TalktoAce – Win $50 Ace Gift Card from Ace Hardware Survey

Have you just visited Ace Hardware and made a purchase? If you still keep Ace Hardware receipt, you should check it. Is there any survey invitation to enter TalktoAce survey portal? You should not ignore this survey invitation. It is because you can share your experience when you went shopping at Ace Hardware. Also, after completing Ace Hardware Survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program. If you win this contest, you can earn $50 Ace Hardware gift card.

Ace Hardware survey is accessible at This customer satisfaction survey is easy to do. You can take this survey with or without a receipt. You just need to enter the details of receipt or your visit. Then, you can start the survey by answering several questions related to your shopping experience. When you talk to Ace about your feedback, you can help this store to be better in the future.

If you have never taken part in TalktoAce Survey before, you should be calm. On this page, you can review the complete information related to Ace Hardware Survey Sweepstakes. We present Ace Survey rules and guidelines to help you complete this survey. This way, you will be able to win $50 Ace Hardware Gift card easily. Happy reading.

talktoace ace hardware survey
talktoace ace hardware survey

Ace Hardware Company Profile

Ace Hardware is a hardware retailer company from America. This company is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, US. Ace Hardware was established in 1924. In the beginning, the name of this company was Ace Stores. But in 1931, this company changed its name to Ace Hardware Corporation. Then, it grows well and becomes the largest hardware retailer in the world. Also, Ace Hardware becomes the largest non-grocery retail company in the US.

Nowadays, Ace Hardware has more than 5200 chains in 60 countries. No doubt, it will not difficult at all to find Ace Hardware store in your city.It also operates 17 distribution centers in the US, China, United Arab Emirates, and Panama. If you want to explore more information about this store, you can go to its official website. Just access

TalktoAce Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before taking TalktoAce survey sweepstakes, you have to review its survey rules first. This way, you will know whether you are eligible to be the survey sweepstakes entrants. Also, you can know the survey methods and the reward. In fact, you can check the complete survey rules at Talk to Ace survey portal. But, for your convenience, we have simplified the rules so that it is easy to understand. Check the Ace Hardware survey rules below.

  1. Survey Eligibility.

Ace Hardware survey is open to all customers of this store. But, there are some restrictions for the sweepstakes entrants.

  • Ace Hardware survey sweepstakes participants must be the legal residents of the United States and District of Columbia.
  • The entrants must be at least 18 years old.
  • All Ace Hardware employees and their family members are not eligible to take this survey sweepstake.
  1. Survey Period.
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There are 15 survey periods in Ace Hardware Survey Sweepstakes 2019. You can enter the survey sweepstakes program each month. This program is started from 1st January 2019 until 31 December 2019.

  1. Survey Method.

Ace Hardware survey can be accessed by using a receipt or without a receipt. Besides, the sweepstakes program also has two entry methods.

  • Online Survey.

You can complete Ace Hardware online survey at After taking this survey, you will get an offer to enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes.

  • Phone call survey.

If you cannot go online, you can participate in this survey by phone. You can dial 21 866 264 2233.

  • AMOE

AMOE stands for Alternate Means of Entry. You can enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes without making a purchase and taking the survey. Just send your sweepstakes entry by mail.

  1. Survey reward.

In each survey period, Ace Hardware will select one winner. The winner will receive $50 Ace Hardware gift card. There are 15 survey periods this year. So, the total grand prize is $750. This gift card is not redeemable for cash.

  1. Survey winner.

Ace Hardware sweepstakes administrator will select the winner randomly from online sweepstakes and mail-in entry. They will contact the winner by phone or email. You can see the list of Ace Hardware sweepstakes winners on TalktoAce website. The sweepstakes winner must be responsible for the tax.

Ace Hardware Survey Preparation

Have you understood all the survey rules above? If you are eligible to take Ace survey sweepstakes, you should prepare some requirements now. If your preparation is good, you will not face any difficulty in the survey completion process. This way, your chance to win Ace Gift Card is bigger. Make sure that the items below are ready before you take Ace Hardware Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Ace Hardware Receipt.

If you prefer taking the online survey, you need a valid receipt from Ace Hardware. It is because you need to enter the receipt details to Ace Hardware survey portal.

  • A device.

Since the survey is taken online, you need to prepare a device such as a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. Choose the most convenient device to access the survey portal.

  • Internet connection.

Your device can work well with a stable internet connection. The fast internet makes you load and complete the survey faster.

  • Writing tool.

If you want to send the sweepstakes entry by mail, of course you need a piece of paper, pen, and envelope. But, you can skip this requirement if you enter the online sweepstakes.

  • Email address.

When you submit the Ace Hardware sweepstakes entry, you need to provide your email address. It is because Ace Hardware sweepstakes administrator will contact by phone or email if you win this sweepstake.

talktoace ace survey steps
talktoace ace survey steps

TalktoAce Survey Steps with a Receipt

As stated before, you can complete Ace Hardware customer survey with or without a receipt. It means, even you do not make a purchase at Ace Hardware, you still can enter this survey. Here are the steps to take part in Ace Hardware survey by using a  receipt.

