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The health condition of someone who is prosperous from body, soul, and society. Every healthy person is able to do productive activities. Because the community needs health, the drug business and hospital develops. Now you can easily find hospitals around you.

There they provide various health care. Then you can pay for medicine at the hospital pharmacy. But health is expensive. So prevention of disease is better than treatment. One company that sells drugs is Rite Aid. They not only develop the drug business. However, they tried to develop health care benefits for Rite Aid members. To maintain customer satisfaction, they have a survey portal. You can provide an assessment through the Rite Aid Survey.

RiteAid Survey is an online portal that collects your opinions. Here you can give your complaints and expectations as consumers. great, you can not only give opinions. But you have the opportunity to get monthly sweepstakes prizes.

After you do the survey, you can take the Sweepstakes from Rite Aid Store Survey. The prize that you can get in this sweepstakes is 1000 Dollars. Isn’t this an attractive offer? So what are you waiting for?. Pick up your prize at Rite Aid Voice the Customer Sweepstakes.

rite aid survey
rite aid surveycan be accessed at storesurvey.riteaid.com

Regulations for Following Rite Aid Survey.

Before you conduct a survey, you should read the survey rules. The survey rules are on the front page of the survey portal. There you can see the Sweepstakes Rules menu. Then click on the Sweepstakes Rules button. Survey rules that offer rewards are more complicated than usual surveys. Because as a winner, you have the rights and responsibilities.

In the regulation, you can read your rights and obligations as a winner. Then the requirements that must be met before conducting a survey. Furthermore, you can read the provisions about reward after the survey. If you have conducted a survey, you will more easily understand this rule. Here are some rules for conducting a Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey.

  1. First, the Eligibility performs a Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey.

First, we will discuss the validity of conducting a survey. If you want to take part in a Rite Aid Store Survey, complete the following conditions. First, you must be old enough. According to regulations in the United States, the age of 18 years and above is in the age enough category.

Second, you must be a legal resident in the United States. Third, employees may not take part in surveys. This regulation applies to business partners and shop sponsors. Furthermore, families and people who live in one roof with employees may not conduct surveys. So when you become a winner they will check your identity. Your victory can be canceled if you violate the conditions of the survey.

  1. Second, the Sweepstakes Period.

second, you need to understand the survey period and sweepstakes. So, make sure you do a survey in this period. Because you cannot follow sweepstakes if your survey period is wrong. Sweepstakes period is the same as the survey period. At the Rite Aid store Survey, they start the period on March 3, 2018. Then the sweepstakes period will end on March 2, 2019.

Furthermore, the company divides the survey period into 12 periods. You need to pay attention to the date when conducting the survey. If you want to see the full version of the survey period, read the Sweepstakes Rules. There you can see the prize draw date.

  1. Third, How to enter sweepstakes?
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Third, there are two ways to take part in the draw from the Rite Aid store Survey. You can do it online or by sending a letter. If you want to register sweepstakes online, pay attention to the following rules.

  1. First, you need a transaction receipt at the store.
  2. Second, you need to respond to the Rite Aid Customer Survey Questions.
  3. Third, you must make a sweepstakes entry after the survey. Do your survey in the survey period.

But if you want to send a letter, pay attention to our instructions.

  1. First, write your name, full address, age, and mobile number.
  2. Second, you must write your identity on the postcard.
  3. Third, send your postcard with the first class mail service. Write the subject of the letter with the words “Rite Aid Voice of the Customer Sweepstakes”. Here is the address to enter the Rite Aid store Survey sweepstakes. PO Box 16440, Rochester, NY 14616.
  4. Fourth, they limit your participation to send sweepstakes. You can send 3 stores, 3 online surveys every month.
  5. Fourth, Reward after doing a RiteAid Survey.

Well, guys, this is interesting information for you. Besides giving opinions, you have the opportunity to win the sweepstakes. they provide one Grand Prize and 10 First Prizes. Then prizes will be drawn according to the date in the survey period table. Furthermore, one Grand Prize is worth 1000 Dollars. While the First Prize is worth 100 Dollars. So you will receive this gift in the form of the check. You may not replace gifts and taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

  1. Fifth, Winner Notification.

If you are lucky, they will contact you. Therefore, you need to write or fill your identity correctly. The company will contact you via telephone and post mail. You must confirm immediately if you receive this notification. Because they can replace the winner if you don’t meet the requirements. Winners must be 19 years or older. If you are not old enough, make a claim with your parents’ name.

Preparation for Following RiteAid Survey.

Before you conduct a survey, prepare survey needs properly. The smoothness of your survey depends on the preparation of your survey needs. If you have conducted a survey, you will understand the needs of the survey. Then the survey needs are quite easy for you to fulfill.

Because of all you have used often and available around you. Rite Aid Store Survey is an online survey. So you need to connect with computer and internet devices. Here are some of the requirements for conducting a RiteAid Store Survey.

  1. First, prepare a computer device to do a RiteAid store Survey.

the first step you need to visit the official website of the RiteAid Pharmacy Survey. Here you need to have an input device. You may choose to use computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. So you only need to pay attention to your needs and comfort. Suppose you have a problem with your eyes, choose a laptop or computer. If you are someone with a lot of activities, then you should use a smartphone.

