Tell Hardees – Get a Free Hardees Coupon from Hardees Customer Survey Contest

Do you still keep a Hardee’s receipt with you? If so, you can use that receipt for a free coupon. You just have to take part in tell Hardees customers satisfaction survey. Then, you have to answer a series of survey questions from telling Hardees for a few minutes. You can also share your feedback for Hardee’s. Feedbacks from customers are important to Hardee’s.

From these feedbacks, the management team of Hardee’s will be able to find out how successful this brand to satisfy customers. The feedbacks will be various. Every customer is free to express what they think of Hardee’s. Besides, tell Hardee’s survey will show which aspects are great according to customers.

This way, Hardee’s can keep it well. Moreover, the awful aspects will be the attention for Hardee’s. There will be some ways to improve these aspects. Then, they will fix the problems as soon as possible.

Hardee’s is not a new name in restaurant industries. People have known this brand quite well. This is a restaurant chain in the United States. Most of the foods served here are fast-foods. The founder of this brand was Wilber Hardee. He made his first Hardee’s restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina.

It happened on September 3rd, 1960. And Hardee’s first company restaurant was open the year after in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Some developments have occurred for the following years. Several people replaced Mr. Hardee as CEO and created new management.

tell hardees
tell hardees

Since 1997, Hardee’s merged with Carl’s Jr. That is also a fast food brand in the United States. Then, Hardee’s moved its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. This merger has made a big restaurant chain. Hardee’s has been operating 3.152 outlets. Customers can find these Hardee’s outlets in 40 states. The branches of Hardee’s are also available in other 10 countries.

Things You Can Prepare before You Take Hardees Survey

Before at survey begins, you should consider preparing several things. These things will help you to take Hardees survey in a smooth way. If you can prepare all of the prerequisites very well, you will be able to finish all of the survey steps for a few minutes only.

As long as you do not find technical difficulties with these prerequisites, you can handle this survey very easily. Well, we have summarized about what you should have before you take part in telling in the survey. Here are the things:

  1. A receipt

You should have the receipt first. It is because this receipt will contain important details that will be beneficial for taking tellhardees survey. The details are the store number and the date & time of your visit. There will be no a survey invitation code for this survey

  1. A device

You can use a laptop or a computer for the device. Besides, tablets and smartphones will be great, too. Then, you can install a browser in your device. You should remember that not all browsers are compatible with certain devices. So, please choose the browser version that can work well with your device.

  1. The internet connection

Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. Otherwise, it will disturb the process of taking the survey.

  1. English or Spanish ability

There are two languages available here. Those are English and Spanish. You can use the one that is the most familiar to you.

  1. A pen

To note the validation code, you will need a writing tool. You can use a pen, a pencil, or a marker if you want.

Step by Step to Take Tell Hardees Survey

If you have got all the prerequisites ready, you can check if those things can function well. It is a must for you to find out if your prerequisites are ready to use. Firstly, you can check if your device is able to access the official website of Hardees survey. Of course, you should install a compatible browser first. If you have done it, now you can check the internet connection.

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Be certain that you have connected your internet to your device. Then, do not forget to prepare your pen next to you. So, when the survey has finished, you can write down the validation code fast. Well, if everything you need is ready, you can start to take part in Hardee’s customer survey. Wait, you do not know about the survey steps? Don’t worry. You can use the following instructions as your guideline.

  1. Go to the official survey website of Hardees

If you want to take part in Hardees survey, you should go to the official survey website. It is available on You do not have to feel confused about the website address of Hardees survey. This survey page is not only for Hardee’s customers.

But, Carl’s Jr. customers also can use this page to take part in Carl’s Jr. customer satisfaction survey. When you have reached the home page of tell Hardees survey, you will see some blank fields and two receipt examples. The first receipt is for Hardee’s customers. And the second one is for Carl’s Jr. customers. You can use the receipt examples to help you in filling in the blank fields.

