TellGameStop – Win $100 Game Stop Gift Cards from GameStop Survey

Tellgamestop is the customer survey from Gamestop store. If you are the real gamers, you will be familiar with this game store. Gamestop provides the video games, wireless service, and consumer electronics. Headquartered in Texas, this store can expand its retail stores to Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. No doubt, it can operate more than 7100 chains worldwide.

In fact, Gamestop Company runs two businesses. The first segment is the video game brands. For instance, it operates Gamestop, ThinkGeek, EB Games, and Micromania Brands. Besides, this company also has the Technology Brands.

As the example, it operates Spring Mobile, Simply Mac, and Cricket Wireless. With many businesses operated under this company, it makes Gamestops becomes the biggest multichannel retailer of video games. This company commits to provide the great and update games for all the customers.


To maintain the gamers’ satisfaction with the service, Gamestop invites all the customers to enter Tell Gamestop Survey. So, after purchasing at any location of Gamestop, you can take this survey. As the appreciation, this store offers some rewards to its customers.

For instance, you can get the gift card from the sweepstakes. Besides, you also can sign up Gamestop Powerup Reward as well. If you are interested in grabbing Gamestop gift cards, you should keep reading this article. Here, we present the complete information related to the  Survey.

What are the Rules of Tell Gamestop Survey and Sweepstakes?

Do you often purchase any games at Gamestop store? If you do, there is good news for you. Luckily, you can turn your receipt into a ticket to win $100 from Gamestop. How can it be? You just need to use your receipt to participate in this survey.

Then, you will get one golden chance to enter the Sweepstakes. But, before you involve in Gamestop survey, you should find out the rules and the requirements. Actually, you can review Gamestop sweepstakes rules at their survey portal. But, here we have simplified the rules. This way, it will be more understandable. So, check out our explanation below to find out about Gamestop survey and sweepstake’s rules.

  • Survey rules.

You have to take part in the survey within three days after purchasing. When you enter this survey after three days, your feedback code will expire. Besides, you should use the compatible browser to access This survey website is only Gamestop for the latest version of FireFox, Chrome, Android, or Safari for iOS. Then, if you use Internet Explorer, make sure that it has version 8 to latest.

  • The sweepstakes rules.

Gamestop does not mention the minimal age to take part in their sweepstakes contest. But, usually, the participant of the sweepstakes should be at least eighteen years old. If you are under 18, you have to ask your parent to enter this online drawing on your behalf. Then, this sweepstakes is open to all residents of 50 states in the US. But, all employees of Gamestop and their immediate family are not eligible to enter this sweepstake.

  • The survey and sweepstake requirements.

Both survey and sweepstake from Gamestop do not require a receipt. You can use the feedback code on your receipt to enter the survey. But, it does not matter if you do not have any Gamestop. You still can enter this survey by entering the store number. Besides, the Sweepstakes also do not require any purchase to enter. To participate in this program, you just need to prepare a PC or Android smartphone. Then, you also have an active email account.

  • The sweepstakes entry methods.

There are three entry methods you can try to join the Gamestop sweepstakes. First, you can take part in their online survey. Complete the questionnaire at the survey portal. Then, you will automatically enter the online sweepstakes. Second, you can access either or The next, you should find out the Sweepstakes link.

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This link will display the sweepstake entry form. Just fill out and submit this form as the alternative way to enter the sweepstakes. The last, you can try Gamestop mail-in entry. You should hand-print your full name, mailing address, email id, and phone number in a postcard. Then, you can send it to the Sweepstake Entry, Panorama Trail 625, Suite 2100, Rochester New York 14625 2437.

  • The Rewards.

Gamestop offers the interesting reward for the sweepstake’s winner. Every month, this game store provides 25 gift cards. Each gift card values $100. But, it limits only one prize for each person or household per month. This gift card is also not transferable. Besides, the winner cannot redeem this gift card for cash. They only can use this gift card to purchase any products at the store. Furthermore, all cost and taxes for this reward are the winner’s responsibility.

What are the Steps to Complete Gamestop Survey?

Knowing that Tell Gamestop reward is great, you may not want to miss this survey. Taking part in the Survey is beneficial since you can enter the sweepstakes. Every month, you have the chance to win one of twenty-five gift cards valued $100. With this gift card, you can shop Gamestop PS4 or Xbox. So, instead of trashing your receipt from Gamestop, it is better to use it to enter this survey.

Tell gamestop survey is easy to fill out. Within four or five minutes, you will be able to do all steps in this survey. Just make sure that your survey requirements are ready. Besides, you need to check your internet connection’s speed before accessing the survey portal.

This way, you can prevent any loading troubles during the survey completion. So, how to do this Gamestop Customer Satisfaction Survey? In fact, there are two ways to complete this survey. The first procedure is for the survey takers that have Gamestop receipt. Besides, if you do not have the receipt, you still can participate in Tell Gamestop. Here we present two guidelines to enter the survey.

If you hold a valid receipt from Gamestop, you can do these following steps.

  • Visit the survey portal.

To reach Gamestop survey website, you can access the survey portal. But, if your access is denied, you can try to enter this address in Google Search. Just type the keyword TellGamestop. Then, you will find the URL which can bring you to the homepage of its survey. Perhaps, you will land on

  • Choose the website language.

Once you reach the Gamestop survey homepage, you will see two language options. This survey portal provides English and Spanish. Then, you have to click on one of these languages to start the survey.

  • Read the Sweepstakes Rule.

Before you enter this survey by completing the login form, you should review the rules of Gamestop survey. This way, you will notice your eligibility to participate in the monthly drawing. Besides, you will know the requirements to enter this online sweepstake. Furthermore, if necessary, you can read Tell GameStop privacy policy as well.

