Saverslistens – Get $2 Off Savers Coupon from Savers Survey

One of the ways to save on your money is purchasing second-hand stuff. If you want to hunt good quality second hand stuff, you can visit Savers. Then, after shopping at this store, you can take part in Saverslistens survey. By expressing your feedback, you can receive Savers thank you code worth $2 off for your next purchase.

Saverslistens is a customer survey portal owned by Savers. This store is familiar enough for you, isn’t it? Savers wants to collect feedback from the people who are shopping at its store. What the customers tell through the Savers Listens survey is beneficial for this store. The customers are allowed to convey their complaints and suggestions through the Savers survey. Then, the company can use their feedback to make better improvements.

If you have not taken part in Saverslistens survey before, you should not be confused. You can get the complete survey guideline on this page. Here you can find out Savers survey rules and steps. Also, you can check other information related to Savers. For instance, you can check Savers hours and Savers customer service. Happy reading.

savers survey portal at saverslistens
savers survey portal at saverslistens

Savers Company Profile

Savers, Inc is for-profit second-hand store chains in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This store has more than 350 locations around the world. No doubt, Savers becomes the international company. This store is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, United States. Savers get all the merchandise by buying the donated clothing or household items. So, if you have many unused products at your house, it is better to donate it to Savers.

Savers is also known as the Value Village store. In the Pacific Northwest and Canada, Savers is known as Value Village. Besides, in Quebec, this store is known as Village des Valeurs. When you visit this store, you can find a wide range of second-hand products at affordable prices. For instance, you can shop for clothing items, bedding, furniture, jewelry, toys, etc.

If you want to know more about Savers, you can visit its official website at There, you can explore more about Super Savers Club, Savers locations, and Thrift tips.

Saverslistens Survey Rules

Do you want to get a discount from Savers? Take Saverslistenssurvey soon after your visit to this store. But, you need to review Savers survey rules first, before accessing this survey portal. Make sure you understand some points below.

  1. Survey eligibility.

Saverslistens is open to all customers of Savers. But, the eligible survey takers must have the criteria below.

  • The participants must be the legal residents of the United States.
  • The survey takers must have a Savers receipt or Donor invitation card.
  • The minimum age of the survey takers is 18 years old.
  • All Savers employees are not allowed to take this survey.
  • The immediate family members of Savers employees are also not eligible for this survey.
  1. Survey method.

Savers only provides an online survey for its customers. Savers survey portal is accessible at You can start the survey by entering the customer code on your receipt or donor card.

  1. Survey reward.
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To appreciate the customers’ feedback, Savers offers the thank you code after the survey. This code serves as Savers discount coupon. It is redeemable with $2 off $5 on your next transaction.

  1. Survey rules.

If you want to complete Savers customer feedback survey successfully, you have to obey the rules below.

  • One Savers receipt or donor card is only for one survey entry.
  • The customers have to take Savers survey within 7 days of purchasing date.
  • The Savers coupon code is not redeemable for cash.
  • The coupon must be claimed within 30 days.
  • The customers must present the validation code along with the valid receipt or donor card to redeem the discount.
  • This coupon cannot be used together with other coupons or offers.

Savers Listens Survey Preparation

Have you got Savers Survey rules? If you are eligible to enter Savers survey, you should prepare the survey requirement. Good preparation can prevent any troubles occurs during the survey completion. Here are the items you need to start the survey.

  • Savers receipt or Donor card.

It is the main requirement of Savers Listens survey. both Savers receipt and donor card contains the customer code that is used to enter the survey page. So, if you lose your receipt or donor invitation card, unfortunately, cannot enter this survey.

  • Survey device.

Savers survey only can be done online. So, you need a device to reach Savers survey portal. You can choose to use a computer or smartphone. Both devices have weaknesses and strengths. Select the most convenient device.

  • Internet connection.

Your device is nothing if it is not connected to the internet. Check the speed of your internet support. The stable internet enables you to complete Savers survey without any trouble.

  • English or Spanish ability.

Savers survey website provides two language options for the survey takers. Make sure that you master English or Spanish to complete the survey questions.

  • A pen.

At the end of Savers survey, you will get a thank you code or Savers coupon code. You should write this code on your Savers receipt to redeem the discount. That is why you need to prepare a pen.

savers survey steps at saverslistens
savers survey steps at saverslistens

SaversListens Survey Steps Using a Receipt

As mentioned before, there are two ways to access Savers customer satisfaction survey. First, you can enter the survey portal by using Savers receipt. Second, you can start the survey by using Donor invitation card. Here is the step by step to complete Savers survey by using a receipt.

  • Step 1. Visit Savers survey portal.

At first, you have to reach Savers survey website. It is accessible at At the home page of the Savers survey portal, you will see two samples of purchase receipt and donor invitation card.

