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RedLobsterSurvey is the strategy used by Red Lobster Restaurant to collect the guests’ feedback. This survey helps Red Lobster to gauge the honest opinion about the restaurant. That is why Red Lobster always encourages the guests to take this online survey. It is because the result of Red Lobster survey will be used as the consideration for the future business decision.

No doubt, what the guests convey through the survey plays the crucial role in the restaurant’s improvement. As the reward of the guests’ participation in the survey, Red Lobster invites them to join the sweepstakes. The winner of the Red Lobster sweepstake is worth to receive $1000 cash. So, never ignore Red Lobster survey invitation if you want to win this great prize.

About Red Lobster Restaurant

Talking about seafood, you must remember about Red Lobster restaurant. This restaurant is well-known for serving seafood menu items. Owned by Darden Restaurant Inc, Red Lobster is one of the best casual restaurants. Nowadays, there are more than 600 locations of Red Lobster.

It is not only available in the United States but also in Canada and Japan. Even Red Lobster is popular for serving seafood; you still can order other menu items. As the example, you also can order chicken, steak, or pasta.

RedLobsterSurvey login
RedLobsterSurvey survey information from

Red Lobster never feels satisfied with the current achievement. So, this restaurant always wants to improve the service and the restaurant quality. That is why it creates this survey. This survey is the perfect tool to identify the problem faced by the customers. This way, Red Lobster can solve this problem soon and satisfy more customers. Indeed, more guests will come to this restaurant.

When the guests feel valued, they will recommend Red Lobster to others. In contrast, If the guests are disappointed with Red Lobster, they will tell the restaurant weakness to others. To prevent this problem, Red Lobster creates a media which the guests can use to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. No matter the dining experience you have in this restaurant, you should not miss participating in this survey.

What are the Requirements and the Rules of RedLobster Sweepstakes?

All guests who visit Red Lobster restaurant have the same chance to take part in RedLobsterSurvey. This survey is open to anyone who has Red Lobster Receipt. Then, they also deserve to enter Red Lobster sweepstakes. If they become the lucky winner of this sweepstakes, you will receive $50 Red Lobster gift card.

Also, you may receive the Red Lobster sweepstakes grand prize valued $1000 cash. This prize attracts all customers of Red Lobster. Just remember always to keep the receipt you get from Red Lobster. Without Red Lobster receipt, you cannot enter Red Lobster survey website. Noone knows perhaps you will be the next winner of this online drawing contest.

Before accessing Red Lobster Survey portal, every survey takers must review the sweepstake rules. You can read the rules at the website. But, if you think that the rules are too complicated, you can read the summary below. We have simplified the rules so that you can understand it easily.

  • Red Lobster Survey requirements.

Every participant of Red Lobster survey needs to prepare some requirements. First, Red Lobster receipt must be ready in your hand. Check your receipt, is there any ID numbers at the bottom part? These ID numbers are for the verification to enter the survey portal.

You have to notice that Red Lobster ID number is not expired yet. After seven days of the date printed on the receipt, this ID number will void. So, you cannot use it to enter Red Lobster customer survey. Besides, preparing the receipt is not the only requirement. You need a computer or smartphone to access Red Lobster survey. Then, make sure that you connect your device to WiFi or other internet connections.

  • The Survey participants.

As mentioned before, every Red Lobster guest who has the receipt can enter this survey. But, there is the age restriction they should notice. They will be eligible for Red Lobster sweepstakes if they are 18 years of age or more.

Besides, they must reside legally in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada. Then, Red Lobster forbids its employees to enter both survey and sweepstakes. Anyone who has the family relationship with Red Lobster staff is also not eligible for this survey sweepstakes.

  • Entry method.

Two entry methods are available to participate in RedLobster sweepstakes. First, you can enter Red Lobster online sweepstakes. This entry needs a purchase since you must enter ID numbers on Red Lobster receipt. Besides, you have to complete the Survey first.

After finishing Red Lobster survey, you have to fill out the sweepstakes form. This form requires you to enter your name and home address. Your address should include the city, state/province, and the postal code. Also, enter your phone number and email address.

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If you lose your Red Lobster receipt, you still have the chance to participate in Redlobster sweepstake. In this case, mail-in entry is the best choice. Simply handprint your identity such as name, date of birth, mailing address, along with your telephone number. You can write it on a postcard or index card. After that, use a business-size envelope to cover it. Send this entry to Darden Restaurant Survey Sweepstakes PO BOX 3511, Southbury, CT 06488-3511.

  • Sweepstakes reward.

The winner of RedLobster sweepstakes will receive the prize in the form of the check. There is 100-second prize winner along with a grand prize winner. The second-prize winner will receive $50from Red Lobster restaurant. Besides, the grand prize winner will receive $1000.

Never worry about the sweepstakes entry method you use. Because each entry (mail-in and online entry) has the same opportunity to win. If you want to have the bigger winning opportunity, you have to send more sweepstakes entries.