  1. Change the language

The website of Hardees survey will show up in English. But, this survey page also provides another international language. It is Spanish. If you prefer using Spanish, you can just click Español link under the blanks fields. Then, the entire survey pages will turn into Spanish. If you want English, you can just let it as it is.

  1. Enter the receipt details

Now, you can start to fill in the blank fields. You will need your Hardee’s receipt to complete them. The details you need here are Hardee’s store number, date of your visit, and time of your visit. Do not forget to confirm that you have been 18 years old already. That is the minimum age if you want to be eligible to take part in Hardees survey. If all are complete, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer questions from telling Hardees survey

There are a set of questions that you should answer when you have unlocked the question pages of Tell Hardee’s survey. You can recall your latest experience when you were visiting Hardee’s restaurants. The questions will ask you about the following topics:

  • type of your visit,
  • visit satisfaction at Hardee’s restaurant in general,
  • items you have enjoyed,
  • friendliness of the employees,
  • cleanliness of the restaurants,
  • food qualities,
  • service speeds,
  • and so on.
  1. Note the validation code

If the survey is over, you will see a validation code appear for you. You can take your pen and write it down on your receipt. Then, it will be your coupon that you can redeem for a prize. You may find the prize information printed on your receipt.

How to Give Feedback on Hardee’s Website

Hardees survey obliges you to have a Hardee’s receipt before you take part in it. Without the receipt, you will not be able to unlock the question pages. On these question pages, you can share your feedback and comments about Hardee’s.

But, Hardee’s understands that not all customers are able to get Hardee’s receipt. That is why; Hardee’s provides another way for customers to give feedbacks to Hardee’s. You do not have to prepare a receipt for this. If you are ready, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to

The first step is to go to That is where you can dig your information related to Hardee’s. You can find beneficial links that you can use to help yourself. This will include the link to share your feedback to Hardee’s.

  1. Click Contact Us

On the home page of Hardee’s official website, you will see some links on the top part of the page. For example, there are menu and nutrition, locations, and sign up accounts. But now, you can click Contact Us link to reach the feedback page.

  1. Click Let Us Know
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Then, you will see a contact page. There are some sections that you can use to get help from Hardee’s. The sections are for career information, Hardee’s mobile application, and many more. The section that you should choose is for questions and comments. So, you should Let Us Know button here.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

After that, a blank form appears for you. This blank form is where you will give your feedbacks. Firstly, you can state your reasons for giving the feedbacks here. Secondly, you can type your comments. There will be 200 characters that you can use to express your opinions about Hardee’s.

Thirdly, you can inform your personal details and contact information. You can also choose to get promos and announcements from Hardee’s if you want. Moreover, if you are eager to tell your visit experiences at Hardee’s restaurant, you will need to tell the restaurant details on this feedback form.

  1. Click Send

When all of the blank fields are complete, you can end these steps by submitting your feedback. You can click Send button on the bottom part of this feedback form. Do not forget to tick a statement to prove that you are not a robot. It will help you to send your message easily.

What You Can Order at Hardee’s

You will not get disappointed if you can visit the restaurant to taste Hardees menu. There will be various foods and beverages that you are able to find here. You can enjoy a lot of variants of charbroiled burgers, chickens, sandwiches, hot dogs, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and onion rings. Besides, Hardee’s has the certain menu for breakfast. For example, biscuits, croissants, hash rounds, and breakfast burritos.

If you want sides, you can order salads and French fries completed with tasty sauces. Then, you can enjoy apple turnover, milkshake, chocolate cookies as your desserts. To quench your thirst, you can have several brands of soft drinks if you want. Moreover, you can order blend coffee, sweet tea, hot chocolate, and ice cream shake.

Besides, if you are a sort of person who is really concerned about healthy foods, Hardee’s will be a good destination for you. That is why; you do not have to worry about the ingredients used for the foods here. You can request to have low carbs, low calories, vegetable items, and gluten-sensitive foods.

