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As the fans of Mexican food, you will be familiar with Taco Bell. As implied by its name, Taco, this restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex dish. In this restaurant, you can enjoy various Mexican menu. For example, you can order Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, or Nachos. This restaurant is very easy to find.

It is because there are more than 7000 chains in the United States. Through these thousands of chains, no doubt, Taco Bell serves a large number of customers every day. Making sure that each guest is happy with the menu is not easy. Therefore, Taco Bell needs a strategy to gather the guests’ dining feedback. As the solution, Taco Bell uses TelltheBell survey.

After dining in TacoBell, you should use a little of your time to take Tell the Bell survey. This way, you can be the part of Taco Bell survey takers. This survey enables you to share your thought about this restaurant. For instance, you can voice your complaints or compliments.

In every visit, you must face the different experience. It can be the happy or terrible situation. Let Taco Bell know what you feel after you visit the restaurant. When you share your complaint, Taco Bell will make an effort to improve the service. As a result, Taco Bell can provide the better dining experience for you.


Taking part in Tell the Bell Customer survey not only gives you a chance to share the feedback. But, this survey also gives you the opportunity to get the great prize from the sweepstakes. At the end of TacoBell survey, you can prefer entering the sweepstake contest. If you are lucky, you can win $500 cash from Taco Bell. The requirements of this sweepstake are easy to fulfill.

So, your winning chance will be bigger. Keep reading our article to get the guideline about the survey completion. Besides, you will also find the samples of Taco Bell survey questions. If you find any trouble, we have prepared the tips to contact Taco Bell Customer Relation. Happy reading.

What are the Rules for Taco Bell Survey and Sweepstakes?

When you want to involve in Tell the Bell Survey, you should notice what the rules of the survey and sweepstake are. Reviewing this article is the best decision. Here, you will get the points about Taco Bell Survey requirements. Also, you can find out the rules of Taco Bell sweepstakes.

In fact, you can view the complete rules of Taco Bell sweepstake in the But, reviewing the rules in this article is more efficient. It is because we have concluded the important points. So, you can understand the rules easily. Below, we highlight the vital issues related to Tell the Bell survey and sweepstake.

  • Survey requirements.

To proceed Tell the Bell Customer Survey, you need Taco Bell receipt. Each receipt will contain the 16 digit survey code. But, you do not only need the survey code to enter the survey. In fact, you should also input Taco Bell store number and the time you visited this restaurant.  Besides, you should prepare the PC or other mobile devices. Also, make sure you connect this device to the fast and stable internet access.

  • Taco Bell sweepstakes participant.

Every Taco Bell guest can enter the survey. But, not all survey takers are eligible for Taco Bell sweepstakes. This sweepstake is only open for the person whose age is at least 18 years old. Besides, the participants must be the US legal residents. Taco Bell does not allow its employees as well as their family to enter this contest. The committee may disqualify the winner if he or she is the Taco Bell crew.

  • Sweepstake entry period.

In one sweepstake period, Taco Bell offers 26 weekly entries. So, this period will last six months. Then, every survey taker only has one chance to enter each entry period. It means, they only can enter the sweepstake once a week. If they have two or more receipts, they have to enter the sweepstake in the different week.

  • Sweepstake entry method.
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You have two options of entering Taco Bell sweepstakes. The first method is entering the online sweepstake. To participate in this online contest, you need to complete the survey. Automatically, you need a receipt. But, the amount of transaction in your receipt does not affect the winning chance.

The second method is the mail-in entry. You should send a card containing your identity and contact details to Taco Bell Sweepstakes. The address is PO Box 6047 Dept 39421 AZ 85655. This mail-in entry does not need receipt and purchase.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

Tell the Bell Guest Survey Program does not provide the survey reward. But, it only gives a chance for the survey takers to enter Taco Bell sweepstakes. In every entry period, there will be one winner. Taco Bell will choose the sweepstake’s winner randomly. So, the winner can be from either online or mail-in entry. Then, this winner deserves to receive $500 cash.

