Tell Winn Dixie – Get the 5$ Off from Winn Dixie Survey

Retail business seems more competitive nowadays. Whenever we go, we will be easy to find the local as well as international retailers. The existence of this business is due to the market needs. People like shopping at the supermarket since they can find anything they need. So, they do not have to go to some stores to fulfill their daily needs. Besides, retailers also offer the quite affordable price.

In the certain session, the supermarkets also offer the great sale or discounts for the customers. No doubt, this industry can attract more shoppers. One of the pioneers in the retail business is Winn-Dixie. Founded in 1925, Winn Dixie can sustain in the competitive business. The secret of its long lasting business is its commitment to give the best service for customers. As the example, this supermarket provides Tell Winn Dixie survey.

Conducting a customer survey is the way to collect the shopping feedback from the customers. The customers are free to give share their point of view about the products and service. This way, Winn Dixie can evaluate their retail business.

The management can assess the customers’ shopping experience as well. Tell Winn Dixie lets this retail business know their strength and weakness. Besides, they will also know what the customers want. So, Winn Dixie can fulfill the customers’ expectation. When the company can meet what their customers expect, their business will be sustainable.

Tell Winn Dixie

If you often go shopping in Winn Dixie, you should use your time to take part in Tell Winn Dixie survey. Winn Dixie Survey is available online. So, you can take it whenever you want. The requirements and the process of this survey are simple.

You can access Winn Dixie Shopping Experience Survey with your receipt. Then, you can complete this retail survey by answering a few questions about your shopping experience. As the prize, Winn Dixie will give you a coupon discount valued $5 for your next purchase. This survey reward is very useful to save your monthly shopping budget.

Tell Winn Dixie
Tell Winn Dixie

What are the Rules and the Requirements of Winn Dixie Survey?

Although Winn-Dixie has the simple rules and requirements, you still need to review it. At a glance, the need and the rules of TellWinnDixie survey are not much different from other surveys. Winn Dixie simplifies the survey condition in order to encourage more customers to take this survey.

The more customers involve in the survey, the more data that the company can get. So, their business evaluation is more valid. As a result, they can find their weakness and try to solve it. In the future, they can serve the customers better.

To support you to take part in Tell-Winn-Dixie Survey, here we have concluded some rules as well as the survey requirements. Review the explanation below well. So, you can know your eligibility for the Survey. Besides, you can obey the rules of the survey. Then, you can grab $5 discount without any difficulties.

  • Survey participants.
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This Survey is open for all of this retail customers. This survey is for the legal residents of the US and Puerto Rico. Besides, the participants should be 21 years of age or more.  So, if you are less than 21 years old at the entry time, you can ask your family to take part in this survey. Moreover, Winn Dixie does not allow its employees to take part in TellWinn Dixie. Then, the relatives of the staffs are also not eligible for this survey.

  • Survey requirements.

Prepare the receipt from the recent purchase as the main requirement of this survey. At the bottom of your receipt, you will find an invitation to participate in this customer survey. Then, you also find the survey code. With this 18 digit code, you will be able to access the survey portal.

Besides, also prepare a PC to access this Shopping Experience Survey. Make sure your PC is well connected with the reliable internet. So, you will not face any problem when you load this online survey. The last, also prepare a pen to write the validation code at the end of the survey.

  • Survey rules.

One receipt is only for one survey entry. It means, once you use the Survey invitation code, you cannot use it for the second time. So, make sure that you do all the Winn-Dixie survey steps completely. It is because, when you leave this survey in the middle of the process, you cannot restart it from the beginning. Then, to get the validation code, you have to provide your name, address, and contact info.

  • Survey reward.

When you finish the survey, the site will show the validation code. Then, write this coupon code on your receipt. The next, you can save your budget when you go shopping at Winn Dixie. It is because this coupon is redeemable with $5 off for $40 you spend. Make sure that you redeem the code as soon as possible. It is so since this validation code can void when it expires. Besides, the coupon is redeemable in any store.

  • Reward card.

This validation code is not the only way to get the instant discount from Winn Dixie. As the Winn Dixie regular customers, you can apply for the Customer Reward Card. This discount card allows you to save on the hundreds of special products at the store.

Besides, Winn Dixie also offers Baby Club Program. When you join this program, you can get $10 gift card for Winn-Dixie Pharmacy every spending %50 on groceries. Keep updated with the special offers from Winn Dixie by visiting

How to Take Part in Winn-Dixie Customer Survey?

Winn Dixie wants to ensure that they do the best for all the customers. This is the reason why this retail store creates Tell-Winn-Dixie survey. This supermarket has the wide range of products. For instance, you can purchase the grocery and dairy products.