  • Step 2. Change the language setting.

If necessary, you can change the language of the website into Spanish. You can do this step if you are not fluent in using written English. But, if you are used to using English in your daily life, you can skip this step.

  • Step 3. Select the receipt.
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When you make a purchase, exchange, or return any items at Savers, you will get a receipt. Savers receipt contains Saverslistens survey invitation. You can enter this survey website by entering some details on this receipt.

  • Step 4. Enter the customer code.

On the next page, you are required to provide 19 digit customer code. Write down the code printed on your receipt correctly.

  • Step 5. Press the Start button.

After checking the customer code you entre, you can click on the Green Start button. If your code is valid, you will be able to start Savers survey.

  • Step 6. Answer Savers survey questions.

Do you still remember every details when you visit Savers? Recall your shopping experience and answer Savers survey questions. Rate your overall satisfaction with your visit. Also, rate other topics such as the products’ quality, store cleanliness, and Savers’ employees.

  • Step 7. Leave Savers feedback.

Write down your opinion about Savers. You can use this section to write down your complaints, compliments, and suggestions.

  • Step 8. Write down the Savers Thank You Code.

At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code as a reward for taking this survey. Write down this code on your Savers receipt. In your next visit, you can receive 42 off by spending at least $5.

savers customer survey at
savers customer survey at

Savers Survey Steps by Using Donor Invitation Card

If you often donate your stuff to Savers, you will get a donor card. You also can find Saverslistens survey invitation on this card. You can do the procedure below if you want to take Savers survey by using Donor invitation card.

  • Step 1. Visit Savers survey portal.

The survey web address is similar to the one you access it using the receipt. Just access

  • Step 2. Change the language setting.

You are allowed to change the website language into Spanish. Just click on Espanol link at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 3. Click on Donor Invitation Card.

Two entry method is available on this survey page. You can enter this survey using a receipt or donor card. Just select the second option.

  • Step 4. Enter the customer code.

The donor card also has the customer code. But, the code on this card only consists of 4 digits.

  • Step 5. Indicate the date of visit.

Enter the day when you came to Savers. Simply click on the calendar image to enter the date and month.

  • Step 6. Specify the time of visit.

Also, you need to mention the exact time when you visited Savers store. Look up the time information on your donor card.

  • Step 7. Press the Start button.

To begin this survey, you have to press the Start button. You will be directed into Savers survey page.

  • Step 8. Answer Saverslistens survey questions.

The survey questions you get may be different from the survey when you enter using a receipt. But, you still need to state your overall satisfaction after visiting Savers. Besides, other questions are about Savers service, store condition, and the employee’s behavior.

  • Step 9. Write down your Savers feedback.
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You are also expected to express your feedback. Just provide objective feedback to make Savers better.

  • Step 10. Write down the validation code.

You will also receive a thank you code or Savers coupon after this survey. Do not forget to write this code on your donor card. Redeem this coupon with $2 off $5 on your next visit.

Savers Hours of Operation

Need to purchase or donate the second-hand stuff? Going to Savers store is the best solution. You can even earn some money by donating your merchandise. But, before visiting this store, you have to check Savers store hours. This way, you can know what time Savers is open and closed. Here we present Savers general hours on the timetable below.

Days Savers Hours
Monday 9 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 9 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 9 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 9 AM – 9 PM
Friday 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 7 PM

From the time table above, we can see that Savers is open from Monday to Saturday at 9 AM and closed at 9 PM. Besides, on Sundays, this store is open at 10 AM and closed at 7 PM. But, you should note that Savers hours may vary by locations. So, every Savers chain has different store hours. You should contact the local Savers customer service to confirm the hours of operation.

Savers Customer Service

Do you experience any problem when you visit Savers? Let them know your problem by report it to Savers Customer Service. Besides, you can ask any questions related to this store. For example, you can ask about Super Savers Club, Savers gift cards, Savers deals, etc. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Savers.

  • By phone.

Do you want to talk to Savers Customer Service team directly? You can call +1 425-462-1515. Make sure to contact this phone number during Savers business hours to get the instant response.

  • By fax.

You also can send your message by fax. Here is Savers facsimile number 425-451-2250.

  • By mail.

For business inquiry, you can write to Savers. Send your letter to the Savers Corporate Office address below.

11400 SE 6th St #220


WA 98004, USA

  • By email.

You can express your complaints, critics, or suggestions to Savers via email. Here are Savers customer service email address:

  • Feedback form.

In case you lose your Savers receipt or donor card, of course, you cannot take part in Savers survey. But, you still can convey your feedback through Savers website. Just access Savers official website at Then, click on Help menu. After that, go to Contact menu. Fill in the feedback form by providing your personal details and message. Finally, you can submit this Savers feedback form.

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