ReviewCaptainDs – Get $1000 by Completing Captain D’s Survey

Do you like seafood? Currently, seafood restaurants are increasingly popular. Because they are able to serve typical and delicious food. Seafood restaurants are usually located by the sea. But now you can find seafood restaurants around you easily. If you like seafood, make sure you visit Captain D’s. Captain D’s Restaurant is one of the popular seafood restaurants.

They are able to serve fresh and delicious food. Management of seafood restaurants is not easy. Because they need to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. Then they must ensure that seafood is stored according to standards. They try to give satisfaction to customers. As a consumer, you can help them improve restaurant services. You can convey ideas or problems through ReviewCaptainDs.

Review Captain Ds is a survey portal for this seafood restaurant. They created a survey portal to make it easier for consumers to convey their ideas and problems. Then the restaurant is able to provide improvements to their service. As a consumer, you will get a double profit.

Because you can give ideas and ratings, but you have the chance to win the sweepstakes. Restaurants provide daily sweepstakes and weekly sweepstakes. Both have fantastic prize values. So, if you are lucky you can win $1000. If the sweepstakes period has run out, they will give Captain D’s Coupons. You can use Captain’s Print Coupons to exchange rewards at restaurants. So what are you waiting for, see our instructions about Review Captain Ds survey.

reviewcaptainds survey can be accessed at

What do you know about Captain D’s Restaurant?

Well guys, now we will discuss the history of Captain D’s Restaurant. If you are a seafood fan, you should try their food. They are committed to serving quality food and friendly service. The belief that seafood can give an impression to consumers, it brings strength to them.

Captain D’s Restaurant tries to make consumers relax while enjoying their dishes. Besides that, you can feel the warm and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant service. With this value, they are able to maintain their existence until now. So this restaurant was founded in 1969. At the beginning of the establishment of this restaurant named Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburger. The first location of this restaurant is in Donelson, Tennessee.

Four years later they succeeded in developing the business. So they were able to establish seafood restaurants in 15 locations in the United States. Year after year they always make innovations in their service. For example by making a program for children. In 2017 they made Desmond and Dave as the mascot in the restaurant. Until now they have 500 restaurants. The following is a commitment to running Captain D’s Restaurant.

  1. First, they try to provide a cheaper menu.
  2. Second, they always provide better service.
  3. Third, they make and serve great food.

Regulations before following the Captain Ds Sweepstakes.

Well guys, are you interested in taking part in the draw? If you are interested, you should read the rules first. So you know your obligations and rights as participants. So not all consumers in this restaurant may conduct surveys and sweepstakes. They usually make regulations to limit consumer participation. But you don’t need to worry, because you can ask for help from the person closest to you. The following are some of the rules for the Captain Ds sweepstakes.

  1. First, you need to visit the Captain Ds survey portal.
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There you need to read the rules for taking surveys and sweepstakes. You can access the weekly sweepstakes and sweepstakes rules. So you can make your choice after reading the rules. The following is the address of the Captain Ds survey portal. There you need to press the Terms and Conditions menu.

  1. Second, pay attention to your eligibility in conducting Review Trusts.

Well, guys, there are rules that determine whether you have the right to conduct a survey or not. First, this survey and sweepstakes can only be done by residents of the United States and the District of Columbia and 16 other countries.

You can see a complete list of countries in the Terms and Conditions sheet. Next, you need to make sure you have enough age according to the regulations in your country. Usually, they set the age of 18 as a minimum age limit. But in Korea, you must be 20 years or older. If you are not old enough, do a survey and sweepstakes under the name of your parents.

  1. Third, the rewards that you can get after conducting Captain Ds survey.

Here they provide daily sweepstakes and weekly sweepstakes. At the daily sweepstakes, you are entitled to receive prizes worth $1000. Here you will receive the prize in the form of a check or money order. While the weekly draw offers prizes worth $500.

  1. Fourth, Captain Ds sweepstakes period.

so when you do a survey or enter sweepstakes, you need to pay attention to the sweepstakes period. They open the draw period at the beginning of November 2018. Then they will end the sweepstakes period on the last day in November 2018. So you have to be quick to conduct surveys and enter Captain Ds sweepstakes. So you will not lose the opportunity to win prizes of thousands of dollars.

  1. Fifth, How to enter the Captain Ds sweepstakes.

You can enter the sweepstakes in two ways. First, you can enter the sweepstakes after doing Captain Ds survey. So you need to visit the survey website. Then you have to answer a few questions about Captain D’s. Then you can enter by completing your identity.

They are the name, address, telephone number, and email. But if you don’t want to do a survey, you can send a letter. You must write your identity in one paper. There you need to write down your name, telephone number, home address, and e-mail address. Next, you have to put it in an envelope. Finally, write the recipient’s letter subject on your envelope. So, you can see examples of letter subject writing in survey rules.