  • Sweepstakes winner.

Red Lobster limits one prize for one person. If you win this contest, Red Lobster will notify you by phone or email. Once you receive the notification, you have to respond it soon. If there is no response from the winner, Red Lobster will give the sweepstakes prize to the alternate winner. Then, every winner must be responsible for the tax. To check the list of Red Lobster sweepstakes winner, you should access

How is the Guideline to Enter RedLobsterSurvey?

You do not need much effort to complete Red Lobster Survey. This survey portal has a simple design and instruction. So, every visitor will be easy to follow the prompt. They are also easy to understand all the survey instruction. Get ready to take part in the Red Lobster survey by preparing all the requirements. This way, you can pass the survey without any difficulties. If you still have no idea how to start this survey, the guideline below will surely help you.

  • Step 1: Prepare Red Lobster receipt.

Never throw away Red Lobster receipt to the dustbin. This receipt can lead you to win $1000 cash from your favorite restaurant. Just make sure that the receipt from Red Lobster contains the unique ID number. This number is similar to the survey code.

So, you need this ID number in order o begin Red Lobster Guest survey. Also, make sure that your receipt from Red Lobster is still valid. Just use this receipt within seven days after visiting Red Lobster. This ID number will void after a week of purchasing.

  • Access Red Lobster survey website.

The official site of RedLobster survey is This survey portal has the logo and the slogan of Red Lobster. At the right part of the screen, you will find several links.  You can try the link to view the sample of Red Lobster receipt.

Besides, there are also the links to see the sweepstakes rules as well as sweepstakes winner. We recommend you to view Red Lobster survey rules before starting the survey. So, you will know what to do and not to do. Then, you should read Red Lobster Privacy Policy. So, you will know how Red Lobster uses the data you input during the survey. The last, if you speak and write Spanish better than English, you can change the website’s language into Spanish.

  • Input the Survey ID number.

Now, you need to check the middle part of Red Lobster receipt. Is there any ID number? This ID number usually contains 13 digits. If you do not know where to find the ID number, you should see the receipt sample provided by Red Lobster survey portal. To open the receipt sample, you have to click on the receipt image.

  • Click on the Start button.

After making sure that Red Lobster ID number you have entered is correct, you can press the Start button. Then, you can begin answering all the survey questions.

  • Answer Red Lobster survey questions.

Question by question will appear on your screen. First, you will get a question asking about the details of your visit. For instance, it asks the type of your visit, where you sat, and the menu you purchased. In the next section, this survey asks you to rate some aspects in their restaurant.

As the example, you have to rate the lobby staff, waiter, restaurant cleanliness, and food. This survey also gives the guests chance to voice their opinion. They can explain the things you like from Red Lobster. Also, you can give your suggestions to make Red Lobster better.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.
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After finishing Red Lobster Survey, you can prefer entering Red Lobster sweepstakes or not. If you would like to enter this contest, you should be willing to supply your personal details. The website displays a form to enter the sweepstakes. You have to fill out this form with your name and home address. You have to include the zip code, city, and state.

The next, you need to supply your phone number as well as your email address. You should not skip any field in this form. Submitting this form means submitting Red Lobster sweepstakes entry. After that, you should wait for the notification from Red Lobster about the winner. When Red Lobster contacts you, you should respond it quickly. You will be lucky since you will receive $50 or $1000 cash from Red Lobster.

Just by doing six steps above, you can complete RedLobsterSurvey process. Is the instruction above understandable? If you find any difficulties or trouble when you take the Red Lobster survey, you should not doubt to call Red Lobster Help Desk. The professional and friendly staff of Red Lobster will overcome your problem.

How to Reach Red Lobster Customer Service?

Every time you need any info about Red Lobster, you should access its official portal. Just access to find out everything about this seafood restaurant. For instance, you can explore the Red Lobster menu.

Besides, you can view Red Lobster special deals as well. If you want to receive Red Lobster promotional info, you can enroll Fresh Catch Club. Then, if you want to have Red Lobster gift card, you can purchase this card through

The Red Lobster website also provides FAQ page. Just visit Red Lobster FAQ page to find any questions and answer about this restaurant. However, if this page does not provide the info you want to search, please contact Red Lobster Customer Support. Red Lobster will be glad to receive any questions and feedback from the customers. If you want to contact Red Lobster Guest Relations Team, you can try the methods below.

  • By phone.

If you want to speak to Red Lobster Customer Care, you should contact them by phone. You are free to ask any questions about Red Lobster. Just dial 1 800 562 7837 to voice up your question, complaint, or feedback. Red Lobster representative staff will provide the fast and satisfying response.

Before calling the Customer Care of Red Lobster, you must be noticed that this company will record the conversation. You should not worry since it aims for the quality assurance.

  • Feedback form.

Need to write a message to Red Lobster? Just go to the Contact menu provided at Red Lobster website. The Contact section will display a form to write your personal details as well as your message. This form requires your basic information.

