Tim Hortons Survey – Take Tell Tims Survey for Tim Hortons Coupon

Any of you are the loyal customer of Tim Hortons? If so, you must take part in Tell Tims survey. After visiting Tim Hortons, you have a chance to share your feedback through the Tim Hortons survey. This way, you will be able to get Tim Hortons coupon as a survey reward. This survey is available at Tim Hortons official website.

What is required to take this survey? What you need is just prepare the valid receipt from Tim Hortons. So, after dining in this restaurant, you should keep the receipt well. If you lose it, you also lose the chance to get Tim Hortons coupon. If you do not know how to start, you should not worry. Just scroll down this page to get the brief survey guideline.

Tim Hortons survey
Tim Hortons survey can be accessed at telltims.com

About Tim Hortons

Do you often visit Tim Hortons. If you are familiar with this outlet, you will know that Tim Hortons is one of the fast-food chains in the US and Canada. This shop is specializing in serving donuts and coffee. So, the best time to visit Tim Hortons is in the morning and afternoon. So, you can start your day by enjoying the breakfast menu from Tim Hortons.

The first Tim Horton store was established in 1964. The name of this restaurant is taken from the name of the founder, Tim Horton. He is a Hockey player from Canada. Nowadays, there are more than 3600 Tim Hortons outlets in Canada. Besides, in the United States, there are for about 870 chains. Furthermore, you also can find Tim Hortons outlets in Asia and the United Kingdom.

More to know, Tim Horton is headquartered in Oakville, Canada. Nowadays there are more than 4,846 Tim Hortons chains in 14 countries. Between 1995 – 2006, the parent company of this restaurant was Wendys. Besides, since 2014 until the present, the parent organization of Tim Hortons is Restaurant Brands International.

About Tell Tims Survey

Tim Hortons has a special survey program called Tell Tims survey. It is also known as Tim Hortons Survey. This survey aimed to assess the guests’ satisfaction level after visiting Tim Hortons. By reviewing the result of this survey, Tim Hortons can know what the customers like and dislike from its company.

Every customer will get a survey invitation after visiting Tim Hortons. This survey invitation is located in the bottom portion of the Tim Hortons receipt. So, you need to check your receipt. This survey invitation informs the website you have to access to take the survey. Also, it presents the reward you can get after taking the survey.

If you really care with Tim Hortons, you should not miss this survey. You can take part in this survey to express your feedback. Tim Hortons expects honest feedback from the customers. So, you are free to voice up your critics, compliments, suggestions, or complaints. They will be happy about receiving your complaints. This way, they can improve their quality in servicing the guests.

What to Prepare to Take Tim Hortons Survey?

Before taking the online survey at telltims.com, there are several requirements you have to prepare. If these requirements are ready, you will be able to complete the survey without any trouble. Please prepare the items mentioned below.

  • A valid receipt from Tim Hortons.
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You cannot participate in Tim Hortons survey if you do not have Tim Hortons receipt. It is because every Tim Hortons receipt contains Tell Tims survey code. With this code, you can unlock the Tell Tims survey page.

  • A device.

Then, you have to prepare the device to take the survey. You can use a PC or smartphone. Make sure that your device has a compatible browser to access Tell Tims survey portal. For instance, you can use Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Internet connection.

The most important requirement is the internet connection. Without the internet, you cannot reach the Tim Hortons survey website. You can connect your device to free Wifi or mobile data.

Brief Guides of Tim Hortons Survey

To make you easier taking this Tell Tims survey, you can do these following steps.

  • Visit Tim Horton survey portal.
  • Select the language options.
  • Write down the Tim Hortons survey code printed on your receipt.
  • Click on Enter button.
  • Answer Tim Horton Survey questions.
  • Write down the Tim Horton validation code.
  • Redeem Tom Hortons coupon as the survey reward.

That’s all the simple guideline to complete Tell Tims survey. Is that very simple to do? If the requirements are completed and your internet connection is stable, you will be able to finish this survey in less than 10 minutes. Then, you will be able to get Tim Hortons validation code easily.

tim hortons survey
tim hortons survey steps

How to Take Tim Hortons Survey?

In the previous section, you can review the brief steps of Tell Tims survey. If you are still confused on how to take Tell Tims survey, check the explanation below. Here we present the detailed information to complete Tim Hortons with ease. Check this out.

  • Visit Tim Hortons survey portal.

The first thing you have to do is accessing Tim Hortons survey portal. This website is accessible at telltims.com. Then, you will be directed into telltims.smg.com. It will be better if you reach this survey website directly using the mentioned link. It is because there will be many fake survey website if yous search it via Google.

  • Select the language option.

Once you reach the homepage of Tell Tims survey, the language used in this website is English. But, if you are not convenient in using English, you can change it into Spanish. This survey website only provides two language choices; English and Spanish.

  • Enter Tim Hortons survey code.

Once you reach tell Time survey website, you will see a blank field. You have to fill in this filed by using a valid survey code. This code is usually located at the bottom portion of your receipt. This code usually contains 21 digits of number.

  • Press the Start button.

When you are sure that the survey code you enter is correct, you can press the Start button. This way, you will be directed into Tell Tims survey page.

  • Answer Tell Tims survey questions.

Now, you can begin answering tell Tims survey questions. First, you will be asked about your overall satisfaction. You can rate your satisfaction level based on your experience. Then, you can start giving the rating for the food, service, restaurant’s cleanliness, staff’s behavior, etc.

