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Hello shopping lovers! Are you having trouble getting healthy food? Here we have a reference shop that sells healthy food. If you live in Texas or Arkansas, you will be popular with this store. Yes right, they are the Super 1 Foods Store. This shop sells groceries, fresh cooked food and pharmaceutical products. If you want fresh products, then you don’t need to hesitate to come to this store. Super 1 Foods doesn’t just have fresh groceries for you. If you need pharmaceutical products, they can arrange your prescriptions. Smart customers certainly want to shop more sparingly. Here you have a Super 1 Foods Survey for profit.

Super1foodsfeedback is a portal to accommodate your various suggestions, criticisms and opinions. This shop is open to get an assessment of their services. If you want to help the store find weaknesses, follow this method. You have nothing to lose taking one step on the survey portal. Because after you finish it, they will offer a sweepstakes program. What gift can you bring home? Well guys, if you win, get ready to get a $ 500 gift card. Wouldn’t your shopping process be more fun? If you want help, keep reading our instructions. After this, you can increase your knowledge by reading the profile of Super 1 Foods Store.

super1foodsfeedback super1 foods survey
super1foodsfeedback super1 foods survey

Store Profile: Super 1 Foods

After you read the introduction, we have a short fact from the Super 1 Foods Store. Here you can get a basic knowledge, how this business began. If you are ready, let’s start now. Super 1 Foods is a supermarket chain from the United States. They operate as a subsidiary of Brookshire Grocery Company. Like the name of the parent company, here Super 1 Foods sells fresh grocery products. Then you can order cooked food or get a ransom medicine. The growth of the store business is inseparable from the history of the establishment of Brookshire Grocery Company.

BGC was founded in 1928. They opened a small grocery store with four staff. Then they chose a 2,500-square-foot store in downtown Tyler, Texas. Here they grow the market through food products. Now they operate more than 180 stores. BCG has 4 popular supermarket brands. They are Super 1 Foods, Spring Market, Brookshire’s and Fresh by Brookshire’s. 90 years ago, they wanted to give customers the highest place. They are trying to make you satisfied with the help of more than 13,000 staff at BGC. You can find their stores in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Once you know this fact, you need to make an honest assessment through the Super 1 foods feedback survey portal.

Super 1 Foods Survey Rules

Before entering feedback in this portal, you need to know some survey rules. Here the Super 1 foods sweepstakes committee has a limit for you. We want to remind you not to make violations. Because they can cancel your winnings and entries. Well, you can get sweepstakes rules on the same website. Visit them via Then you need to find the “Sweepstakes Rules” link. Well, you will land on the sweepstakes rules page. If you don’t want to go through difficulties, you can use other methods. We offer an instant list of survey rules below. If you can’t wait to use the Super1foodsfeedback portal, read the rules below.

  1. You don’t need to make a purchase to win sweepstakes.
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Your transaction cannot increase the chances of winning.

  1. Super 1 foods sweepstakes eligibility.
  • These surveys and sweepstakes are open to residents aged at least 18 years or older.
  • This sweepstake is only valid for the Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana regions. If you are not a resident of the three regions, you must withdraw from this process.
  • Administrators, staff, sponsors and business partners are prohibited from participating in surveys and sweepstakes.
  • Staff family members are prohibited from participating in surveys and sweepstakes.
  • Members who live in one household with staff are prohibited from participating in surveys and sweepstakes.
  1. How to Enter?

We have 2 easy ways to enter the draw. Here you can complete online surveys and sweepstakes in one step. Then you can enter the sweepstakes by mail. Read the review of sweepstakes entry methods below.

  • Super 1 foods survey. The first way you can take if you have a receipt from the supermarket. They need receipt details to enter the survey question page. After answering questions, the portal will offer its sweepstakes program. Fill in the entry form with your identity. Here you need (name, email, date of birth and telephone number).
  • By mail. The second way to enter the sweepstakes is through the post office. Here you need a postcard. Write your identity on the postcard. Then you need to write the subject and address on the postcard envelope. Send your entry via Guest Monthly Sweepstakes, PO Box 1411, Tyler, TX 75710.
  • They do not limit the number of your entries. Entry through online surveys has the same opportunities as the mail method.
  1. Super 1 foods sweepstakes entry period.

Here you can enter the draw starting on January 1, 2019. Then this opportunity will end on December 31, 2019.

  1. Sweepstakes Rewards.

Do you want to know the prize draw? Well, read our review below.

  • They have 1 Grand Prize Gift Card worth $ 500.
  • Then they have 10 Firts Prize Gift Cards worth $ 50.
  • You cannot exchange gift cards in cash.
  • The prize tax is the responsibility of the winner of Super 1 foods sweepstakes.
  1. Winning Notifications.
  • You need to prepare a telephone, email and text message to receive the winner announcement.
  • They will make the announcement after 1 week of the drawing process.
  • Limit one prize per person for each random drawing period.
  • If you do not make a confirmation, the committee has the right to find another winner. Here they will cancel your victory. So, keep your phone handy.

