Tescoviews – Win £1000 and 25 Clubcard Points from Tesco Survey

Hello UK residents! Where do you usually go shopping groceries? If you visit Tesco, you should be happy since we have good news for you. You can win £1000 Tesco gift card and 25 Clubcard points by taking Tescoviews survey. After completing Tesco survey, you will be entered to Tesco sweepstakes that offer a great Tesco survey prize.

Tescoviews is a customer satisfaction survey held by Tesco store. Through Tesco customer satisfaction survey, Tesco wants to assess how well their business performance in customers’ points of view. As a customer, you are expected to share your shopping feedback. Express your opinion and suggestion after shopping at this store. What you convey through Tesco online survey will be used to improve the quality of the store. So, when you visit Tesco in the future, you will have a better shopping experience.

If you are not familiar yet with Tesco Views survey, you should not be sad. It is because you can get a complete survey guideline on this article. You can review Tesco survey rules and procedure. You can even check other beneficial information related to this store. As the example, you can view Tesco hours of operation and Tesco customer service.

Tesco survey portal at tescoviews
Tesco survey portal at tescoviews

Tesco Company Profile

Tesco is one of the biggest grocery stores in the United Kingdom. This company is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, UK. Based on gross revenue, Tesco becomes the third-largest retailer company. No doubt, it can expand its business not only in the Europe but also in Asia. You can find Tesco store in UK, Hangary, Ireland, Poland, India, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Nowadays, Tesco has more than 6600 stores worldwide. Tesco operates many kinds of store. It has supermarket, hypermarket, superstore, and convenience store. If you want to find out more information about Tesco, you can visit its official website at www.tesco.com.

Tesco Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Do you want to win Tesco gift card worth £1000 and 25 Clubcard points? You should enter Tesco survey sweepstakes soon. But, before accessing Tescoviews survey portal, you have to review its survey rules. This way, you will know whether you are the eligible entrants. You can access the complete survey rules on Tesco Views survey portal. But, to make you easier to understand the rules, we have simplified the rules into some points below.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

Tescoviews survey is open to all customer of Tesco plc store. But, here are the criteria that they must have to be eligible for Tesco sweepstakes.

  • This program is only for the legal residents of the United Kingdom.
  • The participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • All the employees of Tesco and Inmoment are not allowed to enter.
  • The immediate family members of Tesco employees are also not eligible for this sweepstakes program.
  1. Survey method.
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There is only one method to take part in Tesco survey sweepstakes. You have to access the online survey at tescoviews.com to enter. After completing all Tesco survey questions, you will be offered to enter Tesco sweepstakes.

  1. Tesco survey reward.

As a survey sweepstakes reward, Tesco offers £1000 and 25 Clubcard points every month. This prize is in the form of gift card not cash.

  1. Survey sweepstakes winner.

Tesco will select the sweepstakes winner randomly. There is only one winner in one month. The winner will be notified by phone and email. Then, the winner must agree to their picture and names are used for promotional purpose.

  1. Survey sweepstakes rules.
  • One Tesco receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • The entrants must complete Tesco survey before entering Tesco sweepstakes.
  • The only accepted entry method is through Tescoviews survey.
  • No purchase necessary to enter this program.
  • The prize is not redeemable for cash.

Tesco Survey Preparation

If you are eligible to enter Tesco sweepstakes, you should prepare the survey requirements soon. The items below can support and assists you during Tescoviews survey completion. What items do you need to take part in this survey? Here are them.

  • A Receipt or Survey invitation.

When you purchase any product at Tesco, you will get a receipt. This receipt has 4 digit code that you can use to start Tescoviews survey. Besides, even you do not make a purchase, you may get a Tesco survey invitation. During the promotional program, you can enter Tesco survey invitation code to start the survey.

  • A device.

Tesco Customer Satisfaction survey is only available online. So, you need to use a device such as a smartphone or laptop to access the survey website. Install a compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, or Safari to be able t reach the survey site.

  • Internet connection.

It is a crucial requirement for this survey. Without the internet, your device will not be able to access Tescoviews survey portal.

  • Email address.

To submit Tesco sweepstakes entry, you should provide an email address. It is because the Tesco sweepstakes administrator will contact you by email or phone if you become the winner.

  • Clubcard member.

Have you registered as Tesco Clubcard member. Make sure that you join this program since you will also receive 25 Clubcard points as Tesco sweepstakes prize.

tesco survey steps at tescoviews
tesco survey steps at tescoviews

Tescoviews Survey Steps

Have you understood the rules of Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey? If so, you can step to the next stage of the survey completion process. Here we present the step by step to take part in Tesco survey sweepstakes. Check this out.

  • Step 1. Visit Tesco survey portal.

Use a compatible browser to access Tesco survey website. This portal is accessible at www.tescoviews.com.

  • Step 2. Enter the survey code.

To start this survey, you are required to enter 4 digit Tesco survey code. You can find this code on your Tesco receipt or Tesco survey invitation. You can click on the link Can’t find Your Code to check where to find this code.

