TJMaxxFeedback – Win $500 TJ Maxx Gift Card Each Month from TJ Maxx Survey

TJMaxxFeedback is a customer survey from T.J. Maxx or TJ’s. We have known that T.J.Maxx is a popular department store in the US. This store offers the wide range of clothing items and home decoration products. So, by shopping at TJ Maxx, you can fulfill all your family’s needs.

It is because you can purchase women’s and men’s apparel, kid’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, bag, etc. All products offered in TJ Maxx are from the famous brands and designers. Besides, TJ Maxx also offers all merchandises in the low price. No doubt, this department store has a large number of loyal customers.

Nowadays, there are over 1000 TJ Maxx outlets in the United States. No doubt, it can be one of the biggest clothing retailers. This store also starts to expand the clothing retail business to other countries. For instance, you can find TJMaxx outlet in Germany, UK, Austria, Ireland, and Poland.

This company never feel satisfied with its achievement. So, it always tries to improve this clothing retail business. Therefore, it creates TJMaxxFeedback survey. This survey can help T.J.Maxx to ask the customers’ opinion about the shopping experience. Besides, TJ Maxx survey also can gather the customers’ suggestions. This way, TJ Maxx can fulfill the customers’ expectation.


As T.J.Maxx customers, you should not doubt to participate in TJMaxxFeedback. You only need to prepare your valid receipt as the requirement. Then, you can share your thought and feedback for this store. Then, TJMaxx will be glad to receive your feedback. As the reward, TJMaxx invites you to enter the sweepstake. If you win this monthly drawing, you deserve to grab $500 gift card. Then, you can use it to purchase any items at all T.J.Maxx stores.

What are TJ Maxx Feedback Survey Rules?

After shopping at TJMaxx, you must have any experience to share. Whether you have nice or bad experience, you can tell it to TJMaxx. So, you may need to take part in TJ Maxx Feedback. By taking this short online survey, you can share your thought and feedback.

Just believe that TJMaxx will not ignore any feedback and comment you submit. This store will thank the customers who are willing to involve in this survey. It is because the shopping feedback they give can help TJMaxx to improve the service. As a result, TJMaxx can give the more convenient and satisfying shopping experience for the shoppers.

You may regret if you do not participate in TJ Maxx Survey. It is because you may lose a chance to grab $500 gift card from TJMaxx. TJMaxx offers this gift card as the sweepstake prize. So, whenever you complete this survey, you have one chance to enter the online drawing.

The Rewards are very interesting, aren’t they? But, make sure that you can meet the eligibility and the requirements below. Presented below, we also provide the rules that you have to obey if you want to be the participants of TJ Maxx survey and sweepstakes.

  • The Survey and Sweepstakes Eligibility.

Both survey and sweepstakes from TJ Maxx are open for the legal residents of the US. If you are not living in the US, you should not access this survey. Besides, the entrants of T.J. Maxx sweepstakes must be at least eighteen years old or the age of the majority.

Then, you should notice that all employees of TJ Maxx store are not eligible for this program. Furthermore, their immediate family such as parents, spouse, or children is also not permitted to enter this monthly drawing.

  • The Requirements.

You need some items to prepare before accessing the official portal. First, you need a receipt. Then, make sure that your receipt contains the survey numbers. This ten digit code is used to access T.J. Maxx Survey. Besides, you should make sure that your PC and internet are ready to use. If there is no PC available, you can take TJMaxx survey by using your smartphone. The last, you should have the valid email address as the requirement of the sweepstake.

  • TJMaxx Sweepstakes entry methods.
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TJ Maxx invites the customers to enter the sweepstakes through two methods. First, they can enter the online drawing. They have to complete TJ Maxx feedback survey before they can enter this draw. Hence, you need a valid and recent receipt from TJ Maxx. But, if you do not have T.J. Maxx receipt, you still can enter the sweepstake by sending the mail-in entry.

You should notice that TJ Maxx only receive hand-printed letter. So, you should hand-write your entry in a piece of mailing card covered by 10# envelope. Then, you must include your name, phone number, full mailing address, and email address. The next, send this mail-in entry to T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. 90 RockWood Place, Rochester. New York 14610.

