TellShell – Win £100 Shell Fuel Voucher from Shell Petrol Station Survey

For the vehicle owner, fuel is the basic necessity. They have to allocate the special budget to purchase the fule for their car. Then, what if I tell you the way to get Shell Fuel Voucher? You must be happy if you can win £100 Shell Fuel Voucher from TellShell survey. If you still keep the purchase receipt from Shell petrol station, you can take part in Shell Petrol Survey and enter the sweepstakes program.

Tellshell is an online customer survey created by Shell. Through Tell Shell survey, you can convey Shell Petrol Station complaints and feedback. You must have a different experience every time you visit Shell station. So, by taking Tellshell customer survey, you can express your Shell Petrol pump feedback freely. Shell will appreciate your feedback since it can help this company to be better in the future.

To thank your time for taking Shell Survey, this company offers you to enter its sweepstakes program. As a reward, you can win Shell voucher worth £100 or £10 for the second prize. If you have no idea about this survey, you should not worry since you can find the complete guideline on this page. Happy reading.

Shell fuel station survey at tellshell
Shell fuel station survey at tellshell

Shell Company Profile

Shell is the popular name of Royal Dutch Shell PLC Company. It is an oil and gas company that is headquartered in the Netherlands. But, this company is incorporated in the United Kingdom. According to Forbes 2019, Shell is the third-largest company in the world based on its revenue.

The area of Shell’s business is wide. This company is active in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and gas. Shell also has renewable energy activities such as wind, biofuel, and hydrogen. Nowadays, Shell operates in more than 70 countries. Also, it has more than 44.000 service stations in the world.

Tell Shell Customer Survey Rules

Before completing Shell customer feedback survey, you have to review the rules first. This way, you can know whether you are eligible for Shell survey sweepstakes. Also, you can find out the way to enter the sweepstakes and what the prize is. Here we have simplified the rules of Shell survey sweepstakes. Check this out.

  1. Survey eligibility.

TellShell is open to all customers of Shell fuel station. But, the participants have to pass the criteria below.

  • The survey sweepstakes entrants must be the legal residents of the United Kingdom including Scotland, England, and Wales.
  • Their age must be at least 18 years old.
  • All employees of Shell as well as their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in this program.
  • All the participants have to complete the online survey before they enter the sweepstakes program.
  1. Survey Sweepstakes method.

There is only one survey sweepstakes method offered by Shell. It invites the customers to complete the online survey at If you want to enter the lucky draw program, you have to complete this survey first.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.
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There are two kinds of prize offered by Shell. There will be one grand prize winner and 10 second-prize winners every month. Here are the prizes.

  • Grand prize: £100 Shell V-Power Fuel Voucher
  • Second prize: 10 £10 Shell Fuel Voucher.
  1. Winner selection.

Shell sweepstakes administrator will select the winner randomly. Then, they will contact the winners by email or phone based on the contact details they submit during the survey completion. If there is no response within 5 business days, Shell will select the alternate sweepstakes winner.

  1. Survey sweepstakes rules.
  • One Shell receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • You can only use Shell Fuel voucher at Shell fuel station.
  • The sweepstakes prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • Void where restricted or prohibited by the law.

Shell Customer Feedback Survey Preparation

After reviewing the rules of TellShell, you have to start preparing the survey requirements. The requirements of Shell survey are not complicated. With the items below, you will be able to complete Shell survey without any difficulties.

  • A Shell receipt.

The main requirements of Shell customer survey is a valid receipt. So, a purchase is needed. This receipt contains the information for the survey. For instance, it has the Site ID, date and time of visit information.

  • A device.

Shell Customer feedback survey is available online at So, you need a device to access the survey website. You can use either a computer or a smartphone. But, for the better survey display, we recommend you to use a laptop or personal computer.

  • A browser.

A compatible browser is also necessary to prepare. You can use the popular browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome, or internet Explorer. Shell survey website uses a cookie to enable the connection between its system to your device. So, make sure that you enable the cookie setting.

  • Email address.

If you want to enter Shell sweepstakes, you must have an email address. It is because Shell will contact you by mail to notify you that you win the sweepstakes.

tellshell shell survey steps
tellshell shell survey steps

TellShell Customer Survey Steps

When all the survey requirements are well prepared, it means you are ready to take Shell Customer Satisfaction Survey. These survey steps are very easy to follow. It also does not take much of your time. Just make sure that your internet access is stable so that you can load the survey page successfully. Here are the steps to complete Tell Shell Customer Feedback Survey.

  • Step 1. Visit Shell Survey portal.

Shell Customer Feedback survey portal is accessible at This survey portal is for the residents of the United Kingdom. If you live outside the UK, you have to visit the survey website address based on the country you live.

  • Step 2. Read the Term and Condition.

