate to contact Winco Foods customer service. This way, their professional staff can help you to solve your problem. Besides, you can reach Winco Foods customer service if you want to ask any information related to this store. For example, you may need some information about Winco Foods coupons, Winco Foods weekly specials, gift cards, and so on.

Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Winco Foods Help Desk.

  • By phone.

Do you have any urgent issues related to Winco Foods? In this case, contacting Winco Foods by phone is the best decision. You can call 1-800-824-1706 to talk to Winco Foods staff immediately. Make sure that you call this phone number during Winco Foods business hours.

  • By mail.

For the business issue, you can mail your letter to Winco Foods corporate office. Address your letter to:

Winco Foods Corporate Office

650 N Armstrong Pl,


ID 83704,

United States

  • Feedback Form.

You are welcomed to submit your feedback through Winco Foods website. At first, you have to access Then, you can click on Contact Us option. The next, you can write down name, email address, company, complete address, topic, and message. Press the Submit button to send your message to Winco Foods.

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