  • Sweepstake winner.

Taco bell limits one winner per household. When this company has selected the winner, they will contact the winner by phone, mail, or email. If the winner does not give any response to 14 days notice, Taco Bell will select the substitute winner.

Besides, if the winners do not meet the requirement, Taco Bell will disqualify them. Then, Taco Bell will announce the new winner later. Furthermore, every sweepstakes winner should be responsible for the taxes and fees. If you curious who are the winners of this sweepstake, you can see it on the survey page. Click on the link at the bottom left of the page to view the previous winners.

What are the Steps of Tell the Bell Survey?

What do you usually do with your receipt after dining in TacoBell? Do you trash your receipt? Do you know that you can get $500 by using this receipt? In fact, this receipt enables you to involve in this Customer Survey. Then, to appreciate your participation, Taco Bell invites you to join the sweepstakes contest.

As the reward, this restaurant will give $500 for the weekly winner. Other restaurant surveys may only give you the free coupon. But, if you enter the survey sweepstakes, you can win the greater prize. So, start from now, you will never trash your Taco Bell receipt anymore.

This customer survey is simple. You will not waste much time to complete the survey steps. Within three minutes,  you will be able to do all questionnaires at Taco Bell Survey. Before you access the survey portal, make sure that you have prepared all survey requirements.

Then, do not forget to check your internet connection. These aspects play the crucial role to support you completing this survey. When all of them are ready to use, you can start following the guideline below.

  • Visit the official site.

Taco Bell survey website is accessible at the survey portal. This survey portal does not have the complicated prompts. So, you will be easy to go through every instruction easily. In the taco Bell survey homepage, you should focus on the right bottom of the page.

Here, you can find the links to open the sweepstakes rules and the privacy policy. Use a minute of your time to read it. So, you will have the better understanding about the rules of Taco Bell survey sweepstake. Besides, this survey page comes in two languages. The default setting is English. But, you can switch it to Spanish.

  • Write down the survey code.

When you can find the survey code on your receipt, enter this code in the field provided. You can see this 16 digit code at the top part of Taco Bell receipt. At the survey homepage, you will see the sample of Taco Bell receipt. This sample informs you that you can find out the chance to win at the back of the receipt.

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Once you enter this survey code, you can directly start the survey. But, if your receipt does not contain Taco Bell survey invitation code, you can follow the step below. On the home page, there will appear a link to help the survey takers who do not have the survey code. Just tap the link at the top of the Start button to display the new survey login form.

  • Input the store number.

In case you do not have the survey code on the receipt, you still can participate. Simply write down Taco Bell store number to proceed the survey. Usually, you can find this store number at the top part of Taco Bell receipt. Most of the store number has six digits in length. When this store number is proceeding by zero, you have to include it.

  • Indicate the day and time of your visit.

If you cannot remember when you came to Taco Bell, You should see your receipt. This receipt will inform the date and the exact time when you came to this restaurant. After entering the correct visit time, press Start button to proceed the survey.

  • Complete the questionnaire.

In this section, you can start answering all questions regarding your dining experience at Taco Bell. Most of the questionnaires ask you to give the rating to Taco Bell products and service. Your response must be honest and based on your real dining experience. Never skip any survey question.When you have finished all the questions, you can submit this feedback.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

Once you submit the feedback, you will get the chance to enter the online sweepstake. To eligible with the sweepstake requirement, you should verify that you are eighteen years old or elder. Then, enter your personal identity details such as name and address.

The next, provide your contact information as well. Write the valid telephone number and email address. Press the Next button to verify your details. Tell the Bell com Teams will inform the winner by phone or email.

What are Taco Bell Survey Questions?

The questions you will face at Taco Bell Customer survey are like other customer surveys. Your main duty is to rate the satisfaction with your dining experience. Then, this Guest satisfaction survey will give you the further questions regarding your response.

