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For employees of Sears Holdings, Sears88 Login Portal is not a brand new thing. Every employee will need this portal to enhance the qualities of their working performance. Sears Holdings has created this employee portal to always give updates about companies to its employees. Besides, it is a way of Sears Holdings to manage each employee well.

To use My Sears employee login portal, every Sears Holdings employees should create an account first. Then, they must sign in to their employee account to explore some features provided on Sears Holdings Employee Login portal. Without an account, it will be impossible for the employees to use the employee login portal.

Now, you may have more information about Sears Holdings employee login portal by reading this article. You will be able to learn how to sign up an account, how to log in to your account, what to do if you are a former associate of Sears Holdings, or how to reset the password of your account on this My88sears employee login portal. Moreover, we have provided more interesting things that you may need to know about Sears Holdings. Happy reading!

88sears login page
88sears login page

About Sears88 employee login Portal

Sears Holdings Employee Login portal is an online portal created by the Human Resource department of Sears Company. You can visit this portal at if you have signed up an account on this portal, you may get several advantages. For example, you will be able to:

  1. manage your employment information

Your account on Sears Holdings Employee Login portal can be a place to store your data and information as long as you work at Sears Company. In addition, you may manage all of the information as you need, such as your contact details, digital pay stubs, health benefits, life benefits, and some more information.

  1. learn job benefits

Through your Sears Holdings Employee account, you will find a page where you may learn any policies and details related to job benefits provided by Sears Holdings. This way, you may understand how you can apply for the benefits, what to do after you have applied, and other important things that you need to make the benefits works really well for you.

  1. get the important announcement

Nowadays, information really runs so fast. No wonder, Sears Holdings may need to give important announcements to their employees as fast as possible. With Sears Holdings Employee account, each of Sears employee may receive such important announcements in real time.

This way, they will not miss any updates from the company when they check their employee account. Moreover, you may get information about job vacancies, limited employee discounts, or any other helpful things an employee can receive.

  1. maximize your job duties

Sears Holdings Employee Login portal will help you maximize your job duties by providing a feature where you may save or share files related to your job through this account. This way, you will be able to access any digital files whenever and wherever you are.

  1. communicate with other employees

Communication is one of the important aspects needed for building a big company. Thus, Sears Holdings Employee Login portal can be a means to communicate with other Sears employees when you need to discuss your projects or other works.

Well, Sears Holdings Corporation itself is a big company managing a chain of retail stores, Kmart and Sears, in the United States. The headquarters of this company is in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. There are 766 branches of Kmart and Sears stores are in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

With a lot of locations to serve, it is not surprising that Sears Holdings Corporation should hire around 89.000 people to work at this company. This is why Sears HR department needs a portal that will help all employees do their job as well as receive their rights. You may visit this Sears Human Resource portal at if you wonder what kind of information that you may take from Sears Human Resource department.

Sears Employment Login Preparations.

Well, you can get the benefits of using the internet on the Sears88 employee portal. Because you can explore your HR office on one site. You can even complete some of the staff work there. For example, you access 88sears my work schedule. You don’t need to take notes for work schedules. Because your account will store this information for you. The next step, you need to read the instructions to prepare the login device. We don’t think you need these instructions. Because you have used several devices every day. And, here they are:

  1. Login Device.
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Login tools are your first need. Login devices can consist of a computer or laptop. However, you can use smartphones and tablets to log in. If you consider practical value, then you can use a smartphone. Because you can use it wherever you are. If you want to check website display details, you need to choose a computer or laptop.

  1. Internet services.

Internet services are your second need. You need this device to visit the login site. Without internet service, your device will not work. Because the browser will do its job when your device has an internet signal.

  1. Enterprise ID and Password.

In this section, you have entered the login portal page. Well, you need both to enter your employee portal. You can get this information from your HR office. If you are former, your login ID is from your SSN.


sears88 login
sears88 login steps

Steps to Sign In on Sears88 Login Portal

The only way to have an account on 88sears associate login portal is by seeing a staff of Human Resource department. The staff will help you to create an employee account on Sears Holding Corporation employee portal. Then, the staff will give your account credentials to try to log in.