  • Step 3. Press the Enter button.
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After entering the code, you can click on the Enter button. Then, you have to press the Continue button to state that you agree with the terms and conditions of this survey.

  • Step 4. Answer Tesco survey question.

When you take this survey, you should recall your recent experience when you are shopping at Tesco. Then, answer to every single question by giving the honest response. You may be required to select the answer from the multiple-choice questions. Also, you need to state your level of agreements with some statements related to Tesco business.

  • Step 5. Enter Tesco Sweepstakes.

After completing Tescoviews survey questions, you are offered to enter Tesco sweepstakes. You should accept this invitation. To submit Tesco sweepstakes entry, you have to provide your full name, mailing address, age or date of birth, email address, and telephone numbers.

That’s all five steps to complete Tescoviews survey sweepstakes. These steps are easy to do, aren’t them? After submtting this sweepstakes entry, you just need to wait for the Tesco winner announcement. For your information, if you experience any trouble in accessing Tesco survey website, you can contact Tescoviews Help Desk on 0 800 50 5555.

Tesco Hours of Operation

Do you plan to go for grocery shopping? Visiting Tesco can be the best solution. But, before going to this supermarket, you have to check Tesco store hours. This way, you will know what time this store is open and closed. You can check Tesco general hours on the following table.

Days Tesco Hours
Monday 6 AM – 12 AM
Tuesday 24 hours
Wednesday 24 hours
Thursday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM

You should note that Tesco hours may vary by locations/. The facilities in every location is also different. It is better to contact the local Tesco store customer service to confirm the hours of operation.

What is Tesco Clubcard?

If you are a loyal customer of Tesco, you should join Tesco Clubcard program. This customer loyalty program helps you to save more on Tesco. You can sign up for this Clubcard program for free at Tesco official website. Here are some benefits of having Tesco Clubcard.

  • Earn points.

You can earn the reward points every time you make a transaction at Tesco. You can use this card to make a transaction online or in-store at any products of Tesco. There is no minimum spend to earn Clubcard points.

  • Quick Pay.

Having Tesco Clubcard lets you store the debit or credit card information. So, you can use this card to pay your transaction at any Tesco store. When you checkout the transaction, you just need to scan the barcode and the Clubcard points will be automatically added to your Clubcard account.

  • Get coupons and vouchers.

Another benefits of using Tesco Clubcard is that you can get some vouchers and coupons. This way, you can save more.

How to Sign Up Tesco Clubcard

Signing Up Tesco Clubcard is easy to do. Just do the following step by step to register your account.

  • Visit Tesco official website at tesco.com.
  • Click on Tesco Clubcard menu. This menu is located at the top menu bar of Tesco website.
  • Select Join Clubcard.
  • Fill in the Clubcard registration form. Complete this form with your Clubcard number and full name.
  • Provide your email address. You will confirm this registration process through email.
  • Set up a Clubcard password. Create a password to sign into your Clubcard account.
  • Check your email. Then, click on the link to confirm the registration.
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Now, you are registered into Tesco Clubcard. You can try to signing into Tesco Clubcard account by using email address and password you submit during the registration process. Then, you can add additional information to your account. As an example, you can store your debit card or credit card information. This way, you can speed up your checkout process.

Tesco Customer Service

Do you have a terrible experience when you are shopping at Tesco? If so, you should contact Tesco Customer Service to report your problem. Also, you can get in touch with Tesco Customer Support team in case you have any questions related to this store. For instance, you can ask about Tesco coupons, Tesco gift card, or Tesco eclub. Here are some possible ways to reach Tesco Customer Service.

  1. By phone.

For the instant response, you can call Tesco customer service number. Here is the list of Tesco phone numbers. Make sure that you call the correct number based on your needs.

  • Online Grocery shopping: 0800 323 4040

The customer service staff is available from Monday to Saturday at 7 AM – 11 PM and Sunday at 10 AM – 10 PM.

  • Shopping In-store: 0800 505 555

The staff is ready to serve you from Monday to Saturday at 8 AM – 8 PM and Sunday at 9 AM – 6 PM.

  • Tesco Clubcard: 0800 591 688

The customer service is available from Monday to Saturday at 8 AM – 8 PM and Sunday at 9 AM – 6 PM.

  • Product Support: 0800 323 4060

The staff is ready to answer your phone call from Monday to Saturday at 8 AM – 8 PM and Sunday at 9 AM – 8 PM.

  1. Whatsapp

Tesco Grocery also allows the customers to contact them via whatsapp. You can send a text message to 0800 917 7403. Use this number to send your feedback about Tesco Clubcard.

  1. By Email

To contact Tesco via email, you should visit its official website at www.tesco.com. then, click on Contact Us menu. Then, select the topic of feedback you will convey. The next, click Email Us to start writing your message. Tesco will reply to your email within 2 business days.

  1. By mail.

For business inquiries, you can send your letter to Tesco Corporate Office. Here is the address:

Falcom Way, Shire Park

AL7 1 Welwyn Garden City


  1. Social Media.

If you want to stay connected with Tesco, you should follow its social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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