Pollolistens – Get Pollo Tropical Coupon from Pollo Tropical Survey

Have you just visited Pollo Tropical restaurant? If you still keep the receipt, you should check it. Is there any survey invitation to complete Pollolistens? If you find this Pollo Tropical survey, you should not ignore it. It is because you can get Pollo Tropical coupon as a reward after completing this survey.

Through PolloListens survey, you can convey your Pollo Tropical feedback. You can express your satisfaction after dining in Pollo Tropical. Every guest must have a different experience when they visit this restaurant. That is why Pollo Listens wants to identify the guests’ opinions about their business. The customers’ feedback will be the determination to improve the quality of the restaurant.

If you have never taken this Pollo survey before, you should not worry. You can get started by reading the complete survey guideline on this page. Here we present the rules and steps of Pollo Tropical Survey. Also, you can find out Pollo Tropical hours and customer service information. Happy reading.

pollo tropical survey at pollolistens portal
pollo tropical survey at pollolistens portal

Pollo Tropical Restaurant Profile

Pollo Tropical is one of the restaurants which serve the chicken menu. The name of this restaurant means Tropical Chicken. This restaurant was based in Florida. The first Pollo Tropical restaurant was founded by Stuart Harris and Larry harris in 1988. The first location of this restaurant was in Miami. Nowadays, Pollo Tropical is headquartered in Miami-Dade Country, Florida. There are more than 140 Pollo Tropical restaurant chains around the US.

As stated before, the main menu in Pollo Tropical is chicken. So, when you dine in this restaurant, you will be able to order various chicken menus. Pollo Tropical is well-known for the fire-grilled chicken and Carribean menu. If you want to explore more about Pollo Tropical menu, Pollo Tropical specials, and other information, you can visit its official website at www.pollotropical.comwww.pollotropical.com.

PolloListens Survey Preparation

Before taking PolloListens Guest Satisfaction survey, there are some prerequisites you need to prepare. These items can determine your survey completion. What items do you need to complete Pollo Tropical Survey? Check this out.

  • Pollo Tropical receipt.

The main requirement of Pollo Listens Survey is a purchase receipt. So, after dining in Pollo Tropical, you should not trash your receipt. It is because this receipt contains Pollo Tropical survey code. With this code, you can start PolloListens Survey.

  • A device.

Pollo Tropical Guest Satisfaction Survey is only available online. So, you must prepare a device to access the survey portal. The use of computer or smartphone will be helpful.

  • Internet connection.

Your device cannot work without an internet connection. So, you should connect your device to the stable and fast internet access.

  • English ability.

Pollo Tropical survey website only provides English as the website language. So, make sure that your basic ability of English is good enough. So, you can answer all the survey questions easily.

  • A pen.
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Even it is an online survey, you still need to prepare a pen. You will use this pen to write down Pollo Tropical validation code after survey. This validation code serves as Pollo Tropical coupon.

Pollo Tropical Survey Rules

Understanding the rules is also a crucial thing to do before taking the survey. By reviewing Pollo Tropical survey rules, you will be able to know the survey eligibility, restrictions, and rewards. We have concluded PolloListens survey rules on the following explanation.

  1. Survey participants.

Before taking the survey, you should be sure that you are the eligible participants. Pollo Tropical survey is open to all customers. But, the survey takers must be at least 18 years old. Besides, they also should be the legal residents of the US. Furthermore, the employees of Pollo Tropical restaurant are not eligible to take this survey.

  1. Survey method.

There is only one method to complete Pollo Tropical survey. You can take the survey online at www.pollolistens.com.

  1. Survey reward.

At the end of Pollolistens survey, you will receive Pollo Tropical validation code. This code serves as a coupon. You can redeem this coupon on your next visit. As a reward, you will get $2 off. But, you have to note that Pollo Tropical survey reward may vary based on the survey period and the restaurant offers. In other survey periods, Pollo Tropical may offers the free chicken menu as the reward. Usually, they write the survey reward on your receipt. So, you can know what prize you can receive after taking the survey.

  1. Survey rules

Here are some points you have to note before taking Pollo Tropical guest satisfaction survey.

  • You need a purchase receipt to enter Pollo Tropical Survey.
  • One receipt is for one survey entry.
  • Pollo Tropical survey code is valid within 2 days of purchasing.
  • You must present the original receipt when you redeem Pollo Tropical validation code.
  • The coupon is not redeemable for cash.
  • You cannot combine the coupon with other Pollo Tropical offers.
  • A purchase is required to redeem the coupon.
pollolistens Pollo Tropical survey steps

Pollo Tropical Survey Steps

Have you understood Pollo Tropical survey rules? Now you are ready to take the survey. Pollolistens is very simple to complete. You just need to allocate 10 minutes of your time to take this survey. Are you curious about Pollo Tropical survey steps? Just pay attention to the brief guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit Pollo Tropical Survey Portal.

You must go online to reach Pollo Tropical survey website. Use a compatible browser to access www.pollolistens.com. This survey address is also written on your receipt.

  • Step 2. Enter Pollo Tropical Survey code.

