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Outback Steakhouse Survey Portal

If you like eating steak, you must be familiar with Outback Steakhouse. Established in 1988, it is a well-known Australian themed restaurant. No doubt, this restaurant has operated more than 660 chains in the US. Besides, it also spreads in other 23 countries in the Europe, Australia, and Asia. Owned by Bloomin’ Brands Company, Outback business grows fast.

Nowadays, we can find more than 1200 Franchises around the world. One thing which makes Outback Steakhouse popular is the menu variety. You can order not only beef steak but also ribs, chicken, pasta, and seafood. Besides, the casual dining experience offered by restaurant also can attract the customers. Excellent service becomes the priority of this steak restaurant. So, it creates TellOutback to ensure the customers’ satisfaction.

TellOutback survey has the main purpose to gather the overall opinion and feedback from the guests. Through Outback Customer Indulgence Survey, the customers are free to share their dining experience in Outback. Then, the management can assess whether most of the customers get satisfied with the food served.

Besides, they can ensure that their guests are happy with their service as well as the restaurant atmosphere. For the Outback, this survey serves as the tool which can inform them whether they run the business correctly. We know that the aim of all business is to reach the customers’ expectation. So, Outback wants to know if they can fulfill what the guests expect.


All the customers of Outback Steakhouse can participate in Tell Outback survey. They just need the receipt to access Then they can take this simple survey which they can finish it in a few minutes. This will award them a validation code when they finish the survey.

The next, the Outback code is redeemable with free Bloomin’ onion. Besides, all the participants of the survey deserve to enter theSweepstakes. Outback offers the great prize for the sweepstakes winner. You can win $1000 as the the sweepstake grand prize. Moreover, this restaurant also offers 80 prizes which contain $50 Bloomin’ gift card. When you win this gift card, you can use it to make the transaction in all of the restaurants.

What are the Tell Outback Online  Survey Requirements?

Tell Outback Survey plays a crucial role for business development. Through this online survey, the company knows what the customers’ ideas about their restaurant. So, the restaurant  can take the best decision as well as the strategy to improve their quality. For the customers, taking part Tell Outback Survey is advantageous. It is because they can deliver their thought and get the survey reward. They will also be happy since they can have the opportunity to win the Sweepstakes.

This restaurant wants to make sure that only the real customers that take this survey. So, they can trust that the result of the survey is the real feedback from the guests. That is why the survey requires the participants to enter the Tell Outback Survey invitation code.

You can get this code on your receipt. This receipt proves that you have just visited Outback Steakhouse. Therefore, your feedback will be relevant to your real experience when you dine in the restaurant. Then, what other requirements are necessary to prepare? Here are the items you must prepare in order to participate in Tell Outback Survey.

  • the Receipt.

After visiting the restaurant, you will get a receipt. Then, you should look for Tell outback survey invitation on the receipt. For your information, Outback may release some types of survey invitation. Some receipts may contain 18 digits survey code.

But other receipts may have four digits or 14 digits survey codes. The different survey code will affect the way to enter the survey. There are different addresses of survey portal which you can access. For instance, you can visit,, and One important thing you should keep in your mind is to make sure that your Outback receipt is valid.

  • PC with internet access.

Another item you need to enter the survey is a PC or personal computer. Then, make sure that you connect it with the strong internet connection. The reliable access of internet enables you to complete the Survey quickly and easily. It means, your chance to get the survey gift and sweepstakes reward will be bigger. It is because the stable internet can minimize the trouble which may occur during Tell Outback Survey completion.

  • A pen or pencil.
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Although Tell Outback Survey is online, you still need to prepare a writing utensil. You will need a pen to write down the validation code. After completing the Customer Satisfaction survey, Tell Outback Online survey portal will award you a survey validation code as a gift. Then, you have to take note this code on your receipt. When you visit the restaurant next time, you can claim free Bloomin Onion as the reward.

Those are the survey requirements. When you can prepare all the things above, you can be the participants of the Survey. Besides, you should also need to know the rules of the sweepstakes. Understanding the sweepstakes rule will enlarge your chance to win. Here are the Sweepstakes rules.

  • Participants.

