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Since long time ago, health is a valuable thing. But in the past, treatment was not as it is now. Now you will easily find a pharmacy or come to the hospital. Thus, your access will be easy to get health care. Rite Aid is a company engaged in health and fitness.

They have a pharmacy with professional officers. Rite Aid always tries to improve the ability of their pharmacists. Because they are engaged in service, they try to maintain performance. Then to find out the level of customer satisfaction, they use surveys. They have a Rite Aid Survey.

Rite Aid has two types of surveys. They have a Pharmacy Experience Survey and a Store Experience Survey. Then you can not only take part in the survey. However, you can take part in a sweepstakes prize from Rite Aid. Amazingly you have the chance to win 1000 Dollars every month.

Wow, isn’t this an attractive offer? But you need to understand the rules in each sweepstake. That way you can enjoy your gift correctly. If you have participated in a survey, you will more easily follow our instructions. You do not need to worry if you have never participated in previous surveys and sweepstakes. We will provide easy instructions, so you enjoy every step of the survey. Let’s try together.

rite aid survey
rite aid survey is accessible at storesurvey.riteaid.com

Regulations for Following Sweepstakes in the Rite Aid Survey.

Well guys, before you take part in the survey you should read this section first. You need to understand the rules in the sweepstakes. The company sets rules easily and simply. They expect a lot of participation from consumers. If the regulation is too difficult, then the customer will be lazy to follow the survey. Then you should comply with all the rules they mentioned. Because violations can harm yourself. They can cancel the win over the monthly draw. Here we will clearly state some of the rules following the survey. let’s look together.

rite aid store survey
rite aid store survey steps
  1. First, the validity of you following the survey and sweepstakes.

Basically, you must be 18 years or older. This age is the minimum limit for you to take a survey. So the Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey is only for those of you who are old enough. Then you may not take part in a survey if you work in a Rite Aid company.

Even though you are part of a sponsor company. In addition, this regulation applies to families and people who live with employees. Although this rule is unfair, you still have to obey it. Thus you have the right to follow the Rite Aid Survey.

  1. Second, pay attention to the Rite Aid Survey period.

The Rite Aid Survey has 12 survey periods. You can start from April 3, 2018. Then the end of the survey period is January 27, 2019. Make sure you follow the survey during the survey period. Because if you are outside the survey period, they do not acknowledge your survey.

  1. Third, pay attention to the period of sweepstakes.

Next, you need to pay attention to the sweepstakes period. The company starts the survey period on March 4, 2018. Then the sweepstakes period will end on March 2, 2019. Wow, this period is very long. Thus you can take part in the draw freely. Because you can participate in each sweepstakes period.

  1. Fourth, how to enter the sweepstakes?

After you take part in the Rite Aid Survey, you are eligible to enter the sweepstakes. There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes. First, you can enter the sweepstakes online. The first method requires that you have a payment receipt. Then you need to visit the Rite Aid Survey website. Next, you need to enter the survey code. Finally, you need to answer some survey questions. At the end of the survey, you can register for the sweepstakes.

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Second, you can take part in the sweepstakes by mail. Here you need to write your name, address, age, and telephone number. You need to send sweepstakes at PO BOX 16440 Rochester NY 14616. Remember, you need to send a letter during the survey period. You can only send each household one sweepstakes in one month.

  1. Fifth, the prize you will get after the Rite Aid Survey.

If you have already done a Rite Aid Survey, you can register sweepstakes. The prizes that you offer are 1 Grand Prize and 10 First Prizes. One grand prize worth 1000 Dollars. While the 10 First Prizes have prizes worth 100 Dollars. Isn’t this an attractive offer. You need to think about what you will do with the gift.

  1. Sixth, announcement to determine the winner.

Prizes will be drawn every month by the company.

  1. Seventh, some conditions for the Rite Aid Survey sweepstakes winner.
  • First, you cannot exchange a gift.
  • Second, you cannot send the gift.
  • Third, Tax is the responsibility of the winner.

Preparation for conducting a Rite Aid Survey.

Before you start the survey, let’s prepare their needs first. If you have conducted a survey, you will be easier to prepare for your needs. Because survey needs are not much different from other online surveys. So Rite Aid Survey is an online survey portal. So, there are some items that you need to have when you are going to do a survey. Following are some survey needs.

  1. First, an online survey device.

Because Rite Aid is an online survey portal, so prepare your computer. Here you can choose to use a computer or an android mobile. You only need to pay attention to your needs. If you need a practical device, then you need to consider a cellphone. But you can use a computer if you want a more comfortable display.

  1. Second, internet provider.

Then you need to connect your device to the internet. If you don’t have an internet provider, you can use wifi. A smooth internet connection is able to make your survey easier. If your internet is slow, then your connection is likely to be disconnected.

Internet signals can be influenced by several factors. First, factor your location in the reach of internet providers. Second, the factor of your device that is unable to capture internet signals properly. Thus you need to pay attention to your location in conducting a survey.

  1. Third, Rite Aid receipt

Well, guys, the Rite Aid Survey is one of the ways to enter the sweepstakes online. The requirement to take part in the survey is that you have a receipt.

On proof of payment, you can see some information regarding your transaction. One of the entrances is the survey code. You need to enter the survey code before answering a few questions. If you do not have an invitation code, you cannot take a survey.

Steps to Take the Rite Aid Survey.

After you have done some survey preparation, you are now ready to do it. Here you can give a statement to the company. Rite Aid is a company in the health and fitness field. They are engaged in the business of selling drugs. Currently, they have more than 2500 stores in 19 countries in the United States. Next, to complete the drug stock, they are connected with 51,000 partners.