If you state that you are less satisfied with the food. The survey will ask your reason. In the certain section, The survey also asks your willingness to recommend Taco Bell to your family or friends. Now, do you want to know the details of questions at Taco Bell restaurant survey? Review our question lists below.

  • Overall satisfaction.

The first question you must respond is the overall satisfaction. By choosing the appropriate scale, you should rate how happy your dining experience was. If you enjoyed the delicious food and got a great service, you would say that you are satisfied. In contrast, if the service was terrible, you may give the bad rating too.

  • Type of order.

Specify how you order your meal at Taco Bell. This survey gives three options of order type. You might order via drive-thru or carry out. But, if you enjoy the Mexican food in this restaurant, you have to select Dine-in. To reach the following question, you can press Next button.

  • Rate the specific topics.

Now, Tell the Bell Online survey will provide some statements about the restaurant. You have to give the objective rating about it. The topics are about the appearance of the food and the portion size. Then, also rate the speed of service and restaurant cleanliness. The last, give your review about the friendliness of Taco Bell team member. Always click Next to reach the following question.

  • The reason about food appearance and portion.
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If in the previous question you state that you are not satisfied with the food portion size, you should explain why you say that. For instance, you did not get satisfied because it is not like the advertisement. Besides, you may feel disappointed because the food does not have enough topping and cheese.

Furthermore, give the reason why you felt disappointed with the food appearance. The samples of reasons you can choose are as the following. First, the food is not similar to the advertisement. Then, the ingredient might be too dry or greasy. Besides, you also can state that the packing is sturdy and messy.

  • The reason about restaurant cleanliness.

In case you state that the Taco Bell restaurant cleanliness is not satisfying, you should provide the reason. You can select one of the following reasons. First, the tables are dirty. Then, the floor was dirty. Or, you can say that the Taco Bell crews were not neat. Besides, you also can say that the restroom was dirty.

  • Recommendation.

Tell Taco bell whether you would like to recommend this Tex-Mex restaurant to others. The answers you can choose are highly likely, likely, somewhat likely, not very likely, or not at all.

  • Provide some comments.

Now you are getting closer to the end of Tell the Bell guest satisfaction survey. You have to give some comments about your last visit. Besides, you can use this section to explain why you feel satisfied or disappointed with Taco Bell. Tell your feedback briefly. But, if you do not want to waste your time, you can simply skip this question.

  • Personal information.

At the end of Taco Bell survey, state your willingness to enter the sweepstakes. Then, indicate that you are more than eighteen years old. Also, state that you are the US legal resident. After that, enter your personal details such as name and phone number. Now, you have completed Taco Bell survey and sweepstakes.

How to Get in Touch with Taco Bell Customer Service?

Do you need some information about Taco Bell? Why do not you visit Taco Bell official website? At, you can find the details of this restaurant. For instance, you can view Taco Bell menu, Taco Bell career, and the nutrition facts. also provides the contact menu. This way, you can reach the Customer Support easily. Contacting Taco Bell Customer Care representative is the best decision when you need some help. The professional staffs will answer your questions properly. Besides, you also can voice up your complaints as well. For the customers’ convenience, Taco Bell offers three ways to contact their customer service. Here they are.

  • By phone.

To talk to Taco Bell staff, you should contact them by phone. There are two lines you can try. First, you can dial 1 800 822 6235 to talk to the customer service. Besides, if you want to share your complaints, you have to contact the Taco Bell Corporate Office phone number. The phone number of the complaint center is 1 949 863 4500.

  • Mail-in.

F your letter is about Tell the Bell survey, you have to address it to Survey Management Group Office. McGee Street 1737, Kansas MO 64108. Besides, if your letter is about the restaurant feedback or questions, you should send it to Taco Bell Headquarter Office. The address is at Glen Bell Way Irvine, California 92618.

  • Website.

Contacting Taco Bell via the website is also the effective way. Just visit The next, you can go on the Contact Us menu. Then, you can follow the instructions given on this website.

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