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RaceTrac is one of gasoline station chains in the Southern of the US. This chain provides not only the fuel but also other merchandise at its convenient store. So, when you purchase the fuel for your car, you also can buy some drinks, snacks, medication, etc. Founded in 1934, RaceTrac develops very quickly.

Nowadays, there are over 660 fuel stations in the US. You will be easy to find this gas station in some states of the US. For instance, RaceTrac chains spread in the Georgia, Florida, Texas, Lousiana, and Mississippi. Since the competition in the gasoline business is very tight, RaceTrac must be able to satisfy every customer that comes to their store. So, this company creates Tell RaceTrac survey to observe the customers’ satisfaction.

Every business needs to measure the level of happiness felt by its customers. That is why RaceTrac makes an online survey. Through TellRaceTrac, this fuel station company can find out if the service and product meet the customers’ expectation. No doubt, this survey is very helpful for the development of this fuel station business.

The survey becomes the most appropriate strategy to ensure that most of the customers felt the great experience. It is because the good shopping experience leads the customers to be loyal. Then, they must return to this store. In contrast, when they have the unsatisfying experience at the store, they will not visit this store anymore. Also, they may tell what they experienced to other people. So, to prevent this case, The company uses the survey as the tool to improve the area which makes the customers unhappy.

Tell RaceTrac

If you often purchase the gasoline or other product, you should take this RaceTrac survey. So, you can tell this restaurant about what you think after visiting their fuel station. This simple questionnaire will not take much of your time. You just have to prepare a receipt from RaceTrac to open this survey.

Then, you can respond some statements about this company. The next, Tell RaceTrac also gives you a chance to write your RaceTrac feedback. As the reward for the survey takers, it offers a redemption code after the survey. Then, you can get the free item from this company by presenting this code in your next visit.

What are RaceTrac Survey Requirements?

Most of the customer surveys require the receipt as the tool to enter the online survey. TellRaceTrac also needs a purchasing receipt to open its survey portal. So, after purchasing the gasoline at the store, you should keep this receipt well. Then, do you only need the receipt as the requirement of the survey? Absolutely no, here is the explanation about the need of receipt as well as other tools to support you complete the online survey.

  • Receipt.

It is undeniable that receipt is the main item you need to take the survey. RaceTrac may not print the survey invitation on the receipt. It is because this survey does not require the survey code. The survey portal only asks you to enter the store number. Then, it also needs your visit time, the amount of transaction, and the date of your visit. With these four receipt details, you can start the survey.

  • Computer with internet access.
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Since RaceTrac only has the online survey, you need internet connectivity to access it. If there is no computer, you still can access TellRaceTrac survey through the tablet or your smartphone. However, using these devices may make the survey works slower than using a PC.

  • Writing tool.

Soon after you finish the survey, you will unlock the validation code. Then, you will need a pencil or pen to write this code on your receipt. So, when you come to the store in the future, you can redeem this RaceTrac code with the special free item. This is the reward for your participation.

What are the Steps of the RaceTrac Online Customer Satisfaction Survey?

This Customer Satisfaction Survey is a brief survey. So, you will be able to do all the survey steps in less than seven minutes. The time you spend to take this survey worthy of the reward that you will get. In your following purchase at RaceTrac, you can claim the free item. So, this survey gives you a chance to share your thought about Race-Trac Company. At the same time, you can get the reward for sharing your feedback with this company.

As stated above, you need to prepare a valid receipt from RaceTrac to enter the survey page. When you hold the receipt in your hand, it means that you are ready to start this survey. Written below are the TellRaceTrac survey steps.

  • Go to the survey portal.

This survey is available at In the home page of the survey portal, there is a welcoming statement from this store. To continue to the following page, you have to press the Next button.

  • Select the website language.

To proceed the survey, you can select one of the languages. You can click on English or Spanish.

  • Write the store number.

In the next page, the survey portal asks you to input several details from your receipt. First, you have to enter the store number. This number is on the top of the receipt. Then, you can go on to the following page.

  • Input other receipt details.

Then, you will see a small calendar icon to input the date of visit. So, you have to select the correct date based on your receipt. The next, enter the exact dollar amount you have spent in your recent visit at the store. If you are not sure how much you spent, you can see your receipt to find out the total transaction.

The last, please select the time when you came to raceTrac. The range of the time you can choose is 12 am- 5 am, 5 am- 9 am, 9 am-11 am, 11 am- 2 pm, 2 pm- 5 pm, 5 pm- 8 pm, and 8 pm- 12 am.

