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Thinking about the monthly grocery budget may make you so dizzy. But, Sobeys Grocery store offers you $1000 gift card every month. Wow, I am sure that you will not miss this offer. In order to win this Sobeys Survey Sweepstakes, you Should complete the online survey at This short survey asks your recent shopping experience at Sobeys. So, you can give your shopping feedback while joining the sweepstakes with a great reward.

This customer survey is also known as Sobey Receipt Survey. It is because you have to keep your Sobeys receipt handy when you complete this survey. In order to start the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction survey, you should fill out several details printed on Sobey’s receipt.

As the example, you have to write down the Sobeys store number, transaction number, and the date and time of visit. The next, you can answer a series of survey questions related to your Sobeys shopping experience. At the end of this survey, you will get an invitation to enter Sobey’s sweepstakes. It is your chance to win Sobeys $1000 free groceries.

sobeys customer satisfaction survey
sobeys customer satisfaction survey

The Profile of Sobeys

Sobeys Inc. is a company managing some food retailer chains in Canada. No wonder, Sobeys has been able to reach the second position among largest Canadian food retailers. This company headquarters is situated in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. However, it also has built head offices in Mississauga, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta. John W.Sobey started this company as a provider of meat delivery service in 1907.

Then, Frank H. Sobey, son of John W.Sobey, successfully developed this company becomes a chain of grocery stores in 1924. Next, Sobeys has its self-serve store for the first time in 1949. Today, Sobeys Inc. is managing some banners, such as Safeway, IGA, Thrifty Foods, Sobeys Extra, Sobeys Urban Fresh, FreshCo, Price Chopper, Foodland, and some more others. With those banners, Sobeys Inc. now has more than 1500 stores open in 10 provinces in Canada.

The Rules of Sobeys Survey

You may not be able to find the rules of Sobeys free gift card survey at Sobeys website. But, in general, Sobey’s sweepstakes rules are not different from other contest. For your convenience, here are we try to present the brief rules and qualification to participate in Sobeys Grocery Survey. Check this out.

  • The Sobeys Sweepstakes participants.

If you want to be the eligible participants of Sobey’s sweepstakes, you have to pass the qualifications below. First of all, you must be the legal residents of Canada. It is because Sobeys grocery stores are only available in Canada. Besides, they must be at least 18 years as they mature enough to participate in this survey.

So, if you are under 18 years of age, it will be better if you ask for assistance from your older family members. The next, all employees of Sobeys and their immediate family are prohibited to take part in this survey sweepstakes.

  • Sobeys Sweepstakes rules.
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There is the main requirement to participate in Sobey’s sweepstakes. You must have the valid Sobeys receipt. But, you have to notice that Sobey’s receipt has the expired date. You have to use this receipt to enter within seven days after your transaction date. If you enter this survey portal after seven days of your purchase, your receipt will be void.

So, you have to make a new transaction at Sobeys and use the new receipt. The next, there is only one sweepstake entry method offered by Sobeys. You need to complete the Sobeys receipt survey if you want to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Sobeys Sweepstakes prize.

For your information, the reward of Sobeys sweepstakes is $1000. This prize will be awarded to the selected winner every month. So, there will be only one Sobeys sweepstakes winner each month. You want to be this lucky winner, won’t you? So, you should not miss this survey sweepstakes program.

When you get a receipt from Sobeys, you should access soon before your receipt is void. Then, you can enter the sweepstakes after you answer all survey questions. Just provide your personal info to submit a sweepstake entry. Make sure that you submit the correct contact details.

  • Sobeys sweepstakes winner.

You may be curious about how Sobeys selects the sweepstakes winner. You should not worry since the purchase has no effect on the winner selection. It is because Sobeys will select the winner randomly. In each month, Sobeys sweepstakes committee will decide one winner through a random draw.

Then, Sobeys will contact this winner by phone or email to notify that he wins this sweepstake. That’s why you have to write down your contact details correctly. So, Sobeys can contact you easily when you win this program. If there is no response from the winner after being notified, Sobeys will select the alternate winner.

sobeys survey sweepstakes
sobeys survey sweepstakes guideline

What are the Steps of Sobeys Survey?

Taking part in the Sobeys grocery survey is very easy. You can complete all the survey steps in less than five minutes. Just prepare your Sobeys receipt in case you will be asked to enter some receipt details. Besides, your internet connection also has an important role to determine your survey completion.

Make sure that your internet access is always stable. So, you will not experience any error when loading the survey. When these requirements are ready, you can start doing the step by step below.