  • Sweepstakes rules.

No matter your entry method, T.J. Maxx limits only one entry per household in a month. Then, make sure that TJ Maxx receives your entry before the last day of each month. It is because this company will draw the winner randomly on the last day of the month. In this term, TJMaxx provides five entry period. Each period will last at September 30th, October 31st, November 30th, December 31st, and January 31st, 2018.

  • TJ Maxx Rewards.

T.J. Maxx offers the great prize for the sweepstake’s winner. Each month, TJ Maxx will select one winner that deserves $500 TJ Maxx Gift card. So, the total prize for all entry periods is $2500. Then, TJ Maxx will inform the winner by phone or mail.

When you become the sweepstake’s winner, you have to claim your TJ Maxx Coupons or gift card within seven days. However, if the winner cannot be contacted within three days, the committee will select the alternate winner. So, make sure that phone number you provide is always active.

How to Complete  Tj maxx Feedback Survey?

Can you meet the requirements of T.J. Maxx Survey and Sweepstakes above? Have you understood all the TJMaxx survey rules? If you do, it means that you are ready to enter the survey. TJ Maxx Feedback survey does not require a longer time to complete.

All the steps of the survey will be completed in less than five minutes. Even you have to respond a series of questions; the questionnaires are very easy to take. This survey is asking your shopping experience at TJ Maxx. So, you have to recall your recent experience when you went to TJ Maxx.

Honesty and Objectivity are crucial to answering this survey. When you supply the objective response, TJ Maxx will be able to collect the truthful feedback. This way, TJ Maxx store can evaluate how well their service was.

If many customers provide the negative feedback, TJ Maxx has to make some positive changes. So, in the future, this department store can satisfy the customers more. Then, how is the guideline to take part in the Survey? You can review the step by step below.

  • Visit the official site.

This Survey portal is accessible at This survey website provides Spanish language preference. So, the customers who do not speak English still can take part in this survey. If you want to switch the website language, you can select Espanol link at the bottom of the survey page.

  • Review the Sweepstakes rules and privacy policy.

Before starting TJMAxx feedback survey, use a little of your time to read the sweepstakes rules. This rule will guide you about the eligibility of the entrants, entry methods, and the sweepstake’s prize. Besides, by reviewing the privacy policy, you will notice how TJ Maxx will use your personal information.

  • Enter the Survey number.
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See the bottom portion of the receipt. In this part, you will find out the survey number. Then, the survey code usually consists of ten digits. Make sure you enter this code correctly so that you can access the survey.

  • Enter the date of visiting the store.

Do you still remember the date when you visited T.J. Maxx? If you forget it, you should see your T.J. Maxx receipt to check the date. Then, enter your shopping date with the format MM/DD/YY.

  • Enter the time.

Then, indicate the exact time when you came to TJ Maxx store. Enter the hour and minutes as printed in your TJ Maxx receipt. Then, press the Red Start button to begin T.J. Maxx survey.

  • Answer the questionnaire.

When you provide the valid details of survey number as well as date and time, you will be able to start TJ Maxx survey. Then, you can start answering all TJMaxx survey questions appeared on your screen. You can give your response by rating TJMaxx service and products.

Besides, you can select the most appropriate answer based on your TJMaxx shopping experience. The questions at this survey portal are asking about the store associates, products, and TJMaxx store condition. Then, you can share your suggestion to improve your shopping experience in the future. Make sure that you complete all the survey questions objectively.

  • Enter the Sweepstakes.

At the end of the survey, this site will offer you to enter the sweepstakes. Before you decide to enter this monthly drawing, make sure that you are eligible for this contest. As the example, you must be more than 18 years of age. If you are eligible, you can provide your personal details to sign up this program.

Just complete the form provided on the survey page. First, supply your first and last name. Then, enter your email account and confirm it in the next field. The last, supply your phone number. Double check whether the details you have entered are correct. This way, TJMaxx can contact you easily when you become the winner of this online sweepstakes.

That’s all the brief procedure to complete the survey and sweepstakes. If you follow all prompts above, I believe that you will not be difficult to finish this survey. But, if you face any problem during TJMaxx survey completion, it’s better to contact its Customer Service.

