TalktoRegal – Win $100 Regal Cinemas Voucher from Regal Guest Survey

TalktoRegal is the online survey from Regal Entertainment Group. Regal Cinemas is one of the largest American movie theater chains. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Regal Cinemas operates 573 movie theater across the US. This cinema has more than 7300 screens. In fact, there are three brands of theaters under Regal Entertainment Group. They are Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, and Edwards Theatres.

Regal Cinemas launched Talk to Regal in order to maintain the satisfaction level of every person who visits their theater. Through Regal Survey, this cinema can collect the feedback from the visitors who have just watched the movie.

aking part in Regal Survey is your chance to give your opinion about Regal Cinemas. For instance, you can voice up your thought about the quality as well as the cleanliness of the theater. Besides, you can review the performance of Regal team member as well. In short, participating in the Regal survey is your contribution to making this cinema to be better.


There is no special requirement to involve in Regal Survey. You just need to keep your ticket well. Your ticket has the Regal Survey Access code. With this code, you can log into the survey website. Then, you can give your response about the Regal questionnaire. As the reward, Regal invites you to enter the sweepstakes. Then, you will get a chance to win a voucher valued $100.

What are the Rules of Talk to Regal Survey and Sweepstakes?

Have you ever taken part in TalktoRegal survey? If you have never participated in Regalsurvey before, you may not know about the survey rules. In fact, noticing the rules is crucial to do before you access this cinemas survey. By knowing the Regal survey rules, you can understand what you need to access the survey.

Besides, it is also necessary to find out Regal sweepstakes rules as well. So, you will know whether you are eligible for this monthly drawing. Furthermore, you can notice the entry methods as well as the Regal sweepstakes reward.

In fact, you can review regal sweepstakes rules at Regal Survey Page. In this page, Regal Entertainment Group explains the details of sweepstakes rules 2017. Here, you can review the Regal Sweepstakes eligibility, methods to enter, winner selection, and the prize. However, in this article, we have simplified the Regal sweepstake’s rules. This way, you will be able to understand it easily. So, check out some points of the survey and sweepstakes rules below.

  • Regal Survey and Sweepstakes Eligibility.

Both Talk to regal survey and sweepstake is only open to the legal residents of USA. Then, the minimum age of the participants should be at least 13 years old as of the entry date. So, if you are less than thirteen years of age, you should ask your parents to take this survey for you.

So, if you win this contest, Regal will give the prize to your parents or guardian. Besides, Regal Cinemas forbids all of its employees to involve of this survey and online drawing. Also, the family and anyone who lives in the same household with Regal’s staff is also not eligible to enter TalktoRegal survey and sweepstakes.

  • Regal Survey Requirements.

In order to take part this Regal Entertainment survey, you have to prepare some items. First, you need Regal Movie ticket. It does not matter how you purchase this movie ticket. You can purchase it online or at the box office. The ticket you buy will contain the access code.

With this Regal Access Code, you can enter this survey. Remember, the validity of Regal Acess Code is only seven days. So, you have to access the portal before seven days of the purchase date. Besides, you should prepare a personal computer, Android, or iOS as the media to access this survey. Then, make sure your internet has the high-speed connection. The fast and stable internet can prevent the troubles during the survey completion.

  • The Sweepstakes Requirements.
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To enter Regal Monthly Drawing, there are no special requirements. No purchase is required to participate in Regal sweepstakes. Besides, the amount of your ticket purchase also does not give any effect to your chance to win. But, if you want to take part in this online drawing, you must have a Regal Movie ticket. Besides, you should complete the online survey first.

  • The survey and sweepstakes rules.

The access code printed on your ticket is only for one survey entry. So, once you have used this access code to enter Regal Survey, you can use it to enter the survey once more. Then, make sure that you access the correct survey Regal survey website.

It is because Regal Cinemas provides two online platforms for this survey. They are and The survey portal you have to visit depends on your access code. If your access code has four digits only, you should access But, If there are 25 digits on your access code, you should load the portal. Furthermore, the sweepstakes will void in Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Puerto Rico.

  • Regal Sweepstakes entry methods.

Regal provides two entry methods for the sweepstakes. First, you can try the online entry. To enter this online monthly drawing, you have to complete the survey in either or Then, make sure that you submit the online entry before the last day each month. It is because Regal will draw the winner on the last day of each month.

Besides, you can try regal Mail-in entry. To participate in mail-in sweepstakes, you have to handwrite your personal details and contact info. Remember, Regal will not accept your sweepstakes entry if you use the computer or photocopy machine to write your mail-in entry.

Just prepare a postcard to write your name, street address, mailing address, and daytime phone number. Moreover, you need to include your date of birth and email account as well. The next, send this postcard to Regal Entertainment Group, Attn: Marketing, Mail-in entry, 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville, TN 37918.

  • Regal Sweepstakes Prize.

Regal provides one gift card which values $100 for one winner each month. Besides, regal will decide the sweepstake winner randomly from the online and mail-in entries. Then, Regal will contact the winner by email. If the winner does not give the response within five days, Regal will give this reward to the alternate winner.

You have to notice that you cannot redeem this Regal gift cards for cash. Furthermore, you cannot transfer this prize to someone else. You can use this Regal voucher to purchase the movie ticket or the food at Regal Concession.

How to Complete Regal Survey?

The process of entering Regal Survey is easy. You just need to prepare your movie ticket. In this ticket, you will find the access code to enter this entertainment survey. There are two types of access code issued by Regal Cinemas. The number of digits in your access code will determine the survey portal you have to visit.

For your information, Regal Cinema has two survey websites. So, how to differentiate these survey sites? You have to count the digits of Regal Survey access code on your ticket. Then, you can follow this guideline to enter to Regal Entertainment survey.

