TellPartSource – Win $1000 Cash from PartSource Survey

Have you just visited PartSource? Do you still have PartSource Receipt? If so, you can check your receipt now. At the bottom of your receipt, you will see a survey invitation to enter TellPartSource survey. It is recommended to take part in PartSource survey. It is because you will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes. And have you noticed what the prize given by PartSource? You can get $1000 cash.

TellPartSource Survey is the strategy used by this automobile supplier. This company wants to maintain the automotive business. By inviting the customers to the survey, the company can observe their feedback. This way, the company can evaluate how successful they are in serving the customers. If the customers are happy with their automobile products and service, they will repeat purchasing. It means, the company can increase sales. But, if the customers give negative feedback, PartSource has to make some improvements in their business.

partsource survey portal at tellpartsource
partsource survey portal at tellpartsource

PartSource Company Profile

PartSource is an automotive parts retail-based in Canada. This retail company is owned by Canadian Tire. This store sells some brands of automotive parts. PartSource is founded in 1999. Nowadays, this company is headquartered in 336 Courtland Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

Even the automotive market competition is tight, this company can survive. No doubt, it can operate more than 80 stores in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. If you want to know more about this company, you can visit its official website at

The Rules of PartSource Survey

If you want to participate in PartSource survey, you should check the rules of this survey first. So, you will know whether you are qualified as the participants. It is because not all customers of PartSource can enter the survey sweepstakes. There are some qualifications and requirements they must meet. In fact, you can find the link to the survey rules at TellPartSource Survey. But, if it is too complicated to understand, you can check the simpler rules below.

  • PartSource survey Participants.

Before entering TellPartSource Survey, you should check your eligibility. This survey is open to the legal residents of Canada. Besides, they have to reach at least 18 years old. Besides, the employees of PartSource Store Company and the sweepstakes sponsor are not eligible to enter this survey sweepstake. Moreover, the immediate family of PartSource employees is prohibited as well.

  • Sweepstakes entry methods.

PartSource only offers one method to enter its sweepstakes. You have to complete PartSource Customer Satisfaction survey first. This survey is accessible at After taking this survey, you will be entered into PartSource sweepstakes.

  • PartSource sweepstakes Prize.

The winner of PartSource store sweepstakes will receive $1000 cash. Besides, PartSource also offers $1500 for the weekly drawing.

  • Sweepstakes rules.
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Here are some rules related to the sweepstakes conducted by PartSource. Make sure that you obey the rules below. So, you will not get disqualified by PartSource.

  1. Regardless of the sweepstakes entry you use, you are only permissible to submit one entry.
  2. PartSource will disqualify the robotic or automated entry.
  3. The different sweepstakes entrants cannot use the same email address.
  4. The winner of PartSource gift card cannot transfer the prize to others.
  5. The winner must be responsible for the local taxes and other costs.
  6. Then, the sweepstakes winner has to respond the notification from PartSource within seven days. After seven days, they cannot claim the prize.

PartSource Survey Preparation

Have you understood the rules above? Now, you have noticed whether you are eligible for PartSource survey or not. If you have all criteria to take this survey, you must prepare some requirements. The survey requirements below will make you easier to complete PartSource survey.

  • PartSource receipt.

If you want to enter the online sweepstakes, you must have a valid PartSource receipt. This receipt contains PartSource store number to let you enter the survey page.

  • A device.

As stated before, PartSource survey is available online. So, you must use a smart device to access it. You can use either smartphone or computer. Each device has strengths and weaknesses. The computer enables you to have a wide-screen display for the survey page. So, you can take teh survey comfortably. Besides, a smartphone lets you take the survey wheverer you want. Just select tehd evice you think as the most convenient.

  • Internet support.

Your device will be useless without the internet connection. So, make sure that you have internet support. Connect your device to wifi or mobile data. The stable internet connection you use enables you to complete and load the survey without any troubles.

  • Writing tool.

In case you want to enter mail-in sweepstakes, you have to prepare a card or paper, a pen, and business-sized envelope.

  • Email Address.

When you decide to enter PartSource sweepstakes, you have to submit your contact details. So, you need to submit your telephone numbers and email address.

partsource survey steps at tellpartsource
partsource survey steps at tellpartsource

PartSource Survey Steps

Have you checked out all the PartSource survey rules? If you are qualified and meet all the requirements, you must be ready for this survey. PartSource store survey only takes less than ten minutes to complete. During the survey, PartSource lets you share your feedback about visiting their store. You can give some ratings and comment related to your visit. To get started, you can see the brief steps of PartSource survey below.

