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Talktobo is the survey held by Bojangles’ restaurant. This survey is also known as BojanglesListens. Powered by Service Management Group, Bojangles survey helps the restaurant to be better. A good company will let is customers to be the part of business improvement.

That is why Bojangles creates TalktoBo survey. This restaurant wants to find out what the guests think. Besides, it also encourages the guests to rate the customer service as well as the menu. As the customers, you should not miss the chance to use your power to make Bojangles aware how well their business is.

About Bojangles’ Restaurant

Bojangles’ is different from other fast-food restaurants. This restaurant notices that the demand for the tasty food with the quick service increases lately. So, Bojangles’ creates a concept to serve the quick-service food with the distinctive flavor.

This restaurant creates all the menu items with the best quality ingredients. That is why Bojangles’ can compete with others. No doubt, Bojangles’ becomes the number one chicken restaurant chain. Besides, it is also nominated as the fastest-growing privately-owned company.

talktobo survey
talktobo survey

Established in 1977, Bojangles expand its chains across the US. We can find Bojangles franchise in ten states. You can even find its chain in Honduras and Columbia. In Bojangles’, you can find the menu items which are not available in other restaurants.

As the example, you can enjoy the sausage biscuit as well as Bo Berry Biscuit. When you dine in Bojangles, you will feel like at home. It is because this restaurant provides not only the food but also the convenient venue.

Maintaining the guests’ satisfaction is not easy. Bojangles should be able to identify what the guests want. That’s why Bojangles uses the survey to let the guests voice up their dining feedback. This restaurant accepts both positive and negative feedback.

From this feedback, Bojangles can recognize whether its service can meet the guests’ expectation. So, Bojangles can prevent any issue which can impact the company’s profit. If you want to receive the better service from Bojangles, why don’t you participate in Talk to Bo?

Your participation is not only beneficial for Bojangles. But, it also helps other guests to experience the better dining. Besides, if you take part in Bojangles survey, you can receive Bojangles coupon as the reward. This survey coupon can be redeemable with Bojangles sausage biscuit. So, in your next purchase, you can enjoy the freebies from Bojangles. Just show the Bojangles Validation Code along with Bojangles receipt to claim this survey prize.

What are the Rules and Requirements of Bojangles survey?

Bojangles survey has the similar requirements with other surveys. You must prepare Bojangles receipt to participate in Talk to Bo survey. You should not worry when you do not find Bojangles survey code on your receipt. It is because Bojangles customer Satisfaction survey does not require it.

To enter the survey, you should provide the certain details on Bojangles receipt. What are they? Explore what you need to take Bojangles Guest Experience Survey in the following explanation. Besides, you also can review Bojangles rules.

  • Bojangles survey requirements.

As stated before, Bojangles receipt is the primary need for the survey. To start Bojangles survey, you should be able to supply some details. For instance, you need to input Bojangles store number, date and time of visit, along with the Check number.

Besides, you need a personal computer which is connected to the stable internet. Remember, Bojangles Listens is the online survey. So, make sure the internet you use has the stable connection. If you can prepare these items properly, it means that you are ready to start Bojangles Listens Survey.

  • Bojangles survey eligibility. is open to all customers of Bojangles. The minimum age to be the survey taker is thirteen years old. Then, if you work at Bojangles outlet, you are not eligible to take Bojangles survey. The family member of Bojangles is not eligible as well.

  • Bojangles survey rewards.

Bojangles offers the validation code for every survey taker. Once you finish the survey, the Bojangles coupon code will appear. Then, you should note this code on Bojangles receipt. You will not be able to claim free biscuit unless you present this receipt.

Bojangles team member will check whether your coupon code is valid. But, usually, Bojangles asks the guest to purchase the menu item in order to get this free offer. For your information, Bojangles may offer the different survey reward. Sometimes, Bojangles offers the coupon discount as the reward.

  • Bojangles survey rules.

You have to obey Bojangles survey rules if you want to receive the free item from Bojangles. The first rule is the survey should be accessed in two days after your visit. Bojangles gives the time limit to take the survey. It is because Bojangles wants the customers to tell the recent experience at their restaurant.

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If the participants take the survey after several days of the visit, they may forget the details of their dining experience. Second, every Bojangles guest can only enter the survey once a month. Then, you have to redeem Bojangles validation code within 30 days after taking the survey. You can claim the free biscuit at any Bojangles location. But remember, you cannot redeem this survey validation code together with other Bojangles offers or coupons.

How to Complete Bojangles Guest Satisfaction Survey?

If you love enjoying the chicken and biscuit from Bojangles, you must often visit its outlet. Then, what do you do with Bojangles receipt? Do you trash it? You should check your Bojangles receipt before throwing it away. Perhaps, your receipt contains Bojangles survey invitation.

You should not ignore this survey invitation since it can help you to get the free coupon from Bojangles. But, you need to complete Bojangles survey first. Do you never take Bojangles survey before? The guideline below will make you easier to complete Bojangles survey.

  • Step 1: visit Bojangles survey website.

