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If you like eating sandwich or burger, you must be familiar with Wendy’s. This restaurant chain is as popular as McDonald’s. No doubt, Wendy’s can spread around the world. This burger chain has a survey called Talk to Wendys or Wendy’s Wants to Know. This survey aims to measure the level of trust and satisfaction of every customer. This survey becomes the effective tool to assess the guests’ loyalty as well.

Wendy’s is different from other burger chains. When you order Wendy’s burger, you can be sure 100% that the beef is fresh. It is because Wendy’s never uses the frozen beef. This way, you will taste how juicy and delicious the patties are. With the slogan Say No to Frozen, Wendy’s can compete with other fast-food chains. Besides, with the commitment of using the fresh ingredient, Wendy’s can maintain the customers’ satisfaction.

Talk to Wendys
Talk to Wendys

If you concern with the sustainability of Wendy’s business, you should never miss taking part in Wendy’s survey. Doing this survey is your way to express Wendy’s feedback while searching for the freebies from Wendy’s. As the example, you can share your complaints about Wendy’s menu, cleanliness of the outlet, service, etc. This company will appreciate whatever you share in Talk to Wendy’s survey.

For your information, you can share Wendy’s dining feedback not only through Wendys survey. But, there are other alternatives for submitting your feedback. For instance, you can access the online feedback form at Furthermore, you also can call or text Wendy’s Customer Support number to convey your feedback. Read this article to find out the steps of completing Wendy’s online feedback.

Through this feedback form, you can share your comment about the restaurant or general feedback. As the example, you can give any compliments or complaints about Wendy’s restaurant. Furthermore, you can give the feedback about the use of Wendy’s website as well. This article also presents the procedure of giving the website feedback.

How to Get Free Sandwich from Talk to Wendys Survey?

Do you know about Wendys survey? This customer survey is only for Wendy’s customer. After dining in Wendy’s restaurant, you should do this survey. Then, you will get a sandwich for the reward. Here is the step by step of TalktoWendys Survey.

  • Visit or
  • Enter Wendy’s restaurant number.
  • Write the date of visit.
  • Indicate the time of your visit.
  • Answer Wendy’s survey questionnaire.
  • Get Wendy’s coupon and redeem it.

Those are the series of actions you should do to get the reward from Wendy’s. But, in order to be the participant of Wendys survey, you must have Wendy’s receipt. If you do not, you may still be able to take the survey. But, you will not be able to claim the free sandwich as your reward. It is because the requirement of redeeming the coupon is showing the original receipt.

You may wonder why Wendy’s has two survey portals. In fact, is the old survey portal. Now, Wendy’s uses as the new survey website. That is why, when you access Wendys survey portal, you will be directed to wendyswantstoknow. However, the content of both websites is not different. The requirements of the survey are also similar. You have to provide the restaurant number, date, and time.

The survey questions at Wendys are all about your visit. As the example, it asks about your visit type, the menu you order, and your satisfaction level. Make sure that all answers you give to respond this survey are based on the truth. It means that you respond the questionnaire honestly.

It is because your feedback will give the great effect on Wendy’s business. If you provide the positive rating, Wendy’s will maintain its service. Besides, if you give the low or negative rating, Wendy’s will struggle to improve the quality of the service. So, all the customers can feel satisfied every time they visit Wendy’s. It is the main purpose of Wendys survey.

After responding all questions in Wendys survey, you will receive a Wendy’s coupon code. Then, you should write this code on your purchase receipt. When you go to Wendy’s, you should show this receipt and the code to the cashier. Then, Wendy’s cashier will check whether your Wendy’s validation code is valid or not. If it is valid, you will get a free Wendy’s sandwich as the reward for doing the survey.

Sometimes, Wendy’s survey portal does not display the survey code immediately. If it happens to you, you should not be panic. When the code does not appear, it does not mean that you do not receive the coupon. But, at the end of Talk to Wendy’s survey, you need to supply the email address.

After that, Wendy’s will send the validation code to your email. Do not hesitate to enter your email. It is because Wendy’s will not use it for the marketing purpose without your permission. Furthermore, Wendy’s will not share your email with other parties. If you really concern about your privacy, you should read Wendy’s survey privacy policy.

How to Submit Wendy’s Complaint and Wendy’s Restaurant Feedback?

You need to notice that taking part in Wendys survey is not the only way to share your feedback. Wendy’s also allows you to give your dining feedback through its website. But, there are several differences between submitting Wendy’s feedback through TalktoWendys and

First, taking part in Wendy’s survey enables you to get the free hamburger. This reward will motivate the customers to involve in the survey. In contrast, if you fill out Wendy’s feedback form at its website, you will not get any reward.

Besides, there is a requirement you have to fulfill to participate in Wendys survey. What is that? Only the customer who has the valid receipt from Wendy’s can do this survey. So, if you do not have the receipt from Wendy’s near me, you only can share your feedback at

Furthermore, the format of the feedback is also different. In TalktoWendys or Wendys Wants to Know, the survey is in the form of questionnaires. Most of the questions are close-ended. It means, you just need to select the multiple choice answers. But, the format of Wendy’s feedback at the website is open-ended. So, you can write everything in your mind.