So, you have to write down your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. The next, you should indicate the feedback type you will share to Red Lobster. As the example, you can select the question, comment, compliment, or suggestion. The last, you can start writing your message on the field provided. In order to submit this Red Lobster feedback form, you should click on Send button.

  • Social Media.

Red Lobster wants to be your friend on several social media platforms. For instance, Red Lobster has Twitter and Facebook account. Just search Red Lobster and add to your friend list. If you follow Red Lobster account at Twitter, you can send the direct message. The administrator will answer your message soon. Besides, if you want to get the update info and event at Red Lobster, you should subscribe Red Lobster channel on Youtube.

What are the Questions at Red Lobster Survey?

Have you ever taken part in RedLobster Survey before? If you haven’t, you may not know what questions are there in this restaurant survey. For your information, Red Lobster survey questions are only asking your recent dining experience.

It is because Red Lobster wants to find out how happy and satisfied you are after dining in their restaurant. Besides, Red Lobster also welcomes your critics, complaint, or compliments. Whatever your comment and feedback, it will be very useful for Red Lobster restaurant’s improvement. So, what questions are asked in Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey? Here are some of them

  1. Type of visit.

The first question at Red Lobster Customer survey asks the type of visit. Perhaps, you go to Red Lobster for Lunch or Dinner. Besides, you may visit Red Lobster for other occasions. Just select the appropriate answer based on your previous visit.

  1. The place to sit.
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Then, specify the place where were you seated. You can select Dining room, bar, or other places.

  1. Overall rating.

Respond this question by giving the rating for your last visit to Red Lobster. There are five scales of rating you can select. If you were happy with the food and service at Red Lobster, you could select Excellent, Very Good, or Good. But, if Red Lobster disappoints you, you can choose Fair or Poor.

  1. Rate the lobby staff and the server.

You get a chance to review the lobby staff as well as the server of Red Lobster restaurant. Rate the Red Lobster’s lobby staff for being welcoming and friendly to the guests. Then, state whether they greeted you promptly. The next, rate the Red Lobster’s server for being attentive and friendly. Also, rate whether they are knowledgeable about the menu. Finally, rate them whether they treated you like a valued guest.

  1. Rate the menu.

You deserve to rate the menu you ordered from Red Lobster restaurant. First, rate the pace of the menu item you order. Then, give your review about the taste temperature, portion, and appearance of the food.

  1. Rate the restaurant.

Then, state whether Red Lobster can prepare and serve exactly like what you order. The next, you should rate how comfortable the restaurant is. After that, you can rate the cleanliness of the Red Lobster restaurant.

  1. Likeliness to recommend and come back.

In this section, state how likely you are to visit Red Lobster again within the next three months. Also, state whether you want to recommend Red Lobster to other family members or friends.

  1. The details of the server’s activity.

In this part, answer the questions by selecting Yes, No, or I don’t remember. First, state whether the server described the taste and the preparation of the Today’s Fresh Fish menu and other promotional items. Then, state if the server along with other servers works as a team to meet your need during your meal. The last, state whether the Red Lobster server personalizes your dining experience so that it can meet your expectation.

  1. Comment.

The comment section contains two boxes. In the first box, you can tell Red Lobster about what you like the most from your last visit. You can say that you like the Red Lobster menu, restaurant ambiance, or the service given by the server. Besides, on the second menu, you can give your suggestion to Red Lobster. Tell what should Red Lobster do in order to improve the guests’ visit.

  1. Visit frequency.

The next, state whether your previous visit was your first time to go to Red Lobster. After that, you should mention the frequency of visiting Red Lobster in the past three months.

  1. Reasons for visiting Red Lobster.

Red Lobster Survey provides various reasons for visiting this restaurant. You can check the most appropriate reason for coming to this restaurant. The samples of the reasons are the advertisement, menu variety, or recommendation. Besides, you may go to Red Lobster due to the good price, convenient location, and healthy menu option. Furthermore, other reasons are you may have Red Lobster coupons and gift card.

  1. The details of your visit.

Describe the occasion of your last visit. For instance, you go there for the special celebration or occasion. Besides, you may visit Red Lobster for having the meal with the business associates. Furthermore, you had the unplanned visit to this restaurant. The next, tell how many persons were with you when you visit Red Lobster. Also, mention how many children under 12 years old who came with you.

  1. The amount spend.

Based on the receipt, write down the amount you spent at Red Lobster. Remember, you have to include the tax. Besides, you also need to round the amount you spent to the nearest dollar. For instance, if you spent $126.75, you have to write $127.

Those are the questions you will find at RedLobstersurvey. Are those very easy? You will be able to finish answering all of these questions in less than five minutes. Then, you can enter Red Lobster online sweepstakes.

Just supply your personal information completely. Also, check whether the contact info you provide is correct. So, if you win this contest, Red Lobster will be able to call you. This way, you will not lose your chance to win Red Lobster Sweepstakes prize.

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