Before entering the receipt details, it is better for you to view the survey rules as well as the terms and conditions. So, you can understand the promotion period, survey participants, sweepstakes method, and prize draw.

  • Step 3. Enter Site ID.
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Now, you have to look at your Shell receipt. If you are difficult to find the location of Site ID, you can click on the link at the top of the survey page. This link will display the example of Shell receipt and the section to find the receipt details. Usually, Shell Site ID is located at the top of your receipt. Besides, it contains 3 digits.

  • Step 4. Enter date of visit.

The next detail you have to provide is the date of visit. If you forget when you visit Shell, you can check your receipt. Then, click on the Calendar icon to select the date.

  • Step 5. Enter the time of visit.

In this step, you need to specify the time when you visit Shell station. Check the time information in your receipt to enter the correct detail.

  • Step 6. Press the Start button.

After checking the receipt details you enter in this survey portal, you can press the Start button. If the details you enter are valid, you will be directed to Shell Survey page.

  • Step 7. Answer TellShell Survey questions.

Now you are stepping the main stage of Tell Shell survey. You will be given a series of questions about your visit to Shell Fuel station. Firstly, you have to rate your overall satisfaction after visiting Shell. Then, you can rate some issues about Shell. For instance, you can review the service and employees’ behavior. You need to state whether you would like to recommend Shell to others.

  • Step 8. Leave your Shell Fuel complaints or feedback.

There will be a special section where you can write down your Shell feedback. In this step, you can express your complaints, suggestions, or comment. Make sure that you tell Shell about your honest and objective feedback.

  • Step 9. Answer the classification questions.

Shell wants to classify the survey takers. So, in this step, you have to indicate your gender. Also, you have to state your age.

  • Step 10. Enter Shell sweepstakes program.

After completing the Shell survey, you will be offered to enter Shell sweepstakes. If you are willing to participate in this contest, you have to provide your personal information. Write down your name, mailing address, date of birth, email address, and phone number.

That’s all 10 steps to complete Shell survey sweepstakes. After submitting the survey and sweepstakes entry, what you need to do is waiting for the winner announcement. If you win this lucky draw, Shell will contact you by phone or email.

How to Find Shell Gas Station Near Me

When your vehicle is running out the fuel, you have to search for Shell Fuel station near me soon. So, you can fill the fuel. It is not difficult at all to find Shell gas station locations. It is because these gas stations have many chains. Here are the ways to locate Shell Fuel Station nearby.

  1. Using Shell Station locator.
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If you want to use Shell Station locator feature, you have to visit its official website at Then, you can do the following guideline.

  • Visit
  • Click on Shell Station Locator.
  • Select the continent.
  • Select the country.
  • Enter your location including the city or postal code.
  • Press the search button.

This way, Shell website will display the map to locate Shell fuel stations. You also can find out other details such as Shell gas station hours, facilities, and phone number.

  1. Google maps.

Another way to locate Shell Gas station is by using Google maps. You must have this application in your smartphone. You just need to enter the keyword Shell fuel station near me or Shell gas station near me. Then, this app will display the shortest direction to Shell gas station.

Shell Gas Station Hours

Before you visit Shell fuel station, you have to check its hours of operation. This way, you will know what time Shell fuel station is open and closed. You can check Shell hours on the following table.

Day Shell Gas Station Hours
Monday 24 hours
Tuesday 24 hours
Wednesday 24 hours
Thursday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

Most of Shell gas stations are open 24 hours. So, you do not need to get confused when you are running out the fuel. But, the Shell gas station hours may vary by location. So, every station may have different hours of operation. Every Shell gas station also has different facilities. Some locations have the shop and carwash.

How to Contact Shell Customer Service

If you have any questions related to Shell, you have to contact the Shell Customer Service representative. Here is the list of Shell Contact details.

  1. Shell Energy Customer.

If you want to get in touch with Shell Energy retail team, you can contact them by phone. Just dial 0330 094 5800 to talk to the Shell representative. They are available at 8 AM – 6.30 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 4 PM on Saturday.

  1. Shell UK Limited.

The phone number is +44 (0) 20 7934 1234.

  1. Shell Fuel Card Customer Service.

Phone: 0800 731 3131


The customer service staff is ready to serve you from Monday to Friday at 8 AM – 5 PM.

  1. Shell AutoGas LPG for Car Customer Service

Phone: 0152 789 5160

Fax: 0152 789 4123


Those are some contact information of Shell. You can contact them based on the issue you have. If you want to find out more about Shell, you can visit its official website at On this website, you can find the information about Shell Energy, Shell careers, contact information, and many other topics. Besides, you also can visit Shell FAQ page. this way, you will be able to find the answer about the Shell Loyalty program, Shell Fuel Card, Shell station, and Shell products.

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