Walgreenslistens – Win $3000 from Walgreens Survey

Have you just visited the Walgreens Store? If you have a store receipt, you can take a survey. Well, if you need a pharmacy, you can come to Walgreens. There they sell various drugs and other pharmaceutical products. You can come to the store or buy it online. If you have a problem at the store, you need to make a report and submit feedback. Your satisfaction is the goal of their service. Here you can tell the problem that bothers you in the store. You can do this through the customer service or survey portal. They have Walgreenslistens that you can use to convey feedback. Is it difficult to use this survey portal? Of course not. We have a solution for you.

You should listen to our advice. Customers at Walgreens stores have the opportunity to express their opinions or criticisms. Here Walgreens prepares a survey portal. So they can collect store service assessments from this site. You only need to rank or answer survey questions. Furthermore, the survey portal will convey your feedback to the officers. After completing this process, don’t forget to claim their reward. Yes right, you can enter Walgreens sweepstakes that offer $3000 as the reward. Get our instructions to make it easier for you to complete this survey. You won’t get into trouble if you take our survey steps.

walgreens survey portal at Walgreenslistens
walgreens survey portal at Walgreenslistens

Walgreens Store Company Profile

Before we help your Walgreens survey, we hope you don’t miss this part. Here we have a store profile that can add to your basic knowledge. Maybe you will be curious about the growth of Walgreens stores. How and when this business began. Walgreens business story begins in 1901. Charles R. Walgreens is the founder of this business. He chose a pharmacy in Chicago to set up this shop. This medicinal product is the product of Charles himself. He wants to sell quality products at affordable prices. Well, the growth of this store has increased positively. Fifteen years later, Charles could open 9 stores as Walgreens Co. Whereas in 1992, this shop produced malt milkshakes. This product received a warm welcome from the public.

They don’t stop at Malt Milkshakes. In 1926, Walgreens managed to open its 100th store in Chicago. Then they have served 100 million recipes for buyers in the same year. Here Walgreens wants to get closer to consumers. They launched an online pharmacy in 1999. You can order medicines safely and easily. Because of this shop prints drug labels in 14 languages. Then in 2006, they have clinical care services for you. Here nurse practitioners can help with the treatment of common ailments. In 2007 Walgreens served the installation of home infusions. Then in 2012, you can use the Find Your Pharmacists feature. Here customers can choose the pharmacy according to your care.

Walgreenslistens Survey Rules

Do you want to join the survey portal users? If you want to do it, we have good news for you. Here they have a sweepstakes program. You can get opportunities through the online survey process. After you answer the survey questions, you can enter entries. However, we have regulations that you need to know. If you are not eligible to take the survey, you just need to stop. Well, read the survey rules on the Walgreens Listens portal. Open walgreenslistens.com through your device and browser. Then find the sweepstakes rules link. If you want to save time, you can see the description here.

  1. You don’t need to make a purchase to enter the sweepstakes program. Because your transaction does not increase your chances of victory.
  2. How to enter Walgreens Sweepstakes. You have 4 ways to try your luck. See our explanation below.
    • Online survey. Here you can use the Walgreenslistens.com page. Then answer a few easy questions from this survey portal. After filling in the survey questions, you can enter the sweepstakes entry. Here you only need the sweepstakes entry form.
    • Enter your sweepstakes via telephone. Call 1-800-219-7451 for help from staff. Here you can answer survey questions with the help of an officer.
    • Send your sweepstakes via mail. Here you need to write down your identity to enter the draw (name, address, telephone, and email). Then you need to send this letter through the post office.
    • Finally, enter your sweepstakes via email.
  3. Walgreens Listens Survey Reward. If you take surveys, you can get Walgreens Coupons. If you enter the draw, you can win 1 Grand prize worth $3000. If you win, you can receive this prize in the form of a check. You cannot exchange checks in cash.
  4. Walgreens Survey Eligibility. Before you use the survey portal, read the eligibility rules. If you use the survey portal, they have easier and simpler rules. You only need to be a legal resident of the United States. Then survey portal users are at least 18 years old or older. If you want to enter the sweepstakes, they have other rules. See the list below.
    • Walgreens staff cannot join this sweepstakes program.
    • Staff families are not eligible for entering the sweepstakes program.
    • Staff sponsors or business partners are prohibited from participating in Walgreens Sweepstakes.
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Walgreens Listens Preparations

After reading the survey rules, you can proceed to the preparation of the survey. Here we only discuss online survey methods. If you want to use another method, you only need to make a little preparation. However, online surveys have several tools that you need to have. Then you need advice from us to choose the survey tool. Well, this stage will determine the survey process in the future. Well, we don’t want you to choose the wrong device. You can use our suggestions below for an easy survey process.

  1. Walgreens Survey Device.

Online surveys require computers and laptops as ideal devices. Here the survey portal has a display that matches the screen of a computer or laptop. If you need a simple device, choose a smartphone or tablet. However, both of them cannot display the survey portal optimally.

  1. Internet connection.

Connect the device you have with an internet connection. We hope you use a stable connection for the Walgreenslistens process.

