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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast food restaurant which has fried chicken on the main menu. Often known as Popeyes, this chain keeps spreading worldwide. You will be able to find it in the US, Asian, and Europe. Now, there are more than 2600 chains all over the world. Since this restaurant offers the unique menu style, it can steal the customers’ interest. So, this restaurant can stand out among other fast food businesses. For instance, you can order seafood menu which you may not be able to find it in other fast food outlets. Besides, Popeyes always concerns to the customers’ satisfaction. That is why it conducts Tellpopeyes survey.

Tellpopeyes is the crucial tool to identify what the customers’ think about the restaurant. This way, it can gauge the customers’ feedback. Besides, this restaurant can find out the level of customers’ satisfaction. But, not all customers wants to get involved in this survey. It is because they do not know that the aim of the survey is to reach their expectation. By following Popeyes survey, you can help this restaurant to focus on the issue which needs to improve. For instance, when you complain or give the bad feedback about the store cleanliness. They will try to make the store cleaner and more comfortable for you.


By taking part in Tell Popeyes survey, you can be free to voice your feedback. For instance, you want to give a compliment as the positive feedback. In contrast, Popeyes also welcomes any negative feedback from its guests. You should not be afraid of speaking up your thought about this restaurant. It is because Popeyes allows you to rate your satisfaction. Both positive and negative feedback will be useful for the business improvement.

Knowing the importance of the guests’ feedback, the teams will appreciate every feedback you give. Therefore, it offers a coupon as Tell popeyes survey reward. This reward is the appreciation since the customers have helped the company to be better. The next, the customers can use Popeyes coupon to claim a piece of chicken at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Are you interested in this reward? So, you have to take Popeyes survey soon after visiting the restaurant. Remember that Popeyes only gives you two days after visiting the store to take the survey. After two days, your receipt will not be valid.

What do You Need to Participate in Tell Popeyes Survey?

You have to notice that there are some requirements to take part in Tell Popeyes survey. When you can fulfill the requirements below, you will be easy to go through Tell Popeyes com Portal. Besides, at the end of Popeyes survey, the survey site may offer the sweepstakes. But, you have to obey the rules of this sweepstakes. In general, the requirements of Popeyes survey is similar to other customer satisfaction surveys. These are some items required in this Customer Survey.

  • the receipt.

You will need a receipt to open TellPopeyes survey portal. Make sure that your receipt has not expired yet. To avoid this expiration issue, you have to take part in the survey as soon as possible. Besides, you will need a survey code. You can find this serial number on your receipt. But, you should not be panic when you do not find any survey code at your receipt. It is because you can enter Tell Popeyes even without the survey invitation. You can enter the details of transaction printed on the receipt. For example, you can enter the store number. Then, the site also requires the total transaction as well as the date and time.

  • Personal computer.
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The next, you have to access the survey portal by using a computer or laptop. We do not recommend you to use a smartphone. It is because the computer has the better display than the smartphone. So, you can respond the survey without troubles. Besides, it is vital to check the internet speed before accessing Tell popeye’s Online Survey. So, you will not find the difficulties in loading the survey page.

All the respondents of Popeyes Guest Experience Survey have the chance to enter the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes offer the great prize. When your name comes out as the winner, you can get $1000 cash award. Popeyes will draw the sweepstakes once a month. Not all people are eligible for this sweepstakes. To know whether you deserve to enter this sweepstake, you should review the rules of the sweepstakes below.

  • Participants.

This sweepstakes are only open for the United States legal residents. Besides, their age should reach the majority of the residents in the states. Usually, the participants of the sweepstakes must be at least 18 years old. Moreover, the immediate family of the employees or Service Management Group is not eligible for this sweepstakes.

  • Personal information.

To enter the  sweepstakes, you must provide your personal information. For instance, you should provide your full name, email, as well as the contact number. Before entering this information, you have to read the Sweepstakes privacy policy first. Besides, you only can use one email address per month for the sweepstakes entry.

  • Prize.

The sweepstakes offer $1000 prize check for the winner in each month. So, the total prize of the sweepstakes is $12.000. Then, the winner of the sweepstakes cannot transfer the prize to someone else. Besides, the winner must be responsible for the expense of accepting the prize. Furthermore, this restaurant limits one reward per household.

How are the Steps of Taking Part in Tell Popeyes Survey?

Assessing the customers’ satisfaction through the survey is the most effective method. That is why Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen creates the survey. Through this guest satisfaction survey, the customers can tell their dining experience at Popeyes. Their feedback can contribute to the business improvement. However, most of the customers want to take part in Tell Popeyes because they want the reward. For instance, they want to get the piece of chicken for free from Popeyes. Besides, they also want to win the the Sweepstakes. No matter their purpose of taking the survey, they have involved in the process to improve the quality of the restaurant.

