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Hello Mexican food lovers! We have come to you with a reference to the popular taco seller shop. If you live in the United States, you need to stop at Taco Time. Yes right, you can buy tacos at this fast food restaurant. Well, you don’t need to go to Mexico to get your favorite tacos. If you are a loyal customer of Taco Time, use your opportunity. Here you can convey feedback via Tell Taco Time. After completing the survey questions, they have Taco time sweepstakes. So customers can get prizes through Taco Time Sweepstakes.

Quite easy to complete Telltacotimenw. Because you have our instructions. So, the Taco time survey is a portal that can receive suggestions and complaints from customers. You can enter your level of satisfaction in this portal. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the surveys you take. Because your answers will not affect the sweepstakes results. New customers can learn from Taco Time’s business profile first. Then you can progress step by step until the end of the survey process. Is this process difficult? Certainly not. They want customers to be able to convey problems easily. So Taco Time has a friendly survey portal design for you. If you are still in doubt, let’s start with the Taco Time Fast Food Restaurant profile.

taco time survey at
taco time survey at

Taco Time Restaurant Profile

Do you know Taco Time? In this section, we will help you find out the Taco Time story. This fast-food restaurant grows in the United States. The founder of this restaurant is Ron Friedrick. He started a business in the 1950s. At first Ron was a Navy Veteran. Then he completed his education at the University of Eragon in 1959. Here Ron sells petroleum. After arriving in California, he fell in love with Taco. The taste of this delicious food makes Ron want to open a business. So he opened the first Taco Time in 1960. He opened a shop next to his university. Ron founded Taco Time after mortgaging the family home and borrowed $ 5,000. His efforts can help you taste the delicious Taco Time to this day. Below are a few brief facts about the growth of Taco Time.

  1. He makes his own seasoning and sauce recipe.
  2. The positive growth of this business makes other entrepreneurs want to set up a Taco Time franchise. Then in 1962 Ron made the Taco Time franchise in Tacoma, Washington.
  3. In 1970 they were able to establish 150 Taco Time restaurants in the United States.
  4. Furthermore, Taco Time can spread its wings to Canada in 1978.
  5. At the end of this century they have been running Taco Time for 40 years in Eugene, Oregon. So Taco Time International operates 225 stores both domestically and in Canada. The total number of Taco Time restaurants reaches almost 300 locations.

Tell Taco TimeSurvey Sweepstakes Rules

Do you want to get a free Taco time lunch for a year? Now, the first step to getting a prize is reading the rules. Because not all customers are eligible to take surveys and sweepstakes. If you want to enter the Taco time draw, fulfill the conditions first. You can read the regulation page through the Tell Taco Time portal. If you can’t use it, use the Telltacotimenw keyword. Next, click on the official rules. Well, you don’t need to find difficulty reading the survey rules. Get a simple summary of our instructions below. If you meet the requirements, you can read the next section. Happy reading.

  1. You don’t need to pay and buy a product to take part in the Taco Time Sweepstakes program. The number of entry sweepstakes you can increase your chances of winning.
  2. Taco time sweepstakes eligibility rules.
    • Taco time surveys and sweepstakes are only open to legal residents from the United States.
    • Legitimate residents who follow sweepstakes reach at least the majority age.
    • If you have a job related to Taco Time, withdraw from this process. So, officials, staff, sponsors or franchise teams are prohibited from participating in the sweepstakes program.
    • Then rule c applies to household members and close family members of staff.
    • This sweepstakes program does not apply to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  3. The method of entering the sweepstakes program.
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You can try two ways to add sweepstakes. First, go through the online survey process using the Tell Taco Time portal. Second, enter the postcard at the address of the sweepstakes program committee. Read our brief explanation below.

  • Taco time survey. You need to enter the survey portal via Then complete the question section first. At the end of the process you can see the sweepstakes entry page. You need to enter your valid name and email.
  • By letter. You need to write a valid name and email on the postcard. Then send your card with the address as follows.

Customer Feedback Sweepstakes.

3300 Maple Valley Highway

Renton, WA. 98058-2800

  • One person per email may only enter one entry.

4. Winner notification.

    • The committee will contact the winner within 10 days of withdrawal.
    • You only have 15 days to confirm. If you do not contact the committee for a period of 15 days, the prize will be forfeited. The committee can choose other eligible winners.
    • Other fees and taxes are the responsibility of the winner of the sweepstakes program.
  1. Sweepstakes Rewards.

In this section we have reward information from the sweepstakes program. If you are lucky, then you can get this prize. Yes right, they have free lunch coupons every week for one year. You can get Taco time coupons through the Tell Taco Time process. If you win this coupon, you can save money on food. Imagine how many delicious tacos you can enjoy for one year?

Tell Taco Time Survey Preparations

If you want to win Taco time coupons, make preparations in advance. In this section we will assist your entry process through Telltacotimenw. So, we are not discussing the method of entry sweepstakes by mail. Well, if you qualify, don’t miss this part. Because we have advice for the preparation of standard survey tools. If you are an internet user, we hope you have no trouble understanding this guide. Because online survey needs are almost the same as internet browsing. Well, if you can’t wait to use the sound on the survey portal, read the reviews below.

