Tellnoodles – Get a Special Coupon for Taking Tell Noodles Customer Survey

Have you been at Noodles & Company recently and got an invitation code? Then, it might be a good opportunity for you to take part in Tellnoodles survey and win a free coupon. By the way, tell noodles is a customers’ satisfaction survey conducted by Noodles & Company to find out how customers react towards its service and foods. Noodles survey can be a mean for customers to share what they are thinking of the products of this brand.

By letting the management team know what has been experienced by customers, they can have good chances to improve what is still unsatisfying. This way, it will increase customers’ satisfaction levels with its services and products. Don’t worry, noodles and company survey will not take a lot of time. Moreover, right after customers finish noodles survey, a free coupon has been waiting for them. It is an exciting offer, right?

Noodles & Company is a popular brand name of an American chain restaurant, which is also famous by the name Noodles and Company World Kitchen. That was Aaron Kennedy, where all of these brilliant ideas came from. Denver, Colorado was the first place in which he started this food business in 1995 and brought noodles as the icon with different tastes.

But Noodles & Company headquarters right now is located in Broomfield, Colorado. Since the beginning, the fast-casual concept of this company has been incredible. There are 39 states where we can find Noodles & Company stores because currently this company is running 410 stores in the United States and hiring over 7 thousand people to work for it.

Tellnoodles survey
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What you Need to know about Noodles Survey Rules

Absolutely, there are some rules that you have to obey before you take part in noodles customers’ satisfaction survey. Although the rules of noodles survey here are very simple, it is still important for you to know what they are. If you break the rules, chances are you will be disqualified from this survey. So, the rules are:

  1. Your age should be 18 years old at least

To be one of the respondents of noodles survey, you must be minimum 18 years old. This means if you are older than 18 years old, so it will not be a problem for you to take part in noodles survey. However, if you are less than the minimum age, you cannot join this survey and must be waiting until you are 18 years of age.

Nonetheless, you can politely request someone who has reached that minimum age, like your parents or older siblings, to join noodles survey for you. So, they will complete Noodles survey on your behalf. If they get the coupon, you can ask for this reward. So, you can redeem it at Noodles restaurant.

  1. Only open for the legal residents of the United States.

Noodles & Company is a national brand in the United States. No wonder, the respondents of noodles survey should be the legal residents of all 50 states of America and also the District of Columbia. So, even if you have been living in the United States for a long time, but you are not the legal ID holder of the United States, you cannot take part in noodles survey.

  1. The survey prize cannot be redeemed for cash.

The prize of noodles survey should be redeemed for the item that has been informed and printed on your receipt. Every Noodles & Co store might have different items as the survey prizes. The absolute thing here is that respondents will not be allowed to redeem the Noodle & Co coupon for money or any other prize.

Then, you should note that Noodles survey has the expiration date. So, you should redeem Noodles & Company coupon code soon. The survey prize can be redeemed within 30 days after the validation code appears. After 30 days, Noodles validation code will void.

Those are the rules of Noodles survey. The rules are very simple, aren’t they? Even it is very simple to do, you have to obey these rules. If you ignore it, you may lose your chance to receive Noodles coupon as the reward. Besides, pay attention to the time of redeeming your coupon. It is because your Noodles and Company coupon can expire within 30 days.

What are Tellnoodles Survey Requirements?

Noodles survey which you are going to take part in is an online survey. This means you cannot join this offline or via mail. As Tellnoodle survey should be taken online, there are certain requirements that you will need to have before starting the survey. Here are the things that need to get ready:

  1. An invitation code

The invitation code is the key for all of the respondents to start noodles survey. Without the invitation code, it is impossible to enter the survey question pages. This code can be found easily since it is printed on your Noodle & Company receipt. However, if you have got the receipt, but you cannot find the invitation code, this means you cannot join Noodles survey.

Remember, the key is the invitation code, not the receipt. If you cannot find any survey invitation code on Noodles receipt, the survey period may be over. So, you should wait for the next Noodles survey period. Furthermore, this invitation code will be valid only for 3 days right after you have got your receipt. After 3 days have passed, the invitation code will be expired and this means you lose your opportunity to use the code and join the Noodles survey.