From the comparison above, which one do you think as the easiest way to submit your feedback. We believe that each method has its own strength and weakness. Here we give you the simple steps of completing Wendy’s online feedback form.

  • Load Wendy’s official site.

When you cannot access Wendys survey, you still have a chance to submit your feedback through Wendy’s website. In fact, the purpose of submitting the feedback is similar. You want Wendy’s listen to your complaints, suggestions, or opinion. So, it does not matter the media you use. The main point is that Wendy’s can notice what is in customers’ mind.

  • Select Contact Us.

When you access, you should scroll down the homepage. Then, at the bottom section of the website, you will find some options. For instance, there are Wendy’s gift cards, Payment Card Incident, and Contact Us. Press Contact us the option to access Wendy’s online feedback form.

  • Choose the feedback type.

When the website displays the form to leave your message, you should select the type of feedback. There are four types of feedback you can choose. They are Complaint, compliment, inquiry, and suggestion.

  • Select the feedback category.

After that, you have to choose the category of Wendy’s feedback. For instance, you can select Nutrition, facilities, general feedback, or the restaurant feedback. Besides, you also can give the feedback about Wendy’s service, product, and packaging.

  • Provide your name and contact detail.

Furthermore, you should notice that Wendy’s feedback is not anonymous. When you take Wendys survey, you do not need to provide your name. But, in this feedback form, you must supply your first name and the last name. After that, this form also requires your contact details.

You can opt how Wendys contact you. As the example, you may want to be contacted via email or phone. But, if you do not expect any response from Wendys, you can ask Wendy’s not to contact you back.

  • Write your comment.

Now, you can write the comments according to the feedback type and category you choose. For example, you can explain your complaint, suggestion, or compliment. Remember, you only have the opportunity to describe it in 500 characters.

  • Send the feedback.

Before submitting this Wendy’s feedback, you should verify that you are not a robot. Just select the proper image to show that you are really a human. Then, press the Blue button to send this feedback to Wendy’s.

That’s all the simple procedure of sending the feedback through It does not take much time, does it? If you are in a hurry, you can choose this method to submit the feedback. So, you do not need to spend much time answering a series of questions at Wendys survey.

Instead of filling out Wendy’s feedback form, you also can voice up your feedback by phone. You can reach Wendy’s Customer Service to express your feedback. Wendy’s phone number is 888 624 8140. Feel free to call this number if you want to give some comments or questions.

Wendy’s Customer Care staff will be ready to respond your feedback. So, do not hesitate to contact this number every time you want to share the restaurant feedback or the general feedback.

How to Give the Feedback on  Wendy’s Website?

Do you often visit Wendy’s website? What do you think of its official website? If you often explore Wendy’s official site, you must have an opinion about the performance of this website. For instance, you want to praise Wendy’s since the website is very informative.

In contrast, you may want to share Wendy’s complaint since the website is often down. Whatever your opinion about the website usage, you can share it to Wendy’s. Wendy’s will be happy when you want to give the feedback after using its website.

So, how to submit Wendy’s website feedback? Unluckily, you cannot give the website feedback through survey. It is because Talk to Wendy’s survey is just for sharing the restaurant feedback. So, the questions in TalktoWendys survey are only about your visit. But, here we tell you the way to submit the feedback about Wendy’s website. Just do the brief guideline below.

  • Visit Wendy’s site.

You can express your opinion about how well Wendy’s website is by accessing Like other restaurant sites, provides the full information about this fast-food outlet. For instance, it displays Wendy’s menu, Wendy’s nutrition facts, and gift card. Furthermore, you can search Wendy’s career as well.

  • Click on Feedback button.

At the right side of Wendy’s website, you will see the Red Feedback button. Just click on this feedback icon. Then, Wendy’s website will open the feedback form in the new window.

  • Select the type of comment.

In the new page, there is a form where you can give your comment about the website performance. First of all, you should choose the type of comment you are going to write. The options are Compliment, Search/Navigation, Order Issues, Suggestion/complaint, and technical issue.

  • Enter your comment.

After choosing the type of comment, you can start writing down your opinion. Wendy’s provides a box for entering your feedback. But, Wendy’s limits the length of your comment. So, you only can write up to 1000 characters.

  • Give the website rating.

Then, you can give the overall rating on Wendy’s Website. You also can give the review about the ease of using this website. Then, provide your rating about how effective and enjoyable Wendy’s website is.

  • Tell the reason for using the website.

After that, you should indicate the reason why you visit Wendy’s website. For instance, you may purchase the product, browse the menu, or compare the price. Besides, you may visit this site because you want to locate the restaurant or contact Wendy’s customer support.

  • Recommend the website.

The last, state your likeliness to recommend Wendy’s website to your family members or friends. If you think that this website gives the useful information, why don’t you recommend it to others? There are ten scales you can select to represent your likelihood to recommend to others.

Wendy’s hopes that every customer who visits can give the feedback about the website. This way, the customers can involve in improving Wendy’s website performance. Besides, in the next browsing, they can get the better experience in using

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