If your access code consists of twenty-five digits, you have to visit the survey portal. On the homepage of this survey portal, you will find the space to enter this code.

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You can enter the access code separately into five boxes provided. The next, you can press the red Start Button to proceed the survey. After that, you can start answering all questions from Regal.

Besides, if your Regal access code contains only four digits, it means that you have to access In this page, you will see the forms to enter Regal Survey. The next, do the steps below to access the Regal survey.

  • Enter four digit access code.

First, you should supply your access code. Remember, this code is only valid within seven days. So, you have to take part in Regal Survey as soon as you finish watching the movie.

  • Provide the station number.

The next, you also need to enter the station number. This number is available at the right bottom corner of your ticket. Perhaps, you will not find the station number when you print out your ticket at home. So, you just have to enter the last three digit of the confirmation code.

  • Select the date.

Then, you have to indicate the date when you watched the movie. See the date printed on your ticket if you forgot it.

  • Select the time.

The last, indicate the time in which you came to Regal Cinema. After entering the correct time, you can tap the Start button to begin the survey.

  • Respond all survey questions.

Now, you can complete the Regal survey by answering the questionnaire. Most questions ask you to rate the quality of Regal Cinemas. For instance, you have to review the theatre, concession, Regal team member, and the food or beverage.

Besides, Regal also asks the details of the movie that you have just watched. In this survey, you have the chance to convey your comment or opinion as well. Make sure that you respond every single question honestly. It is because your feedback can determine the quality of Regal Cinemas in the future.

  • Join the Regal promotion program.

After answering the Regal survey question, Regal will offer you to join their promotional program. This way, you have to submit your email. By joining this program, you can receive the Regal coupons and special promotion.

  • Enter Regal Sweepstakes.

Talk to Regal also offers you to enter the sweepstakes. If you are not interested in entering this online drawing, you can skip it. But, if you want to win $100 Regal gift card, you should take part in Regal Online Sweepstakes. The requirements of this program are simple. You should submit your personal details along with the contact information.

So, you have to complete the sweepstakes’ form by supplying your first and the last name. Also, provide the valid phone number with the code area. The last, submit your email address. Do not forget to confirm your email by re-typing it on the following field.

What are the Questions at Regal Entertainment Survey?

After visiting Regal Cinemas, you can share your experience when you are watching the movie. Just take part in the survey to speak up about your recent experience. During this entertainment survey, you have to respond a series of questions. It will ask about your experience in Regal Cinemas.

The survey asks the details of your activity starts from purchasing the tickets until watching the film. Besides, Regal Survey also asks you to comment on their service. This way, you can express your feedback in details. So, what are the topics of the Regal survey questions? You can review the question samples from the lists below.

  • Overall satisfaction.

First, Regal asks you to rate your overall satisfaction when you were visiting the cinema. Your response must be based on the experience you had in Regal Movies. If you get satisfied with the cinema’s service and quality, you can give the high rating. In contrast, when you got disappointed with the theatre team member, you can provide the bad rating. There are five scales available for this question.

  • The way to purchase the ticket.
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The next, indicate how you bought your movie ticket. For instance, you might buy your ticket through the box office or Regal mobile app. Besides, you might purchase it through pre-purchased online. The last, you might get the ticket from the self-service kiosk at the theatre.

  • Concession and restroom.

The next, Talk to Regal whether you visited the concession stand. Also, state whether you visited the restroom. After that, you can mention the items which you bought at the concession stand. For instance, you purchased candy, nachos, beverage, hot dog, or popcorn.

  • Theatre review.

In this section, you have to rate some aspects about the cinemas. First, rate the cleanliness of the restroom. You can state whether the restroom was well-stocked. Then, review the cleanliness of the theatre including the auditorium, lobby, and halfway. After that, you can give the rating to the quality of the sound and the projection. The last, give your honest opinion about the comfort of the seat as well as the temperature of the auditorium.

  • Regal team members’ performance review.

Talk to Regal also asks you to rate the performance of their team. First, rate the speed of purchasing the ticket. Also, give your review about the friendliness of Regal ticket takers and box office cashier. Then, indicate the ease of obtaining the info about the movie.

  • Concession review.

Since in the previous question you state that you visited the concession, you should rate some issues about it. First, rate the cleanliness of Regal concession. Then, give your rating about the friendliness of the concession team. Also, rate the speed of purchasing at the concession.

After that, rate the taste of the food and beverage at the Regal concession. You can rate the temperature of the food and beverage you bought as well. The last, rate the overall entertainment value you receive for the price you have paid.

  • Recommend and return.

By selecting the scale 1 – 5, you can indicate your likeliness to recommend Regal Cinemas to others for the next three months. Also, state how likely you are to return to watch the movie at Regal in the next three months.

  • Comment.

The Regal survey provides this comment section for the survey takers. So, they can use the space provided to write down their feedback. For instance, you can express your critics or suggestion to regal. Remember, you only have the chance to write up to 1200 characters. So, be brief and specific.

  • The details of the movie.

In this section, you should mention the day when you watched the movie. Also, indicate the movie show time. For instance, you watched it before noon, between noon up to 3 pm, 3 pm – 6 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm, or after 9 pm. The next, state the number of movie previews which were shown before your movie.

Just select Too Many, Just Right, or Too Few. After that, select the type of the movie experience you attended. For instance, you watched RPX, RealD 3D, Imax, or traditional showing.

  • Regal Crown Club.

Indicate whether you are aware of Regal Crown Club. Also, state whether you have joined this program.

  • Regal team member.

In the last section, you have to provide the name of Regal team member which provides the exceptional service when you visit this cinema. But, it does not matter if you forget the name. You just simply skip this question.

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