  1. The internet connection
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Participating in an online survey requires you to have the internet connection before you go accessing the survey page. This is also what you should prepare before you take part in Tellnoodles survey. Here, having the stable internet connection is very recommended if you are eager to complete the survey questions smoothly.

Do not forget to connect the internet to your device because that is where you are going to do the survey. Make sure you use a device with a good display. We recommend you to use a personal computer or laptop. So, you can complete the survey easier than using a smartphone.

  1. Basic English ability

All of the questions of Noodles survey are in English. It means having the basic understanding of English is a must for each Tellnoodles survey respondent. You do not have to worry that you will not be able to answer all questions correctly because Tellnoodles survey questions only use simple words.

Besides, you will only need to rate the satisfaction scale, except one question that will require you to elaborate your reasons. This survey does not provide other alternative languages but we guess it will not matter for the United States residents.

  1. Writing utensil.

Before starting the survey, you should prepare a pencil or pen. This writing utensil is necessary to write Noodles validation code. So, once the Noodles & Company validation code appears, you can write it down on Noodles receipt immediately.

How to Complete Tellnoodles survey?

Online surveys have several things that respondents need to understand before participating in them. One of those things is the steps to do the survey. So, if you do not know how you will complete Noodles survey, we have the explanation for you.

  1. Go to Noodles & Company survey portal.

The first step you will have to make after you have opened your browser is to go to That is the official survey page of Noodles survey. After the first survey page has shown up, you can see a simple design with some blank spaces on it.

Before you start Noodles survey, you can read Tell Noodles privacy policy. At the bottom part of the survey page, you can review Canadian privacy policy as well as American privacy policy. After reviewing the policy, you will notice how Noodles survey portal uses your data.

  1. Enter your invitation code.

The second step is to fill in your invitation code. You can find it on your valid Noodles & Company receipt. Make sure your invitation code is still valid.  How to check the validity of your Noodles receipt? The way to check whether your receipt is valid is simple.

Make sure that you access this survey within three days after visiting Noodles restaurant. This way, your receipt from Noodles & Company is valid. The invitation code consists of 20 digits. After all the digits are already entered, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer all of the questions honestly

Clicking the Start button will direct you to another page where you can start giving rates to all the scales. Some of the rating questions will be about:

  • Respondents’ satisfaction levels of the overall service. In order to respond this question, you need to recall your dining experience at Noodles. So, you can provide the objective rating for the overall service.
  • The stores atmosphere. In this section, you should review how the ambience of Noodles & Company restaurant. Is it clean? Is it comfortable? Make sure that your response is based on the real condition of Noodles restaurant when you dined in there.
  • The management team’s friendliness. You must still remember how Noodles team members treat you in your last visit. Then, it is your time to give your opinion about their friendliness. If they gave you the warm smile and greeting, why don’t you give them the high rating?
  • The food you have ordered. This question is the main part of the restaurant survey. The food is the primary aspect that you have to rate. So, in this section, you should give your review about the taste, appearance, portion, and price of the food you have ordered.
  • Your reasons for giving those rates on that survey page.

Do not hesitate to fill that blank space, your opinion and experiences will matter for Noodles & Company. Moreover, you can type your words in 1200 characters. In this part, you are welcomed to explain the reason for giving the rating.

For instance, if you were dissatisfied with Noodles’ service, you should tell the reason. perhaps, you are disappointed with Noodles team member or Noodles menu items. Besides, you can include any suggestion to make Noodles’ service better.

  1. Complete the classification page

It is necessary to complete this section. It will be used to classify these things:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Annual income
  • Background
  • Educational level
  • The people visiting the store with you

If you object to answering the gender, age, and annual income, you can skip these questions. Some people think these questions are their privacy. So, they do not want to share this information with others.

  1. Write down your validation code.
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Once all of Noodles survey questions are completed, you can click Next button to load the last survey page. The last page will show the validation code for you. Write it down in the available space on your receipt. You can use this as your Noodles and co coupon.

