Ulta Beauty Survey – Win $500 Ulta Gift Card from survey.ulta.com

We can say that women may not be able to live without cosmetics and skincare. They always purchase these items to increase their beauty. One of the popular cosmetics stores in the US is Ulta Beauty. If you want to win $500 Ulta gift card, you should keep reading on this page. Here, we guide you to complete Ulta Beauty Survey sweepstakes. By taking Ulta survey, you will get a chance to win $500 Ulta Beauty gift card.

Ulta beauty survey is accessible online at survey.ulta.com. You can enter this survey portal if you have Ulta Beauty receipt. It is because you are required to enter some information printed on Ulta Beauty receipt. Then, you need to answer Ulta Beauty customer satisfaction survey. After giving your shopping feedback, you will be entered to the sweepstakes program. If you are lucky, you can win $500 Ulta Beauty gift card as a reward.

You should not need to be confused about Ulta survey completion process. Here we present the brief guideline for completing this customer survey. Also, you can check the steps to submit Ulta sweepstakes entry by mail. In addition, we provide other information related to Ulta Beauty store. For instance, you can find out Ulta Beauty hours and customer service information. Happy reading.

ulta beauty survey page at survey.ulta.com
ulta beauty survey page at survey.ulta.com

Ulta Beauty Company Profile

Ulta Beauty is formerly known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance, Inc. This beauty company is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This store provides a wide range of beauty products. For instance, you can find cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, bath and beauty products, as well as hair care products. Ulta Beauty is also equipped with salon, dermalogica skin bar, and Benefit Brow Bar.

Nowadays, Ulta Beauty has more than 1190 stores in the United States. If you want to know more about this store, you can visit its official website at www.ulta.com. on this portal, you can shop for any cosmetics and beauty products online. Besides, you also can search for Ulta beauty coupons and rewards.

Ulta Beauty Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Who can refuse $500 Ulta beauty gift card? With this reward, you can purchase any cosmetics you want. You can even get a beauty treatment at Ulta Beauty salon. If you want to get this great reward, you should take part in Ulta Store Service survey sweepstakes. But, before taking this survey, you should make sure that you are eligible to enter. Besides, you should review the rules of Ulta survey sweepstakes first.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

Ulta guest satisfaction survey is open to all customers of Ulta Beauty. But, only eligible participants who can enter Ulta sweepstakes. Here are the criteria of the eligible entrants.

  • The sweepstakes entrants must be the legal residents of 50 states in the US.
  • The minimum age of the participants must be 18 years old.
  • Ulta Beauty survey takers must have a purchase receipt.
  • All employees of Ulta Beauty store and salon are not eligible to enter.
  • The immediate family members of Ult beauty employees are also not eligible for this sweepstakes.
  1. Survey Sweepstakes method.

There are two possible ways to enter Ulta sweepstakes. Choose one of the methods below.

  • Online survey.
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You can enter Ulta sweepstakes after completing the online survey at survey.ulta.com. To access this survey, you need a valid Ulta Beauty receipt. So, you have to make a purchase first at this store.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

To submit the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you do not need to make any purchase. Just submit the entry by mail. You can find out the complete guideline on the following section.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

In each survey entry period, there will be one winner. The winner will receive $500 in the form of Ulta Beauty gift card. Ulta Beauty sweepstakes administrator will notify the winner by email and phone.

  1. Survey rules.

Pay attention to the following points so that you are not disqualified from this contest.

  • One Ulta Beauty receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • No purchase is required to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The amount of your purchase does not affect the chance to win.
  • The reward is in the form of gift card and not redeemable for cash.
  • If there is no response from the potential winner, Ulta Beauty sweepstakes administrator will select the alternate winner.

Ulta Store Service Survey Preparation

If you are eligible for Ulta survey sweepstakes, you should prepare the survey requirements soon. Here are some items you need to start Ulta guest satisfaction survey.

  • Ulta Beauty receipt.

You need to enter some receipt details to start the survey at ulta.survey.com.

  • A device.

In order to access the Ulta survey portal, you need to use a smartphone or personal computer.

  • Internet connection.

You can access the survey portal if your device is connected to the stable internet support.

  • Email address.

You need to submit your email address for the requirements of the sweepstakes.

ulta beauty survey steps ulta survey
ulta beauty survey steps at ulta survey portal

Ulta Beauty Survey Steps

Are you interested to win $500 Ulta gift card? Just take part in Ulta customer satisfaction survey soon. This survey is very short. So, you do not need to spend much of your time. Within 5 minutes, you will be able to complete all Ulta survey steps. Just keep your Ulta Beauty receipt handy. Then, you can do the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit Ulta Beauty survey portal.

First of all, in order to reach Ulta survey portal, you must go online. Use your browser to access survey.ulta.com. Make sure that your receipt is ready on your hands. So, you will be able to fill in the receipt information easily.

  • Step 2. Enter Ulta Store number.

The first information required is Ulta store number. You can look up this detail on the top of your receipt.

  • Step 3. Indicate the purchase date.

The next, you need to enter the date when you visit Ulta Beauty Store. Enter the purchase date by using the format MM/DD/YYYY.

  • Step 4. Enter the transaction number.