You have to access to start Bojangles survey. Besides, you also can enter the same survey at Both survey websites belong to Bojangles restaurant. This survey website allows the participant to prefer the language they master. If you are not fluent in using English, you can choose Spanish. Then, make sure that your receipt is ready in your hand.

  • Step 2: Input Bojangles restaurant number.

The first detail to enter is Bojangles store number. Check Bojangles receipt sample provided on the screen. This way, you can know on which part of receipt you can find the store number. Usually, Bojangles store number contains six digits number.

  • Step 3: Indicate date and time of visit.

The next, every survey taker should select the date on which they went to Bojangles. So, you should select the month and date from the list. Also, state the hour and minute you made a transaction at Bojangles. See the time information on your receipt.

  • Step 4: Supply Bojangles Check Number.

Providing the Check number is also necessary. You can find the Check number on Bojangles receipt too. This number consists of six digits in length.

  • Step 5: Select the Start button.

Make sure all Bojangles receipt information you enter is correct. Then, you can begin TalktoBo survey by pressing the Red Start button. Be ready to respond Bojangles survey questionnaire.

  • Step 6: Answer Bojangles survey questions.

In this section, you can voice Bojangles dining feedback by answering Bojangles survey questions. The first question you get is asking how you order Bojangles menu. Then, you can start reviewing and giving your rating to several aspects of Bojangles outlet. For example, you should rate Bojangles team member, Bojangles menu, customer service, and the restaurant. Besides, you also can provide your suggestion to improve Bojangles quality.

  • Step 7: Write Bojangles coupon code.

After you finish answering Bojangles survey, you will get Bojangles Listens coupon. When this code appears, you have to record it soon. Write it on your receipt. Then, if you go to Bojangles outlet, you have to bring this coupon code. By purchasing a certain menu item at Bojangles, you will receive Bojangles Sausage Biscuit.

Is the guideline below easy to understand? If you still get confused how to take part in this survey, you can ask for help Bojangles Customer Support. You also can call Bojangles Customer Service if you want to express any suggestion or comment. Simply dial 1 888 300 4265. This way, you can speak up directly with Bojangles representative staff.

How to Share Bojangles Dining Feedback without Taking Bojangles survey?

Accessing Bojangles survey is the way to voice your feedback to Bojangles. But, to enter this Bojangles survey, you need a valid receipt. But, what are you lose your Bojangles receipt? Can you still share your feedback? Absolutely yes. However, you cannot provide your feedback via

In this case, you have to access Bojangles website. This portal is accessible at In this platform, you can view Bojangles menu nutrition, Bojangles specials, Bojangles coupons, and Bojangles hours. Besides, also provides a feature to send your questions or feedback.

If you have something to tell to Bojangles, you should go to the Contact section. This menu will connect you to Bojangles customer service. But, you should realize that sending feedback through this website will not give you any reward.

Besides, Bojangles Contact form cannot be filled anonymously. Thus, you should not hesitate to convey whatever in your mind. You are free to say anything about Bojangles outlet. Bojangles welcomes the general feedback about the restaurant. Moreover, you can tell your recent dining experience in the certain outlet. So, do you know step by step of submitting feedback at Bojangles official site? If you don’t, you should follow the instructions below.

  • Access Bojangles official portal.
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Use the latest version of a browser to load After reaching this website, you should focus on the bottom menu. In this section, you can find Contact option. Contact option is also available at the top of the page. If you want to access the Contact page immediately, you can type on your browser’s address bar.

  • Fill out the contact details.

Entering Bojangles contact option will open the Bojangles feedback form. This form consists of some fields you have to fill out. First of all, you have to complete the contact information. In this form, you should write your name along with your email address.

Also, supply your phone number. The next, entering the mailing address is also necessary. You have to mention the apartment or home number. After that, choose the city as well as the state where you live. The last information needed in this contact form is your postal address.

  • Find Bojangles Location.

In this section, you should select the aim of submitting this form. You can say that you would like to submit the general comment. Besides, you may want to submit the feedback about the specific visit. If you would like to express the specific feedback, you should indicate Bojangles outlet you visited. The next, specify how you order the food at Bojangles.

There are four options available. They are Carry Out, Drive-thru, Dine in, or Call. But, if you do not make any purchase, you can say that you do not come to the restaurant. After that, provide the time and date when you visit Bojangles. Finally, you have to search the location of Bojangles by entering the city and state. Furthermore, you can provide the zip code or location code to search Bojangles restaurant.

  • Choose the feedback type.

Your duty in this section is to choose the feedback type. As the example, you want to express the dining experience. Moreover, you may want to ask for something from Bojangles. For instance, you may request the new menu or the new outlet in your town Furthermore; the customers can provide the suggestion to Bojangles. This restaurant will receive your suggestions gladly. It is so since your suggestions can affect the business improvement.

  • Write your message.

The last section of Bojangles feedback form lets you write your message freely. If you want to tell your feedback, make sure that you explain it clearly. Be sure to write every single detail you experience during your visit. But, try to be straightforward and objective.

