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Have you bought some groceries for this month? Which store do you usually visit? If you often shop for groceries at Coborn’s supermarket, you should be happy since we have good news for you. You can win $100 Coborn’s gift card by taking TellCoborns Survey. Just express your shopping feedback at Coborn’s survey. Then, you will be entered into Coborn’s sweepstakes that offer $100 for the winner.

MyCobornsfeedback or TellCoborns survey is an online survey to collect feedback from Coborn’s customers. This supermarket wants to identify the weakness of its business. So, they gather the customers’ shopping feedback and complaints through this survey. Then, Coborn’s customer survey result will show what aspects that dissatisfy customers. In the future, this supermarket can make a better improvement by reviewing the customers’ opinions.

Through this article, you can find out a brief guideline on how to complete Coborn’s survey sweepstakes. Also, you can check the complete survey sweepstakes rules. Besides, you can check Coborn’s store hours and customer service information. Happy reading.

coborns survey portal at mycobornsfeedback tellcoborns
coborns survey portal at mycobornsfeedback tellcoborns

Coborn’s Company Profile

Coborn’s is an employee-owned company that operates grocery retail business. The first Coborn’s store was established in 1921 in Minnesota. But, now, this company operates more than 120 stores. You can find Coborn’s Grocery stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa.

This company supports nutrition and health for the customers. No doubt, this store provides Dietitian’s choice label on the grocery tags. This way, you will be easier to select the healthier products. Healthy living becomes the priority of this company. So, it sells the natural and organic products bought from the local farmers. If you want to explore more information related to Coborn’s, you can visit its official website at

Coborns Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Are you interested in taking Coborn’s survey sweepstakes? You need to know the rules of TellCoborns survey sweepstakes. This way, you can know if you are eligible to enter this program. Also, you can know the requirements and the procedure of this sweepstakes. Here we try to conclude the rules of My Coborn’s survey.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

TellCoborns Experience survey sweepstakes is open to all customers of Coborn’s supermarket. But, there are some limitations of the survey eligibility.

  • The survey sweepstakes entrants must be the legal residents of the United States and Washington DC.
  • The minimum age of the entrants is 18 years old.
  • The survey participants must have a valid Coborn’s receipt.
  • All employees of Coborn’s and sponsors are not eligible to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The immediate family members of Coborn’s employees are not allowed to join this program.
  1. Survey sweepstakes methods.

Coborn’s offers three methods to enter the sweepstakes. Here are the details.

  • Online survey.

Once you make a purchase at Coborn’s, you will receive a receipt. This receipt contains a survey invitation. Just access  or to complete the survey. at the end of the survey, you will be offered to enter Coborn’s sweepstakes.

  • Phone survey.
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If you cannot go online, you can take the survey by calling  (866) 476-1381. Tell the receipt information. Then, you have to do the prompts given. You will also be entered into Coborn’s sweepstakes after survey.

  • By mail.

If you do not have Coborn’s receipt, you can enter the sweepstakes by mail. You can submit the Coborn’s sweepstakes entry without completing the survey. You should not worry since the chance to win the sweepstakes is the same.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

Each month, Coborn’s sweepstakes administrator will select three winners. Each winner will receive $100 Coborn’s gift card. So, the total prize for a month is $300.

  1. Survey sweepstakes rules.

Here are the regulations of Coborn’s survey sweepstakes you must obey.

  • One Coborn’s receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • A purchase does not increase the chance of winning.
  • Coborn’s limits one entry per person per seven days regardless the entry methods they use.
  • Limit of one entry request per postmarked outer envelope
  • The prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • The price is not transferrable.
  • The gift card can be used at any locations of Coborn’s.

Coborns Survey Preparation

Have you reviewed the rules above? If you are eligible for Coborn’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you should make a good preparation. Consider some items below before you access TellCoborns or My Coborn’s Feedback survey portal.

  • Coborn’s Receipt.

The main requirement of Coborn’s Customer Experience Survey is a valid receipt. So, you should make a purchase at this store first. It is because you are required to enter the receipt information when you access Coborn’s survey portal. For instance, you need to provide date and time of visit, location, transaction number, and total of purchase.

  • Survey device.

Since Coborn’s experience survey is available online, you need a device to access the survey portal. It is recommended to use a personal computer. But, it is also fine if you se a smartphone.

  • Internet connection.

Without internet support, you cannot reach the survey portal. So, connect your device with Wifi or mobile internet data.

  • Email address.

All Coborn’s sweepstakes entrants must have email address. They have to provide the email address when they submit the sweepstakes entry. It is because the administrator will contact them by email.

coborns survey steps at tellcoborns mycobornsfeedback
coborns survey steps at tellcoborns mycobornsfeedback

Coborn’s Survey Steps

Are you ready to start TellCoborns Survey? When your preparation is done well, it means that you can begin this survey anytime. So, do not waste your time. Simply do the step by step below to complete Coborn’s customer satisfaction survey.

  • Step 1. Visit Coborn’s survey portal.