  • Enter the Associate Number.

In the next page, you will find two empty spaces. The first space requires the associated number. You can find this number at the date of your receipt. This number refers to the identity of the store associate that served you.

  • Enter the feedback code.

Then, you can fill out the second field with Gamestop feedback code. This feedback code is available at the bottom of Gamestop receipt. Usually, the feedback code of the survey code consists of fourteen digits. You should input it separately in two boxes.

  • Press the Start button and answer the survey.
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To begin the Tell Gamestop survey, just click the White Start button. Then, you can begin answering the series of questions related to your game-shopping experience. So, you have to recall every detail you did at Gamestop. These questions will ask about your satisfaction about the game products and store associate. This survey also gives you a chance to tell the great stories you had during your shopping trip.

  • Enter the Sweepstakes.

After answering all questions in Tell Gamestop survey, you will get an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes. To participate in this contest, you have to provide your personal data. T

his survey website will display a form. Then, you have to fill out this sweepstakes entry form with your name and mailing address. Makes sure that you provide the complete address including the city, state, and zip code. Also, you should supply your email address and phone number along with the area code.

Those are the step by step to enter the survey when you have a receipt. So, what if you lose your Gamestop receipt? You should not worry. You still can enter this survey by entering the Gamestop store location. Review the guideline below in case you lose the receipt.

  • Enter the official survey portal of Gamestop.

You can visit or Then, as like the guidelines above, you have to pick the language.

  • Click on the option under the Start button.

At the survey homepage, you will find a button entitled Don’t have a receipt? Click here. So, you need to press this button. Then, you will be taken to This page consists of the new form to enter the survey.

  • Select the State.

Since you lose your receipt, you will not be able to provide the associate code and the feedback code. So, this form only requires the location of the store. First, you have to select the State. Click on the button to select the State from the drop-down lists.

  • Choose the City.

The next, you can select the city where you live or where you visit Gamestop store.

  • Choose the store number.

The last, you can select the store number. This number will indicate the exact location of Gamestop store you have just visited.

  • Press Submit button.

After entering the state, city, and the store number, you can click on Submit button. Then, you can start answering Gamestop questionnaire. The next, you can enter the sweepstake as well.

That’s all the simple procedure to take the survey with or without the receipt. It is very easy to do, isn’t it? But, if you experience any trouble in taking the survey, you have to contact the helpdesk soon. You can reach the customer service at (817) 424 2000. Just report your problem to the staff. Then, they will help you to solve it.

What are GameStop Survey Questions?

Have you ever taken part in Tell Gamestop survey before? If you have never participated in this survey, you may be curious what this survey is like. In fact, this game retailer survey is not much different from other customer surveys. This survey will display several sections of questions. Then, you have to respond each section based on your game shopping experience.

So, while taking part in this survey, you have to recall the details of activity you did at the Store. Then, make sure that all your responds are based on the real experience you had at Gamestop. Listed below are the details of questions you will face in Gamestop Survey.

  • The aim of coming to Gamestop.
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Firstly, you have to indicate your purpose of going to this Game store. You only can select one of the three provided options. For instance, you can say that you want to make a purchase some games. Besides, you can state that you would like to pre-order a game. The last option is that you want to trade in the pre-owned product.

  • Recommendation.

Then, Gamestop wants to know how likely you are to recommend their store to your friends. There are ten scales you can choose. Select zero if you are very unlikely to recommend Gamestop. In contrast, you can select 10 if you are very likely to recommend this Game shop to your buddies.

  • The easiness to get the product.

Then, you have to rate how easy it was to get the product that you want. To respond this question, you can select one of ten scales provided. Just click on zero if you were very difficult to find the product. But, you can click on 10 scales if you think that it was very easy to get any games you need.

  • The Problem you faced.

In the next section, you can indicate whether you experienced any problem during your visit to GameStop.

  • The details of your visit.

Now, you have to answer several questions related to your shopping experience. First, you can state whether the Gamestop store associate approached you on the sales floor. The next, tell whether the store associate recommends any items which fit your need. Then, You should state whether you purchased the item suggested.

Also, indicate whether the store crew informed you that GameStop would buy your system, game, or accessories for cash or store credit. The last, you should state whether the Gamestop associate informed you that this store would buy back your consumer electronic. For instance, Gamestop will buy back your smartphone, tablet, or media player for cash or store credit.

  • Rating of the store associates.

In this session, you have to rate Gamestop store associate. For instance, you can give your review about their knowledge about the products. Then, give the honest rating to their professionality. Also, rate how helpful the Gamestop store associate was. The last, give your review whether the service they gave could satisfy you.  To respond these questions, you can state your rating in the scale 1 – 5.

  • Agreement with several statements.

This Online Survey will display several statements. Then, you can state whether you agree or disagree with these statements. The first statement is GameStop sets the standard of game-shopping experience should be. Then, you felt more like a great experience than just a transaction. The last, Gamestop is the fun place to shop for a game.

  • Sharing your experience.

When you had the great shopping experience at Gamestop, you can tell it in this section. Then, you can write down which part you like the most from Gamestop. For instance, you can say that This store provides the complete game collection. Besides, you also can say that the service from the store associate was satisfying. But, if you do not want to share anything, you can skip this section. Just click Next button to continue to the following section.

  • Description about yourself.

Then, select the statement which describes you the best. These following statements are related to your gaming activity. For instance, you play the video games more than 20 hours in a week. Besides, you may play the Gamestop game5-20 hours in a week. The next, you may GameStop with your children. Also, you can select whether you buy the video games as a gift. The last, indicate your gender and select the range of your age.

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