SlimChickensListens – Take Slim Chickens Survey and Win $100 Gift Card

Hello fried chicken lovers! We have great news for you. Don’t miss prizes from SlimChickensListens through their survey portal. Who doesn’t know this fried chicken brand? They sell a variety of menus from chicken meat. If you like their menu, don’t forget to follow Slimchickenslistens. Here they help you convey feedback to the restaurant.

You don’t need to get into trouble by filling out survey forms. Now you can reach the survey portal using the internet. Your feedback will help the restaurant continue to grow positively. Because they can fix the weaknesses of this business. Well, do you have any doubts about taking this survey?

Slim chickens survey is a way to give complaints or suggestions to Slim chickens restaurant. They created this portal to make it easy for visitors to express their opinions. You do not need to hesitate to try this method. Because they have a reward after completing it. Well, you can get Slim Chickens Coupons. You don’t need to spend money on this coupon. It is because you can redeem your coupon with a menu in the restaurant.

Then you can follow Slim chickens sweepstakes. What can you get? They have a $100 Slim Chickens Gift Card. Isn’t this an interesting gift for you to get? Feel free to try. We will make your survey process easy and fun. So, continue reading these instructions. You can find more information in the next section.

slimchickenslistens survey can be accessed at

Slim Chickens Restaurant Profile

Are you a Slim Chickens customer? If you are a new visitor, then you need to read this restaurant profile. So Slim Chickens is a fast food restaurant from the United States. Here they use tenders and chicken wings as the main ingredients of the restaurant menu. This business was founded in 2003. The idea owners of this chicken restaurant are Gred Smart and Tom Gordon. Slim Chicken stands in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They use a used sushi restaurant to start a business.

Then in 2005, they opened a second location in Rogers. Then in 2008, they opened five outlets in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Until 2019 they are still expanding their business wings to other locations. They want to maintain the quality of their restaurant through customer surveys. You can help them continue to exist through this survey.

SlimChickensListens Survey Rules

Do you want to take a survey from Slim Chickens? If you are interested, let’s read the survey rules. This regulation has several parts. First, we will explain the eligibility survey. Second, you can know the survey method. Third, you can find out the reward after the survey. Fourth, rules for participants and survey winners. In general, we will discuss the rules for following Slim chickens sweepstakes.

So, after completing the survey process, you can choose to enter the draw. Read the official rules through Click on the sweepstakes rules link. However, you can read the survey rules instantly below.

  1. Eligibility Slim Chickens Survey.

Before taking the Slim Chickens Survey, we want you to read this rule. Here you need to know eligibility to take surveys. If you don’t meet the requirements, you don’t need to be sad. At the end, you can use Slim Chickens Customer Service. Then you can ask friends and family to help take surveys. Let’s see if you qualify for this process.

  • They only accept sweepstakes entry from residents of the Columbia region and the United States.
  • Survey portal users are at least 18 years old.
  • If you work at Slim Chickens Restaurant, you are forbidden to take the survey.
  • Staff family members may not take the survey.
  1. Slim Chickens Sweepstakes Entry Methods.
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After checking eligibility, now you need to know the entry method. Here you can only do surveys online. If you want to join the sweepstakes program, we have 2 ways. First, you can enter the draw after the survey. Second, you can send sweepstakes through the post office. If you need to submit feedback, we suggest you use a survey. Online survey. This method only takes a minute. You do not need to get into trouble to send the draw through the post office. So, online surveys are an easy way to enter the draw.

  1. SlimChickensListens Survey Rewards.

What are you waiting for from this process? Yes right, here we have survey rewards information. They have two gifts for you.

  • If you don’t follow sweepstakes, you will get Slim Chickens Coupons. Exchange coupons at Slim chickens near me. You may not remove coupons. So after the survey, they will display a validation code. Write this code in Slim Chickens Receipt.
  • If you enter the sweepstakes, they have 12 prizes for you. Every period they will take 1 winner. They have a $100 gift card every survey period. If you want to enjoy the menu without worry, win this gift card.
  1. Other regulations.
  • Pay attention to the survey period. Here you have 12 months. They open the sweepstakes program starting on January 1, 2019. Then this program will end on December 31, 2019.
  • If you are lucky, they will contact you via contact information. You only need to wait 10 days from the entry sweepstakes period.
  • You have 3 days to confirm.

Slimchickenslistens Survey Preparations

Before we use the survey portal, you need to have several devices. Here we hope you are familiar with browsers and the internet. Both will help you complete the survey. Here we have some instructions for preparing a survey. Before using the survey portal, you can submit feedback using a questionnaire. Now you enter the era of globalization. Here you can use the internet to convey feedback. The survey portal will collect answers of survey questions. So, you only need to give ratings for their services. Below are some survey tools that you need to have.

  1. Computer equipment.

You need a computer as a tool to open a survey portal. If you don’t have it, laptops and tablets can be the second choice. But, we hope you use a computer or laptop. Both devices can display the survey portal clearly. So you can avoid technical errors.