You can access the survey website as printed on your Coborn’s receipt. Visit or Then, you will be directed into

  • Step 2. Enter the Store ID.

The first detail required is Coborn’s store ID. You can select the store you have just visited by clicking the list of the store from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 3. Enter the date of visit.

The next, you need to tell when you visit Coborn’s store. Enter the date of visit by clicking the calendar icon.

  • Step 4. Specify the time of visit.
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The next, you need to enter the time of viist. You can look up this detail on your receipt.

  • Step 5. Enter the rewards # or Phone #

If you are the member of Coborn’s rewards program, you can enter your Coborn’s reward number. But, if you are not, you can enter your phone number.

  • Step 6. Press the Start button.

Double-check the information you enter. If everything is correct, you can click on the Start button. When the details you enter are valid, you can start completing Coborn’s survey.

  • Step 7. Answer Coborn’s survey questions.

You need to recall your visit experience at Coborn’s. At first, you have to rate your overall satisfaction with the shopping experience. Then, rate other aspects of Coborn’s store. As an example, you have to give your opinion about the product quality, service, store cleanliness, and employees’ behavior.

  • Step 8. Enter Coborn’s sweepstakes.

At the end of Coborn’s survey, you will be offered to enter the monthly online drawing. If you want to win $100 Coborn’s gift card, you should provide your personal information. Write down your full name, date of birth, complete address, email address, and telephone number.

That’s all the simple procedure to complete TellCoborns survey sweepstakes. After submitting the sweepstakes entry, you should wait for the notification from Coborn’s sweepstakes administrator. If your name come out to be the winner, they will notify you by phone and email. Make sure that you respond to them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be disqualified and they will select the alternate sweepstakes winner.

Coborn’s Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

In case you do not have Coborn’s receipt, you still have a chance to enter the drawing via mail. Simply do these following instructions to submit the sweepstakes entry.

  • Step 1. Prepare the equipment.

To send the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you should prepare some writing tools. You will need 3”x5” card, a pen, and business sized envelope.

  • Step 2. Write down your personal identity and contact details.

The mail-in sweepstakes entry must be hand-written. You have to write down your full name, date of birth, and complete mailing address including the zip code, city, and state. Then, provide the email address and daytime phone number.

  • Step 3. Mail your sweepstakes entry.

Put the sweepstakes entry card into the envelope. Then, send it to the address below.

Coborn’s $100 Monthly GROCERY SWEEPSTAKES – Free Entry,

c/o Retail Feedback Group,

P.O. Box 776,

East Northport, NY 11731

Coborn’s sweepstakes does not require any purchase. So, even you do not make a purchase, you have the same opportunity to win Coborn’s gift card. Please remember that you are only allowed to send one sweepstakes entry per seven days. If you want to check the list of Coborn’s sweepstakes winners, you can access Then, you can click on the link provided at the bottom part of the survey portal to view the winner’s list.

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Coborn’s Hours of Operation

Do you plan to go grocery shopping? Why don’t you visit Coborn’s? You can purchase the fresh and natural products there. But, before going to this grocery store, you should check Coborn’s store hours. This way, you can know what time Coborn’s is open and closed. For your convenience, we have listed Coborn’s store hours on the following table.

Days Coborn’s Hours
Monday 6 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday 6 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday 6 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 6 AM – 11 PM
Friday 6 AM – 11 PM
Saturday 6 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM

This store is open 7 days a week. The store starts operating at 6 AM. So, if you are running out some food for breakfast, you can go to this store. Besides, the store is closed at 11 PM. But, you should note that Coborn’s store hours may vary by location. So, every Coborn;s location has different hours of operation. You may need to contact the local Coborn’s store customer service to confirm the operating hours.

Coborn’s Customer Service

If you face some unsatisfying experience during your shopping time at Coborn’s, you have to contact Coborn’s customer service soon. Their Customer Service representative staff will be gladly assist you to solve your problem. Besides, they are also welcome any questions and feedback from the customers. So, you can reach Coborn’s Customer Service team when you want to ask for some information. Perhaps, you want to know about Coborn’s coupons, Coborn’s rewards, or Coborn’s special offers.

Here are some methods to get in touch with Coborn’s Customer Service.

  • By phone.

Unfortunately, Coborn’s does not provide customer service phone number. So, you can directly call the local store customer service to share your feedback. But, if you want to contact Coborn’s Human resources Department, you can dial 320-203-6345.

  • By mail.

For business matters, you can write a letter to Coborn’s. Just address your mail to:

Coborn’s Support Center office,

1921 Coborn Blvd

St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Feedback Form.

You can complete the online Coborn’s feedback form provided on its official website. Here are the steps to fill out this feedback form.

  1. Visit Coborn’s official website at
  2. Click For Our Guests menu.
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Enter your phone number (optional)
  7. Select Coborn’s store that you often visit.
  8. Press Continue button.
  9. Write down your feedback, comment, or questions.
  10. Submit the feedback.
  • Social Media.

If you want to get the updated information about Coborn’s, you have to follow Coborn’s Social Media accounts. Try to find Coborn’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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