Try to find the transaction number on your Ulta receipt. Then, enter this detail into the provided field correctly.

  • Step 5. Enter the register number.

Also, you have to input the transaction number printed on your receipt.

  • Step 6. Select the purpose of visiting Ulta Beauty.

There are some choices for answering this question. For instance, you may go to Ulta Beauty to experiment with a different beauty product, find out the latest beauty products, make a service appointment, pick up an order, have a me time, claim the rewards or coupons, or other reasons.

  • Step 7. Indicate whether you purchase any products.
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Answer this question by selecting Yes or No. The answer to this question will determine the survey questions you receive then.

  • Step 8. Press the Next button.

After completing the details required, you can click on the Next button. This way, you can start Ulta Store Service Survey.

  • Step 9. Answer Ulta Beauty Survey questions.

Now, you are in the main section of Ulta survey. Respond to every single question by providing honest answers. Recall your recent experience at Ulta Beauty store so that you can express your feedback objectively.

  • Step 10. Enter Ulta Beauty Sweepstakes.

After completing all of the Ulta Survey questions, you are offered to enter their sweepstakes program. You should take this chance since you can win $500 Ulta Gift card. Provide your personal and contact information to submit the sweepstakes entry. Write down your full name, complete address, age, email address, and telephone number.

That’s all ten steps to complete Ulta Guest Satisfaction Survey. The guideline above is easy to follow, isn’t it? After completing the survey and submitting the sweepstakes entry, you need to wait for the Ulta sweepstakes winner announcement. If you win this program, Ulta sweepstakes administrator will contact you by phone or email.

How to Submit Ulta Sweepstakes Entry By Mail

It is not a big problem if you lose your Ulta Beauty receipt. Even you cannot take part in Ulta Guest Satisfaction survey, you still have a chance to follow the sweepstakes program. In case you do not have Ulta receipt, you can send your sweepstakes entry by mail. This method does not require any purchase. So, even you do not make any transaction at Ulta, you still can get a chance to win the sweepstakes reward.

Here are the brief steps to submit Ulta Mail-in sweepstakes entry.

  • Prepare the requirements.

At first, you should prepare some items to write and send the sweepstakes entry. Of course, you need a pen, a piece of paper in 3”x5” size, and a business-sized envelope. Make sure that you also have an email address.

  • Write down your identity.

You can enter this sweepstakes program just by writing your personal identity. Write down your full name and residential address including the street name, zip code, city, and state. PO BOX address is not accepted. Also, provide the date of birth to show that you are the eligible participant. The last, write down your email address and phone number.

  • Send this sweepstakes entry.

Put the paper into the envelope. Then, you can send it to the following address.

ULTA Guest Satisfaction Entry,

1135 Arbor Drive,


IL 60446

Ulta Beauty Hours

Do you need to purchase new beauty products? Or maybe you want to try new cosmetics? You can get anything you need at Ulta Beauty Store. But, before you visit this store, you should check Ulta Beauty Hours. This way, you will know what time Ulta Beauty store is open and closed. You can find out Ulta Beauty store hours on the following table.

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Days Ulta Beauty Hours
Monday 10 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM
Friday 10 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

From the table above, we can see that from Monday to Friday, Ulta Beauty is open at 10 Am and closed at 9 PM. Besides, on Saturday, this store is open earlier at 9 AM and closed at 9 PM. Then, on Sunday, Ulta Beauty store hours are shorter. This store is open at 10 Am and closed earlier at 6 PM. So, if you want to purchase the cosmetics or get a beauty service, you should go based on the schedule above.

But, you have to note that Ulta Beauty hours may vary by location. So, every Ulta Beauty store has different store hours. You also need to check Ulta Beauty holiday hours. It is because this store has a different schedule on holidays.

Ulta Beauty Customer Service

Do you experience any problem when you visit Ulta Beauty? If so, you need to report this problem to Ulta Beauty customer service. They will give you the best solution to your problem. Also, you can contact Ulta customer service in case you want to ask for any information about this beauty store. For instance, you may ask about Ulta Beauty Rewards, Ulta sales and promotion, gift cards, and many other topics.

Here are some possible methods to get in touch with Ulta Beauty Customer Support team.

  • By phone.

To talk directly to Ulta Beauty Customer Service representative staff, you can call 1 866 983 8582. The professional staff is ready to answer your questions from Monday to Sunday from 7 AM – 2 AM.

  • By email.

To send your message to Ulta Beauty, you cannot use the conventional email. You should visit Ulta Beauty official website first at www.ulta.com. Then, go to the Contact Us menu. The next, click on Email menu to write your message or feedback.

  • Live Chat.

Ulta website also provides the live chat menu. Just go to Contact Us menu and click on Live Chat option. Unfortunately, this service is not available 24/7. So, you have to wait for the staff to be online first.

  • By mail.

For business inquiry, you can send a letter to Ulta Beauty. Address your letter to:

Ulta Beauty Guest Services

1000 Remington, Blvd,Ste 120

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

  • Social Media.

If you want to stay connected to Ulta Beauty, you need to follow its social media account. This way, you will know any updates, promotions, or sale given by Ulta. Ulta Beauty is active on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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