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Hello housewife! Groceries shopping is a routine activity for housewives. Here they need to get fresh and high-quality food. If you want to get fresh food, you need to come to the Stop and Shop Store. If you stop at this store, then you can shop for various household needs. Here they sell food as the main product. But you can find products for babies and pets. Don’t hesitate about shopping at Stop and Shop. They guarantee you a safe, quality, clean and healthy product. If you are a loyal customer of Stop and Shop, don’t forget to stop by at the Talktostopandshop portal.

Talk to stop and shop is the official portal to get feedback from shop visitors. They invite you to answer some survey questions. Your answers can help them find out the weaknesses and strengths of the service shop. If you want Stop and Shop to continue to grow, follow this survey. Here you can join the Stop and Shop sweepstakes program. They have 10 gift cards that you can win. Each gift card is worth $500. If you want to use this opportunity, follow our instructions. So we will help you from the first step. Yes right, after this you will get basic knowledge about Stop and Shop.

stop and shop survey portal at talktostopandshop
stop and shop survey portal at talktostopandshop

Stop and Shop Supermarket Profile

Before you come to Stop and Shop, let’s read this year of business growth. This basic knowledge can help new customers to get to know Stop and Shop. We will start with a brief description of this supermarket. Stop and Shop built its business more than 100 years ago. Now they have more than 400 stores in 3 in the United States. You can find this supermarket in New York, New Jersey, and New England.

Their story begins with a small grocery store in Somerville, MA. They opened this shop in 1914. The idea for this shop came from the Rabinowitz family. Then in 1947 they could grow 86 other supermarkets in the United States. Year after year they have positive growth. Then in 1986, they reached sales of $ 3 billion. In the 2000s they introduced a tool that can scan your shopping items. Then you can scan prices via smartphone. This program runs from the year 2010.

What products can you buy at Stop and Shop? Well, here they have 9 department stores. You can buy Seafood, meat, produce, organic meals. Then you can buy products for your baby or pet. You don’t need to doubt the product’s safety. Here they have clean, healthy and safe products.

Stop and Shop Sweepstakes Rules

Welcome customer. This section will help you understand sweepstakes and survey rules. Why do Stop and Shop need your feedback? Here they want to follow your standards of satisfaction on an ongoing basis. If you want a better Stop and Shop, don’t hesitate to take the Stop and shop survey. Before you use the Talktostopandshop portal, you need to know the eligibility rules. Not everyone has the opportunity to submit feedback. Get information on survey and sweepstakes rules through the page Then click on the “here” link. Then the device will display the download link automatically. If you don’t want to use this method, read our review below.

  1. The sweepstakes program is only valid in the United States. If you are from CT, NJ, NY, MA and RI, then you can join sweepstakes. If you are not included in the eligibility category, then you cannot join the program.
  2. This sweepstakes program does not require a purchase or survey. Both of them do not affect your chances of win.
  3. Survey and Sweepstakes Period. Before you enter the draw, get a list of entry periods first. So you can enter the draw starting October 1, 2019. Then your chance ends on December 31, 2019. So, they have 3 entry periods in one sweepstakes program.
  4. Who has the right to take part in Stop and shop sweepstakes?
    • Legal residents from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
    • The legal resident is at least 18 years old when entering entries or taking surveys.
    • Staff, officials, managers of Stop and Shop and so on, are prohibited from taking surveys and sweepstakes.
    • Stop and Shop business sponsors and business partners may not take surveys and draws.
    • This prohibition applies to family members and people who live in the same household with staff.
  5. Stop and shop sweepstakes entry methods. Here you have 2 ways to enter the draw. First, you can use Talk to stop and shop. Second, you can use AMOE. Each period you may only enter 5 sweepstakes entries from all methods. Let’s see a brief explanation of the sweepstakes entry method.
    • Talk to stop and shop survey method. Here you only need to access the survey portal. Then enter the invitation code from your receipt. On the next page you can answer a few survey questions. If you are finished with the survey, you can enter the draw. Here you can only use survey code within 5 days. This time is calculated from the date of the transaction in your receipt. One survey code is only valid for one entry.
    • Alternative entry method. Second, enter your draw via postcard. Write your identity (first name, last name, zip code, telephone number, and address) on the postcard. Then write the address and subject on your envelope. “Stop & In-Store Customer Satisfaction Survey”, PO Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610.
  6. Stop and shop sweepstakes rewards.
    • They have 10 gift cards in each sweepstakes period. Each gift card is worth $ 500. So the total prize in one period is $ 5000.
    • You can only get 1 prize per household per sweepstakes entry period.
    • You cannot exchange prizes in cash.
    • They will contact the winners by telephone, letter, and email. Get notifications within 2 days after the random drawing.
    • If you do not confirm it within 7 days, the prize will be forfeited. The sweepstakes program committee will take other potential winners.
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Talktostopandshop Survey Preparations

After reading the rules page, eligible users can read this section. Here we have helped to prepare your survey. So we only help for online survey methods. If you want to use the AMOE method, your preparation is easier. Here you need envelopes, stationery and postcards. If you use online surveys, then you need to have a computer. Then connect your device to the nearest internet service. You can use the hotspot area, smartphone or other sources. If you want an easy survey process, follow our advice below.

