PizzaInnFeedback – Get Pizza Inn Coupons from Pizza Inn Survey

Hello, Pizza lovers! Any of you are the fans of Pizza Inn? If so, we have good news for you. Pizza Inn offers a coupon for those who take PizzaInnFeedback Survey. This pizza chain invites all customers to take part in the Pizza Inn survey. When you complete this survey, you will be able to get a free appetizer coupon as a reward.

If you want to participate in Pizza Inn Guest Satisfaction survey, you must have a valid receipt from Pizza Inn. Then, you can access this online survey at If you have never taken this survey before, you should not be panic. Just scroll down this article to find out the PizzaInnFeedback survey guideline in detail. Happy Reading.

pizzainnfeedback survey is available at

Pizza Inn Restaurant Profile

Before talking further about Pizza Inn Feedback Survey, it is better to find out more about the Pizza Inn restaurant. As we know, Pizza Inn is one of pizza chains headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This restaurant serves American-style pan pizza along with other American dishes. So, if you are bored enjoying pizza, you can try other dishes such as chicken wings, sandwiches, or pasta.

The first Pizza Inn restaurant was established in Dallas in 1958. The founders of this restaurant are R.L and Joe Spillman. This pizza chain can grow well. It also has a subsidiary called Pie Five Pizza. Nowadays, Pizza Inn has more than 300 chains which not only can be found in the US but also in the other 12 countries.

About PizzaInnFeedback Survey

After reviewing the Pizza Inn company profile, it is time to discuss Pizza Inn Feedback Survey. Pizza Inn survey is available at After visiting Pizza inn, you should not trash your receipt. You can use this receipt to enter the Pizza Inn survey portal and get the coupon.

Pizza Inn invites all the guests to participate in the PizzaInnfeedback survey. It is because this company wants to identify the customers’ level of satisfaction. So, Pizza Inn can review their service and product’s quality. When you take this survey, you will face many kinds of survey questions. For instance, you will be asked to rate your overall satisfaction after visiting Pizza Inn.

Also, you are required to give a rating for some restaurant’s aspects. For instance, you can rate the taste and freshness of the menu, price, service, restaurant’s cleanliness, etc. Pizza Inn also lets you share your dining feedback. So, you can write down Pizza Inn complaints, comments, or suggestions. As the reward, you will get Pizza Inn coupon which is redeemable with a free appetizer.

Pizza Inn Survey Rules

Before taking PizzaInnfeedback survey, you have to review the survey rules. This way, you will understand the eligibility of Pizza Inn survey. Also, you can know what to do and not do during the survey completion. Furthermore, you can find out the way to redeem Pizza Inn coupon. So, what are PizzaInnFeedback survey rules? Check this out.

  • You must be the legal resident of the US.
  • The survey takers must be at least 18 years old.
  • The employees of Pizza Inn are prohibited to take part in this survey.
  • The family members of Pizza Inn employees also cannot participate in Pizza Inn survey.
  • You must have the Pizza Inn receipt.
  • You should take PizzaInnfeedback survey within 7 days of your visit.
  • The survey takers must understand and master English. It is because Pizza Inn survey website only provides English as the language option.
  • One survey taker only can enter this survey once a month.
  • You have to answer every single question given by Pizza Inn survey.
  • You have to present the original receipt along with Pizza Inn validation code to redeem the survey reward.
  • You cannot combine Pizza Inn coupon with other promos.
  • The survey reward may vary depending on the survey period. You may get a free appetizer or other menu items. Sometimes, Pizza Inn also offers a discount as the survey reward.
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PizzaInnFeedback Survey Preparation

Have you reviewed the rules above? Are you eligible to take Pizza Inn survey? If you are the eligible survey taker, you must prepare some survey requirements. Good preparation will make you easier to complete the survey without any trouble. So, what do you need to access Pizza Inn Feedback survey? Here we go.

  • Pizza Inn receipt.

Pizza Inn feedback survey does not provide the survey code at the receipt. It is because you just need to enter Pizza Inn store number to begin the survey. But, the receipt is still important. You can check the store number which is printed on the receipt. Also, you need this receipt to redeem the validation code.

  • Device.

Pizza Inn survey is available online. So, you need an electronic device to reach it. You can use a computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. But, using a PC is recommended since it displays the wider screen. Also, your device must have a compatible browser to access Pizza Inn survey portal.

  • Internet connection.

Your device is useless without the internet connection. Please make sure that your internet access is stable. So, you can load the Pizza Inn survey page without any trouble.

pizzainnfeedback pizza inn survey
pizzainnfeedback survey steps

How to Complete Pizza Inn Survey?

If you want to complete Pizza Inn survey, you can do the following steps.

  • Visit Pizza Inn survey website at
  • Enter Pizza Inn store number.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Answer Pizza Inn survey question.
  • Write down Pizza Inn Feedback.
  • Submit the survey.
  • Take Pizza Inn validation code.
  • Redeem the Pizza Inn coupon code.

Pizza Inn Feedback Survey Steps

On the previous section, you have reviewed the brief steps to take PizzaInnFeedback survey. If you still do not have any idea about this survey, you can review the explanation of each step provided below.

  • Step 1. Visit Pizza Inn survey portal.

First of all, you need to use your browser to reach Pizza Inn survey website. Just enter this web address

  • Step 2. Enter Pizza Inn store number.