  • Step 1. Visit PartSource Survey portal.

In order to start the survey, you should go online to the PartSource store survey website. It is accessible at TellPartSource Survey. you can type on your browser’s web address.

  • Step 2. Enter PartSource store number.
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If you want to start Partsource customer survey, you must input PartStore store number. You can find this detail at the top section of your receipt. The aim of entering the store number is that the feedback you give can be directed to the store manager.

  • Step 3. Press Enter button.

After entering PartSource phone number, you have to press the Enter button. If the number you enter is valid, you will be able to start this survey.

  • Step 4. Give ratings and feedback.

In this section, you are ready to complete TellPartSource Survey. Some questions ask you to give the ratings. Please give the honest score based on your experience at the PartSource store. Next, you can write your feedback. Perhaps, you want to give any comment, complaint, or even the suggestions to this automotive retailer.

  • Step 5. Enter the sweepstakes.

When you have answered all the survey questions, you will be invited to enter PartSource store sweepstakes. If you agree to enter, you have to give your personal data. There will be a simple form you have to fill out. Just enter your name and complete address. Also, you should provide the contact details such as phone number and email address. Make sure that you write the correct contact details. It is because PartSource will contact you by email if you win this contest.

Those are four simple steps to take part in the PartSource Customer survey. You just need to allocate a little time to do these steps. But, you should notice that you will be able to win the great prize. $1000 cash from PartSource is waiting for you.

PartSource Hours of Operation

If you want to purchase some spare parts for your car, you can visit PartSource. But, before visiting this store, it is better to check PartSource store hours first. This way, you can know what time PartSource is open and closed. You can check PartSource hours based on location by accessing PartSource website. Then, you can enter your location to use PartSource store locator feature. Partsource website will give you some information related to the store. For instance, you can check Partsource store address, phone number, and store hours.

But, for your convenience, you can see PartSource hours of operation on the following table.

Days PartSource Hours
Monday 7.30 AM – 7 PM
Tuesday 7.30 AM – 7 PM
Wednesday 7.30 AM – 7 PM
Thursday 7.30 AM – 7 PM
Friday 7.30 AM – 7 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM

From the table above, we can see that PartSource is open at 7.30 AM and closed at 7 PM from Monday to Friday. Besides, on Saturday, this store is open at 8 AM and closed at 6 PM. Then, on Sunday, this automotive retailer has shorter hour of operation. It is open at 9 AM and closed at 5 PM.

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But, you must note that Partsource hours may vary by location. So, every Partsource chain may have a different hour of operation. So, it will be better if you call the local Partsource store to ask for the information about hours of operation.

How to Earn PartSource Coupon

You can save your automotive budget if you have PartSource coupons. Here we tell you how to earn PartSource coupon with ease. You just need to sign up PartSource email to get $10 Coupon. Here are some advantages of subscribing PartSource email.

  • You can get the notice of weekly specials & flyers
  • You can receive news of online and in-store special events
  • You can stay updated on the newest products and services
  • You will receive a save $10 when you spend $50 or more* coupon

You do not want to miss the benefits above, do you? So, you have to sign up for this program soon. Here are the steps you can do.

  • Visit PartSource official website at
  • Click on Email Sign Up menu. This option is located at the bottom section of the homepage.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Provide your first and last name.
  • Enter your postal code.
  • Press the Submit button.

Once the registration process is successful, you will receive an email from PartSource. This email contains a coupon worth $10. If you want to redeem this coupon, you have to spend at least $50 at Partsource.

How to Contact PartSource Customer Service

When you have any issues related to PartSource, you need to contact the help desk. PartSource Customer Support will solve your problem. There are some alternatives to get in touch with the PartSource store help desk. You can try to use some methods below.

  • By phone.

When you have the urgent issue, you can call PartSource Customer care soon. You can dial 1-866-807-1902. Then, you can deliver any questions to PartSource staff. They will give you the satisfying answer. Make sure that you contact them at the business hour.

  • By mail.

You are also permissible to write a letter to PartSource. You can address your letter to:

PartSource Store Support Centre

336 Courtland Ave.

Vaughan, Ontario

L4K 4Y1

  • Help Desk

Once you visit the official web of PartSource, you can see the Help Desk menu. This menu contains the FAQ or questions and answers about PartSource store products and service. For instance, you can review speed perks, billing and payment, product info, warranty, and other topics.

  • by Email.

You can send your message by email. Here is PartSource email address:

  • Social Media.

If you want to stay connected with PartSource, you should follow its social media account.You can find PartSource on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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