  1. Survey device.
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Tell taco time you can do through a computer or smartphone. However, we hope you can get a computer or laptop first. Both of these tools are the basic requirements of online surveys. Computers and laptops can provide maximum survey website. If you don’t get both, smartphones and tablets are another solutions.

  1. Internet connection.

Next, connect the device of your choice to the internet connection. Here you can connect the device with a wifi username and password. Then choose the location closest to the hotspot source. This method can help you get a stable connection on the device. If you are outside the hotspot area, your connection will be weak.

  1. Website search engine.

After getting an internet connection. You can try the browser first. Use your browser to search the official survey portal. If the browser can display search results, then you don’t need to update the software. If you want advice from us, use an easy browser. You can find convenience in popular browsers.

  1. Get receipts from Taco Time.

Besides enjoying food, you can save receipts. Because you need visit information in the survey process. Receipts can help you fill in several survey columns. Here you can use the portal They have a locator restraurant feature to find the closest location. Get receipts easily at the nearest location.

  1. What do I need for entry sweepstakes?

Well, you need a personal identity in the process of entering sweepstakes. Here you need to prepare a valid first name, last name and email. The committee can only contact you by valid email. So, don’t make mistakes on this part. If you are lucky, you need to confirm within 15 days.

taco time survey steps at telltacotime survey portal
taco time survey steps at telltacotime survey portal

Tell Taco Time Survey Steps

After getting a standard survey tool, you can start the survey. If you want to win a free lunch from Taco Time, this is your chance. They offer a sweepstakes after completing the Taco Time Survey. You only need a few minutes to enter the entry. Here Taco Time needs honest feedback from you. They can ask you to enter a level of satisfaction. Then you can choose your answer based on your last visit to Taco Time. Finally, they have a comment column to receive suggestions and complaints from you. If you are impatient, please read our instructions below.

  1. Visit the Telltacotimenw portal.

First, you need to open the Tell Taco Time portal. Landing to the first page of the survey portal using your browser. Enter the official address or keyword to search the survey portal page. Click on the search results for your device’s browser. Use the address to open the survey portal.

  1. Read the brief survey instructions.

On the first page they have brief survey instructions. They offer a free lunch as a Taco Time Sweepstakes reward. When you have finished reading the short instructions, click on the Get Started button.

  1. Answer the Tell Taco Time question.
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Next, you only need to enter honest answers. Here you need the help of receipts and the last experience of going to the store. Give your satisfaction level to assess the performance of staff and restaurant services. In this survey, they have 13 pages. Good luck.

  1. Follow Taco time sweepstakes.

Before ending the survey, you can enter the entry first. Fill in the entry form with your name and valid email. Then you need to enter your telephone number. Finally, choose your answer from the question “how long have you been coming to Taco Time”. We hope you don’t make mistakes at this stage. Because the committee can only contact through the information you entered.

Tell Taco Time Survey Questions

At this stage we have several questions that can help your survey. Don’t be afraid of difficult questions. You can read it before taking a survey.

  1. What are your main reasons for contacting us? (positive, negative or general feedback).
  2. Enter the Taco Time location that you visited. You can view receipts for filling out this page. Here you need to fill in city, location, date, and time. Then select the service you use (dine in, take out, drive thru, order ahead).
  3. Do you want to recommend Taco Time to your family or friends? (Rate 1-10).
  4. Are you satisfied with the staff service? (Rate 1-5).
  5. Give a rating for the quality of their food. (Rate 1-5).
  6. Give a rating for the order accuracy aspect. (Rate 1-5).
  7. How long have you been waiting for your food.
  8. Give a rating for the cleanliness of the Taco Time restaurant. (Rate 1-5).
  9. Enter the opinions or problems that you find in the store. You can add photos in this section. Click on the camera icon to upload photos.

Taco Time Hours

If you win the sweepstakes, then you need to know this information. They have lunch stamps at Taco Time. Before you visit, you can read the restaurant operating time first. You can get this list at the local store profile. Open this information through the store locator feature. If you don’t want to find difficulties, you can simply read our list below.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am 9.00 pm

Taco Time Customer Service

After going through the survey process, we now have a way to contact Taco Time. You need to use Taco Time Customer Service to get help. You can contact them without the survey process.

  1. Taco time customer service phone number.
    • Taco Time Northwest: 1,800,700,8226.
    • Taco Time Canada: 1-866-835-8226.
  2. Taco time customer service mailing address.
    • Northwest: Taco Time Corporate Office 3300 Maple Valley Highway Renton.
    • Canada: Unit A8, 416 Meridian Rd S.E. T2A 1X2.
  3. Taco Time Northwest Social Media.
    • Twitter: @TacoTimeNW.
    • Facebook: @TacoTimeNW.
  4. Taco Time Canada Social Media.
    • Twitter: @tacotimeca.
    • Facebook: @tacotimeincanada.
    • Instagram: @tacotimecanada.

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