Shake Shack Survey – Get $5 off $20 from Shake Shack Experience Survey

Have you just visited Shake Shack recently? If so, you should not miss taking part in Shake Shack Survey. Why? Because you can win Shake Shack coupon discount worth $5 off. Wow. You should not miss this opportunity. With this coupon, you can save your meal budget at Shake Shack. Participating in this survey will not take much of your time. So, this Shake Shack experience survey is worth to do.

Shake Shack survey is accessible online. To take part in this survey, you need a valid receipt from Shake Shack and email address. After completing Shake Shack customer satisfaction survey, you will get Shake Shack coupon sent to your email address. Through this survey, you are free to convey Shake Shack feedback. If you have not taken part in this survey before, you can find the complete guideline on this article. Happy reading.

shake shack survey
shake shack survey is accessible at

Shake Shack Company Profile

Before talking further about the Shake Shack feedback survey, it will be better if we discuss the Shake Shack company profile first. Shake Shack is one of the American fast-food chains which is headquartered in New York. In the beginning, Shake Shack was only a hot dog cart. It started its business in 2001.

In 2004, it started to build a stand in the park. It not only sold hot dogs. Shake Shack expanded the menu to burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Its business grows well. In late 2014, Shake Shack offers its stock to the public. Nowadays, Shake Shack has more than 250 chains not only in the US but also international. You can find Shake Shack outlet in the stand-alone restaurant as well as a shopping mall.

About Shake Shack Survey

After reviewing a little bit of information about the Shake Shack restaurant profile, let’s discuss the Shake Shack survey. In order to assess the guest’s satisfaction level, this company uses Shake Shack Survey. Through this survey, Shake Shake can know what the customers feel after dining in their restaurant. It is because this survey gathers the customers’ feedback.

If you have just dined in or taken away the Shake Shack’s menu, you ill get the survey invitation through Shake Shack receipt. This survey can be completed in less than five minutes. So, you do not need to spend much time to accomplish it. Just respond to a series of questions asking your recent experience at Shake Shack.

As an example, you are required to rate your satisfaction level to some aspects of the Shake Shack restaurant. You can share your feedback about the menu, price, service, and restaurant’s cleanliness. After the survey, you will get a coupon discount valued $5 off $20 for the App order.

Shake Shack Survey Rules

Before taking Shake Shack Experience Survey, you have to review the rules first. This way, you will know whether you are eligible to take part in this survey. Also, you can know the restriction and rules to redeem the Shake Shack coupon code. To enable you reviewing the rules, we have concluded some points below.

  1. Survey Eligibility.
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All customers of Shake Shack can take part in this survey as long as they have Shake Shack receipt and email address. Besides, they should be at least 18 years of age when they take this survey. All Shake Shack employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in this survey program.

  1. Survey limitation.

You have to take this survey within 24 hours of your recent visit. It is because the Shake Shack receipt is only valid one day. Besides, you only can take part in this survey once a week. Shake Shacks limits one entry per person per week.

  1. Survey reward.

To thank your participation and feedback, Shake Shack rewards you a discount coupon. Once you submit the Shake Shack feedback survey, the coupon code will appear on the screen. This Shake Shack coupon code is redeemable with $5 off $20 for App order.

  1. How to Redeem the coupon.

There are some rules to redeem the Shake Shack coupon you get from this survey. Check the points below before you redeem your coupon code.

  • Shake Shack coupon code is redeemable for $5 off your next App order of $20.
  • You cannot redeem this coupon in-store.
  • Shake Shack coupon code is valid within seven days of taking the survey.
  • Shake Shack limits one coupon per two weeks per guest.
  • One coupon is for one discount.
  • This coupon cannot be combined with other Shake Shack promos.
Shake Shack survey
Shake Shack survey steps

How to take Shake Shack Survey?

  • Visit
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Specify Shake Shack location.
  • Answer Shake Shack survey questions
  • Leave your Shake Shack feedback.
  • Provide your name and email address
  • Take Shake Shack coupons.

Shake Shack Survey Steps in Detail

In this section, we present the step by step to take part in the Shake Shack Feedback Survey. This guideline will help you to complete Shake Shack experience survey with ease. Check this out.

  • Step 1. Visit Shake Shack Survey website.

First of all, you have to use your browser to access Shake Shack survey portal. You can reach it at

  • Step 2. Click on the Continue button.

Shake Shack survey is managed by the third party. Once you click on the continue button, you will be directed into the Shake Shack survey provider website.

  • Step 3. Click on the Next button.

Then, you ill be directed into this web address On this homepage, you should press the Next button to start the survey.

  • Step 4. Specify Shake Shack location.

In this step, you have to select Shake Shack location you have just visited. First, you have to select the State. Then, you should choose the Metro Area. Also, you need to select the exact restaurant location. Click the Next button to continue to the next question.