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Now, are you also interested in joining the survey and sweepstakes? Here are the guidelines to ease your survey completion process.

  • Access the survey portal.

First, you need to visit The design of the survey portal is simple with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen logo at the top corner. On the home page, there are two options of entering the survey. You can click on Take Survey when you have the survey invitation. Besides, if you do not have it, you can click on Continue. But, before deciding to take the survey, you should review the sweepstakes rule as well as the privacy policy.

  • Click on Take Survey.

When your receipt contains the Tell Popeyes survey invitation, you should select the button entitled Take Survey. Then, you will land on another page consisting the form which you should complete it with the receipt details. But, if there is no survey invitation on your receipt, you have to click on Continue button. This way you can still tell your feedback to the restaurant. This link will take you to the Contact page of

  • Enter the receipt information.

To proceed to Tell Popeyes Online survey, the site requires the users to enter the information below. First, you will need the restaurant number of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. The second, you have to select the date and time based on the receipt. The next, you should state the amount of transaction at Popeyes. When you have entered all receipt details, you can press the Start button. the survey portal displays the receipt sample. So, you will not get confused about the receipt details. Besides, you can click on the link at the bottom of the survey site to show other receipt forms. There are four receipt samples. So, you can review the receipt that is similar to yours. Then, you also can change the language of the portal into Spanish. You just need to click the word Espanol.

  • Respond the questions.

When all receipt details you have entered are valid, you will be able to enter Tell Popeyes. Then, it comes the time to begin the survey. You have to answer all of the questions without missing any single questionnaire. But, you must recall what you have experienced at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. So, you can provide the truthful response.

  • Write down the Coupon.

After you finish answering all questions, Tell Popeye’s portal will give you a coupon. Then, you can redeem a piece of chicken from the restaurant. So, when the validation code appears, you must write it down on your receipt. When you come to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, you have to present coupon to the cashier. Then, they will give you a Bonafide chicken as the survey reward.

  • Participate in the sweepstakes.

Then, Popeyes asks you whether you want to enter their sweepstakes. If you agree, you have to be ready to provide your personal information. So, reviewing the rules of the sweepstakes is a good idea before you decide to enter it. There will be one winner in each month. If you win, Popeye’s  Teams will contact you. That is why you have to write your contact information as the requirement of the sweepstakes. Then, you deserve to get $1000 prize check.

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That’s all the steps of participating in the survey. If any problem happens during the survey completion, you should contact Popeye’s Customer Service. Just feel free to dial 877 767 3937 to get the assistance. Besides, you also can call this Customer Service Number whenever you have questions about Popeyes restaurant.

How to Tell Popeyes Feedback without Having the Receipt?

If you lose your receipt, you cannot involve in TellPopeyes survey. But, you are still able to tell your feedback to Popeyes. You can voice your feedback through the official website. You can only give your comment or opinion. But, you cannot get the reward. Besides, you also do not have the chance to enter the sweepstakes. Here are the guidelines to share the feedback via the website.

  • Go to the official site.

First, you have to visit This portal contains the detailed information about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant. In this website, you can find out the details about the menus, special offer, and coupon. Besides, you can explore the career as well. This portal also provides a feature which you can use to contact the management.

  • Click on Contact Us.

On the home page, you should scroll down the site until you find Contact Us. You should click on this link if you want to share your feedback. When you select this link, the site will bring you to the new page.

  • Fill out the form.

This program is not candid. So, you have to provide your name and other personal details. Here are the details you have to provide.

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Email address. (do not forget to confirm the email you have entered)
  3. Phone number.
  4. Home. (you can state the house, suite or apartment)
  5. Address. (you need to specify your address. Complete the form by mentioning your city, state, as well as the postal code.

After completing the form, you can go on the next stage. If you agree Popeyes contact you, you can select Yes. Popeyes may give the clarification for the feedback you gave.

  • Find the restaurant location.

Then, you have to specify the Popeyes restaurant that you visited recently. Make sure that you mention the correct restaurant location. This way, Popeyes can assess and evaluate the service at that chain. For instance, you give the negative feedback about the service given in this restaurant. The next, this restaurant can evaluate their service. As a result, you will get more satisfying service on the next visit.

  • Tell your experience in details.

After selecting the restaurant location, you can start telling your experience. Popeyes gives you the chance to complain, suggest, or request something. If you experienced unhappy event at Popeyes, you have to tell it in a series of story. Then; you can state what you expect from this restaurant. The next, the teams will try to contact you to solve your issue. So, you have to wait for the response.

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