Before Rite Aid became successful, they started in 1962. That year they established the first store in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Then in 1965 they did and opened stores elsewhere. In 2004 Rite Aid started a new system. They can follow the patient’s health and wellness program.

Starting with heart health, allergies, skin etc. The next step in 2010 they began to pay attention to customer satisfaction. The proof is that they introduced a free gift program for the first customer.

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With the development of communication science, currently, the survey method has been widely used by companies. They use surveys to find out the weaknesses of the company.

Sometimes, the customer’s opinion is able to complete the shortcomings that exist in the company. If you want to find out more about Rite Aid, visit their website. Here you can visit www.riteaid.com. Then you can visit wecare.riteaid.com and rxwecare.riteaid.com. following the steps to do the Rite Aid Survey.

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of the Rite Aid Survey.

Well, guys, you need to visit the survey website first. The method is very easy. You only need to write the address in the address box on your search engine. You can use Mozilla or Google Chrome. Make sure that the address you entered is correct. Then your machine will direct you to the survey page. following the official survey website address. Storesurvey.riteaid.com.

  1. Second, choose the language you master.

Then you need to choose the language that you master. There they provide English and Spanish. You don’t need to be afraid of getting a difficult survey question. The company provides questions in easy and simple language.

  1. Third, enter the code from the cashier and the invitation code.

The third step, you need to prepare your receipt. Because on the next page, you need to enter the code from the cashier and the invitation code. If you experience confusion, you can see in the sample image. They mark the part that you must enter in the column. The survey code consists of 16 digit numbers. Then the code from the cash register consists of 8 digits. If you are finished with both, click on the next button.

  1. Fourth, do the Rite Aid Survey now.

On this page, you need to answer some survey questions. Usually, survey questions are provided in the form of yes or no question. Or you can answer questions with several answer choices. Here you need to give an honest answer. Then you need to adjust the answer with the reality of your experience in the store. Here are the questions in the customer satisfaction survey.

  • First, you need to answer the question about the time and place you visited the store.
  • Second, the question of your overall satisfaction.
  • Third, questions about friendliness and helpfulness in-store employees.
  • Fourth, prices and completeness of medicines that you can get at the store.
  • Fifth, the cleanliness of shopping places.
  • Sixth, your particular experience when in the shop. At this stage, you can write answers in the form of descriptions. That way you can tell the experience in detail.
  1. Fifth, after you answer the survey question, follow their sweepstakes.

Here, you need to fill in your identity. For example, you need to enter your name, address, and telephone number. If you are lucky, they will contact you by telephone. The company has the right to change the winner if you don’t respond immediately.

  1. Sixth, you need to wait for the sweepstakes results every month. Because prizes will be drawn every sweepstakes period.
How to Locate Rite Aid Near Me

When you are traveling, children often experience pain. In a new area, you will find it difficult to find a Rite Aid drugstore. But if your internet is still connected, you don’t need to worry. Here you can find the store closest to your location. You can enjoy this facility when visiting the company’s website. following the steps to find out the Rite Aid store.

  1. First, visit the Rite Aid website. www.riteaid.com.
  2. Second, you can use the search by location. Here you must write down the name of the country or city of your location. Then click on the Search button. Or you can use your current location. So you only need to click on the “use my location” button.
  3. Third, click on the Store Directory button. That way you will get instructions to the nearest Rite Aid shop. There you can search your country. Then click on the area where you are. Then they will direct you to the closest shop. You will get information related to the nearest store. For example telephone numbers and Rite Aid Store hours. They will present Rite Aid Hours every day of shop operations. So you will find it easier to know the hours of shop operations.
  4. Fourth, you can search with Store Number. Automatically, the system will present all the stores in your area.
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Rite Aid Store Contact.

You are a regular customer at Rite Aid, but you don’t have receipts. So you don’t need to despair. You can still contact the company. Because one of the facilities that must exist for customer satisfaction is communication. The special section that handles complaints and input from consumers is customer service.

They are tasked to accommodate all problems and praise from consumers. There are many ways you can use to contact the company. Usually, they provide telephone services. Then they provide addresses for correspondence. In addition, they can use social media. Well guys, let’s look at some ways to contact the Rite Aid company.

  1. First, contact them by telephone.

One way to contact the company is by telephone. This method is the most effective way to complain. You not only can complain, but they also answer your questions. The advantage is that you can receive answers directly from the officer. Thus you can be more satisfied with receiving answers. Because you can confirm the answer if it doesn’t match your experience. following the Rite Aid telephone number. 1-800-748-3243.

  1. Second, contact them through the application.

Furthermore, if you have an android mobile you can download the application. Rite Aid is available in the form of an application.

  1. Third, contact them via the website.

On the website, you can do many things. A lot of information can be accessed on the company’s website. interestingly, you can get various promos from Rite Aid. Here you can access various information. First, you can find out the type and price of the product.

Second, you can find out how to contact the company. Third, you can access programs from companies that benefit you. Fourth, you can get information about job vacancies at Rite Aid. This time we will discuss how to contact the company through the website.

  • You can chat via the website. You only need to click on the live chat button at the bottom of the website.
  • You can use the contact us menu. There you can find out the complaint number for consumers.
  1. Fourth, contact them via social media.

Social media is one of the most popular ways of communicating today. Many young people use social media to communicate with each other. Because social media opens all the doors of the world. They remove the boundary. That way you can access company information wherever and whenever.

You can not only comment. There you can get interesting information and offers. Because companies usually give promos announcements via social media. So you only need to diligently open social media. Then don’t forget to follow the Rite Aid account. Here are some social media owned by Rite Aid.

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riteaid
  • Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RiteAid
  • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/riteaidvideo

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