You will need a device before you log in. the internet connection is a thing you must have as well before you can log in to your new Sears Holding employee account. If all is ready, you can take the steps to log in using the following guidelines.

  1. Current Employees

If you are an active employee of Sears Holding Corporation, you need to do the steps below if you want to log in to your employee account.

  • Go to

First, you must go to the official website of Sears Holding Corporation employee login portal. The website is available at When you have reached this page, you will be able to see 3 columns where you can get updates about Sears Holding Corporation benefit information, payroll & W2 information, and Resources and Contacts.

  • Click MPI

Second, you can simply focus on the column of Resources and Contacts. It has several options listed in the column. Now, you can click the MPI link. This 88sears my personal information will take you to the page of Sears Holding Corporation employee login portal. the alternative way to reach this page is by visiting This address will take you to the same 88 Sears associate login page.

  • Provide Enterprise ID

Third, you can provide your enterprise ID in the upper field. You may receive this Login ID after a Human Resource department staff register your account on  Sears Holding Corporation employee login portal.

  • Enter Password

Fourth, you may enter the password for your Sears Holding Corporation employee account. you can type it in the lower blank field

  • Log In

Finally, you have to click Log In button if you have done filling in your employee account credentials. This button will let you enter your account and explore the features as you want.

  1. Former Associates

Even if you are not an active employee of Sears Holding Corporation, you can still have access to Sears Holding information. You may still have an account and sign in to explore the portal. as a former associate, you may take some steps below to log in to your account.

  • Go to Sears employee login page

Firstly, you must visit Sears Holding Corporation employee login portal through and click MPI link. If you do this way, you will need to click a link of former SHC associates login page in the login section.

However, you may just directly go to the login page at This website address will save your time when you are in a hurry to log in. when you have been on the page, you can complete the account information needed.

  • Enter Login ID
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Secondly, you can enter your Login ID in the upper field. You should use your SSN (Social Security Number) as your Login ID.

  • Fill In PIN number

Thirdly, you may fill in the PIN Number. This portal will ask the encrypted password that you need to enter in the lower field.

  • Log In

Lastly, you need to press the login button to start your request to enter account on this former SHC associates login page.

Ways to Reset Password on Sears 88 Employee Login Portal

There are several reasons why you need to reset your password. You may just keep your account secured or you just lost your password. But, whatever your reason is the password of your Sears Holding Corporation account gets expired every 90 days. So, if you want to reset it before it expires, you can do the following things.

  1. Go to Sears 88 reset password page

First, you can go to the reset password page of Sears 88 employee portal. You can reach it at This page will give you information about all the things that you should do in case you have problems with your account password.

  1. Contact support numbers

Secondly, you can try to log in using this page. if your attempts to log in fails, you need to contact the support numbers. You will see 2 phone numbers that you may reach if you need more assistance in resetting your account. The numbers are 1 866 562 7800 or

1 700 321 1040. In case you have a chance to create a password, you should make a strong one. It should consist of letters and numbers. Besides, it must have 8 digits at least. If your password is active, you can try it to log in to your employee account.

How to access Sears88 Work Schedule.
  1. Visit the Sears88 Official Portal. If you want to start this process, open your device. First, enter the Sears88 site first in the search box.
  2. Second, start the search process by pressing the enter key.
  3. Click on the Workforce Optimization link. On this page, you can see information on benefits, Payroll and Resources, and contact. Click on the Workforce Optimization link to see the schedule.
  4. Click on the Log in button.
  5. Enter your account username.
  6. Enter your account password.
  7. Click on the Sign in button to see your work schedule.

Get to know the profile of Sears Holding Corporation.

Do you work at Sears Holding? If you work there, you need to feel proud. Because this retail store is popular in the United States. They offer patent brands like Kenmore or DieHard. You don’t need to hesitate about this business income. Because the brands in the store are everyone’s favorite. Here you can shop physically. If you cannot attend their store, you can do it digitally. This business became active in 1893.

At that time they sold hours to customers. 32 years passed, then they opened their first retail store. The location of their first store is in Chicago. There they want to create a WOW experience for customers. So, don’t hesitate to find your needs in this shop. Because they have quality services and products.

