RedRobinListens – Win $250 Visa Pre-paid card from Red Robin Survey

Hello readers! Are you ready to get good news from us? Well, we have new news for burger lovers. Prepare yourself to get gifts and information from us. If you are a legal resident of Seattle, then you can read these instructions. Here you need to be familiar with Red Robin casual dining restaurants. Yes right, they are popular with their gourmet burger menus. So burger lovers need to come to this restaurant to experience a new taste. You not only enjoy burgers, but you can follow Redrobinlistens. Where you have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars from Red Robin. If you are curious about the process, stay with us.

Red robin listens survey is a portal for receiving complaints from Red Robin buyers. They want to get feedback from you in an easy way. Can you only take surveys? No, here you can take your prize. So as a thank you, Red Robin has the Red Robin Sweepstakes program. Survey portal users can proceed to the sweepstakes entry process. Here you can pick up a $ 250 VISA pre-paid card. If you do not have experience in the survey process, then you need our help. Don’t worry about this problem, because we will discuss it after this. Are you ready to take surveys and sweepstakes? Lets check this out.

red robin survey at redrobinlistens
red robin survey at redrobinlistens

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Profile

If we talk about burgers, it’s not complete without mentioning Red Robin Restaurant. Yes right, they invited burger lovers to try the menu there. If you want to go to this restaurant, find out their profile. In this section, we are ready with a casual restaurant profile for you. Let’s start with the Red Robin story begins. Well, Red Robin was founded in 1969. They are a casual restaurant chain that originated in the United States. They opened the first Red Robin restaurant in Seattle, Washington. While the first franchise was established in 1979 in Yakima, Washington. In 2019 they can operate 562 restaurants. This restaurant operates in the United States and Canada.

What can you buy at this restaurant? Well, don’t worry about their menu. Here you can forget boredom. You can explore their menu through the Red Robin Official Website. Get your favorite menu information through So they have more than 10 menu groups to choose from. Here you can choose burgers as a popular menu on Red Robin. Then you can order soup, dessert or drinks. Then what do you need to do next? Save your receipt for the Redrobinlistens process.

Red Robin Survey Sweepstakes Rules

After getting the profile of Red Robin, now you need to read their official rules section. If you want to use the survey portal and sweepstakes program, then read the rules. Here they limit your actions to surveys and take part in sweepstakes programs. So, before proceeding with the steps, first, check your eligibility. Here you can reach the regulation page on the survey portal. Visit them with the help of your device. Use the address to open the survey portal. Next find the terms and conditions link. Here you can read eligibility and other sweepstakes rules. If you don’t want to use this method, then see the list of rules below.

  1. You don’t need to make a transaction to win the sweepstakes. Because the number of your transactions cannot improve your opportunities.
  2. Red robin sweepstakes period.
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Before you enter entries and sweepstakes, you need to know the list of the sweepstakes period. You need to enter the draw in this period. So you can use this opportunity on December 31, 2018. Then you need to stop entering entries on December 30, 2019. So here they will take 4 winners every month. So you have the opportunity in 52 survey periods. don’t you have a big chance?

  1. Red Robin Sweepstakes Eligibility Rules.
    • This sweepstakes program is only open to residents of Legal countries. (United States, Columbia, provinces of Alberta, and British Columbia). If you are not part of their population, then you need to withdraw from this process.
    • Legitimate residents who enter the draw are at least 18 years of age or older
    • Staff and sponsors of Red Robin cannot enter the draw. This rule applies to business partners, family members etc.
  2. Entry Methods.

Well, you have 3 ways to enter the draw. We will make an easy explanation for you. Redrobinlistens.

  • First, you can use the online survey portal.

Get the invitation code from the Red Robin receipt. Then you can follow the instructions to answer survey questions. Then you can fill in the sweepstakes entry form. One receipt is only valid for one survey. They do not limit your entry through this survey portal.

  • Email method.

Second, you can use email. Here you can receive invitation codes via email. Then you can complete the entry form here.

  • Entry without making a purchase.

Third, you can use the post office. If you don’t want to make a transaction, enter your sweepstakes by mail. Each envelope is only valid for one entry sweepstakes. They need to accept your sweepstakes before the period is over.

  1. Red Robin Sweepstakes Rewards.

What can you get?