  • Visit Ace Hardware Survey Portal.
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You can access this survey website at At the survey homepage, you can find the links to check the survey rules and sweepstakes winner. The homepage also contains the receipt sample. So, you can see the section where you find the receipt details.

  • Enter the Amount Spent.

If you have Ace Hardware receipt, of course you made a purchase at this store. Just enter the amount of money you spent at Ace Hardware on the field provided.

  • Specify the time of visit.

In this section, you have to select the range of time when you visit Ace Hardware. For instance, you may visit this store before 8 AM , 8 AM – 11 AM, 11 AM – 2 PM, 2 PM – 6 PM, or after 6 PM.

  • Enter the date of visit.

Do you still remember the day you came to this store? You can check your receipt if you forget the date you visited Ace Hardware.

  • Enter the Journal number.

You can see the sample of receipt to find out the place where you can find the Journal #. Usually, it is located under the barcode on your receipt.

  • Enter the store number.

No, you need to enter the store number. This way, the survey website can identify which Ace Hardware location you have just visited.

  • Answer Ace Hardware Survey questions.

No, you have to respond to all questions related to your visit. You have to rate your overall satisfaction after visiting Ace Hardware. Also, express your opinion about the products, store cleanliness, service, and store members.

  • Enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes.

After submitting the survey, you will get an offer to enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes. If you agree with this offer, you have to submit your contact details. Fill in the simple form of the sweepstakes entry with your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.

ace hardware survey talktoace
ace hardware survey talktoace

Ace Hardware Survey Steps without a Receipt

Even you do not make a purchase at Ace Hardware, you still can take part in TalktoAce Survey. You can do this following guideline to enter this survey without a receipt.

  • Visit the Ace Hardware survey portal.

The survey portal is the same as the website to take the survey with a receipt. So, you should visit

  • Click on the link under the Start button.

Focus on the section under the Start button. You will see a link entitled Don’t Have a receipt? Click Here. This link will bring you to another survey page.

  • Enter State and City.

Since you do not make a purchase, you do not need to enter the receipt details. You just need to select the state and city where you belong.

  • Select the store address.

The next, you need to choose the Ace Hardware store location that you want to give feedback.

  • State whether you make a purchase or not.

In this step, you need to state if you make a transaction or not at Ace Hardware. The survey questions will be different according to your choice.

  • Answer Ace Hardware survey questions.
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You have to respond to every single question given by Ace Hardware. Make sure that you provide an objective and honest response.

  • Enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes.

Even you do not have Ace Hardware receipt, you will have a chance to enter Ace Hardware sweepstakes. Simply provide your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. Then, you can submit this sweepstakes entry.

How to Submit Ace Hardware Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

If you do not want to take TalktoAce survey, you can participate in Ace Hardware sweepstakes by mail. Here is teh step by step you can do.

  • Prepare the requirement.

Since you want to submit mail-in entry sweepstakes, you should prepare a piece of paper in 3×5 inches size, a pen, and envelope.

  • Write your personal details.

Then, you have to handwrite your name, complete address, date of birth, email address, and phone number. The next, you have to put this paper into business-sized envelope.

  • Send your sweepstakes entry.

After that, you can send this sweepstakes entry to the following address:

Ace Hardware Customer Engagement Survey Promotion Entry

625 Panorama Trail

Suite 2100

Rochester, New York 14625 2437

Ace Hardware Hours of Operation

Before visiting Ace Hardware store, you have to check Ace Hardware Hours of Operation. This way, you can know what time Ace Hardware is open and closed. You can check Ace Hardware Store hours on the following table.

Day Ace Hardware Hours
Monday 8 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday 8 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 8 PM
Thursday 8 AM – 8 PM
Friday 8 AM – 8 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM

From the table above, we can see at Ace Hardware is open at 8 AM from Monday to Saturday. Besides, on Sunday, this store is open at 9 AM. From Monday to Saturday, Ace Hardware is closed at 8 PM. Then, on Sunday, ths store is closed earlier at 6 PM.

But, you have to note that Ace Hardware hours may vary by location. So, you have to check the store hour on the local Ace Hardware to confirm the time of opening and closing.

How to Contact Ace Hardware Customer Service

In case you face any problem when you come to this store, it is better to Talk to Ace hardware Customer Service. The representative staff will help you to solve the problem and answer your questions. There are some possible ways to contact Ace Customer Service. Use one of the methods below.

  • By phone.

If you want to talk to Ace Customer Service directly, you should contact them by phone. Here is Ace Hardware Customer Service Phone number 1 888 827 4223. Make sure that you call them during Ace Hardware business hours from 7 AM – 7 PM.

  • By email.

You can send your feedback, complaint, comment, or message via email. Here is Ace Hardware email address

  • By mail.

Send your inquiry to the following address:

Ace Hardware Corporate Office

2200 Kensington Court

Oak Brook, IL 60525 2100


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