The display of Pollo Tropical survey portal is very simple. You can see the logo of Pollo Tropical restaurant at the top left corner of the page. Then, in the middle of the page, there is a blank field where you can enter Pollo Tropical survey code. You can find this survey invitation code on your receipt.

  • Step 3. Press the Next button.

After checking the code you enter, you can click on the Next button. If the code you have entered is valid, you will be able to start the survey.

  • Step 4. Answer Pollo Tropical Survey questions.
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You will get a series of questions asking your dining experience at Pollo Tropical. First of all, you have to rate your overall satisfaction. Then, you can respond to other questions asking about some restaurant aspects. For instance, you should rate the Pollo Tropical menu, price, service, restaurant’s cleanliness, employees’ behavior, etc.

  • Step 5. Leave your feedback.

Pollo Tropical allows you to convey your feedback. In this section, you can write down Pollo Tropical complaints, comments, or suggestions. You only can write up to 1200 characters. So, make sure that you provide brief and objective feedback.

  • Step 6. Answer the questions for classification.

At the end of Pollo Tropical survey, you will get some questions for classification purposes. It asks you about gender, age, income, and ethnicity. You should not worry about your privacy. Pollo Tropical will save your data. This company will not share this data with the third party.

  • Step 7. Write down the validation code.

After answering all the survey questions, a validation code will appear on your screen. Then, you have to write this Pollo Tropical coupon code on your receipt. In your next visit, you can redeem this coupon with $2 off.

That’s all the simple ways to complete Pollo Tropical Survey. Through Pollolistens, you not only can share your feedback. But, you also can earn Pollo Tropical coupon with ease. With this coupon, you can save your budget when you dine in this restaurant.

How to Get Pollo Tropical Coupons

When you have Pollo Tropical Coupons, you can dine in this restaurant without thinking of overspending. Having the coupon can save your budget. There are several ways to earn Pollo Tropical coupons. You can do the tips below to get the coupon easily.

  • Participate in Pollo Tropical Survey.

As stated before, taking part in Pollolistens survey is the way to earn Pollo Tropical coupon. But, in order to be eligible for this survey, you must have a valid receipt from Pollo Tropical restaurant. With the survey code on your receipt, you can enter pollolistens.com. After completing all the survey questions, you will be able to get the coupon discount or freebie from Pollo Tropical. This coupon is the form of appreciation for giving this restaurant feedback.

  • Sign Up My Pollo Club.

My Pollo Club is the name of customer loyalty program created by Pollo Tropical restaurant. Make sure that you are eligible to join this program. My Pollo Club is only for the customers who have reached at least 18 years old when they sign up this program. You can sign up online at the official website of Pollo Tropical restaurant at pollotropical.com.

When your registration process is successful, you will be able to get the special offers from Pollo Tropical. The reward can be a discount coupon or free menu item. Joining this program gives you many benefits. For instance, you can receive the information about Pollo Tropical deals, rewards, and exclusive perks.

  • Search for the online site deals.
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When you search for Pollo Tropical online coupon, you will find many websites offering these coupons. Make sure that you take the coupon from the trusted and credible website.

Pollo Tropical Hours of Operation

Before you visit this restaurant, you have to find the information about Pollo Tropical Hours. This way, you can know what time this restaurant is open and closed every day. For the general Pollo Tropical restaurant hours, you can check on the following table.

Day Pollo Tropical Hours
Monday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Friday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Saturday 9.30 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 9.30 AM – 10 PM

From the table above, we can see that Pollo Tropical restaurant is open at 9.30 AM every day. So, you still can have breakfast there. Besides, this restaurant is closed at 11 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, this restaurant is closed earlier at 10 PM.

But, you have to note that Pollo Tropical hours may vary by location. So, every restaurant may have a different schedule for opening and closing. So, it is better to check the operation hours in the local Pollo Tropical restaurant near you.

How to Contact Pollo Tropical Customer Service

Do you face any problems when you dine in Pollo Tropical restaurant? Do not doubt to tell your problem and feedback to Pollo Tropical customer service. Also, you can ask any questions about this restaurant. For instance, you can ask about Pollo Tropical menu, Pollo Tropical specials, gift cards, deals, and many other topics. Contact Pollo Tropical representatives using the following ways.

  1. By website

Pollo Tropical website provides a page that you can use to submit your feedback about Pollo Tropical. You just need to fill in the feedback form provided on the Contact Us page. You should access Pollo Tropical official website at www.pollotropical.com.

  1. By mailing

If you cannot go online to reach Pollo Tropical, you can use the letter. Just write or types your letters about the feedback or business inquiry. Then, you can send these letters to the Pollo Tropical Corporate office. Address your letter to:

7255 Corporate Center Drive, Suite C,

Miami, Florida, 33126

The United States

  1. By phone call

In case you need to talk to Pollo Tropical customer service representatives; you should contact them by phone calls. The Pollo Tropical staff will be available at business hours. You can call them at 866 769 7696.

  1. By social media

Pollo Tropical has some social media pages that you can visit to share your feedback. Besides, you may follow the pages to get the most updated news and promotions from Pollo Tropical. You can use the links below to go to Pollo Tropical social media pages.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/PolloTropical/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/pollotropical
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/pollotropical/
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PolloTropicalUS

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