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The high-quality tire is one factor which determines your car’s performance. So, every vehicle owner has to decide to purchase the good tires for their cars. In the automotive business, you will find many tires brands. For instance, you will be familiar with Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, or Uniroyal.

From those brands, Michelin becomes the most popular one. The good news for you is that you can claim a reward card after you purchase these tire brands. In order to obtain this reward, you have to access TireRewardCenter.

Tire Reward Center offers $70 reward card for the lucky customers. So, whenever you have purchased Michelin, Uniroyal, or BF Goodrich tire, you have one chance to claim this reward. However, you have to note that you have to buy the full set of tires to redeem this reward.

It means you have to purchase at least four new tires to qualify this redemption offer. This reward card is in the form of the debit card. So, you will get MasterCard Reward card valued $70. Then, you can use this reward card in any merchants with Mastercard logo. Then, please note that it is not a credit card. So, when you have used the funds on this card, you cannot use it anymore. Just trash this card when you are running out the balance.


To obtain Michelin reward card or BF Goodrich reward card, you have to submit the redemption. The most effective way is the online claim at tirerewardcenter.com. But, you also can choose to submit by mail. Once you have submitted the receipt and your information, you should wait for the card sent to your home. In this period, you can track the status of the reward request. If you submit Michelin redemption, you can check the status at Michelin Fulfillment Center. Listed below, we have concluded some points related to Tire Reward Card.

  • Make sure that you claim your reward before 30 days after purchasing your tires. If you claim after 30 days, your receipt can void. Then, you lose the chance to get $70.
  • You need to wait within four to eight weeks to receive this reward card. When Tire Reward Center approves your reward request, they will send this reward cards to your address.
  • The reward card is in the form of MasterCard debit card containing $70. When you use this card, the amount of your transaction will be deducted from the card balance.
  • This card is accepted worldwide. You can use it whenever you are. Make sure you make a transaction with the merchant that has the logo of MasterCard. Besides, this card is not reloadable. When the balance is zero, you cannot use this card. Always check the balance before you use it. Visit www.tirerewardcenter.com/rewardcard to track your reward card balance.
  • Every card can expire. See the date when it expires at the front of the reward card.

How to Sign Up to Tire Reward Center?

If you visit the site for the first time, you have to sign up. This site needs your basic information. Providing this information will enable this reward site to assist you. Besides, to claim your tire reward, you have to create an online account. Then, you can sign into your Tire Reward account to check your reward status and claim it. Provided below is the guideline to register the redemption.

  • Visit Tire Reward Site

After making purchase the tires for your car, you have to access Tire reward Center in order to claim the reward. At the home page of this reward center, you have to select the tire brand you bought. This site provides three tire brands. You can choose Michelin, BFGoodrich or Uniroyal.

  • Click on New to this site?

Since you have not created an account yet, you have to register first. Click on the link under the login field entitled New to This Site? Then, the site will open the registration form. There are three steps of enrollment you have to complete. First, you have to share the information about yourself. Then, provide the information about the tire and your vehicle. The last, submit the form.

  • Enter your basic information.

Tire Reward Center requires your information in details. So, you have to enter the full name, email address, and the complete address. Mention the city, zip code, area-prefix-extension, Apt/suite number, and state.

You should not doubt giving your email id since Tire Reward Center will not share this information with the third parties. Entering your email allows you to communicate with the Reward Center easily. So, do not forget to add contact@tirerewardcenter.com into your email contact list.

  • Set a password.

To sign into Tire Reward Center account, you need email and password. So, you have to complete this form by setting up a password. Your password has to be at least seven characters. Then, remember that this password is case sensitive. So, make sure you have turned off your Capslock button.

  • Select the promotion.

Throughout the year, Michelin offers some promotions. You can select one of promotion to get the reward. Make sure that the promotion you choose is not over yet. So, always check the date of promotion period before you choose. Here is the sample of promotion you can choose. There are Michelin Summer Promotion, South East Toyota June Promotion, or Michelin Monro August Promotion.

  • Complete the information about your tire.

Then, you will get a short survey about the tire. First, mention the number of tires you want to buy during this promotion. Then, state the tire brand that you replace with Michelin Tires. Also, tell how you know about this tire promotion.

For instance, you hear the promotion from the direct mail, advertisement, newspaper, radio, or in store display. The next, mention how long you have been the owner of Michelin Tire. The last, select the factor which determines why you purchase the Michelin Tires. As the example, you may purchase it because of the promotion, quality, recommendation, or guarantee.