  • Write down your feedback.
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After rating some restaurant’s aspects, you are allowed to express your dining feedback. You can use this chance to share your complaints, critics, suggestions, or comments. But, make sure that you provide honest feedback. It is because your feedback can help Tim Hortons to improve its service quality.

  • Get Tim Hortons validation code.

After submitting the survey answers, you will get Tim Hortons coupon code. This validation code will appear on your screen. Then, make sure that you write down this coupon code on your receipt. So, in your next purchase, you can redeem this coupon with the freebie from Tim Hortons.

That is the detailed step by step to complete Tim Hortons Guest Satisfaction Survey. Once you get the coupon from this survey, you can redeem it anytime. Just present Tim Hortons coupon code to the cashier. Then, you will be able to get the discount or freebie from Tim Hortons. The kind of survey reward may vary by survey period.

How to Find Tim Hortons Near Me

When you want to enjoy the delicious donuts and fresh coffee, going to Tim Hortons is the perfect solution. It will be easy to find Tim Hortons in your city. But, what if you are in another city? You should not worry since finding Tim Hortons locations near me is very simple. You can try one of the three methods below.

  1. Using Tim store finder.

If you want to use this feature, you need to access Tim Hortons official website.  Then, you can enter your location in order to search for Tim Hortons locations. By using this store finder, you will also be able to find out other details such as restaurant’s facilities, Tim Hortons hours, and Tim Hortons rewards. Here are the steps to use Tim store finder.

  • Visit Tim Hortons website at timhortons.com.
  • Click on Find Tims menu.
  • Enter your current location, including the city, zip code, and state.
  • Select the store filter. You can search for the store which has catering, drive thru, wifi, scan to pay payment method, etc.
  • Click on the Search Icon.
  • The map will show the nearest Tim Hortons location.
  • Click on the location you want to see the details. Then, you can get the direction and other store details such as Tim Hortons hours and Tim Hortons phone number.
  1. Using Tim Hortons App.

The second way to locate the closest Tim Hortons location is using the mobile app. You can download Tim Hortons App  from Play Store or Apps Store. This mobile application not only helps you to find Tim Hortons locations. But, it also can be used to explore the Tim Hortons menu, order online, redeem the reward, etc.

  1. Using Google Maps.

The last method to locate Tim Hortons outlet is using Google maps. Just enter the keyword Tim Hortons near me or Tim Hortons locations near me. Then, the maps will show you the closest direction to Tim Hortons. Besides, you also can check Tim Hortons reviews and Tim Hortons hours.

Tim Hortons Hours

Before visiting Tim Hortons restaurant, you have to check Tim Hortons restaurant hours. This way, you will know what time Tim hortons is open and closed. You can check Tim Hortons open hours at by using Tim store finder at Tim Hortosn website. Besides, you also can call the local Tim Hortons restaurant to make sure what time the restaurant is open and closed.

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You can check Tim Hortons hours on this following timetable.

DayTim Hortons Hours
Monday5 AM - 11 PM
Tuesday5 AM - 11 PM
Wednesday5 AM - 11 PM
Thursday5 AM - 11 PM
Friday5 AM - 11 PM
Saturday5 AM - 11 PM
Sunday5 AM - 11 PM

That’s all Tim Hortons open hours. From the table above, we can see that Tim Hortons is open every day. This restaurant is open at 5 AM every day. So, you should not be confused about the place to have breakfast. Just go to Tim Hortons and enjoy your breakfast time there. Besides, this restaurant is closed at 11 PM every day.

But, you have to note that Tim Hortons hours may vary by locations. Every Tim Hortons chain may have different open hours. Some Tim Hortons restaurant is open 24 hours. So, you have to contact the local Tim Hortons restaurant to make sure their opening and closing time. here are some questions related to Tim Hortons hours.

  • Is Tim Hortons open today?

Yes. Tim Hortons is open every day. You can visit this restaurant from Monday to Sunday. This restaurant is also open in major holidays.

  • What time is Tim Hortons open?

From Monday to Sunday, Tim Hortons restaurant is open at 5 AM.

  • What time is Tim Hortons closed?

Tim Hortons restaurant is closed at 11 PM every day.

  • What is Tim Hortons holiday hours?

Tim Hortons is still open in major holidays. But, this restaurant is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

How to Contact Tim Hortons Customer Service

In case you have any questions related to Tim Hortons, you have to contact Tim Hortons customer service. Besides, you also can reach Tim Hortons Customer Support in case you want to express your feedback. Here are some possible ways to reach Tim Hortons Customer Service.

  • Mailing address.

You can send your inquiry to Tim Horton Corporate office. Use the address below.

Tim Hortons, Inc Office

874 Sinclair Rd, Oakville

Ontario, Canada, L6K2Y1

  • Phone Number.

Tim Hortons Customer Service phone number is 1 888 601 1616. If you want to get the instant response from Tim Hortons, you can call this number. But, make sure that you make a call during Tim Hortons Hours.

  • Website

If you want to explore the information about Tim Hortons, you can visit its official website. Just access www.timhortons.com. In this portal, you can explore Tim Hortons menu, Tim Hortons deals, and Tim Hortons careers.

  • Social media.

If you want to keep updated about Tim Hortons news and offers, you should follow Tim Hortons social media accounts. Here are the links of Tim Hortons social media accounts.

Facebook: facebook.com/TimHortonsUS/

Twitter: twitter.com/timhortonsus/

Instagram: instagram.com/timhortonsus/

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