If you are not sure about it, you can check the nutritional info on Hardee’s official website. You will be able to see the amount of fat, sugar, cholesterol, proteins, and many more. Then, you can add or remove certain items from your foods if you would love to.  So, you can enjoy delicious foods from Hardee’s and it will ruin your diet programs.

Well, you do not have to worry about the prices at Hardee’s. This restaurant really prioritizes customers’ satisfaction. And this will include the affordable prize. If you are eager to enjoy several food items at once with low cost, you can take All Star Meals promo as your order.

All of the items of All-Star Meals are only worth $5. With that amount of money, you will be able to enjoy a double cheeseburger, a sandwich, fries, cookie, and a glass of 20 Oz soft drink. You are free to choose which food variants that you can enjoy for Hardee’s specials.

And to make it more affordable for customers, you can get Hardee’s coupon from the official website of Hardee’s. These coupons will let you get special and cheaper prices for certain food items. But, these coupons are not always available on the website.

If you do not know the locations of Hardee’s restaurants, you can check them out on Hardee’s website. The web address is at You just have to inform your city or state name. Then, you can start the search for Hardee’s locations. Besides, the international locations of Hardee’s are also available on this website. When your search results appear, you can get more information about the stores.

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You can get directions to your preferred stores from your current locations. The information is completed with the phone number of Hardee’s restaurants. There will be open hours of the restaurants as well. Furthermore, you can use Google to search for Hardee’s near me. Google will help you out to show the nearest Hardee’s restaurant from your place. It will also show the locations of Carl’s Jr. for you.

Want to Contact Hardee’s Customer Service?

It is very common for customers to get problems related services and menus at restaurants. This happens to Hardee’s restaurant as well. The problems can appear when they dine in or use drive-thru service. They can face various problems related to those sorts of matters. For example, there is something strange about the food ingredients.

Another example, it takes too long for them to receive the foods. Or, they get wrong order. Some customers may take it easy to find such problems. But, some of them may feel it is intolerable. Then, these sorts of customers will find a way to inform the problems to Hardee’s. They can question or complain about the menus or services at Hardee’s. In hopes, Hardee’s can fix these mistakes as soon as possible.

To help customers to solve the problems, Hardee’s has prepared a customer service. The customer service has several representatives to be there for the customers. If you are one of the customers who really need to contact the representatives of Hardee’s customer services, you can use the following ways.

  1. By website

The website is an easy way for you to reach Hardee’s customer service representatives. But, you should be online to do this. You can tell your feedback on the feedback form. You can use the previous section about sharing feedbacks via the website. So, you can use the steps above to guide you.

  1. By mailing

You can also tell your experience at Hardee’s restaurant via mailing post. This method is more convenient for you if you like to send your complaint letter in a polite and formal way. Besides, you are able to send your business letter using this method.  You just have to send your letter to the following address:

Hardee’s Corporate Office

CKE Restaurant Holding, Inc.

6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000,

Franklin, Tennessee, 37067

The United States

  1. By phone

Then, if you have urgent problems, you can contact the representatives via phone call. You can do this way if you cannot fix the problems by yourself. Or, you need immediate helps to solve your problems. You just have to dial (877) 799-STAR (7827).

The customer service representatives will respond to you and help you. They will be available on Monday up to Friday from 7.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. CST. But, if you want immediate responses from certain Hardee’s restaurants, you can just call the phone numbers of those restaurants. You can find out the phone numbers on Hardee’s official website at

  1. Social media

In case you have social media accounts, you can use your accounts to contact the customer service representatives. This will be the quickest way to let them know about your feedbacks. You can send your questions, complaints, and suggestions here.

Make sure you are on the same social media platforms with Hardee’s. You can use the accounts to get the most updated information or special offers from Hardee’s. The following links will help you to reach the social media accounts of Hardee’s.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:


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