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Have you just maintain your car at Mr Lube? Do you still keep your receipt? If so, you have to use this receipt to take part in the TellMrLube survey. This survey is accessible at After giving your feedback, you will be entered to Mr Lube sweepstakes. Then, you have a chance to win $1000 or Free Oli Change.

TellMrLube is a portal that you can visit to share your feedback after visiting Mr Lube. They want to know how far you feel satisfied with the shop service. If you had any terrible experience when you visit Mr Lube, you can leave your complaints. At the end of this survey, you will be offered to enter Mr Lube sweepstakes.

If you are interested in taking this program, you need to provide your personal and contact information. Then, you just need to wait for the winner announcement. To get started, you can review our explanation below about the rules and guidelines to take Mr Lube Survey. There are more things that you may need to know about Mr Lube Customer Satisfaction Survey, right? So, do not waste your time! Just read this article and get the answers and some more helpful information. Happy reading!

Mr Lube Survey portal at tellmrlube
Mr Lube Survey portal at tellmrlube

Mr. Lube Company Profile

Mr.Lube is an automotive service center in Canada. This company is specializing in scheduled maintenance such as oil changes. Mr Lube was established in 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta. The founder of this company is Clifford Giese. Mr Lube is a private company. No doubt, the shareholder is controlled by its founder, Clifford Giese. Nowadays, Mr Lube has more than 170 chains in Canada. You can find Mr Lube chains in all provinces of Canada except Prince Edward Island.

If you want to know more about Mr Lube, you can visit its official website at In this portal, you can find out all information related to this automotive company. For instance, you can search for Mr Lube locations, Mr Lube services, fleet, and care cares.

TellMrLube Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before you enter Mr Lube customer survey sweepstakes, there are some points that you need to know about it. These are the explanations.

  1. Participants

Eligible participants of Mr Lube customer sweepstakes should have the following conditions.

  • 18 years old at least

You should have reached 18 years old by the time you submit your Mr Lube customer sweepstakes entries. If you are younger than this minimum age, you can try to ask your parents or legal guardian to enter the sweepstakes for you.

  • Legal residents of approved locations

Only legal residents of Canada can join this Mr Lube survey sweepstakes.

  • Not employees of Mr Lube

These customer sweepstakes are made for Mr Lube customers. So, employees and their immediate family members or household members are not permissible to be a part of this drawing.

  1. Entry Methods
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Sweepstakes participants can take only one method to submit their entries. There are 2 methods allowed by Mr Lube customer sweepstakes administrator, such as:

  • Online Entry Method

This online method will require you to take part in the Mr Lube customer survey before you can enter the sweepstakes. You can visit the survey website at Then, you may use a survey entry code printed on your Mr Lube purchase receipt to enter the survey page. After that, you have to answer the survey questions and fill in the sweepstakes form. You need to provide your contact information in the form, such as name, mailing address, birth date, phone number, and email address.

  1. Winners

There will be 10 daily sweepstakes winner and one weekly sweepstakes winner. The winner will be selected randomly by Mr Lube sweepstakes administrator. You can check the list of the winner at TellMrLube survey portal.

  1. Prizes

The sweepstakes prizes offered to winners are:

  • Free Oil Change weekly.
  • Ten chances to win $1000 daily.
  • Grand Prize $1500 weekly.

Mr Lube Survey Preparations

Get a surprising experience from the Advance Survey. If you are a loyal customer, this survey is the right solution to express your opinion. In this section, visitors need to go through the preparation process. They can pass this stage easily if they follow our guidelines. Well, if you can’t wait to express your opinion, note some of the surveys needs below.

  1. A valid receipt.

Here, our guide will use the online survey method. So, you can take a survey if you have an access code. You can get this code by making a purchase at Mr Lube. Buy other spare parts or products from the store. Then get a receipt from the cashier. Well, store receipt has an access code for conducting surveys.

  1. Prepare the device.

Second, the survey takers need to prepare an online survey tool. An online survey tool that can help you is a computer or laptop. However, smartphones can be the second choice for this process. The survey tool is tasked with finding the official online survey page.

  1. Browsers

Make sure your portal has this software. Because this software will search for websites using addresses or keywords. The browser will work if your device is connected to the internet. This process will run fast if you use a stable internet for the device.

  1. Internet.

The last but not the least item to prepare is the internet connection. Make sure that the speed of your internet is stable. So, you can take the survey without any obstacle.

mr lube survey steps at tellmrlube
mr lube survey steps at tellmrlube

TellMrLube Survey Steps

To participate in the Mr Lube customer satisfaction survey, you should know what steps you may have to take. The following procedure will help you learn how to take the survey.