Just make a call by dialing 1 800 926 6299 to speak up with Customer Care representatives. This way, you can report the problem you face during the survey completion. The Customer Support is available from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 6 pm.

What are the Survey Questions at Tjmaxx Feedback Portal?

In general, the type of questions at the Survey is not different from other retail surveys. Most of the questionnaires ask your review about the service. Here, you have to rate the performance of TJMaxx Store Associates and cashiers. Besides, it asks for your opinion about the cleanliness and neatness of the store.

Since the survey is using Likert Scale and multiple choice questions, you will not need much time to complete it. In less than five minutes, you will be able to finish all survey steps. Listed below are the TJMaxx survey questions you will face.

  • Overall satisfaction.

It is a common question at any customer satisfaction surveys. You have to give your overall review about your latest shopping experience at TJ Maxx. You must have the unique experience whenever you go shopping in this department store. Just select Highly Satisfied when you are happy with your shopping trip. In contrast, you can provide the bad rating when you got disappointed with TJMaxx service.

  • The details of your visit.
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You can respond this TJ Maxx Survey section by answering Yes or No. First, state whether you purchased at TJ Maxx. Also, state whether you made a return. Then, indicate if you visited the dressing room. Then, tell whether you used the Tj Maxx restroom.

The next questions are the following. Did the sales floor associates and cashier smile and gave you the friendly greeting? Did you need the assistance before you check out? The last, state whether the TJ Maxx cashier thanked you before the check out process.

  • The reason for visiting TJ Maxx.

In this section, you should mention your reason for coming to this store. For instance, you go there to look for the specific item. Besides, you might go there to make an exchange or return the product. The last, perhaps you went to TJ Maxx to do window shopping since there is no specific need in your mind.

  • The performance of TJ Maxx Store crew.

Rate some issues about TJ Maxx Store Associates. First, rate the friendliness of the dressing room associates, sales floor crew, and cashier. Then, you should also need to review how helpful the sales floor associates were.

  • TJ Maxx store condition.

Give your objective rating about the cleanliness of TJMaxx store, restroom, and dressing room. Then, rate the ease of locating and replacing the merchandise on the rack. Also, give your opinion about the organization of the products by size and category.

  • TJ Maxx products.

The next, review the quality of TJ Maxx merchandise. Then, rate the selection of brand name and designer. Also, provide your feedback about the selection of the fashionable style.

  • Department you visited.

In this session, you should select all the departments which you visited during your shopping trip at Tj Maxx. As the example, you might go to Luggage, Ladies or men’s clothing, handbag & accessories, beauty, or home basic and decorative. Besides, other departments you might visit are junior clothing, jewelry, or gift cards.

  • Return and recommend.

If you got satisfied with TjMaxx, would you like to return to this store in the next three months? Then, you can also state your likeliness to recommend Tj Maxx to your friends or family.

  • Suggestions.

Tj maxx feedback offers a special section where you can express your suggestions. Here, you can tell how TJ Maxx can make you more satisfied with your next shopping experience. But, you should notice not to give your personal information.

  • Frequency of shopping.

Then, you have to describe how often you go shopping at Tj Maxx. For instance, you go to this store regularly, occasionally, or recently for the first time over a year. The next, indicate your frequency of shopping at Tj Maxx. Perhaps, you visit Tj Maxx once or twice a month, once every three months, or every other month.

  • The amount you spend.

In this step, you have to enter the amount of your recent transaction. So, you can check your Tj Maxx receipt. You can enter the dollar amount rounded to the nearest whole dollar. For instance, if you spend $45.25, you have to write $45.

  • Credit card and online shopping.

Indicate whether you have TJX Rewards Credit Card and TJX Rewards Access Card. If you do not have it, state whether the cashier asked you to sign up this program. The next, indicate whether you have recently make an online purchase at

  • Demographic questions.

In the last step of TjMaxx survey, you have to describe your age and gender. Then, enter your annual household income. The last, select the category which can describe yourself. You can skip this section when you are not willing to answer these personal questions.

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