  1. Browser

After having the device you need to choose a browser. Here we have a popular browser reference for you. So you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer. They have a website search box that can help you. So, have you chosen a browser?

  1. Stable internet connection.
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Computers and browsers can work if they have internet support. A stable connection can make it easier for browsers to find websites. If your internet signal is weak, you might need to spend a lot of time. Well, we don’t want you to get into trouble. So, you need to have a stable internet to complete surveys.

  1. Slim Chickens Receipt

Next you need to get a survey invitation from Slim Chickens. Well, visit the restaurant closest to you. Then get receipts by buying products from Slim Chickens. Receipt does not only contain a survey code. It also informs you about your visit information. So, save your receipt to complete Slimchickenslistens.

Slimchickenslistens survey steps

Slimchickenslistens Survey Steps

After reading the survey rules and preparation, you can now complete the survey. Because in this section you can read Slim Chickens Listens step. If you don’t know this survey, then you need our instructions. So they make a portal to find out what customers want. Here you only need to use stories when enjoying the menu at the restaurant. Try to remember the feeling and atmosphere of the place you eat.

This information will help you fill in the fields in the survey portal. Then you can easily rank for Slim Chickens. Your opinion can help customers get a better experience in the future. Well, if you can’t wait to win a prize, follow the steps below.

  1. Load the Slim Chickens Survey portal.

Use a computer and browser to complete your first step. Here you need addresses and keywords for the search process. You can use the browser to find the Slim Chickens survey portal. Enter in the browser search box. Click enter or search on your device.

  1. Enter 17 Digit Survey Code.

Reopen your Slim Chickens Store Receipt. Here you need to find the survey code. Well, they can’t help you with a sample receipt image. So, you should find a code with 17 digits. Then you cannot make language settings here. They only use English on this Slimchickenslistens portal.

  1. Answer the Slim Chickens survey question.

Next you enter the survey question page. They will ask you to enter feedback. Use your dining experience to answer survey questions. Then you can rate several aspects of service in the restaurant. Here you can get multiple-choice questions or just enter rankings. Below are some aspects that can help you complete the survey.

  • Enter your general satisfaction with Slim Chickens service.
  • Give opinions about their products. Here you can recall the temperature, the portion of the display or other aspects.
  • Give your opinion about the staff and their hospitality. If you are satisfied with the friendliness of the staff, give a high score for this aspect.
  • Enter your opinion about the menu price.
  • Enter your opinion about restaurant cleanliness.
  • Write down the problems you get while enjoying the menu on Slim Chickens.
  1. Enter Contact Information.
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Then you can join the sweepstakes program. After answering the survey questions, they will offer you a sweepstake. If you are interested, then you need to fill in the contact information column. This information will help them contact you. So you need to enter your name, email, phone number,  and address.

  1. Take Slim Chickens Coupons.

If you miss the sweepstakes you can get a coupon from them. Here you only need stationery and receipt sheets. Write the validation code that appears on the screen of your device. If you want to redeem a coupon, bring your receipt in your next visit. Hand over the coupon to the staff when paying for the menu.

How to Search For Slim Chickens Near Me

After having a coupon, now you need to know the location of Slim Chickens. We suggest you visit the nearest location. Here you can save travel time. Well, do you have a way to find the location of the restaurant? If you don’t have an idea, then you can read our instructions. So we have 3 ways to access Slim Chickens Near Me. First, find the location of Slim Chickens via Google Maps. Second, you can use the Slim Chickens Official Website. Third, download Slim Chickens Mobile Apps. Choose the easiest way to access location for you. See our explanation below.

  1. Google Maps.

This application will help you to find restaurant locations easily. Enter the keyword “Slim Chickens” in the location search box. Click enter to find the nearest location. Then they only have distance information, travel time and directions. You can’t find Store Hours here.

  1. Slim Chickens Official Website.

Do you know their official website? Here they are the closest Slim Chickens search feature. Follow the steps below:

  • Load through your browser.
  • Locations and menus. After landing on the official website, look for the Locations and menus link.
  • Enter your location. They need your ZIP Code, city and country. If you don’t remember, then you can see a few store links under the search field.
  • Record Slim Chickens Local information.
  1. Slim Chickens Mobile Apps.

Then you can use the application to find locations easily and simply. Download this application if slim chickens is your favorite restaurant.

How to Contact Slim Chickens Customer Service

In case you have any questions related to Slim Chickens, you should contact its customer service. Here are two possible ways to get in touch with Slim Chickens Customer Service.

  1. Official Slim Chickens Site.

Here you can enter feedback through the website. Fill out the form to enter feedback. They need the identity and information of your visit. Visit them through Then open the contact us page.

  1. Slim Chicken Social Media.

Get menu promos and program benefits from Slim Chickens through social media below.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:



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