  • Answer the survey questions.
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Now, it comes the time to answer the questionnaire. You may get some questions about your experience at RaceTrac. Besides, the survey asks you to rate your impression when you visit the store. Then, there is a section asking your agreement about some statement related to the survey. Moreover, RaceTrac also gives you a special field where you can write your suggestion or feedback to make this fuel station better.

  • Unlock the validation code.

When you have completed all survey sections, you will be able to unlock the redemption code. Then, you have to note down this code on your receipt. After that, you have to bring this receipt with you when you go to the gasoline station. When you show this code to the staff, they will give you a free item as a survey reward.

Those are the series of steps you will face in TellRaceTrac survey. When you find some trouble in accessing the survey, you should check your internet accessibility. But, if your internet access is in a stable condition, you should contact the customer service to ask for assistance in completing the survey.

What are the Questions at TellRaceTrac?

In a few minutes of Tell-RaceTrac survey process, you have to answer a series of questions. The questions come in several forms. For instance, there is multiple choice question. So, you have to select one of the best answers regarding your visit to RaceTrac.

Besides, some questions ask the survey-takers to rate. Then, there is also agreement section. The site will display some statements. The next, you should state your agreement or disagreement with the statements. The last, the survey has a special section that allows you to free write your opinion or suggestion to improve the service.

Listed below are the questions you may find in its Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • The item you bought at the store. This question has three choices of the answer. They are only fuel, only merchandise, and both. You have to choose one of these three answers.
  • Overall satisfaction. Then, you should give the rating for the service and product. There are five scales you can select. Number one is for extremely dissatisfied. Besides, the number five is for extremely satisfied.
  • Suggestion. In this section, This survey provides a space where you can share your suggestion to the company. Perhaps, you can relate your suggestion with your experience. But, if you do not have any idea, you can skip this section.
  • Other items you bought. Perhaps, when you came to RaceTrac, you bought not only the fuel but also other products. So, in this section, you can specify what items you purchased. For instance, you can select hot or cold drinks, candy, snack, alcoholic beverage, or tobacco product.
  • Type of fuel. After that, you have to select the type of gasoline you purchased for your car. You can choose regular, premium, mid-grade, diesel, or ethanol free.
  • Agreement. In the following section, you will see several statements about RaceTrac. Then, your duty is showing your agreement or disagreement with these statements. Under the statement, you can choose the level of agreement. The statements are as the following.
  1. You do not feel safe when you are in the store.
  2. You feel very nervous when you come in the early morning.
  3. The hot food is unhealthy.
  4. You did not have a problem when you consumed the food.
  5. The food served is not interesting.
  6. You will never purchase the roller grill.
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Those are some questions you may find at Tell RaceTrac. But, RaceTrac may change the survey questions in every survey period. So, when you take TellRaceTrac survey, you may find the different questions. However, the goal of this survey is still the same. It gauges the feedback from customers. So, this fuel station can improve their service.

How to Contact RaceTrac Customer Service?

When you have the questions or comment about RaceTract, you should deliver it to RaceTract Customer Support. RaceTrac offers three ways of contacting its Consumer Relation staff. First, you can fill out the form provided on their website.

This way, you can send a quick message to RaceTrac. Second, you can call RaceTrac toll free number. The last, you can send a letter to the Store Support Center. Here are the details of the methods to contact the Customer Care.

  • By phone.

Calling RaceTrac Guest Relations Hotline is the fastest way to get the response. The number of the Guest Relations is 1 888 636 5589. Through this line, you can ask some questions about the survey, service, or product. Besides, you can make a complaint regarding your terrible experience at RaceTrac. Moreover, for the media relations, you can call 770 431 7600.

  • By mail.

Besides, you can also get in touch with RaceTrac Support Center by mail. You just need to send your letter to 3225 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30339.

  • Message form.

The last, you can fill out the message form in the website. Here is the procedure. First, you have to visit Then, bring your cursor at the bottom of the page to click on Contact Us. After that, fill out your information form. This form consists of your first and last name, city, address, and zip code. You also can select the state.

Then, you have to complete the contact information form. It consists of the telephone number (mobile phone and fax) and email. The next, select the subject of your message. For instance, it is about the compliment, general comment, complaint, or RaceTrac career opportunity. The last, you can write your message in the section provided. Finally, you can press the Red Submit button to send this message.

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