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Do you want to earn Ross gift card worth $1000? If you are the loyal customer of Ross Dress for Less, you can win this gift card easily. You just need to participate in Rosslistens survey. But, make sure that you still keep Ross receipt from your last visit. With this valid receipt, you can enter the Ross survey portal easily. Then, you can share your Ross shopping feedback and enter Ross sweepstakes.

Rosslistens is an official survey portal owned by Ross Dress For Less. Through this survey website, Ross wants to identify the customers’ opinions about this store. The management wants to assess how satisfied the customers are after shopping at this store. You can rate some aspects related to Ross Dress for Less store. For instance, you can review the products, price, store attendants, store cleanliness, etc.

To appreciate your time for taking Ross Listens Survey, this company invites you to join their sweepstakes program. At the end of Ross survey, you will get an offer to enter Ross sweepstakes contest. If you are lucky, you will be able to win Ross Gift card worth $1000 as the reward. With this survey reward, you can shop for your favorite items at Ross Dress for Less.

rosslistens Ross survey portal can be accessed at

Ross Dress for Less Store Profile

Ross Dress for Less is one of the off-price store chains in the US. This company was established in 1950. The first location of Ross store was in San Bruno, California. In the beginning, Ross was an estate developer company. But, in 1982, some investors purchased this company and turned it into the off-price department store.

Nowadays, Ross Dress for Less is headquartered in Dublin, California. Currently, Ross operates more than 1400 chains in 37 states. But, you cannot find this store in New York, Alaska, New Jersey, and the Midwest area. This store provides many kinds of products. For instance, you can shop for clothing products, footwear, beauty products, houseware. Jewelry, furniture, toys, etc.

Rosslistens Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before taking Ross Survey Sweepstakes, you have to review the rules first. So, you can know your eligibility of the survey. Also, you can find out the requirements and restrictions of Ross survey. In fact, you can review the complete survey rules at Ross survey portal. But, for your convenience, we have summarized the rules.

  1. Survey eligibility.

Rosslistens survey is open to all Ross Dress for Less customers. But, there are some restrictions you have to notice.

  • Minimum 18 years old.

If you want to enter Ross survey sweepstakes, you have to reach at least 18 years of age. In case you are under 18 years old, you can ask your older brother or guardians to enter this sweepstake.

  • Legal Residents of the US.

Only legal residents of the US are eligible to enter Ross Sweepstakes. But, not all states can participate in this contest. Only the residents of these following states can take part in Ross survey sweepstakes:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Columbia, Florida, Guam, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississipi, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Virginia, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Tennesse.

  • Not working at Ross.
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If you are the employee of Ross Dress for Less, you are not eligible to enter this sweepstake. Also, if you are the family member of Ross employees, you cannot take part in Ross Survey sweepstakes.

  1. Survey sweepstakes method.

Ross allows the customers to enter this survey sweepstakes in two ways. First, they can enter the online survey at Rosslistens portal. Besides, if they do not have Ross receipt they can enter mail-in sweepstakes.

  1. Ross Sweepstakes winner.

In a month, Ross will select one Grand prize winner and 5-second winners. The winner selection is done through random drawing. So, both online sweepstakes and mail-in sweepstakes entries have the same opportunity to win this sweepstake. Ross Sweepstakes administrator will contact the winner by phone or email to notify that they win the prize.

  1. Ross Sweepstakes prize.

The grand prize winner will receive $1000 in the form of Ross gift card. Besides, the second winner will receive $100 Ross gift card. You should note that this prize is not transferable. Also, you can redeem this gift card for cash.

Ross Survey Sweepstakes Preparation

Are you eligible for Ross survey? if so, you have to make some preparation before you take Ross store survey. You need to prepare some items below as the survey requirements.

  • Survey device.

Ross Dress for Less survey is available online. So, you need a device to access Ross survey website. The use of personal computers or smartphone is crucial. Make sure that your device has a compatible browser to access the survey website.

  • Internet connection.

Your device is nothing without an internet connection. Make sure that you connect your device to the stable internet connection. This way, you can load Ross survey portal without any trouble. Also, you can complete the survey faster.

  • Language ability.

Ross survey website only provides two language choices. You can use English or Spanish to take the survey. So, make sure that you master one of these languages well.

  • Email address.

At the end of Ross survey, you will be offered to enter Ross sweepstakes. As the requirement, you have to submit your contact information including the email address and phone number.

rosslistens Ross survey steps

Rosslistens Survey Sweepstakes Steps

After knowing the rules of Ross Dress for Less survey, it’s your time to start the survey. have you prepared all of Ross survey requirements? If you have prepared all you need to complete this survey, you can start doing this survey. Just pay attention to the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit Ross Survey portal.

First of all, you have to reach the official survey website of Ross Dress for Less. You can reach this survey portal at At the bottom of the survey page, you will find the link to check the survey rules.