You need to check your receipt to see Pizza Inn store number. This store number is usually located at the top of the receipt. The store number consists of 4 or 5 digits in length. The survey portal wants to identify your location by using this store number.

  • Step 3. Press the Next button.

If the store number you enter is valid, you can continue to the next age by pressing the Next button. If the store number you enter is wrong, the alert will appear and ask you to try again.

  • Step 4. Answer Pizza Inn survey questions.
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In this step, you have to provide the response for every single question given by Pizza Inn. You need to rate your overall satisfaction after dining in Pizza Inn. Also, you have to rate some aspects of Pizza Inn restaurant. As an example, you need to rate the taste of the food, the restaurant’s cleanliness, and the staff’s service.

  • Step 5. Leave Your feedback.

You will also get the chance to share your feedback. You can write everything about Pizza Inn. For instance, you can tell your latest experience at Pizza Inn. Also, you can voice up your comments, complaints, or suggestions.

  • Step 6. Take Pizza Inn validation code.

Soon after you submit this survey, the Pizza Inn validation code will appear. Make sure that you record this Pizza Inn coupon code in your receipt.

  • Step 7. Redeem Pizza Inn coupon code.

You can visit Pizza Inn outlet to redeem the coupon. Make sure that you bring your receipt. Just present the validation code to the cashier. Then, you will get a free appetizer or other freebies from Pizza Inn.

The Rules of Redeeming Pizza Inn Coupon

There are several points you have to note when you redeem the Pizza Inn coupon code. Check this out.

  • You must bring your receipt when you want to redeem Pizza Inn coupon code that you get from PizzaInnFeedback survey.
  • Redeem this coupon within seven days after taking the survey. If you redeem it after a week, the coupon will void.
  • You should redeem the survey reward at the same location as your previous visit.
  • You only can redeem one coupon per visit. If you ahve more than coupon, you can redeem the rest of coupons in another visit.
  • The coupon is not redeemable for cash.
  • You cannot duplicate or sell Pizza Inn coupon to other customers.
  • The survey reward may vary depending on the survey offer.
  • Every Pizza inn location may have the different appetizer menu item. But, they are at the same cost.
  • You cannot combile Pizza Inn coupon code with other offers and promotions.

Pizza Inn Hours of Operation

Do you want to redeem Pizza Inn validation code? If so, you ahve to visit Pizza Inn location nearby. But, before you visit this pizza outlet, you have to check Pizza Inn hours first. So, you will know what time Pizza Inn is open and closed. You can check Pizza Inn store hours on the table below.

Day Pizza Inn Hours
Monday 11 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday 11 AM – 11 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 10 PM


Pizza Inn is open every day. From Sunday to Thursday, Pizza Iin is open at 11 Am and closed at 10 PM. Besides, on Friday and Saturday, Pizza Inn is closed late at 11 PM. But, you have to note that Pizza Inn hours of operation may vary by location. So, you have to check the local Pizza Inn restaurant to check the open hour.

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How to Search for Pizza Inn Near Me?

When you are hungry and want to enjoy the delicious pizza, going to Pizza Inn is the solution. Itis not difficult to find Pizza Inn locations. You can use one of these ways to locate Pizza Inn near me locations.

  1. Pizza Inn store locator.

If you want to use this feature, you have to access Pizza Inn website first. Just visit Through this store locator menu, you not only can get the direction to the nearest Pizza Inn. But, you also can check other details such as Pizza Inn hours and Pizza inn phone number. Here are the steps to use Pizza Inn store locator.

  • Visit Pizza Inn website at
  • Click on Locations menu.
  • Enter the city.
  • Select the State.
  • Enter your ZIP code.
  • Select radius.
  • Press the Search button.

Pizza Inn store locator will show you the locations of Pizza Inn near you. Click on Get Direction to show the ways to go to Pizza inn outlet.

  1. Google Map.

Another way to locate the closest Pizza inn restaurant is by using Google Maps. Just open Google Maps application on your smartphone. Then, type the keyword Pizza Inn Near Me or Pizza Inn locations near me. The map will show the direction tho the nearest Pizza Inn. You also can check Pizza Inn reviews and Pizza inn hours.

  1. Pizza Inn App.

Last, you can install Pizza Inn mobile App. This application not only can help you to locate Pizza Inn outlet. Besides, it also can be used to review the Pizza Inn menu and order the pizza online.

How to Contact Pizza Inn Customer Service

In case you want to ask any questions related to Pizza Inn, you have to contact Pizza Inn customer service. For instance, you can ask about Pizza Inn menu, Pizza Inn rewards, Pizza Inn deals, or Pizza Inn careers. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Pizza Inn

  • By phone.

If you want to speak up directly to Pizza Inn customer service representative staff, you can call 1 800 284 3466. Make sure to call this number during Pizza Inn business hours. This way, you will get an instant response.

  • By mail.

You can send your inquiry to Pizza Inn mailing address below.

Pizza Inn Corporate Office

Plano Parkway

The Colony

TX 75056

  • Email

You also can send an email to Pizza Inn. For the general issue, you can send your message to besides, if you want to ask about the Pizza Inn Rewards program, you can send your email to

  • Website

If you want to explore the complete information about Pizza Inn, you have to visit its official website at On this website, you can find out the information about the Pizza Inn menu, nutrition calculator, Pizza Inn rewards, and franchising.


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