Unfortunately, not all customers can fill out this Bojangles feedback form. This form is only for the customers above 13 years old. Submitting this feedback form is simpler than taking Bojangles survey. This form does not require you to answer many questions.

It is so straightforward that you can write your message directly to Bojangles. But, the weakness of this form is that it does not offer you any prize. On the other hands, if you submit Talktobo feedback, you can receive a survey reward. So, the choice is in your hand. Which method do you choose to voice up the Bojangles feedback? It is all up to you.

How to Join Bojangles’ E-Club?

What menu item becomes your favorite at Bojangles? Perhaps, you adore the chicken menu or biscuit. If you like enjoying Bojangles chicken, you should not doubt to join Bojangles E-club. This loyalty program is only for Bojangles customers. There are some benefits you can receive when you sign up Bojangles E-club. Here are some advantages of being E-club members.

  1. You can get the hot news from Bojangles. Sometimes, Bojangles also offers the special deals for E-club members.
  2. The members can access the content of this chicken and biscuit restaurant.
  3. You can receive Bojangles coupon soon after registering this loyalty program. This coupon is redeemable with Bojangles ice tea. How much ice tea you can get? Surprisingly, Bojangles offers ½ gallon ice tea. You can enjoy this price with all of your family member. This way, you cannot drink it by yourself, can you?
  4. You can receive the birthday prize. Bojangles also gives you Bo berry biscuit on your birthday.

Those are four benefits of signing up Bojangles E-club. To enjoy all the benefits above, you have to enroll this loyalty program soon. Here is the guideline to sign up Bojangles E-club program.

  • Go to Bojangles website.
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Access by using the newest version of your browser. Then, try to search the link to enroll Bojangles Eclub. If you want to land on the Eclub registration page immediately, you can access

  • Complete Bojangles e-club enrollment form.

The new page will show you e-club registration form. Make sure you complete all fields in this form. This way, the e-club registration process can run well. The first detail you have to supply is an email address. After that, you can continue by submitting your name as well as the home postal code.

  • Choose the favorite menu.

Bojangles requires you to select the menu item you like the most. For instance, you can choose Bo Tato Round or Bo Berry Biscuit. Bojangles also lets you choose other menu items. Perhaps, you like Bojangles cajun Pinto, Bojangles Dirty Rice, Chicken Supreme, or Cajun Filler Biscuit.

  • Provide the date of birth.

As stated before, Bojangles will give you the birthday treat. So when you are on birthday, you should come to Bojangles. By showing the necessary documentation to prove your birthday, you can receive freebies from Bojangles. Usually, Bojangles offers Bo Berry Biscuit for free as the birthday prize.

  • Click Sign Up.

The last, you have to click Sign Up button. Now you are registered as Bojangles club member. You can check your email inbox to see the offers or news about Bojangles. However, you have to concern to some rules below. First, not all Bojangles chains participate in this program.

So, make sure that Bojangles outlet near you participate in eClub. Besides, this program is only for the 13 years old or older customer. So, when you press the Submit button, it means you agree that your age is more than 13 years old.

How to Reach Bojangles Customer Support Team?

Sometimes you may have difficulties in accessing talktoBo. Besides, you may want to ask the certain information about Bojangles. For example, you may want to ask about Bojangles menu and price, Bojangles careers, Bojangles Hour, etc.

In this case, you have to contact Bojangles Customer Care. This way, Bojangles representative staffs will answer your curiosity. Besides, they will assist you to solve any issue related to Bojangles. Here are several ways to contact Bojangles.

  • By phone.

The fastest way to get Bojangles response is contacting them by phone. The phone number of Bojangles Customer Service is 1 800 366 9921. Make sure that you call Bojangles representative staffs during the Bojangles operation hours. It is because Bojangles Customer Support staff is not available 24/7.

  • By mail.

You can send your inquiry to Bojangles Corporate Office. You may want to write the complaint letter or other business letters. Just send your letter to Bojangles, PO BOX 277 Kinston, NC 28502. Make sure that you write your mailing address correctly. So, Bojangles can reply your letter.

  • Bojangles Contact form.

If you want to write any message or comment about Bojangles, why don’t you visit its official site? You can send the message to complain or ask any questions. Just go to Bojangles Contact form at Besides, you also can review Bojangles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

In this page, you can read the questions and answer about Bojangles gift card, coupon, or donation. It is recommended to read Bojangles FAQ before contacting Bojangles Customer Care. It is because you may find the answer on this page.

  • Bojangles Social Media Account.

As the Bojangles loyal guests, you should follow Bojangles account on some social media. For instance, you can like Bojangles Fan Page on Facebook. This way, you will know the latest information and news about Bojangles. Besides, you can also follow Bojangles Twitter account. Bojangles administrator will reply your tweet or direct message.

Those are the way to reach Bojangles representative staff. Which media will you choose to voice your question or comment? If you need the fast response from Bojangles, you should call the Customer Service staff.

But, if your issue is not urgent, you can fill out the online feedback form or contact Bojangles through its social media account. For instance, you can send the direct message to Bojangles Twitter. Besides, you can do the live chat with Bojangles on Facebook.

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