  • Here they have 1 Grand Prize worth $ 250.
  • You can have this gift in the form of a Gift Card. You need to coordinate with the survey program committee.
  • The total prize they provide for you is $ 13,000.
  • Each household can only receive a gift once during the survey period.
  • You cannot replace or transfer this gift.
  • You cannot exchange gift cards for cash.
  • Then you can receive a prize within 45 days after the random drawing.
  1. Winner Notification.
    • Residents of the United States will receive announcements via email. Here you need to confirm within 48 hours. If you do not make a confirmation, then your winning will be canceled. Then they can choose other eligible winners.
    • Canadian residents. Here you can receive announcements via email and telephone number. Next, you need to complete a basic math skills test.
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Red Robin Listens Survey Preparations

Are you a social media user? If you have social media, then you will be popular with the login process. This experience will benefit you in the survey process. Because online survey requirements are almost the same as the login process. Preparing the survey process is quite easy. Here you only need a computer/laptop, internet and browser. However, you need to know a few tips for a smooth survey process. The survey process will be smooth if your device meets the standards. In this section, you can get some easy advice on choosing survey tools. If you can’t wait to use the Redrobinlistens portal, see our advice below.

  1. Red robin survey device.

If we talk about devices, then computers and laptops are the main choices. Computers and laptops are suitable devices for completing online surveys. Both have screen views for websites. So you can read the survey portal page to the full. If you don’t have both, then a smartphone and tablet are the solutions to your problem.

  1. A compatible browser.

If you want to visit the website, then you need to have a browser. This data search engine will help you access the official survey portal.

  1. Internet connection.

Furthermore, survey portal users need to get internet support. Here your device cannot load survey pages without internet support. You can choose a location that is close to the internet or wifi source.

  1. Get a survey invitation code.

Here you can get the invitation code via a receipt from Red Robin. You can use the store locator to get the location of Red Robin Near Me. Save your money and time by visiting the nearest restaurant.

  1. Personal identity.

After completing the survey, you need to fill in the entry form. In this process, you need a personal identity. The identity that you need to prepare is your name, email, address, and telephone.

red robin survey steps at redrobinlistens
red robin survey steps at redrobinlistens

Redrobinlistens Survey Steps

Well guys, are your survey preparations complete? So you have 3 ways to enter the draw. However, we only use online survey methods. Then we want to remind you of some important things in the survey process. First, you need to remember the last experience of eating at Red Robin. Second, do you have a problem during a visit to a restaurant? If you have it, then you need to write down the problem in the survey portal. Third, you need honest judgment. Here they want to get honest comments from loyal customers of Red Robin. See the steps below to conduct a survey.

  1. Visit the Red Robin listens survey portal.

Open your computer and browser. Next, you only need to write the survey portal keywords or addresses. If you want to use keywords, then enter Redrobinlistens in the search box. If you want to use the official survey portal address, see below.

  1. Read the survey rules.

Visit the terms and conditions link to read the survey rules.

  1. Enter the details of the Red Robin receipt.
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Next you need to fill in some blank fields with the visit information. See sample images to help you fill in these fields. Below are some of the information that you need.

  • Restaurant telephone number.
  • Enter the server name.
  • Enter the date and time of your visit to Red Robin.
  • Enter the check number.
  • When you finish filling in the fields, then click the start button.
  1. Answer the Red Robin Survey question.

Here you need memories while enjoying the food at Red Robin. You can recall, several aspects in Red Robin.

  • Your general satisfaction with Red Robin.
  • Cleanliness (your meal, location, restroom)
  • Staff (hospitality, menu knowledge, neatness and speed of service).
  • Food or drink menu (price, appearance, taste, temperature, texture)
  • Enter your problem in the comments column.
  1. Fill in the sweepstakes entry form.

Here they have several columns that you need to fill in. You need to enter your name, address, and email. You need to provide a valid email and address. Because they will contact the winner through your personal information. Good luck!

Red Robin Hours of Operation

Do you want to go to this burger restaurant? Well, at least you need to know the closest location and their operating hours. Here we have an easy way to get both of them in one step. Yes right, you have the restaurant locator feature from the official Red Robin website. Here you only need location keywords to use this feature. If there is an easy way to get both, you need to try it. Follow the steps below to get Red Robin Hours and locations.

  1. Visit the official Red Robin website. Here you need to use
  2. Click on the Find Us menu. If you find a location icon, click on the icon.
  3. Enter location search keywords. They need your City and State or ZIP Code location information.
  4. Click on the Find button.
  5. Read and record the information you need. They have an address, telephone number, distance traveled, Red Robin Hours.
  6. Click on the order button if you want to order a menu from a local store.

Well, if you want an instant list of Red Robin hours, stay with us. Below we have an instant list of Red Robin Hours for you.

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am 10.00 pm

Red Robin Customer Service

If you need help from Customer Service, we have the list below. They are open to accepting questions, criticisms or suggestions from you. So, choose the way you like to contact Red Robin.

  1. Red Robin Corporate Headquarters Mailing Address.

6312 S. Fiddlers Green Cir Suite 200N

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

  1. Red Robin Corporate Headquarters Phone Number.


  1. Red Robin Social Media.
    • Facebook: @RedRobin.
    • Twitter: @redrobinburgers.
    • Instagram: @redrobinburgers.

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