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Established in 1996, Murphy USA is one of gas station chains in the US. Usually, we can find Murphy petrol station near Walmart store. In 2016, Murphy declared their cooperation with Walmart. So, nowadays, Murphy USA provides not only gas but also the wide range of products. For instance, you can buy some drink; snack, cigarette, etc.

Since Murphy USA grows so fast, we can find more than 1300 gas stations throughout the US. Besides, this company also has the independent petrol station named Murphy Express. The reason which makes Murphy can develop well is they commit to offer the exclusive deals for the customers. Besides, it also offers the lowest gas price. No doubt, Murphy USA wants to make the customers satisfied with the budget friendly product. The company creates TellMurphyUSA survey, to measure Murphy’s customer’s satisfaction,

TellMurphyusa is the tool which the customer can give their feedback. By completing Murphy Usa online survey, they can rate and comment on Murphy USA product and service. So, the Murphy USA company can conclude what their customers think about their gas station.

Then, Murphy USA will use the feedback they collect from Murphy USA Survey to improve their service. For instance, when this company gets many complaints about the performance of their attendants, they can solve this issue soon. Besides, the company also can fulfill what the customers need. Then, automatically, Murphy USA can meet what the customers expect from them.


If you have just visited Murphy USA petrol station, you should keep the receipt from them. It is so since Murphy USA receipt helps you to enter Tell Murphy usa survey. Then, you can share your thought about your experience when purchasing gas at Murphy USA. This survey will exceed not more than five minutes. The next, as the appreciation for the survey takers, Murphy USA offers you to enter their sweepstakes.

So, you can enter the sweepstakes drawing to win $100 Murphy gas card. You can be one of twenty winners each month. Besides, this survey is not just for Murphy USA customers. But, the customers of Murphy Express are also eligible for Tell Murphy USA survey. As long as they have Murphy USA receipt and survey invitation, they can participate in Tell Murphy USA survey. So, if you get this survey invitation, you should not miss this survey.


What are Tell MurphyUsa Survey Requirements?

As a growing gasoline station, Murphy USA invites their customers to involve in Tell Murphyusa survey. So, the company can collect the suggestion, feedback, and the idea of their recent customers. Murphy USA realizes that they can make their store better with the help of the customers.

Therefore, this gas station company involve the customers to improve the overall service. Through Tell Murphy survey, this gasoline station chain listens to all customers feedback. Then, to thank the customers for spending their time taking the survey, Murphy USA offers the gas card valued $100.

If you would like to enter Murphy USA Survey, you should know its requirements. As we know, every customer satisfaction survey has the certain requirements. Here is what you need to enter the survey portal.

  • The receipt.

This survey is for the customers of Murphy USA and Murphy’s Express. When you receive the receipt from their store attendant, you should see the bottom part of your receipt. Make sure whether there is Murphy USA survey invitation there. Usually, Murphy USA prints the survey code along with the survey instruction in the receipt.

  • Smart mobile device and internet accessibility.

Tell Murphy usa is an online survey. Therefore, you need internet connectivity to access it. The time for taking this survey also depends on your internet speed. When your internet connection is fast, you will be able to finish the survey quickly.

  • Phone number.
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When you enter the sweepstakes, you should be willing to provide your phone number. Murphy USA will not use your number for marketing purpose. It is so since Murphy needs your number to contact you when you become the winner of the sweepstakes. You can read Murphy USA sweepstakes privacy policy if you doubt about this.

The most interesting part of Tell MurphyUSA survey is the sweepstakes. You need to know that not all Murphy USA customers deserve to enter this sweepstake. It is because this company has some rules about the participants of the sweepstakes. Explained below are some sweepstakes rules you need to understand.

  • Participant.

The participants of Tell MurphyUSA sweepstakes must be the legal residents of the United States. Besides, their age must be at least 18 years old. Also, the employees are not eligible for this sweepstakes. When they insist on entering the sweepstakes and becoming the winner, the committee may disqualify them.

  • Entry method.

The customers of Murphy Express and Murphy USA can enter the sweepstakes through two methods. First, they can participate in online sweepstakes entry. After completing the survey, they can decide to follow the sweepstakes contest. The online sweepstakes require the receipt, name, and your phone number.

Besides, the customers also can participate the sweepstakes by mail. This type of entry does not require the receipt and purchase. It is because you only need to handwrite your contact information on a postcard. Then, you can address it to Murphy USA Sweepstakes. The address is PMI Station PO. BOX. 3516 Southbury, Connecticut 06488 3516.

  • The sweepstakes winner.

On 10th of each month, Murphy USA will draw the winner randomly. There will be 20 winners each month. Then, each winner deserves to get $100 Murphy USA Gas Card. The next, the winner can use this gift card to purchase the gas at any Murphy USA and Murphy’s Express location.

How to Enter Tell MurphyUSA Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Murphy USA Customer Survey is very simple to complete. Within less than five minutes, you can complete all steps of Murphy USA survey. It is because your task is only rating some statements about Murphy USA product and service.

Besides, there is also a section where you can write down your comment. But, if you do not have any comment, you can skip it. Before entering the survey, you have to prepare the receipt in hand. So, when you need to enter the survey code, you can directly look at the receipt.

Now, are you ready to review the survey steps? Here they are.

  • Access the survey portal.

To start the survey, you have to visit The home page of Murphy USA customer satisfaction survey consists of some links. First, you can choose the preferred language into Spanish. Besides, under the login section, you will find the link to view the list of the previous sweepstakes winner. The next, you also can read the sweepstakes rules and privacy policy by clicking the links at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Enter the survey code and time.

To proceed Murphy USA survey, you have to input 12 digit code of the survey invitation. You can find these codes in the top section of the receipt. Then, select the hour and minute of your visit based on the time printed on your receipt. After filling out these details, you can press Enter to start the survey.

