Tell PDQ Survey – Get PDQ Coupon from PDQ Chicken Survey

Do you want to get a free coupon from PDQ? This will happen if you spare your time to take part in PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey. You can check your recent PDQ purchase receipt to find if you get an invitation to take PDQ survey or not. If there is an invitation printed on it, you need to follow the instructions given by the survey. You can visit the Tell PDQ survey website.

Then, there will be several survey questions that you have to answer there. This will be a good chance to share your honest opinion about PDQ. You may use Tell PDQ survey platform to share your feedback based on your visit experience at this fast food restaurant. When the survey process is over, you will get a validation code to form a coupon.

Now, you can add your information about the TellPDQ survey by reading this article. Moreover, there are some tips to save your dollars whenever you visit PDQ for you. Also, more beneficial things about PDQ will be so interesting to know. Happy reading!

PDQ Chicken survey page at
PDQ Chicken survey page at

PDQ Chicken Restaurant Profile

PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality. It is one of chicken fast-food restaurant chains in the United States. This restaurant was established in 2009 by Bob and Nick. The founders focuses on creating the fresh fast-food that is kids-friendly. So, you should not doubt about the quality of the menu served in this restaurant. All the chicken menu is 100% fresh. This restaurant never freeze the chicken. The sauce and dressing is also made fresh every day.

The menu items you can enjoy at PDQ Chicken restaurant are chicken tenders, nuggets, salad with homemade dressings, sandwiches, and bowl menu. This restaurant also offers a wide variety of sauces such as ranch, creamy garlic, buffalo bleu, honey BBQ, Chipotle BBQ, Sweet Siracha, and Honey mustard. If you want to explore other menus served in PDQ, you can visit its official website at

PDQ Chicken Survey Rules

What is your purpose of taking this PDQ Chicken guest satisfaction survey? Perhaps some of you want to tell PDQ Chicken feedback. Besides, other survey takers may want to get a free coupon through this survey. Regardless of your aim of taking this survey, you have to obey the survey rules below.

  1. Survey Eligibility.

PDQ Chicken Survey is open to all guests of PDQ Chicken. But, there is some qualification of the eligible participants.

  • PDQ Chicken survey is only for the legal residents of the US.
  • The minimum age of the survey takers must be 13 years old.
  • All the employees of PDQ Chicken is not eligible to enter this survey.
  • The immediate family members of PDQ Chicken employees are also not eligible for this survey.
  1. Survey methods.
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You can find PDQ Chicken survey invitation at the bottom section of your receipt. You will notice that there is only one method to take part in this survey.

  • Online survey.

PDQ Chicken online survey portal is accessible at PDQ You need to enter some PDQ Chicken receipt information to start this survey. After answering all PDQ Chicken survey questions, you will get a validation code.

  1. Survey reward.

After completing PDQ Chicken survey, you will receive a validation code. This code is PDQ Chicken coupon that is redeemable with the special offer printed on PDQ Chicken receipt. Usually, you can redeem this coupon with a discount or free item from PDQ Chicken.

  1. Survey rules.

If you want to earn PDQ Chicken survey reward, you have to notice the rules below.

  • One PDQ Chicken receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • The coupon is not redeemable for cash.
  • You cannot use this PDQ Chicken coupon code together with other coupons or offers.
  • You have to redeem the survey reward within 30 days.
  • Present the validation code along with your receipt to redeem the survey reward.

PDQ Chicken Survey Preparation

Have you just visited PDQ Chicken? Keep PDQ Chicken receipt handy. It is because this receipt is the main requirement of PDQ Chicken guest satisfaction survey. Then, do you know other survey requirements? Prepare the items below so that you can complete PDQ survey easily.

  • PDQ purchase receipt.

You have to make a purchase at PDQ Chicken to get the receipt. You cannot enter PDQ Chicken Survey without having this receipt. It is because you are required to provide PDQ Chicken receipt details to start the survey. Also, you need to present this receipt in order to redeem the survey prize.

  • A device to access the survey portal.

As stated before, PDQ Chicken guest survey can be accessed through two methods. If you prefer taking PDQ Chicken online survey, you need a computer or smartphone to reach PDQ Chicken Survey website.

  • Internet connection.

To reach PDQ Chicken online survey portal, you have to connect your device to internet access. Check the speed of your internet support before using it. This way, you can minimize the loading trouble during the survey completion.

  • A pen.

After completing all PDQ Chicken survey questions, you will receive a validation code. That’s is why you need a writing tool to record this coupon code on PDQ Chicken receipt.