  • Go to Mr Lube survey portal
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First, you must go to the official website of Mr Lube customer satisfaction survey. you will be able to reach this website at Besides, you also can find the survey portal by using search engine. Just enter the keyword TellMrLube, Tell Mr Lube, or Mr Lube survey

  • Select a language

Second, you may select your preferred language if you want. The website of Mr Lube customer satisfaction survey has a feature that will help you change the language setting into English or Spanish. Well, this website actually appears in English automatically. But, you may use Spanish in case you need it. To select the language, you can click a button on the top part of the page. Then, it will show you the options for English and Spanish. If you click one of the options, it will change the page into the language that you have chosen.

  • Enter survey code

Third, you need to enter a survey code. You can scroll down the page to find the correct field to enter this code. You will get this survey code from your Mr Lube purchase receipt. If you have found the code, you can type it in the provided field correctly. Then, you may click the Next button. It will load the page and let you see the pages of Mr Lube survey questions.

  • Answer survey questions

Fourth, you have to answer the questions from Mr Lube customer survey website. There are 5 pages that you need to fill in with your honest answers. All of the questions here are about your overall satisfaction for visiting Mr Lube store. Besides, you may give rates about certain topics, including store services and products. Every time you finish answering questions on a page, you should click the Next button to go to another question page. Also, there will be a question about your eagerness to receive promotional emails from Mr Lube or not.

  • Enter Sweepstakes

Fifth, you can enter the Mr Lube customer sweepstakes by completing a sweepstakes form. There are some fields that you should fill in with your contact information. It can be your name, birth date, home address, email address, and phone number. The sweepstakes administrator will use this contact information to send notifications to you in case your name comes out from the random drawing as the winner. By submitting this sweepstakes entry, you can get an opportunity to win $1000, $1500, or Free Oil Change.

Mr Lube Hours of Operation

Do you need to change the car’s oil? One of car maintenance shops you can visit is Mr Lube. But, before you go to this service center, you have to check Mr Lube hours of operation first. This ay, you can notice what time Mr Lube service center is open or closed. The table below shows Mr Lube store hours.

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Days Mr Lube Hours
Monday 8 AM – 6 PM
Tuesday 8 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 6 PM
Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 8 AM – 6 PM

Mr Lube is open every day at 8 AM and closed at 6 PM. But, you have to note that Mt Lube hours may vary by locations. So, every Mr Lube chains may have different hours of operation. It is better to contact the local Mr Lube customer service to confirm the store hours.

Mr Lube Customer Service

Do you experience any problem when you visit Mr Lube? Do not doubt to report your problem to Mr Lube customer service. Besides, you can contact Mr Lube Customer Support team in case you ant to ask any questions related to this automotive company. For instance, you can ask about Mr Lube services, Mr Lube gift cards, locations, and many other topics. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Mr Lube Customer Service.

  • By phone.

For general comments or information, you can call Mr Lube Customer Service toll free number at 1.866.675.8231. Besides, here are other Mr Lube phone numbers.

Media inquiry: 604.759.4366

Corporate Office: 604.759.4300 or 905.828.0909.

  • By email.

You can send an email to Mr Lube based on your need. Here is the list of Mr Lube email address.

Job inquiries: [email protected]

Franchise Opportunity: [email protected]

Quick lube: [email protected]

Media Enquiry: [email protected]

  • By mail.

For business inquiry, you can write to Mr Lube and send it to Mr Lube Corporate Office Address.

2330 – 6900 Graybar Road

Richmond, BC V6W 0A5


200-2180 Meadowvale Boulevard

Mississauga, ON L5N 5S3

  • Feedback form.

If you do not want to take Tell Mr Lube survey, you still can share your feedback through Mr Lube official website. Through this feedback form, you can write about your recent visit to Mr Lube location or give a general comment about Mr Lube. Here is the step by step to submit Mr Lube feedback.

  1. Visit Mr Lube Official website at
  2. Click on Contact Menu.
  3. Click on Give Us your feedback.
  4. Select the type of comment.
  5. Select Mr Lube locations you have just visited by providing the information about province, city, and store address.
  6. Enter the License Plate.
  7. Enter the service date.
  8. Enter the invoice number.
  9. Press the Next button.
  10. Write down your Mr Lube feedback and submit it.
  • Social Media

To stay connected to Mr Lube, you need to follow Mr Lube social media account. this way, you will know about Mr Lube promotion and offers. Mr Lube is available on Facebook and Twitter.

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