  • Step 2. Change the language setting.

The default language setting used by Ross survey portal is English. But, if you are not comfortable in using English, you can switch the language into Spanish. Just click on Espanol link located at the top of the survey page. If you like using English, you can skip this step.

  • Step 3. Enter Ross receipt number.
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Now, you have to check your receipt. Then, you need to enter 15 digits receipt number to the field provided. This receipt number is located at the top section of Ross receipt. Make sure that you enter this receipt number correctly.

  • Step 4. Press the Start button.

After entering the receipt number correctly, you can press the Start button. If your receipt number is valid, you will be able to load the first survey page. Then, you can start answering the survey questions appeared on your screen.

  • Step 5. Answer Ross survey questions.

Now, you are at the main survey section. You have to give your response to every question appeared on your screen. You need to rate your satisfaction level after shopping at Ross. Also, you have to answer the questions related to your shopping experience at Ross. The questions are about the quality and availability of the product, staff’s behavior, and store cleanliness.

  • Step 6. Enter Ross sweepstakes program.

After submitting the survey, you will be asked whether you want to enter Ross sweepstakes program. If you are willing to enter this program, you have to submit your contact information. Just fill out the simple sweepstakes form with your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

That’s all the brief guideline to take Ross store survey and enter Ross sweepstakes. After completing all the survey steps, you just need to wait for the winner announcement. If you are lucky, Ross will contact you by email or phone to inform that you win this contest. Make sure that you response this notification soon. If you do not, Ross will select the alternate winner.

How to Submit Ross Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

It does not matter if you do not have Ross receipt. You still can enter Ross sweepstakes without a receipt. It is because Ross sweepstakes do not require any purchase. So, you can submit the Ross sweepstakes entry by mail. You can do the following steps to submit the mail-in sweepstakes entry to Ross Dress For Less.

  • Prepare the requirement.

Since you submit the sweepstakes by mail, you need to prepare a piece of paper in 3×5 inches. Also, you need a pen to write down your identity. Black or blue ink is available. A business-sized envelope is also required.

  • Write down your personal information.

The next, you need to write down your personal information. You have to provide your full name, date of birth, mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

  • Put the card into the envelope.

Put your sweepstakes entry into a business sized envelope. Make sure that you use first-class postage paid.

  • Send your sweepstakes entry.

Send your sweepstakes entry to this following address:

Ross Dress for Less Survey Sweepstakes

Attn: Store Ops, 5130 Hacienda Drive

Dublin, California, 94568

United States.

Even you do not have Ross receipt, you have the same chance to win this sweepstakes. It is because Ross will select the sweepstakes winner randomly. What you need to do after sending your mail-in sweepstakes is waiting for the winner announcement.

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Ross Store Hours

Before you visit Ross Dress for Less, you have to check Ross hours of operation. This way, you can know what time Ross is open and closed. Here we present Ross store hours on this following table.

Day Ross hours
Monday 9 AM -11.30 PM
Tuesday 9 AM -11.30 PM
Wednesday 9 AM -11.30 PM
Thursday 9 AM -11.30 PM
Friday 9 AM – 12 AM
Saturday 9 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 8 AM – 11 PM

From the table above, we can see that Ross is open at 9 am from Monday to Saturday. Besides, on Sunday, this store is open at 8 AM. Besides, on weekdays, Ross store is closed at 11.30 PM. On Friday and Saturday, Ross is closed at 12 AM. Then, On Sunday, this store is closed at 11 PM.

Then, you also need to find out Ross holiday hours. So, when the holiday comes, you can go shopping at Ross. In general, Ross is open on the major holiday. This store is closed on Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving. Then, you have to note that Ross may open later and closed earlier than the normal days during holidays.

How to Reach Ross Customer Service?

In case you have any questions related to Ross Dress for Less, you can contact Ross store customer service. Besides, you also express your shopping feedback through Ross Customer support team. Here are some possible ways to contact Ross Dress for Less Customer Service.

  • Website

You can find out any information related to Ross at its official website. Just visit Through this website, you also can submit your feedback. You have to click on Ross Contact page. Then, you can fill out the feedback form to express your complaints or suggestions to Ross Store.

  • By mail.

Ross Dress For Less also allows the customers to submit their feedback by mail. You can send your inquiry to Ross Corporate Office at this following address.

Ross Dress For Less Corporate Office

5130 Hacienda Drive

Dublin, California 94568.

  • By phone.

Unfortunately, Ross does not inform its Customer Service phone number on its website. So, in case you find any problem when you are shopping at Ross, you have to contact the local Ross store phone number. This way, you will get the fast response from Ross Customer Service.

  • Social Media.

If you do not want to miss any updates from Ross Dress For Less, you have to follow Ross social media accounts. This way, you will be the first person to know about Ross products, deals, and special offers. Here are Ross social media accounts.

Facebook: @RossdressforLess

Intagram: @RossDressforLess

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