Then, you are able to redeem it within 30 days after you have got the validation code. Once it is expired, you cannot go to redeem the prize. You will get the survey reward which is printed on Noodles receipt.

How to Share Noodles & Company Feedback without Receipt?

The main requirement to enter Noodles survey is Noodles & Company receipt. But, it does not mean that you cannot share your Noodles feedback without having the receipt. In case you lose your Noodles and Company receipt, you still have the chance to share your dining feedback.

In this situation, you should visit to tell your restaurant feedback. This website provides the Noodles feedback survey. But, you should notice that you cannot get any validation code after completing this feedback survey.

Just do the brief steps below to submit your feedback to Noodles & Company restaurant.

  • Visit Noodles & Company official site.

If you need any info about Noodles & Company, you should access This site informs you about noodles & company menu, Noodles Rewards, Noodles & Company locations, and many more. You also can find the option to talk to Noodles.

  • Click on Talk to Us.

Scroll down to find the menu Talk to Us. Through this menu, you can share Noodles feedback freely. It is because this menu will bring you to the Noodles survey page. But, this survey page is different from Noodles survey portal. It is because you do not need to enter Noodles survey code.

  • Select the topic of feedback.

Once you land on Noodles feedback survey page, you should choose the topic of your feedback. Perhaps, you want to share the general comment about Noodles restaurant. besides, you may want to share your previous dining experience in the certain Noodles & Company restaurant.

  • Enter the restaurant details.

If you want to tell about your dining experience, you have to provide the restaurant location. First, you have to choose the State. Then, select the city where Noodles restaurant is located. The last, specify the location of the Noodles & Company restaurant. Just select the store you have just visited.

  • Select the date of visit.

Simply click on the calendar image. Then, you can select the date and month on which you came to Noodles & Company restaurant.

  • Tell the reason for visiting Noodles Guest Feedback.

In this stage, you should tell why you are on that page. For instance, you have the great experience at Noodles and want to share it. Besides, you may have the problem or the poor experience and want to bring it to Noodles’s attention. Also, you may have the general comment to share. The last, you may have a request or question.

  • Write your comment.

In this step, you can write the details of your experience. If you had the great dining experience, you can include the Noodles staff who serves you well. Besides, you can write any suggestion to Noodles. You can write up to 3500 characters.

  • Answer some questions.

You will get some questions about your visit. These questions ask the menu you order, time of visit and frequency of visit. There is some menu category presented. Just select the items you order on your previous visit. The categories are Noodles & Pasta, Soup, Salad, and Shareable.

Then, indicate the time you stopped by at Noodles & Company. You may visit this restaurant at 11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, or 5 pm – 10 pm. The next, tell how often you visit Noodles. Also, tell how many persons who come with you. the last, specify the way you dine in Noodles.

What can You Enjoy at Noodles & Company Restaurants?

Noodles and Company offer quite different menus for those who have been so familiar with traditional American meals. As this business includes Noodles for the menu, there must be some tastes of Asian food we can find here. Not only noodles, you can also have special salads, pasta, soups, and other appetizers.

If you are wondering what you can have if you visit one of this restaurants, you can check Noodles & company menu at That was the official website of Noodles & Company where you can check all of the menus as well as the description and the nutrition of each food.

Moreover, the website will also help you to get informed with some tips and calories information in case you are on a diet program. Thus, Noodles & company also let the customers choose the amount of food they want to eat.

If you concern on your diet intake, you do not have to be worried because every food made in these restaurants is served either in the regular serving or in the small one. Besides, there some symbols which will let you know if the food is spicy and for vegetarians. Just keep on reading this because we have the brief list for you.

  1. Mac Menu

This is the new part of Noodles & Company menus, such as:

  1. BBQ Pork Mac
  2. Buffalo Chicken Mac
  3. Truffle Mac
  4. Noodles & Pasta
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These are the favorite dishes of Noodles & Company, for instance:

  1. Pasta Fresca
  2. Spicy Chipotle Adobo
  3. Thai Green Curry with Shrimp
  4. Spicy Korean Beef Noodles
  5. Penne Rose
  6. Japanese Pan Noodle
  7. Wisconsin Mac & Cheese
  8. Pesto Cavatappi
  9. Pad Thai
  10. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  11. Alfredo MontAmore
  12. Steak Stroganoff
  13. Buttered Noodles
  14. Kids Meals

There are some special menus made for Children, for instance:

  1. Kids Grilled Chicken Breast with Dipping Marinara
  2. Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs
  3. Buttered Noodles for kids
  4. Kids Wisconsin Mac & Cheese
  5. Shareables

These snack menus, kind of dumplings, let customers share to one another.