The sweepstake is only for the legal residents of 50 states in the US. This area also includes Puerto Rico and Columbia District. Besides, the minimum age of the participant is 18 years of age. Moreover, the employees, as well as their immediate family, are not eligible for the Sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes entry method.

There are two ways of entering the sweepstakes. First, you can join the online sweepstakes. When you finish doing the survey, you can directly enter this sweepstakes. Besides, you also can participate in the sweepstakes via mail.

  • The prize.

In the 10th day of each month, Outback will do the random drawing. The total number of the Sweepstakes entries will determine the number of the winner. Then, the winner deserves to receive $50 Bloomin’ gift card as the prize. They also can win the grand prize that is $1000 cash. The next Outback will contact the sweepstakes winner by phone or mail. So, you should give the valid phone number along with your address.

What are the Questions at Tell Outback Survey?

Tell Outback survey questions consists of several types. The first type asks you to select one of the answers from those provided. Then, it asks the survey-takers to rate some areas of Outback Steakhouse. And the last, you will find the type of the questions asking about your agreement with some statements. So, here the details are:

  • Visit type.

The first question at is asking your visit type. To answer it, you can select Dine In or Curbside Takeaway. Then, you have to state where you sat.

  • Overall satisfaction with Outback Steakhouse.

Then, your next duty is to rate your overall satisfaction with the Outback restaurant. That is why you need to recall your most recent experience at this restaurant. So, you can give the proper rate.

  • The details of your visit.

In this section, you have to respond by answering Yes or No. The questions are as the following. Did the Outback staff greet you when you came? Did you need to wait to have a seat? How long did you wait until you got the seat?

  • Rate some aspects of Outback Steakhouse.

Then, it comes the chance you rate the specific aspects of the restaurant menu and service.  The topics are as the following. First, you have to give your feedback about the accuracy of your order and the food (taste, variety, temperature, and presentation).

  • The problem you faced.

Then, you can say if you faced any problem when you were visiting Outback Steakhouse. When you state that you had a problem, Outback survey will give the further questions. The next, you will also get some questions related to your rating. It asks the reasons why you get satisfied or dissatisfied with Tell Outback.

  • Recommend and return to Outback.

The next, you can state your willingness to recommend Outback Steakhouse to your family. Besides, you should say your likeliness to return to Outback Steakhouse in 3 months.

  • Agreement.

In this stage, you should give the response by showing your agreement or disagreement. The samples of the statement are as the following. First, Outback staffs treat you as the valued customers. Then, Outback has the plenty options that meet your budget range. The last, Outback Steakhouse has the plenty healthy options for the menu.

  • Comment section.
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This section lets you write what you think about Outback Steakhouse. It is better if you explain why you get dissatisfied with this restaurant. No doubt, this section is the best way to share Outback complaints. Try to describe why you do not like Outback service or menu in detail. Here, you have the chance to write up to 2500 characters.

  • The food you ordered.

The next, you can select the food you ordered in your last visit. There are burger or sandwich, combination, salad, soup, steak, seafood, etc. When you choose Combination menu, Tell Outback Survey will ask what the exact menu you ordered. For instance, you combined chicken and shrimp, or pork and lamb.

  • About your last visit.

Tell to Outback how many people that came with you to this restaurant. Then, specify how many times did you come to Outback in the past three months. You can select one, two, three, four or more. The last, tell the reason for visiting Outback.

  • Personal info.

Inform Outback about your gender and age. But, you can prefer not to give this information to Outback. Then, enter the postal code.

  • Sign up for the promotional info.

You can sign up for this program by entering your email. Then, you can get the discount from Outback. Besides, Outback will always inform you about the newest offers and promotions.

How is the Guideline to Participate in Tell outback Guest Survey?

Taking part in the survey is a good decision. This survey allows you to tell what you think about the restaurant. Then, the restaurant management will listen to your opinion about the service and food. As like other restaurant surveys, the participants will get a survey reward. Outback also will give you free Bloomin Onion as the survey gift. You just need to allocate 10 minutes to answer all questions in Tell Outback Survey. The guideline below will help you to access the survey portal without any difficulties.

  • Visit the survey portal.