  • Steps 1. Access the Sobeys Customer Survey portal.

Use your browser to visit the Sobeys customer satisfaction survey portal. You can use a search engine to find this survey website. Just use the keyword Sobeys grocery Survey or Sobeys receipt survey. besides, you also can visit this survey website straightaway by accessing This way, you will land to the correct survey page. If you experience any issue when accessing this survey portal, you can contact [email protected]

  • Step 2. Select the preferred language.
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To make the survey takers easy to complete the survey, Sobeys provides two language choices. There are English and French. You can select the language that you usually use in your daily conversation. After selecting the language, you can move to the following page by clicking on the Next (>>>) button.

  • Step 3. Enter the Sobeys store number.

In order to verify your visit, you need to enter some details of your Sobeys receipt. First of all, you have to enter the Sobeys store number. Sobeys grocery survey portal has provided the drop-down menu to select the store number. If you do not know the Sobeys store number you have just visited, you should look at your receipt.

In this survey website, Sobeys also provides the receipt sample. So, you can see the part of the receipt which contains the store number. Click (>>>) button to go to the next page.

  • Step 4. Verify the Sobeys location.

After entering the Sobeys store number, you have to verify the location on the next page. Sobeys website will show the address of the Sobeys store. If that is the correct address of the Sobeys store you have just visited, you can click on it. Then, you can continue to the next page.

  • Step 5. Enter the Transaction number.

To pass this step, you have to fill out the Sobeys transaction number. You can find this number on your Sobeys receipt. Usually, Sobeys transaction number consists of four digits.

  • Step 6. Specify the date and time.

After entering the TRN number, you have to indicate the date and time of your visit. To make sure that you enter the correct date and time, you should see these details on your receipt.

  • Step 7. Complete the survey.

Now you are stepping the main part of the survey. You have to answer all questions appeared on this survey. You cannot skip the question. After answeing one question, you can click on the Next button to answer the following question. First of all, Sobeys asks about your general satisfaction after shopping in their store. You can express your overall satisfaction by selecting the rating.

There will be also the details of questions asking your opinion about Sobeys product, store, service, and employees. Response these questions honestly based on your shopping experience. You are also allowed to leave Sobeys feedback. So, you can express any opinion, comment, or suggestion to Sobeys.

  • Step 8. Enter Sobeys sweepstakes.

After answering all the questions, you will be offered to enter the Sobeys sweepstakes. If you are interested in winning a $1000 Sobeys gift card, you should accept this invitation. To join this program, you have to submit your personal information.

There will be a Sobeys sweepstakes form. Just fill out this form with your personal details. As an example, you have to write down your full name, mailing address, telephone number, date of birth, and email address. The last, you can submit this sweepstakes entry.

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Now, you have completed all steps of Sobeys Customer Survey sweepstakes. What you have to do now is waiting for the sweepstakes winner announcement. Always make sure that your phone cell is active. Who knows you will be the winner and you get a phone call from Sobeys.

How to Reach Sobeys Customer Service?

Did you find any problems during your shopping time at Sobeys? Do not worry because Sobeys Customer Care is always ready to help you. just do the following methods to contact this service.

  1. Website

When you are eager to give feedbacks to Sobeys Customer Care, you can simply contact them via the website at This website has a contact page where you can fill in a feedback form. You may need some information to complete the form, such as your contact information and Sobeys store information. Then, you may explain your feedbacks about Sobeys and submit them directly.

  1. Mailing

When you do not have any internet connection to submit your feedback on the Sobeys website, you do not need to worry. It is because you may contact Sobeys via mailing post. If you want to send your letters to Sobeys corporate office, just use the following address:

Sobeys Inc.

115 King Street

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

B0K 1S0


  1. Email

It is also possible to send your feedback by email. There are some email addresses that you can use based on where you are residing now. Here are the email addresses owned by Sobeys Customer Care.

  1. Phone

You may contact Sobeys Customer Care by phone for free if you need immediate responses to the problems you have. Make sure you contact this service during working hours from Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.( EST). The phone numbers that you can call to reach Sobeys Customer Care are:

  • Atlantic: 1 888 944 0442
  • Ontario: 1 888 821 5557
  • West: 1 800 723 3929
  • Private Brands: 1 866 672 0061
  1. Social media

Your social media account is able to be a means to contact Sobeys customer care as well. You simply have to visit Sobeys’ social media pages and leave your comments there. moreover, you can follow the pages if you do not want to miss any fresh information and promotions from Sobeys. the following links will help you reach the social media pages of Sobeys.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
  • YouTube:
  • Google+:



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