  1. Second, prepare the internet provider to access the survey portal.
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Second, you must make sure the device is connected to the internet. You may use a modem or other provider. Currently, internet services are very easy to find. Suppose you are in a restaurant, you can use their WIFI service.

Then you are in the office, then take advantage of the WIFI facilities in your office. WIFI internet service is more stable than smartphone internet providers. If your signal is strong, you will find it easier to work on the Rite Aid store Survey.

  1. Third, prepare your transaction receipt in the store.

Then you need to have receipts. On the receipt sheet, you can read some information. First, you can see the time and date of your visit. Second, you can see the menu you ordered. Third, you can see the number of fees you have to pay. However, in a Rite Aid Customer Survey, you need to see the survey code. Because on the start page you need to enter the survey code. The survey code can only be used for one survey.

  1. Fourth, prepare your basic language skills.

Finally, you need to recognize your language skills. Each survey portal usually provides several language options. Because they provide services to people in various countries. At the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey, they provide 2 types of languages.

They consist of English and Spanish. If you can’t both, you can choose English. Besides being more familiar, English is the official international language. Take advantage of your laptop to use Google Translate. Or you can use a manual dictionary. However, this method takes longer.

How to Complete Rite Aid Survey.

RiteAid Store Survey is a portal for knowing store consumer opinions. They can give opinions about satisfaction when shopping at the store. Before you enter the sweepstakes, you need to answer the survey question. They provide some easy and simple questions for you.

You only need to remember the experience when shopping at a drug store. So you only need 5 minutes to complete the survey. There are 4 types of survey questions. First, questions with answer choices. Second, Yes or no question. Third, questions with answers in the form of reviews. Fourth, questions about multilevel answers. Here’s how to do a RiteAid Store Survey.

  1. First, visit the official website of the RiteAid Store Survey.

First, you need to visit the official website of the survey portal. You can use any search engine. The popular search engine today is Google or Mozilla. Next, write the website address in the address bar. Make sure the address you wrote is correct. Then click on the search button. Furthermore, they will guide you to find the official website. The following is the official address of the RiteAid Store Survey website. Storesurvey.riteaid.com.

  1. Second, do language settings according to your ability.

In the survey needs section, we have discussed this. they only provide surveys in English and Spanish. Adjust settings to your abilities. Next, they will provide questions according to the language you choose. The way to set language is easy. On the start page of the survey, you will see two language buttons. If you choose English, click on the English button. Conversely, if you choose Spanish click on the Espanol button.

  1. Third, enter the survey code on your receipt.
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Third, you need to prepare your receipt. Next, you will immediately see several columns and sample receipts. Here you need to see an example of a receipt. Pay attention to the cashier code and survey code. When you enter the cash register code, you don’t need to add the # symbol.

Then enter the survey code on your receipt. They consist of 16 digit numbers. If you believe your code is correct, click on the next button. Because if your code is wrong, you cannot continue to answer survey questions.

  1. Fourth, complete Rite Aid Survey now.
  • then you can answer survey questions. You don’t need to worry about answering difficult questions. Next, we submit some survey questions on the RiteAid Store Survey.
  • First, you need to assess your overall satisfaction. they provide answers in the form of levels. Starting from Extremely satisfied to extremely dissatisfied.
  • second, your satisfaction with the hospitality of the waiter in the shop.
  • third, your satisfaction with the availability of the items you need.
  • Fourth, your satisfaction with the cleanliness of the shop.
  • Fifth, you need to assess your satisfaction with the sponsor’s items.
  • Sixth, whether employees welcome you kindly during your visit.
  • Seventh, do you get assistance from store employees?
  • Eighth, are you using a restroom when visiting the store? You need to assess your satisfaction with the cleanliness of the restroom.
  • Ninth, do you join the member program?
  • Tenth, does the cashier ask for your member card?
  • Eleventh, chances are you will return and recommend the store to your partner.
  • Twelfth, well guys it’s time for you to enter your opinion. Suppose you have a problem while visiting. Then you can write down your experience while visiting.
  • Thirteenth, they ask about your identity. You need to include gender, age, and citizenship.
  1. Fifth, enter the Rite Aid sweepstakes.

Finally, you need to enter your name and telephone number. This identity works when you win the sweepstakes. So make sure your telephone number is correct. Because they will give you notifications via telephone.

  1. Sixth, wait for your luck.
How To Find Rite Aid Near me.

When you want to find the nearest Rite Aid store, you can use the company’s website.

  1. First, visit the Rite Aid website at www.riteaid.com.
  2. Second, enter your city, state or zip code.
  3. Third, they will show the store closest to your position. Click on the store. Record the information you need. There you can see Rite Aid Hours and shop telephone numbers.
  4. Fourth, Click on the Store Directory Button button to get directions.
Rite Aid Store Contact.
  1. First, the Rite Aid Store telephone number.


  1. Second, social media Rite Aid Store.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riteaid

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RiteAid

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/riteaidvideo

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