  1. Sixth, provisions in drawing prizes.
  • If you are lucky, they will contact you via email and telephone. They will contact within 10 days after determining the winner.
  • You will receive a gift 60 days after the prize draw.
  • If you do not confirm, they will choose another potential winner.
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The Needs for Captain Ds Survey.

  • First, prepare your device and internet connection. There you need to make sure the internet signal is strong and smooth. Thus you can access CaptainDs survey smoothly.
  • Second, prepare your receipt. There you don’t have to accept the invitation code. but you need to enter the outlet number, order number, and other information.
  • Third, basic knowledge of restaurants and your experience of enjoying the food there.
review captain ds
review captain ds survey steps
Steps for ReviewCaptainDs Survey.

Well, guys, after you prepare for survey requirements you can now do Captain Ds survey. Here you need to recall the moment to enjoy food in the restaurant. Try to pay special attention to aspects that disturb you. Or you can remember the awesome part of their ministry.

Because this experience will help you determine the rating of the restaurant. So you don’t need to worry about getting difficult questions. Because all of you can answer with experience and basic knowledge about restaurants. The following are the steps to conducting ReviewCaptains.

  1. visit the Captain Ds survey portal.

Well, guys, we hope your device is ready with an internet connection. Open your data search application. Then enter the keyword or website address. Then click search or enter. Then they will display the search results of the website. Click on the appropriate website. The following is the address of the ReviewCaptainD’s portal website. Or you can enter the Review Captain D’s keyword.

  1. prepare your receipt to complete the form.

Second, read your receipt. There you can see information that is useful for completing the survey column. First, you need to enter the restaurant number. Second, you need to enter the time and date of your visit. Third, you need to enter your payment amount. Finally, enter your order number in the restaurant. If you have completed everything, click on the enter button.

  1. Third, complete your Review Captain now.

Well, guys, you can now start answering survey questions. Make sure you choose the answer according to your order and experience. They will provide multiple choice questions or review columns. If you give an honest opinion, then you will help correct their shortcomings. Here are questions in Review Captain D’s.

  • First, they give questions about the service you choose when in a restaurant. Here you can choose between din in, take out and drive-thru. So adjust to your conditions while enjoying their service.
  • Second, you can fill in the answers about the food you ordered. For example, you order food and drinks, only food and only drinks,
  • Third, do you order the kids meal? This is yes or no question.
  • Fourth, you can assess satisfaction with restaurant services in general. Here you can choose from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. They provide 5 levels of satisfaction that you can choose.
  • Fifth, you might recommend a restaurant to your friends and colleagues.
  • Sixth, it’s likely that you visit the restaurant again.
  • Seventh, you need to answer the question of satisfaction in several aspects. First, you can assess the clothes and appearance of the waiter. Second, you can assess the hospitality of the officer. Third, you can assess the performance of the waiter. are they trying to make communication with you while serving you? Fourth, the accuracy of the order you receive.
  • Eighth, this is the final step in conducting Captain’s Review. So you have to fill in the identity column. You can take part in the sweepstakes or register to make a coupon. You will receive a validation code within 24-48 hours. First, you need to enter the first name, last name, telephone and e-mail address. If you have filled in all identities, make sure your answer is correct. Then click on the “Next” button.
  1. Fourth, Enter Captain D’s sweepstakes.
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In order to submit a sweepstake entry, you need to provide your personal info. Just complete the sweepstakes form by entering your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.

How to Find Captain D’s Near Me

When you are in your city, you might be able to recognize the location of a restaurant. Even if you are traveling, you might have trouble finding the location of the restaurant. So you can search for the Nearest Captain D’s location through the google map application or website.

Or you can find Captain’s Locations using the Captain D’s app. In this way, you can immediately enjoy your favorite seafood. Previously you need to find out the address of your location. Starting with street names or cities and ZIP codes. Here are the steps to find out the nearest restaurant.

  1. First, visit the official website address of Captain D’s Restaurant.
  2. Second, choose menu locations.
  3. Third, enter your ZIP code, City and Country.
  4. Fourth, click on the nearest restaurant. There you can see Captain D’s Hours. So you can estimate your time of arrival.
  5. Fifth, record the address and telephone number of the outlet. Thus you can contact the restaurant to order a menu.
  6. Sixth, you can order menus online. Or you can ask for directions to them. You only need to press the Get Directions button.
Captain D’s Customer Service.

Next, we will share some ways to contact the restaurant. You do not have to use surveys to express opinions. Because they provide some communication media for consumers. Record the information that is important to you. Then get your seafood order. Here are some ways to contact a restaurant.

  1. First, you can use the FAQs facility. With these services, you can see questions that often arise from consumers. Then you can also see their answers.
  2. Second, use social media.
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:
  • Twitter:
  1. Third, Captain D’s Phone Number.

+1 615 391 5461.

  1. Fourth, you can submit feedback through the website.

well guys, there you can convey feedback through the contact us menu. Then you need to enter an email, the topic you choose and your comment. if you have filled in all the columns, click on the submit button.

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