  • Step 5. Answer Shake Shack survey questions.
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In this step, you have to give your response to some questions. First, you will be asked whether you recommend Shake Shack to your friend. Then, you need to rate Shake Shack’s restaurant aspects. For instance, you have to rate the taste and freshness of the menu, the value of the menu, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the attentiveness of the staff, etc.

  • Step 6. Write your feedback.

You will be given a chance to write down the problem you encounter during your visit. Also, you are welcomed to express your feedback. You can write down your complaints, suggestions, comments, etc.

  • Step 7. Provide your personal information.

In this stage, you need to write down your full name. Also, you have to provide your email address. You should not worry, Shake Shack will not use your data for marketing purposes.

  • Step 8. Take Shake Shack coupon code.

After submitting the survey, the Shake Shack validation code will appear on your screen. You have to save this code. Then you can use this coupon for online ordering through Shake Shack App.

That’s all the simple steps to complete Shake Shake experience survey. Once you get the coupon code, you should redeem it within seven days after taking this survey. Make sure that you spend at least $20 to get the $5 off discount.

Shake Shack Hours of Operation

Before visiting Shake Shack chain, you have to check Shake Shack hours first. This way, you will know what time Shake Shack outlet is open and closed. You can review Shake Shack opening hours on the following table.

Day Shake Shack Hours
Monday 11 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday 11 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday 11 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 11 AM – 11 PM
Friday 11 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

From the table above, we can see that Shake Shack is open every day. From Sunday to Thursday, Shake Shack is open at 11 AM and closed at 11 PM. Besides, on Friday and Saturday, Shake Shack is open at 11 AM and closed at 10 PM. But, you have to note that Shake Shack hours may vary by location. So, you have to check the hour of operation of Shake Shack local store near you.

You can check Shake Shack store hour through Shake Shack website. Just enter your location. Then, the website will display the address of Shake Shack locations near you along with Shake Shack hours information. Besides, you can call Shake Shack customer service to confirm the hours of operation.

How to Find Shake Shack Near Me

Do you want to enjoy burger and milkshake? Visiting Shake Shack can be a perfect choice. It is not difficult at all to locate Shake Shack outlet. You can try one of the possible ways below to search for Shake Shacks near me location.

  • Google Map.

You must have installed this application on your smartphone. Just open this mobile app and enter the keyword Shake Shack near me or Shake Shack locations near me. Then, the map will show you the direction to reach Shake Shack location. Besides, you also can check Shake Shack reviews, phone numbers, and store hours.

  • Shake Shack store locator.
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This feature is available at Shake Shack website. You can access then, you can click on Location menu. Then, you can check Shake Shack location in every State. Click on the State where you belong to. Then, you can see the list of Shake Shack locations. You also can get the information about Shake Shacks phone number, store hours, Shake Shack careers, and many more.

  • Shake Shack App.

As a loyal customer of Shake Shack, you have to install Shake Shack app. This app can help you to review Shake Shack menu, order online, and search for a location.

How to Contact Shake Shack Customer Service

What you will do if you want to ask some information related to Shake Shack? What you can do to report your problem when you order online? In this case, you have to contact Shake Shack customer service. The professional and friendly customer service staff of Shake Shack will help you to solve your problem. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Shake Shack.

  1. By phone.

Calling Shake Shack customer service is the instant way to get the response. You can ask any questions about Shake Shack deals and promos, Shake Shack menu, career, store hours and many other topics. Here is the list of Shake Shack Guest Service phone number.

  • (607) 770-1005
  • (646) 747-7200
  • 1-855-742-2548 (Toll-free number for the US only)

Make sure that you call them during Shake Shack business hours. The Shake Shack Guest Service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

  1. By Fax.

You also can reach Shake Shack by fax. Just send your message via facsimile through the following number. (607) 770-1153

  1. By mail.

If you want to send the business letter to Shake Shack, you can use the address below. Just send your inquiry to the following address.

Shake Shack, Inc

24 Union Square East 5th Floor

New York 10003

  1. Website

If you want to explore the complete information about Shake Shack, you should visit its official website. Just access On this website, you can review Shake Shack menu, Shake Shack gift cards, and Shake Shack special offers. You also can visit Shake Shack FAQs to review the questions and answers related to this restaurant.

In case you want to purchase Shake Shack merchandise, you can visit Through this website, you can shop online for apparel and accessories about Shake Shack.

  1. Social Media.

If you want to keep updated about Shake Shack promos and deals, you have to follow its social media account. Also, you can share your feedback through social media. Shake Shack administrator will respond you quickly. Here is the list of Shake Shack Social Media account.

  • Instagram:
  • Snapchat:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Giphy:
  • Linkedin:




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