Furthermore, the two businesses joined in 2005. They agreed to use the name Sears Holdings Corporation. At present they have a head office in Hoffman Estates, III. So this company offers products from 8 popular brands. You can get everything on their social shopping site.

Things to Know about 88sears benefits

If you work at Sears Holdings Corporation, you will receive some benefits. For instance:

  1. Medical Plan

Full-time and part-time employees of Sears Holdings Corporation may apply medical plan as it offers health coverage at certain matters. The coverage includes routine & preventive care and health savings account.

  1. Vision Plan

Sears Holdings Corporation has a vision plan for its full-time employees. With this plan, employees may get financial coverage for their vision care. Family members of the full-time employees can get this benefit, too.

  1. Dental Plan

The dental plan from Sears Holdings Corporation will give financial coverage for you and your family members related to dental care. This plan is available for full-time employees only.

  1. Disability Programs

Full-time employees who are unable to work can take these disability programs. The programs are divided into 2 types, such as short-term disability and long-term disability. The short-term disability programs will cover your pay during pregnancy and childbirth off-days. And the long-term disability programs can be the source of your income when you have to take a long time off due to a severe illness or injury.

  1. Life Insurance Plan
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Every employee of Sears Holdings Corporation will have this Life Insurance Plan at no cost. besides, you may apply for optional life insurance for your spouse and children.

  1. 401(k) Savings Plan

This plan is available for Sears Holdings Corporation part-time employees as well as full-time employees. This savings plan will give help you plan your savings to reach your financial goals and prepare your retirement.

  1. Travel Insurance Plan

When you get an accident when you travel for Sears Holdings business, you may get this plan. This plan will also apply if you have dismemberment from injuries caused by the accident.

  1. Commuter Benefit Program

Sears Holdings employees will get financial coverage for commuter expenses related to works. This program includes fare for public transportation, vanpool, and parking service.

  1. Adoption Assistance Program

Sears Holdings Corporation has an Adoption Assistance Program for full-time employees. this program will help employees to manage any expenses caused by the adoption process more easily.

  1. WorkLife Solutions

Employees of full-time hours and part-time hours may get Sears Holdings Corporation WorkLife Solutions.  It is an employee assistance program that will give resources and services to handle the needs of your family and career.

There are more things that a full-time or a part-time employee of Sears Holdings Corporation may receive, such as employee discounts, stock purchase plan, flexible benefits plan, etc. You may just visit to get full information about the benefits for Sears Holdings Corporation employees.

About Sears Business Hours of Operation

One of the tips to get success in careers is about to have a good relationship with your teammates as well as with a full Sears Corporate Office. So that is why, you may need to know the detail of Sears Business Hours of Operation in order to discuss some problems, get a consultation and many more. But still, they may limit the operation within Sears Business Hours of Operation only. Do you curious about it? So, here they are!

[table id=20 /]

 How to Get Helps from 88 Sears Login Support Central

Do you need helps to solve your login problems? You can do the following ways to contact Sears 88 Support Central.

  1. Website

Some websites below will help you get information about Sears employee login supports. For example:


You may use this page if you have questions about Enterprise ID/LDAP ID and account password.


This is the page where you may look to your Enterprise ID for Sears employee login portal.


If you have problems with your account password, you may visit this page.

  1. Phone

In case you need immediate assistance, you can simply contact the Support Central representatives via phone. You only need to dial 88 Sears phone number at 1 866 562 7800 or 1 700 321 1040.

About Sears Holdings Corporation Customer Service.

  1. 88sears phone number.


  1. SHC Mailing Address.

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

(847) 286-2500

  1. Sears Holdings Corporation Social Media.
  • Twitter: @SearsHoldings.
  • Youtube: SearsHoldingsVideo.
  • Linkedin: Sears Holdings Corporation.

So, this is all about 88 Sears Employee Portal and how to manage Work Schedule. Later, you must support Sears Company harder by showing your best work performance. However, you must stay calm as Sears 88 Login Portal has prepared all the best for your life. Once you have completed the obligation at Sears, you can claim Sears Employee Benefits using your Sears88 Login Account. So, happy working!

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