There are three options of the survey portal you can visit. You have to look at the survey code carefully. The survey digits will determine which survey portal you have to visit. When you got the Outback receipt with 4 digits survey code, you have to access

But, if your receipt has 14 digits Outback survey code, you should access The last, when you receive a receipt with 18 digit code, you should visit www telloutback com. These three websites belong to the Customer survey portal. At the home page, you can review the rules of the sweepstakes along with the privacy policy.

  • Enter the correct receipt details.

Every Outback survey portal requires the different receipt details. When you visit, you have to enter the four-digit code, date, as well as the hours when you visit the restaurant. Besides, if you visit, the site requires you to input 14 digit code along with the time of your visit. The next, if you go to the survey site, you need to provide 18 digit code shown on your receipt. These three survey platforms provide English and Spanish for your convenience.

  • Complete the survey.

Telloutback survey portal will verify the receipt details that you enter. If all details are correct and valid, you can start to Tell Outback Customer survey. Then, you have to give your response to the questions which ask about your last experience when you came to the restaurant. The next, you must rate the satisfaction level about the menu, restaurant associates, and the venue. For instance, you can express whether you got impressed with the food served to you. Besides, you can also rate the Steakhouse cleanliness and tidiness.

  • Write down the validation code.

When you can complete every single question at Tell Outback Survey, you deserve to receive a validation code. Then, you must write this coupon code on your receipt. When you come to the restaurant, you can redeem the coupons. You will get the reward as printed on your receipt. Usually, this restaurant will give Bloomin Onion for free. Besides, in another survey period, Outback may give the free salad as the reward. Moreover, you can get the discount according to the offer on the survey invitation.

  • Enter the Feedback.
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The Survey portal then offers you to enter their sweepstakes program. If you are willing to participate in this sweepstakes program, you should provide your personal data. For example, the participants have to mention their full names. Besides, the sweepstakes also require your email and also your phone number. This way, Outback will be easy to contact you whenever you become the winner of this program. The reward of the sweepstakes is very attractive. There are 80 gift cards containing $50 as the first prize and $1000 check as the grand prize.

About Outback Open Hours of Operation

And yes! You are ready to enter Outback Sweepstakes and win $500 Outback Gift Card. But still, you are obligated to visit one of the nearest Outback Steakhouse Locations and purchase its menu option. Don’t worry! We give you a table where you can check Outback Open Hours. And, here they are:

[table id=18 /]

How to Contact Outback Customer Service?

Every time you have the questions about Outback Steakhouse, you can ask Outback Customer Service. But, you need to explore this website to find the further information. In this restaurant website, you can find out the trusted information about the menu, offers, gift cards, and the locations. Through store locator on the website, you can find out Outback near me.

Besides, you also can gain the nutrition information as well. The website has provided FAQ page for its customers. So, they can find out the questions which reflect their problems. However, when you cannot find the information about Outback at FAQ page, you have to contact the customer service soon. You can try these methods.

  • By phone.

Calling Outback Customer Service number is the simplest way to deliver your questions. You can dial 1 813 282 1225 to get the response from the Customer Care staffs.

  • Website.

Second, you can access Outback Steakhouse website to get in touch with its customer service. The website has Contact Us feature which you can use to submit your feedback or questions. These are the tips to submit your feedback through the website.

  1. Visit This portal is multi purposes. You can explore the menu and nutrition. Besides, you can find the accurate information about the current offers and gift cards.
  2. Click Contact Us. At the bottom menu, you will find Contact Us option. It is next to Nutrition menu.
  3. Select Question/Feedback. There are two options in the red buttons. They are View Our FAQ and Question/Feedback. You have to choose the second one.
  4. Fill out the feedback form. This form asks you to write down your topic, subject, name, and contact information. Your address is also necessary for this form.
  5. Write your questions or comment. Then you have the chance to describe your questions, comment, or feedback in 2000 characters. So, you have to write it clearly and simply.
  6. Verify your age. Tick the box to verify that you are more than 18 years old. Besides, signing this box also means that you agree to receive the exclusive email from Outback. The last, you can submit this feedback form.

And, that’s all about TellOutback Survey and Outback Sweepstakes Contest. We wish that you can win $500 Outback Gift Card and enjoy your next visit without paying with cash. Don’t forget to share Tell Outback Survey and Sweepstakes Contest to all of your friends. Have a nice day!

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