Tell PDQ survey steps
Tell PDQ survey steps

Tell PDQ Survey Steps

There are some steps that you should know before you take part in the TellPDQ web survey. even though the steps are simple, you still need to understand how this survey works. You can learn more about the survey steps below.

  • Step 1. Go to PDQ Survey portal.

First, you should go to the website of PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey. the address to reach this website is

  • Step 2. Change the language (if necessary)
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Second, you can choose one of the options to set the language setting of this survey website. You may choose between English or Spanish. Just make sure you choose the language that has been familiar for you. The option that you choose will let you do the survey using the language.

  • Step 3. Enter PDQ survey code

Third, you must enter the code of PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey. It has 18 digits in length. You will find this survey code on your PDQ purchase receipt. You can check the survey invitation section at the top of the purchase receipt. You may find the survey code in the section.

  • Step 4. Inform visit date and time

Fourth, you may inform the date and time of your recent visit to PDQ restaurant location. You can use your purchase receipt to get this information. The date and time of your transaction at PDQ restaurant is the information needed for this section.

  • Step 5. Answer PDQ survey questions

Fifth, some questions will appear on this Jack survey website. You can answer the survey questions based on your true experience at PDQ restaurant locations. You may need to give ratings for several statements. Then you are able to elaborate your feedbacks for PDQ as well. The topics that may appear on the survey website are about your overall satisfaction for visiting PDQ restaurant, your eagerness to make your next visit to PDQ location, food qualities, prices, staffs’ friendliness, restaurant’s cleanliness, and some more questions.

  • Step 6. Write the validation code

Finally, a validation code will show up after you have finished answering all of the survey questions. You can grab your pen and PDQ purchase receipt as soon as you can. Then, you may write down the validation code on your purchase receipt. There is a space on your receipt where you can write the code. Then, you can bring this receipt to PDQ restaurant. You may use it as your PDQ coupon. This means you can use the receipt along the TellPDQ code to redeem the survey reward. When the redemption process is successful, you may be able to get a freebie or a discount from PDQ.

Tips to Save at PDQ

You must want to save your cash when you are visiting PDQ restaurant, right? The following tips will be helpful for you.

  1. Take Part in Tell PDQ Survey

It is easy to get coupons from PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey. You only have to visit the survey website at After that, you can answer some questions to show how satisfied you are with products and services at PDQ restaurant. The rewards for this survey are validation codes. PDQ survey codes is available for all survey participants. However, each PDQ survey taker will receive one validation code only. You can make a coupon using this validation code. The survey prize can be free item or discount.

  1. Visit the Official Website
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The website address of PDQ restaurant is Once you have reached this website, you will see a nice webs design. You will get information about how to get the coupon from this page. Moreover, the home page of PDQ website has a lot of information about PDQ specials. You may take advantage of this information to find interesting and new menu items from PDQ.

  1. Subscribe New Offers

You can also visit the website of PDQ to subscribe email. There is a special page on the website that will help you subscribe. If you subscribe using an email address, you will get emails, general messages, and promotions from PDQ. And if you prefer using your phone number to subscribe, you may receive 5 text messages about PDQ new products and coupons every month.

  1. Go to Local Restaurant

Do not hesitate to ask PDQ staffs about PDQ new deals and coupons at any PDQ local restaurant. You may get more valid information from them. It is because some PDQ locations are franchises. So, they may have their own ways to giveaway coupons and offers.

  1. Join PDQ Fan Club.

There are some benefits of joining PDQ Fan Club. First, you will be the firdt person to know every promotion given by PDQ Chicken. Besides, you can get the reward for joining this program for the first time. Also, you can get a free menu item on your birthday.

  1. Find Deal Sites

A lot of online deal sites offer PDQ coupons. you just need to find the sites using your search engine. However, you must make sure that the deal sites are safe to take the coupons.

PDQ Customer Service

It is necessary to get panic when you find issues during your visit to PDQ. Just tell the Customer Care using the following methods and they will help you solve it.

  1. Website

PDQ website is available at You may visit this website if you want to send your PDQ complaint via the online form. You may use the instruction to send feedback on the website in the previous section.

  1. Mailing

Is it difficult for you to get an internet connection? You do not need to worry as you can write your feedback on some sheets of paper. Then, you can send them to this address:

PDQ Home Office

4343 Anchor Plaza Parkway

Suite One

Tampa, FL 33634

  1. Phone

If you want to talk to PDQ Customer Service directly, you should not doubt to call PDQ customer service number. You can dial 1-844-Eat1PDQ or 1-844-328-1737 to express your feedback or ask any questions related to this fast-food restaurant.

  1. social media

You can use your social media account to share your feedback for this restaurant. You can visit the PDQ social media pages using these links. Just find PDQ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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