Super 1 Foods Feedback Survey Preparations

After reading the survey rules section, this section will help you make survey preparation. If you can operate the internet, then we guarantee you will not get into trouble here. Because what you need in the survey process is the same as the login process. You will easily understand our instructions. Yes right, online survey requires a computer and internet support as the main device. Can you get into trouble in this process? Yes, you can. If your device is not compatible, you will get into trouble. Here we will help you solve problems in the survey process. Let’s see what you can do.

  1. The ideal survey tool.
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If you ask us, what is the ideal survey tool? Well, we will answer computers and laptops as an ideal survey device. Because both have a standard display for the survey portal. Then you can enter data easily through the keyboard. However, you can use other devices for Super 1 foods survey. Smartphone or tablet can help you to carry out surveys wherever you are.

  1. How to choose a browser.

The browser is a data search engine. If they have a lot of users, then you can find anything. The more a popular browser, the easier it will be to get data. Here we have several browsers to choose from. They are Mozilla, Chrome or internet explorer. All three are popular browsers in the community today.

  1. How to get a stable internet connection.

Do you have problems with the internet connection? Well, you need to know some of the causes of your internet connection is interrupted. First, your internet data package is nearing the limit. Second, you are far from the center of internet service providers (hotspots). Third, your device is not compatible with the internet system. If you want a stable internet you can do several ways below.

  • Choose when to use the internet. If a website user is crowded, you might have trouble accessing the survey portal. You can open the website at night.
  • Choose the closest location to the internet service source.
  • Check your internet data plan.
  1. An easy way to get a receipt.

Well, here we want you to visit the nearest Super 1 Foods store. Get help from the Super 1 Food mobile app or store locator. There they can search for the closest store to the location you entered. So you don’t need to waste a lot of time visiting the store.

  1. Prepare your data to fill in the entry form.

After you answer all the questions, you can fill out the entry form. See the list of information that you need to prepare below.

  • First and last name
  • Prepare your address including city, state and ZIP Code.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.

Super 1 Foods Survey Steps

In this section you will be ready to take a few easy steps to complete the Super 1 foods survey. If you follow our advice, then you won’t get into trouble. Here we hope you can remember the last shopping process at the Super 1 Foods store. Because you can get help to answer survey questions from that experience. They only have simple questions for you. So you only need your level of satisfaction and experience. Do you want to start the survey now? If you want to complete it, follow the steps below.

  1. Load the official Super1foodsfeedback website.
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First, you need to find the official survey portal. You can enter through the address Here you need to use a data search engine to open a survey portal. If you get into trouble, use the Super 1 foods survey keyword.

  1. Read the rules of Super 1 foods sweepstakes.

If you want to enter the sweepstakes, read the rules first. Click on the “sweepstakes rules” link at the bottom of the website.

  1. Change language settings.

Do you want to use Spanish? Well, they have Spanish settings for you. Click on the Espanol button. Then you can continue the survey in Spanish. Skip this process if you can speak English.

  1. Enter your Super 1 Foods receipt details.

Here you need to have a receipt from the store. Enter your visit information on the first page. Here you need to enter the store, operator, date and time. When you finish filling in the fields, click on the start button.

  1. Answer the Super 1 foods survey question.

Here you can enter your opinion. They can ask you to rank, write a review or choose an answer. So, you can use your experience to answer this problem. You need to give an honest opinion at this stage. You can recall some aspects of the service below.

  • Your general satisfaction.
  • Time to pay.
  • Staff friendliness.
  • Cleanliness and ease of shopping at the store.
  • Time waiting in line.
  • Products (price and quality)
  1. Answer the identification question.

Here you need to enter your gender, age, household income, and background.

  1. Fill in the sweepstakes entry form.

So you only need to enter the identity that you have prepared. Reread the survey preparation section. After completing the entry process, click on the Next button.

Super 1 Foods Hours

Do you want to visit Super 1 Foods? Well, here we want you to use the closest store. You can search for the nearest Super 1 Foods store through the application or store locator. Applications you can get from Google Play or App Store. After searching for locations, then you can get Super 1 Foods Hours. Use local store hours for more valid information. Below we have store hours for you.

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 6.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 6.00 am 10.00 pm

Super 1 Foods Customer Service

  1. Super 1 Foods Customer Service Phone Number.

(903) 534 – 3000.

  1. Super 1 Foods Customer Service Mailing Address.

Brookshire Grocery Company

P.O. Box 1411

Tyler, Texas 75710-1411

  1. Super 1 Foods Media Inquiries.

[email protected]

  1. Super 1 Foods Social Media
    • Facebook :
    • Twitter :
    • Pinterest :

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