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Publixsurvey is an online survey created by Publix Super Markets. Publix welcomes and appreciates your feedback and time for taking the survey. That is why Publix offers the sweepstakes reward for those who participate in Publix survey.

The sweepstakes entry chance is the way to appreciate the survey takers for sharing their shopping experience. When you involve in Publix survey, you will receive some questions about Publix in which you receive the survey invitation. Do not worry since Publix will keep your answer confidentially. Publix only reports the survey takers’ responses as totals.

Before discussing more, it is necessary to find out more about Publix Super Markets. For your information, Publix is the biggest company which is employee-owned. You can find more than 1000 Publix Super Markets in the United States. Besides, this company has hired more than 100.000 employees. This supermarket provides not only the grocery, but also the pharmacy, food, and cafe.

Knowing that its business grows well, Publix does not want to stop improving the store. That’s why this company launches this survey website. The purpose of this survey is to identify what the customers feel after shopping. No doubt, during the survey, you will get the questions concerning guest satisfaction.

This way, Publix can find out the necessity of the customers. So, in the future, Publix can make what the customers expect comes true. Therefore, never miss taking Publix customer survey after your shopping trip. Give the rating for Publix service and product. Also, share your opinion and suggestion to make Publix better. From the result of Publix survey, the company can treat the customers better.


What are the Requirements and the Rules of PublixSurvey?

Knowing the requirements of this survey will make you ready to enter the survey whenever you want. Besides, you must acknowledge what the rules of Publix survey sweepstakes are. You must realize that every contest will have the certain rules. Then, all participants have to obey it. That’s why reviewing Publix survey rules and requirements below is necessary.

  • The survey requirements.

You can complete the survey if you have Publix receipt. Every receipt issued by Publix contains a survey invitation. There will be a survey code to unlock Publix survey webpage. That is why you need to make a purchase at Publix. Also, you need a computer to access Publix survey website. Make sure your computer is connected to the good internet access. Besides, you must have an email account if you are interested in entering Publix sweepstakes.

  • Eligibility.

Publix sweepstakes are open to the entrants who are 18 years old or more. Besides, they must be the residents of the certain states in the US. Only the people who live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee can enter this contest. Then, Publix employees along with their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

  • Entry method.

Publix sweepstakes let the entrants join the contest through two ways. First, they can enter Publix online sweepstakes. To enter this program, Publix customers have to make a purchase and get the Publix survey code. Then, they have to fill out Publixsurvey before entering the online sweepstakes.

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After completing Publix survey, they should submit their data to be eligible for the sweepstakes entrants. The data includes their name, email address, zip code, date of birth, and telephone number.

Besides, if they want to enter Publix sweepstakes without making a purchase, they can try mail-in entry. Just prepare a sheet of the index card. Then, handwrite your name, birthdate, email address, mailing address, and phone number. The next, send this entry to Publix Survey Sweepstakes Attn: Marketing/Research 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland Florida 33811.

  • Sweepstakes rewards.

There will be a Publix sweepstakes winner in a month. This winner deserves to receive $1000 Publix gift card. Then, the winner can use this gift card to shop at all locations of Publix Super Markets. The winner cannot redeem this gift card with cash. Besides, they also must not transfer or sell this Publix sweepstakes reward. Also, the winner must be responsible for paying all fees or tax related to the prize.

What are the Steps of taking part in Publix Survey Sweepstakes?

Since Publix survey is the simple questionnaire, you can complete it quickly. It takes no longer than ten minutes to finish all the survey steps. For your convenience, here is the guideline to enter Publixsurvey.

  1. Enter Publix survey portal at
  2. Choose the language of survey website.
  3. Input Publix store number.
  4. Enter Publix survey code.
  5. Indicate the timestamp.
  6. Enter your phone number
  7. Answer Publix survey questions.
  8. Join Publix sweepstakes.

The steps above are very easy to do. Just make sure your Publix receipt is ready. So, you can enter the Publix receipt details easily. If you want to find out the clear instruction for completing Publixsurvey, you can review the explanation below.

  • Visit Publix survey portal.

To participate in Publix Customer survey, you need to access At the bottom of Publix survey website, you will find two links. They are the official rules and sweepstakes winner. Before continue entering the survey, it is good to read the official rules of Publix survey. So, you can know if you are eligible for this sweepstakes. Also, you can check the sweepstakes entry period and the reward.

  • Select the language.

Once you open, there will appear the explanation about the survey. This explanation is written in two languages, English and Spanish. You should decide whether you want to start Publix survey by using English or Spanish.

  • Input Publix store number.

Enter the store number of the chain you have just visited. See your receipt to find out the store number of Publix Super Markets. This survey requires the store number to identify Publix location you visited. Publix store number usually consists of four digits.

  • Enter Publixsurvey invitation code.