  • Complete the vehicle information.
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First, mention how many vehicles in your household. Then, state the next vehicle which you plan to buy the tires for. The next, mention the year of your vehicle, model, and whether your car has Michelin Tire. After that, mention when you want to buy the tire for this car.

  • Submit the reward registration form

If you want to get the email notification from Michelin, you can give the tick mark on the box. This way, Michelin will inform you about the valuable offers and promotion. Besides, you can get the reminder about tire rotation as well. The last, click on Submit button.

How to Submit Tire Reward Redemption?

The customers of Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Uniroyal have the chance to claim the reward after purchasing the tire. The first thing they have to do is sign up for this program by following the registration guideline above. Then, they can start signing in to claim their reward.

Besides, signing into their tire reward account also lets them check the reward status. But, you have to keep in mind that the process of claiming needs 30 days. So, you cannot receive your reward immediately. Here is the reward information for every tire brand.

  • Michelin Tire:

To claim the reward from Michelin, make sure that you submit the redemption within 30 days of the purchase date. Then, after submitting the reward claim, you have to wait six weeks to receive your reward.

  • BF Goodrich Tire.

Similar to Michelin customers, BF Goodrich customers have to submit the reward claim in 30 days after they purchase the tire. As the estimation time, you can receive your reward card within four to six weeks.

  • Uniroyal.

You have 30 days to claim Uniroyal reward. When Uniroyal approves your claim, you can get the reward card in four to six weeks. Visit Uniroyal Tire Reward Fulfillment Center to track your reward progress.

In order to claim your reward, you have to sign into your tire reward online account. Besides, you also can submit your claim by mail as well. But, here we guide you how to claim the tire reward card online.

  • Visit Tire Reward Site

When you land on the home page of Tire Reward Center, you will see three brands. Select the tire brand which you have purchased. You can select Michelin Tire, BF Goodrich Tire, or Uniroyal Tire.

  • Sign into Tire Rewards Center.

You have to log into your Tire Reward account to claim and track your reward. Enter your email address along with your password. Remember the password you have set up in the Reward registration process. In case you lose the password, select Forgot your password link. Tire Reward Center will help you to reset it. Then, after entering the login details, you can press the Yellow Login button.

  • Upload your receipt.

The next, you have to upload the original tire receipt image. The aim of uploading this receipt is to verify that you are the real customer of Michelin, BF Goodrich or Uniroyal.

  • Enter your personal information.
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Fill out the information form. Make sure that you provide the valid address. So, Michelin can send the reward card to your address. After you have finished this claiming process, you have to wait until you receive your reward card. In order to check the status of your reward card, you can log into Tire Reward Center.

How to Contact Tire Reward Center?

Whenever you need some help about your tire reward, you should contact the customer service of Tire Reward Center. Besides, you also can contact them to look for more information about the reward. Furthermore, you also can give your comment to tell how Tire Reward Center can improve the user experience.

But, before submitting your question, it is better to review Tire Reward Center FAQ page. On this FAQ page, you will find some questions and answers about your reward. For instance, you can find how to submit the redemption and how to check the reward status.

However, if you cannot find the topic you are looking for on the FAQ page, you should contact Tire Reward Center soon. Try one of three ways below to get in touch with Tire Reward Center.

  • Email.

You do not need to send the conventional email. It is so since Tire Reward Center provides the online form to send your email. Just access tirerewardcenter.com to fill out this form. Then, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Select Contact Us. Contact Us option is located on the top and bottom part of Tire Reward Center website. Click on this menu to access the form to send the email to the customer service center.
  2. Fill out the required information. This form requires your personal data. Just enter the first and the last name. Then, complete the address form. Enter your apartment or suite number, city, state as well as the zip code. The next, enter the area, prefix, and extension. Also, provide the valid email address so the customer service can reply your email.
  3. Select the question categories. Then, you can choose the category of the question you will ask. For instance, you want to ask about the card activation. Besides, you also can select the promotion or reward category.
  4. Enter your question. After selecting the category, you can write your questions on the space provided. The last, you can submit this question form.
  • By phone.

If you need the direct response from the Tire Rewards Center, you have to contact them by phone. Dial 1 866 212 9619 to speak up with their staff. So, you can ask for the information you need.  Make sure that you call them on Monday up to Friday at 8 am to 8 pm.

  • By mail.

The third way to contact the customer service is by writing them. You can send your letter containing the questions to Michelin Fulfillment Center. PO BOX 289, Milan IL 61264.

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