TellHB – Get Hello Bistro Coupon from Hello Bistro Survey

Visiting Hello Bistro is the best choice for lunch. After dining in this restaurant, you are welcomed to enter TellHB survey. Here we give you the tips to earn Hello Bistro coupon by taking Hello Bistro survey. After visiting this restaurant, you will get Hello Bistro receipt. This receipt contains some details required to enter Hello Bistro guest survey or Tell HB survey.

TellHB is an online customer survey held by Hello Bistro restaurant. Through Hello Bistro guest survey, this restaurant wants to identify what the guests feel after dining in this restaurant. This company believes that the guests’ feedback is very important for business development. When the customers are satisfied with the restaurant, they will return and recommend Hello Bistro to others.

If you have not taken Hello Bistro survey before, you should not be confused. It is because you can get the complete survey guideline on this page. Here you can find out Tell Hello Bistro survey rules, requirements, and steps. Also, you can check other beneficial information related to this restaurant. We also present Hello Bistro hours and customer service info.

Hello Bistro Guest Satisfaction Survey at
Hello Bistro Guest Satisfaction Survey at

Hello Bistro Profile

Hello Bistro is one of the restaurants that is owned by Eat’n Park Company. This restaurant was found in 2012. It uses a unique concept by combining the vegetarian and carnivores menu items. So, if you are a vegetarian, you should try some vegan menu items in this restaurant.

As stated before, as a vegetarian restaurant, this place offers a special bar consists of more than 50 ingredients for salads. So, you can mix and match the ingredients to create your own salad. Besides, other signature dish from this restaurant is the burgers. You should try the classic double-decker burgers with an avocado topping that you cannot find in other restaurants. If you want to find other information related to this restaurant, you can check on its official website at

Hello Bistro Survey Rules

Before accessing TellHB survey portal, make sure that you have reviewed the survey rules. By checking the rules, you will know whether you are eligible for Hello Bistro guest survey. Also, you can know the survey requirements and survey methods. This ay, you can complete Hello Bistro guest survey without any troubles. Here are some rules of Hello Bistro guest satisfaction survey.

  1. Survey eligibility.

TellHB is open to all customers of Hello Bistro Restaurant. But, the survey takers must have the criteria below.

  • Hello Bistro survey takers must be the legal residents of the United States.
  • There is no minimum age rules. But, we recommend this survey for the persons who are at least 13 years old.
  • All the survey takers must have the valid Hello Bistro receipt.
  • All employees of Hello Bistro, as well as their family members, are not eligible for this survey.
  1. Survey method.
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Hello Bistro only provides one survey method. The participants can take the survey online by accessing

  1. Survey reward.

To appreciate your feedback, Hello Bistro offers the validation code at the end of the survey. You have to write this coupon code on Hello Bistro receipt. You can redeem the reward on your next visit. The reward may vary. You can get a freebie or even a discount.

  1. Survey rules.

Make sure that you pay attention to some points below.

  • One Hello Bistro receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • Take the survey within 14 days of visit.
  • You may be able to take the survey without Hello Bistro receipt. But, you cannot claim the survey reward.
  • Hello Bistro does not limit the frequency of taking the survey.
  • You can claim the survey reward if you can present the validation code along with Hello Bistro receipt.
  • Hello Bistro coupon code is not redeemable for cash.
  • Hello Bistro only accepts the feedback from each customer once every 30 days.

Hello Bistro Survey Preparation

You need to prepare several items before you complete TellHB survey. When all items below are ready, you will be able to complete Hello Bistro survey easily. So, What do you need to start this survey? Here we go.

  • Hello Bistro receipt.

This receipt may not contain the survey code. You just need to enter the Hello Bistro store number to start the survey. But, you still need this receipt in order to redeem the survey reward.

  • A device.

We have stated that Hello Bistro survey is accessible online. So, you should prepare a device to access Hello Bistro survey portal. You are free to use either smartphone or personal computer. But, it is recommended to use a computer for convenient use.

  • Internet connection.

Your device can work well if it is connected to the high-speed internet connection. This way, you can load Hello Bistro survey page easily. As a result, you can complete the survey process faster.

  • A pen.

Even TellHB is an online survey, you still need to prepare a pen. You will use this pen to write down the validation code after the survey.