During the survey period, Publix receipt contains the survey code. So, you should input this 16 digit survey code to the provided field. But, Publix still allows the participation of the customer who does not have the survey code. If you do not have the survey code, you can check the statement under Survey code field. It clarifies that your receipt does not contain the Publix survey code.

  • Indicate the time stamp.
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The next, enter the time when you come to Publix. Look at the time which is printed beside the date. Use the right format of time hh: mm. After entering the time, click on Next button.

  • Submit your phone number.

Providing the phone number is a must. It is because you will enter Publix sweepstakes after finishing the survey. So, Publix can contact your phone number if you win Publix sweepstakes. Make sure you input the code area before entering your phone number.

  • Answer Publixsurvey questions.

Publix survey consists of some sections. Most sections ask you to rate Publix store, employees, and products. There will be the questions asking for your data. This data is only to classify the survey takers.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

After completing Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can enter the sweepstakes automatically. As the requirements, you should provide the first name, email address, and phone number. Besides, you should decide the media you would like to be contacted. After entering the valid personal data for Publix sweepstakes, you should wait for the notification from Publix.

Publix will contact you based on the media you have chosen. So, if you win Publix sweepstakes, you may be contacted by email or phone. You must be the luckiest person if you can win Publix sweepstakes. It is because you can purchase anything you want by using $1000 Publix Gift card. For instance, you can buy the grocery stock for several months.

What are the Details about Publix Super Markets?

If you want to discover more details about Publix, you should review the information below. This information will be useful for all Publix customers. Check out this following information about Publix.

  • Publix official website.

The official portal of Publix Super Markets is But, this website is only accessible for the customers in the United States. If you are outside the US, you will not be able to explore In Publix website, you can check the products, Publix weekly ad, Publix coupons, and Publix gift cards.

  • Publix Hours.

Publix Super Markets may operate in the different hours. So, if you want to find out Publix operation hour, you should use the store locator. It will inform you about the operational hour of Publix store near you. Publix opens every day from 7 am – 10 pm.

Besides, Publix Pharmacy hours are also different. From Monday – Friday, the Pharmacy opens at 9 am – 9 pm. Besides, at Saturday, it opens at 9 am – 7 pm. On Monday it is available from 11 am – 6 pm.

  • Publix Locations.

There are more than 1000 Publix Locations across the United States. To check the nearest Publix Super Market, you can use Google Maps. Besides, you can locate Publix Near me by using the store locator at Publix store locator not only informs the Publix store address.

But, it also informs the customers about Publix phone number, direction, and Publix store hours. Also, you can install Publix app to find out Publix store nearby. Publix mobile app also not only provides the location information. This App also gives the recent info about Publix. For example, you can update Publix offers, coupons, and so on.

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How to Reach Publix Customer Service?

In case you have any problem or question about Publix, it is better to contact Publix Customer Care team immediately. So, you can voice up the issue related to Publix Super Markets. As the example, you can ask about Publix survey, Publix coupon, Publix careers, and so on. Besides, Publix Customer Support also welcomes your suggestion and complaint. Here are several ways to get in touch with Publix Super Markets representatives.

  • By phone.

If you want to speak with Publix Customer Support team, you can call them. Publix customer service phone number is 1 800 242 1227. To get the quick response from Publix, you should contact them during the business hour. Publix Customer care is ready to answer your questions from Monday to Friday at 8 am – 7 pm. Besides, they are also ready on Saturday at 9 am – 4 pm.

  • By facsimile.

Sending the fax to Publix is also acceptable. Make sure your fax is brief. You should be straightforward in explaining your purpose. Also, write what you expect from Publix. Then, send it to 863 284 5532.

  • By mail.

Publix also accepts the letter from its customers. So, you can write a brief letter to Publix to convey your complaint or questions. Then, send it to Publix Super Markets Corporate Office: Customer Care PO BOX 3300, Lakeland Florida 33811. You should notice that your letter must be brief, specific, and easy to understand.

  • Social media.

Contacting Publix through its social media account is the simplest way. I believe that most people have the social media account. Then, we can use our social media to get the updated info about Publix. For instance, you can check Publix promo, Publix coupon, and Publix weekly ad.

Besides, we also can interact with Publix too. So, if you often shop at Publix, you should follow Publix account. Publix is active on several platforms. For instance, you can follow Publix on Instagram and Twitter. Furthermore, Publix also has Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube account.

Those are four ways to interact with Publix. Which method is the simplest and fastest way to contact Publix? Every customer may have their own choice. Some people prefer to call Publix Customer Care to express what in their mind. So, they can get the fast solution from Publix Help Desk.

But, other people may want to contact Publix through social media. No matter your choice, you should not hesitate to contact Publix. This company welcomes any Publix feedback or questions. Publix representative staff will be happy to answer any questions from Publix customers.

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