  1. Survey Toolkit. Are you ready to take the survey? If you have a computer, then you fulfill the first step of survey preparation. We suggest you use a laptop or computer to take a Stop and shop survey. Smartphone or tablet can be the second choice in this process. Because we want you to get the optimal display from the survey portal on the device.
  2. Internet connection. Here you have various choices for getting internet support. Modems, smartphones, hotspots etc can be an internet provider reference. Don’t forget to be within the reach of internet providers. If you are far from internet sources, the device will be difficult to catch the signal.
  3. Device Browser. Next, you can choose the browser for your device. Usually every device already has a browser. Here you can use Mozilla, Google as your device’s browser.
  4. Stop and Shop Receipt. Before taking surveys, they need your receipts. Here you can come to Stop and Shop near me to get a receipt. You only have 5 days to use your receipt. They ask you to enter a 20 digit survey code. So make transactions in the store before taking the survey.
  5. Personal Identity. Finally, they need your identity on the sweepstakes entry page. Here you need to enter a valid identity. (first name, last name, address, ZIP Code, telephone number). This information will be useful if you win the sweepstakes.
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Stop and Stop survey steps at talktostopandshop
Stop and Stop survey steps at talktostopandshop

Talktostopandshop Survey Steps

After the preparation of Talk to Stop and Shop is complete, you are now ready to take online surveys. If you have a problem in a shop, Stop and Shop invites you to submit feedback. They want to understand your desire for a better Stop and Shop change. Here you can complete the survey in less than 8 minutes. Then you have the opportunity to win 10 gift cards worth $ 500. So you can shop more savingly if you win this prize. Well, if you don’t have experience, don’t despair. We will help you access the portal to enter the sweepstakes. Are you ready? Follow our simple steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of Talktostopandshop.

In this section you need to open the Stop and shop survey portal first. Use your device’s browser to find this page. You can use the Talktostopandshop keyword. If you want to land directly, enter the www address.

  1. Read the Stop to Shop rules first.

On the first page you can find the survey rules link. Click on the “here” button to download the survey and sweepstakes rules page.

  1. Enter the 20 digit survey code.

On the first page, you need to move the screen to the bottom of the website. There you will find the survey PIN column. See the picture to get help from the survey portal. Enter the 20 digit survey PIN from your receipt. When you are finished, click the next button.

  1. Answer the Stop and Shop Survey questions.

After completing the first page, you can answer a few survey questions. Here you need the latest shopping experience at Stop and Shop. Because you need to rank or choose multiple choice answers. Their question only addresses service in the shop. What can you remember from the last experience? Read the list below.

  • Product you bought. (quality, type of product and price)
  • Supermarket conditions. (cleanliness, neatness, restroom, shopping convenience).
  • Services and assistance from staff. (Speed, product knowledge, friendliness).
  • Rate the satisfaction level of your shopping experience.
  • Enter your comments, problems or suggestions for Stop and Shop Supermarket.
  1. Follow the Stop and Shop Sweepstakes.
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At this stage, you can enter a personal identity. They need your identity as an entrant. You need to enter a valid email, telephone and address. Because the committee can only contact you through this information. Good luck!

Stop and Shop hours

Well guys, we have help for new customers Stop and Shop Supermarket. Here you need to know Stop and shop hours before coming to the store. If you want to get a receipt, we suggest you go to the nearest Stop and Shop. So you can get this information easily. Yes right, store locator is the solution to get the closest store hours and location. Follow the steps below to get Stop and Shop Hours information.

  1. Visit the official website of Stop and Shop. Use the address to open the official website.
  2. Click the “find a store” button. You can find this button on the right side of the website.
  3. Enter ZIP or city & state. You need to enter location information to get a local store.
  4. Click the detail button. Then your device will display search results. Select the store you want. Then click on the details button.
  5. Record the profile of local stores and store hours.


Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Tuesday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Wednesday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Thursday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Friday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Saturday 6.00 am 11.00 pm
Sunday 7.00 am 11.00 pm

Stop And Shop Customer Service

  1. Stop And Shop Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. Stop And Shop Customer Service email address.

  1. Stop and Shop Social Media.
    • Facebook : @StopandShop.
    • Twitter : @StopandShop.
    • Pinterest : stopandshop.
    • Instagram : @stopandshop.

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