Hello Bistro survey steps at tellHB
Hello Bistro survey steps at tellHB

Hello Bistro Guest Survey Steps

Are you interested in receiving Hello Bistro coupons with ease? Just take part in Hello Bistro survey. This survey does not take much time to complete. It only needs less than 5 minutes to finish. You can do the simple guideline below to complete TellHB survey.

  • Step 1. Visit Hello Bistro survey portal.
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First of all, you have to access Hello Bistro survey website. It is accessible at Make sure that your internet connection is in stable speed so that you can face any trouble in loading Hello Bistro survey page.

  • Step 2. Enter Hello Bistro survey code.

In order to start the survey, the survey portal requires Hello Bistro survey invitation code. Check your receipt to find out 13 digits Hello Bistro Survey code. Then, input this survey invitation code correctly.

  • Step 3. Press the Start button.

You should click on the Start button. If your survey code is valid, you will be able to start this HB survey.

  • Step 4. Answer TellHB survey questions.

In this section, you will receive a series of questions related to your dining experience at Hello Bistro. Make sure that you give the honest response to every question.

  • Step 5. Express your feedback.

Talk to the Hello Bistro survey allows the survey takers to express their feedback. You can write anything in your mind related to this restaurant. You can give any suggestions in order to make this restaurant give excellent service in the future.

  • Step 6. Write Hello Bistro validation code.

After completing all Hello Bistro guest survey questions, you will receive a validation code. This code serves as Hello Bistro coupon. You can redeem this coupon with freebies or discounts in your next visit. Make sure to write this code on your receipt or survey invitation.

After receiving Hello Bistro coupon code, you can redeem this coupon at any location of Hello Bistro. The reward you will get is based on the offer printed on the survey invitation. You may get a free menu item or some discounts for your purchase. So, the survey reward may vary. Make sure that you present the Hello Bistro receipt when you redeem this validation code.

Hello Bistro Survey Questions

Most of Hello Bistro survey questions are in the form of open-ended questions. You may be required to select the answer or give the rating. Here are the questions you will face during TellHB survey completion process.

  • The frequency of visiting Hello Bistro restaurant.
  • How accurate your order.
  • What makes you visit Hello Bistro restaurant.
  • Overall satisfaction when you visit Hello Bistro.
  • Friendliness of Hello Bistro staff.
  • The speed of service given by the staff.
  • The quality of the food.
  • The cleanliness of Hello Bistro restaurant.
  • Likeliness to return to Hello Bistro.
  • Willingness to recommend Hello Bistro to others.
  • Suggestions for Hello Bistro.
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Hello Bistro Hours of Operation

Do you plan to dine out with your family? You can visit Hello Bistro restaurant. But, before visiting this restaurant, you have to check Hello Bistro restaurant hours. So, you can know what time Hello Bistro restaurant is open and closed. For your information, you not only can enjoy the dinner menu at this restaurant. But, you also can order Hello Bistro lunch menu.

You can check Hello Bistro hours based on restaurant location at Hello Bistro website. But, for your convenience, we have listed Hello Bistro hours on the following table.

Days Hello Bistro Hours
Monday 10 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM
Friday 10 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM

From the table above, you can see that Hello Bistro is open at 10 AM and closed at 9 PM every day. But, you should understand that Hello Bistro restaurant hours may vary by location. So, every Hello Bistro restaurant chain has different hour of operation. You may need to contact the local Hello Bistro restaurant customer service to ask about the operating hours.

Hello Bistro Customer Service

If you face any terrible experience at Hello Bistro, you should contact the customer service. You can express your complaint or feedback to help this restaurant improve its quality. Besides, you are welcomed to reach Hello Bistro Customer Support team in case you want to ask any questions related to this restaurant. You may ask about Hello Bistro specials, happy hour, recent offers, etc. Unfortunately, Hello Bistro only provides one way to reach its customer service. You can submit your feedback through the contact form provided on its website.

Just do the step by step below.

  • Visit Hello Bistro official website at
  • Click on Contact Us menu.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Provide your phone number.
  • Submit your mailing address including the city, state, and zip code.
  • Select Hello Bistro location you have just visited.
  • Select the type of visit.
  • Indicate the date and time of visit,
  • Write down the check number that is available on your receipt.
  • Enter the amount you spent at Hello Bistro.
  • Write down your comment, feedback, critics, complaints, or suggestions.
  • Submit your feedback.

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