  • Answer the questions and Rate the statements.

The survey will present some questions asking about the details of your visit. Just respond these questions honestly based on what you experienced at Murphy USA gas station. Then, the survey also asks you to rate the location, product, store attendants, etc.

  • Give your comment.
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Murphy USA allows you to write down your feedback or comment. You can explain your opinion in 1200 characters. But, if you do not have anything to write, you can skip this section.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

Before asking your willingness to enter the sweepstakes, the survey will ask about your age. If your age is more than 18 years old, you can proceed to the next step that is the Murphy USA sweepstakes. Then, to enter this sweepstake, you have to write your name along with the active phone number.

The last, the survey site will display a message to thank you for taking part in the survey. Finally, you just need to wait for a call from Murphy USA telling that you are the winner of this sweepstakes.

What are the Questions at Tell Murphy USA Customer Survey?

When you enter Tell MurphyUSA survey, you will face some questions. It will be better for you if you know what questions asked in the survey. So, you can recall your purchasing experience at Murphy USA or Murphy’s Express. Here are we list down the questions you will find at Murphy survey.

  • Overall satisfaction. The first question at Murphy USA survey is asking about your satisfaction. Here, you can rate your happiness level after making a purchase at Murphy USA petrol station.
  • Your transaction. Then, the survey asks about the product you bought. Just choose the answer whether you bought fuel or other product. Then, you have to state the payment method you use. You can select credit card, check, cash, gas card, debit card, or other. After that, specify the type of fuel you bought. There are three options for fuel: premium, regular, and midgrade.
  • Your activity. Murphy USA survey then asks whether you wait for the pump. Then, they ask where you pay the bill. The next question will be about the gas station attendant. Did they greet you and offer other products?
  • Rating. In the next section, you should rate some topics. For instance, it is about the cleanliness of the gas station and restroom, product availability, speed of the service, and the price of the product.

How to Check “Murphy Usa near me” Locations.

Do you want to do a survey? If you want to do it, find their location first. Because you need proof of payment from the Murphy USA Gas Station. We have an easy way to find Murphy USA Near Me. You only need to connect your smartphone to the internet. Then you can find Murphy USA wherever you are.

  1. Murphy USA Official Website.

Once you access Portal, you can use Murphy USA Store Locator and get the nearest Murphy USA Locations. To get that tool, here the steps are:

  • Visit to visit their website.
  • Click on the find a store menu.
  • Enter the name of the city and country or ZIP Code of your area.
  • Set the search filter for the Murphy USA gas station location.
  • Click on the “Find Locations” button.
  • Click on location search results. You can access service information at these outlets. Here is some information that you can get from searching for the nearest location. First, record the address and telephone number of the gas station. Second, you can see the gas station operating hours. Third, the price of regular fuel and diesel.
  1. Murphy USA Mobile App.

If you choose this method, then you need to download the Murphy USA application first. And then, you can run the app and click at “Find a Murphy’s”. On that page, you must enter your current city and state then get the location lists.

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What does Murphy’s USA Works?

Anyway, you must be fun because Murphy USA App can do many things for you. Need to know them? Come on, let’s what can the app does for you:

  • First, you can get discounted rates through this application.
  • Second, you are able to collect your points through the application. Then you can exchange points to save your money.
  • And, you can look for the Nearest Murphy USA Gas Station.

About Murphy USA Open Hours

And then, the first thing you need to know is about the store open hours of operation. Well, if you are lucky, you can get Wendy’s Special offers at its happy hours. So, here the hours are:

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How to Contact Murphy USA Customer Service?

Murphy USA understands that its business is depending on the customers’ support. So, they will put the customers as their priority. Then, they try to do everything to make the customers satisfied.

So, Murphy USA makes their company accessible for the customers. When the customers have any questions, concerns, and comments, they can contact Murphy USA Customer Service.

Murphy USA Customer Support is available to contact in several ways. The customers can call Murphy USA Customer Comment Line number. Besides, they can send both mail and email. The last, they can fill out the customer feedback form at Murphy USA website. Here are the details of Murphy USA Customer Care.

  • Phone.

If you want to talk to the friendly staff of Murphy USA, you should dial 1 800 843 4298. This toll-free number is available during business hours. By calling Murphy USA Customer Service, you can give your feedback or ask some questions.

  • Mail.

If you want to share your feedback through a letter, you can send it to Murphy USA mailing address. Make sure you address your letter to Murphy USA, 422 N Washington, PO BOX 7300, El Dorado AR 71731.

  • Email.

Instead of writing a letter, you can send an email to Murphy USA. The email address is [email protected].

  • Feedback Form.

The last, you can complete the feedback form at MurphyUSA website. These are the steps you can do to fill out the feedback form.

  1. Visit Then, select Contact Us at the bottom menu of the page.
  2. Complete your identity form. This form requires your first and last name, email, phone number, and address. Write down your city, territory/state, zip code, and country.
  3. Select the type of Murphy USA feedback. Then, you have to choose the feedback type. For instance, you can choose Compliment/praise, complaint/concern, or Question/comment.
  4. Select the Murphy USA location you visited. Then, enter the state, city, and the complete address.
  5. Write your reason for writing. Then, you can explain why you write this feedback. But, you have to write it briefly. It is because you can enter only up to 255 characters.
  6. Write your message. Then, you can start explaining your message in 500 characters.
  7. Enter the code. The next, you have to enter the unique code shown on your screen. This code will verify that you are not a robot. The last, you can submit this MurphyUSA feedback.

So, that’s all about TellMurphyUsa Guidelines. Now, it is your time to locate Murphy Gas near me and get the awesome services from Murphy USA. Don’t forget to share Tell Murphy USA Survey Site to the others and enjoy your reward. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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