  1. Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang (goo-choo-Jang) Sauce
  2. Potstickers
  3. Cheesy Garlic Bread
  4. Soups

These menus are those who like fresh broth a lot.

  1. Thai Chicken
  2. Tomato Basil Bisque
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup
  4. Salads

Made wholeheartedly for vegetarian, these menus will not make you disappointed.

  1. Chicken Veracruz salad
  2. Grilled Chicken Caesar
  3. The Med Salad with Chicken
  4. Tossed Green Side Salad
  5. Caesar Side Salad
  6. Desserts and Extras

These desserts menus are too tasty to skip.

  1. Cookies
  2. Rice Crispy
  3. Baguette

It must cost a lot, right?? Well, the answer is no. All of the Noodles and company menu prices are still affordable though. With such heavenly tastes, those prices are worth it. It will not make you broke because, with less than $10, you can enjoy it for lunch.

And if you want to order online, simply press Start Ordering button on the menu page on the Noodles & Company official website. You will only need to provide your home street address and your city ZIP code. Remember, to use this service, you should make Noodles & Company account first before you make your online order. Most of the Noodles & Company restaurants will respond to this service starts from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

How to Contact Noodles & Company Customer Service

That is very normal in food businesses that customers probably find problems. This is what has been anticipated by Noodles & Company. The management team will try to give the best service to customers, including helping out the customers with their various problems.

Noodles & Company customers’ service representatives can be reached via the website or via social media accounts. For urgent cases, customers can reach them by phone based on the phone number of the nearest stores to them.

  1. Via Noodle & Company official website

Reaching customers service representatives via the website can be done by submitting your feedback to the official website of Noodle & Company. In case you are one of the customers who could visit the stores or you dined in there but you do not have the receipt with you, no need to be worried. T

his can be the way for you to voice out your thought about Noodles & Company. Let them know what you think by sharing your experiences on the website. Here are the steps that you will need to know to submit your feedback:

  1. Go to

This official website is very advantageous for anyone who wishes to get important information or to reach the customer’s service representative to solve some matters regarding Noodles & Company services and foods. On the website homepage, you will see many informative and helpful links as well as menu bars on it.

2. Click Contact Us link

On the homepage, click Contact Us link to go to the feedback page.

3. Select your general purpose

On the first feedback page, you will ask about your general purpose to be on that page. And then, click Continue button.

4. Choose your visit date.

You must fill your visit date in the available space. Next, click Start button to begin sharing your feedback.

5. Answer the questions thoroughly

The first question is about your specific purpose of giving the feedback via the website. To answer other feedback questions, rate the scales and remember to explain your experiences. You have 3500 to describe precisely what happened during your visit last time.

You can also give any criticism and suggestion for Noodles & Company. Any requests are permissible as well. the management team will take your feedback seriously because it will prove its integrity to give the best services and foods to the customers.

6. Provide your personal details.

Finally, provide your first name, your last name, your phone number, and your email address (do not forget to confirm this email address). If you want the customers’ service representative reach back to you, do not tick the box. On the other hand, if you do not expect any responses, let the box blank and click Next button to end your feedback section.

  1. Via Noodle & Company social media

Nowadays, social media has been an incredible phenomenon to reach everyone in this world in no time. Noodle & Company also expects the same that its customers will stay reaching them anytime they need help from the customers’ representative.

Moreover, social media can be helpful for customers to get the newest updating events and promos from restaurants like Noodles & Company. There are some social media accounts of Noodles and Company that customers can follow. If you wonder what they are, we have provided the account links for you. Keep in mind to always follow the real accounts. The real ones usually have a blue tick followed the profile names.






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