  1. Compatible browser.

Why do you need a compatible browser? Here you need to access the survey portal. If you have a popular browser, you can operate it easily. Crome, Mozilla, or internet explorer are popular browser references.

  1. Walgreens Store Receipt.

Before taking a survey, you need to visit Walgreens. Make a transaction to get a store receipt. On the first page the system asks you to enter the store receipt details. Here you need to take a short survey in 72 hours. If you don’t take the survey within 72 hours, the survey code and password will expire.

  1. Stationary
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If you don’t enter the sweepstakes, you can get Walgreens Coupons. Here you need stationery to make coupons. Write your gift code at the end of the survey process. Then you can exchange coupons on your next visit at Walgreens Near Me.

walgreenslistens survey steps

WalgreensListens Survey Steps

Are your survey preparations completed? If you are ready to take the survey, you can read the steps here. In this section we want you to remember the experience of buying drugs last time. You need this experience to answer survey questions. Then they have a comment column to receive feedback from you. Here you can tell the problem or your complaint in the store. If you can’t wait to get a coupon or sweepstakes, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Walgreens Listens Survey Portal.

First, you need a browser to open the survey portal. You need to use www.walgreenslistens.com to complete this stage. Enter the address in the search box of your browser. Click enter to start the search.

  1. Change the language settings.

Second, you can choose Spanish for your survey portal. If you don’t have a problem with English, you don’t need to make arrangements. Because the survey portal uses English as the default setting.

  1. Enter receipt details.

Here portal survey users need Walgreens Store Receipt. You need to do a survey within 72 hours. Below is some information that you need to enter in the portal survey column.

  • Enter the survey code in your Walgreens Store Receipt.
  • Enter your receipt password.
  • Set your conjunction time. Click the black arrow to set the time of visit.
  • Click the start button to continue your survey.
  1. Answer the Walgreenslistens Survey question.

Next you arrive at the survey question page. Here you need the last shopping experience at Walgreens. They need an honest opinion from you. So Walgreens can grow and make changes for you. In the future, you can get a better shopping experience. Below are some aspects that you need to remember to answer the survey questions.

  • The condition of the shop you visited (cleanliness of the shop and restroom).
  • Products (price, quality, stock availability).
  • Your general satisfaction.
  • Staff (tidiness, friendliness, service speed, product accuracy).
  • Enter comments or problems that you can in the store.
  1. Follow Walgreens Sweepstakes.

Here you only need to enter your ID to fill in the sweepstakes form. They need your name, email, address and telephone. If you are lucky, the committee will use this information to contact you.

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Walgreens Hours of Operation

After getting a coupon, you can go to the nearest Walgreens. There you can exchange coupons and get rewards from Walgreens. Or you can make a new transaction to enter the draw. If you want to go to the store, you need to know the store hours first. Here Walgreens has a store and pharmacy hours. Both have different operating hours. How to find Walgreens Store Hours is quite easy. First, you can use the store locator on the Official Walgreens Website. Second, you can ask the clerk through the local shop customer service number. Third, you can read the Walgreens hours list in our instructions. See the list below to find out their store hours.

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 8.00 am 10.00 pm


  1. Is Walgreens Store open today? Yes, it is open. You can visit them on Monday to Sunday at the same time. If you go on holiday, you can make a confirmation to the clerk about holiday hours. So you need to get their customer service number.
  2. What time is Walgreens Store open? Walgreens Store opens at 8:00 a.m. So you can come after 8:00 a.m. On weekends, you don’t need to change the time of your visit. Because they don’t have store hours changes on weekends.
  3. What time is Walgreens Store close? Walgreens Store closes at 10:00 p.m. Here you need to leave the store before 10:00 a.m. Weekdays and weekends do not have closing hours changes. So you don’t need to be afraid of reducing store hours on weekends.

How to Contact Walgreens Customer Service

If you have a problem at the store, then you can confirm it with the clerk. Here you can use the customer service channel to address your problem. They have several ways to stay connected with Walgreens customers. See the list below for future help.

  1. Walgreens Phone Number.

If you want to talk to Walgreens Customer Service Representative staff directly, you can contact them by phone. But, make sure that you call them during Walgreens business hours. This way, you will get an immediate response from them. Here are some Walgreens Customer Service phone numbers.

  • Customer Relations 1 800 925 4733.
  • Corporate inquiries 1-847-914-2500
  • Store inquiries 1-800-925-4733 or 1-800-WALGREENS
  1. Walgreens Customer Service Mailing Address.

Walgreens allows the customers to send their feedback or questions by mail. Just write your business letter and send your inquiry to the following address.

Walgreens Co., 1419 Lake Cook Road, MS L390, Deerfield, Illinois 60015.

  1. Walgreens Social Media.

Following Walgreens on social media platforms will give you many benefits. First, you will get updated information about Walgreens. Also, you can check Walgreens special offers, deals, and online coupon.

  • Facebook: @Walgreens.
  • Instagram: @walgreens.
  • Twitter: @Walgreens.

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