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Besides, this store also provides the frozen products as well as pharmaceutical products. It will be hard to ensure that all of their products can satisfy the customers. Hence, the role of the Customer survey is very crucial. No doubt, with the help of this survey, Winn Dixie can improve their service quality. As a result, they will not lose their loyal customers.

Do you often go to Winn-Dixie supermarket? Why don’t you try the Survey? This survey only takes less than five minutes to finish. By participating in Winn Dixie survey, you can share the recent shopping feedback. Besides, this survey gives you the chance to get $5 off as the reward. Always keep the receipt after shopping in Winn Dixie. This receipt will help you to access Winn-Dixie survey. Then, follow Winn-Dixie survey steps below.

  • Make sure all survey requirements are ready.

Prepare all items which are necessary to access Winn-Dixie survey. For instance, make sure that receipt, PC, and the internet are ready. Check the browser setting to enable Cookie and JavaScript. Also, make sure your internet connection is stable.

  • Visit Winn-Dixie survey portal.

Then, access In the home page, you will see the welcoming message from this Customer Experience Survey. Then, you should read the Privacy Policy on the bottom of the page. This way, you can know how Winn Dixie uses the personal information which you give. So, you can make sure that the data you give will be safe.

  • Enter the survey code.

Find Winn Dixie survey invitation code on the bottom portion of your receipt. Make sure that you enter the 18 digit code correctly. This code will be divided into three boxes. Then, Press the red button entitled Start/Comenzar. By pressing this button, you can start the Survey.

  • Answer the survey questions.

Now, you have to recall your recent experience when you went shopping at Winn Dixie. Looking back your last visit will make you easy to answer all the questions. During the survey, you have to rate the service and products. Share your thought about the price and the quality of the products.

Besides, you can give your opinion about the store attendants as well. In the certain section, the survey asks you to rate the cleanliness of the store and the ease to find the product.

  • Provide your contact information.

Winn Dixie asks for your personal information. So, you can provide your complete name, address, and phone number. If necessary, you can add your email address as well.

  • Grab the coupon.

After submitting the survey, you will receive $5 coupon. This coupon discount is the appreciation for your feedback. Make sure that you write the coupon code on your purchasing receipt. In the next visit, you can get 5$ discount for at least $40 transaction.

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How to Contact Winn-Dixie Customer Service?

Winn Dixie welcomes any questions, comments, and feedback from their customers. Taking part in Tell-Winn-Dixie Survey is not the only way to share your shopping experience. It is because you can use the brief feedback form on the website. is the trusted source where you can find any information about this retail store. As the example, you can search the Career. Besides, you can find out the various promotions and deals. But, people like visiting this website in order to contact the Support.

When you go to the Contact section of Winn Dixie Website, you will find three ways of contacting the customer service. Winn Dixie Help Desk is accessible by phone, mail, and feedback form. Just feel free to choose one of these methods. Here are the easy ways to get in touch with the Customer Service Staffs.

  • By phone.

If you want to ask for the information about Winn Dixie, you can call the Customer Support Center. Dial 1 866 946 6349 to speak up with the Support Center staffs. The staffs will be ready to answer your questions on Monday to Friday at 8 am to 7 pm.

Besides, on Saturday, you can call them at 8 am to 4 pm. Furthermore, if you have some questions about Winn Dixie Plenty Card, you can call 1 855 753 6841. The help desk staffs are ready to help you on every day at 9 am to 9 pm.

  • By mail.

If you prefer writing a letter to Winn Dixie, you can send it to its Customer Support. The address is PO BOX Jacksonville, FL 32203 0297. If you send your inquiries by letter, you have to be patient in waiting for the response. It may take a longer time to receive the reply from Winn Dixie.

  • Feedback Form.

Through Winn Dixie Feedback Form, you can submit any questions and feedback. You just need to fill out the provided field in Winn Dixie Contact Form. Then, you will get the response from Winn Dixie within two business days. Here is the procedure of submitting Winn Dixie Feedback.

  1. Go to Contact menu at This menu is located at the bottom section of Winn Dixie website.
  2. Fill out the contact information. Write down your first name and last name. Then, select the preferred method to contact you. Winn Dixie will contact you to answer your question. You can fill out the phone number, email id, or address. Besides, you can prefer no contact.
  3. Select the subject of the inquiry. The topics you can choose are about the store, products, Plenty card, or others.
  4. Write down your questions or comment on the space provided. Be specific and brief in explaining your feedback. Do not forget to mention what you expect from Winn Dixie. Then, you can submit this Winn Dixie feedback form.

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