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Perkins Experience Survey is a program from Perkins Restaurant. We all know that Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is one of casual restaurant chains in the US and Canada. Nowadays, there are more than 400 Perkins restaurant chains in the United States and Canada. Perkins restaurant is well-known for its delicious menu and bakery products. In 2006, Perkins merged with Marie Callender’s. Since this merger, Perkins also produces the cookie dough, freshly baked pies, pancake, and the muffin.

Perkins believes that the happy guests will revisit the restaurant. Besides, the satisfying customers will also recommend this restaurant to the friends and family. So, Perkins always tries to enhance the service qualities. Besides, Perkins also improve the quality of the menu in the restaurant and bakery case.

That is why this restaurant conducts Perkins Experience Survey. Through this feedback survey, the restaurant can observe the satisfaction level of each guest that comes to the restaurant. Perkins will be able to know which areas they have to increase the service.

Perkins Experience Survey

If you often visit Perkins restaurant and Bakery, you should not miss Perkins Survey. By taking part this simple survey, you can share your dining experience. Besides, you can receive Perkins coupon discount as well. So, this survey facilitates you to share the feedback while getting the discount.

Keep reviewing this article to get the deeper understanding about Perkins Survey. Here, we present the Perkins survey rules, steps, and survey questions. Besides, you can find out the way to give your Perkins feedback when you lose your receipt.
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What are the Rules at Perkins Experience Survey?

As the participant of Perkins Feedback Survey, you need to know what are the rules of this survey. Besides, you need to understand what items required to take this survey. Understanding the Perkins Survey rules and requirements enables you to complete the survey without any difficulties. As a result, you can get Perkins survey reward easily. Here, we have summarized Perkins survey requirements and rules.

  • The requirements of Perkins Survey.

This survey has the simple requirements. No doubt, Perkins survey can attract more participants to take part. You should prepare Perkins receipt before accessing this survey. It will be better if your receipt has the survey code. But, you still can access this survey even there is no survey code on your receipt.

It is because Perkins survey is accessible by entering some receipt details. Besides, the other requirements of Perkins survey is a mobile device or computer as well as internet access. It is because you only can do this survey online.

  • Perkins Survey participants.

All guests of Perkins restaurant can participate in this survey. But, they must meet the following requirements. First, they must be the legal residents of Canada or United States. Then, when they take this survey, they must be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, they must not be the employees of Perkins restaurant.

  • Perkins Survey Rules.

The survey period of Perkins Guest Survey begins on 26th of December 2016. Then, it will end on 31st of December 2017. Perkins only allows one person to take one survey in a month. Besides, you must not copy or transfer the validation code to other people. Furthermore, Perkins receipt is valid within three days after your purchasing date. After three days, you cannot use Perkins receipt to enter this survey.

  • Perkins Survey reward.

As the token of appreciation for your participation, Perkins gives you 10% discount on the next bill. To get this discount, you have to present your receipt along with the survey validation code. If your Perkins survey reward code is valid, the cashier will deduct the amount of your bill.

This way, you can enjoy Perkins menu at more affordable price. But, you should remember that this validation code can void if you copy or transfer it to someone else. Besides, you must not combine this code with other Perkins coupons. Furthermore, you cannot get the discount for the promotional items, Kid’s menu, Great Plates and Bakery to Go products.

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Perkins Experience Survey
Perkins Experience Survey


How to Take Part in Perkins Experience Survey?

Participating in Perkins Survey is not difficult at all. You just need to do some simple steps to complete this restaurant survey. Once you answer all of Perkins questionnaire, you will have a chance to get Perkins validation code.

Then, by using this validation code, you can redeem the special offer printed on your Perkins receipt. As the example, you can get the discount for your next purchase. It is an interesting offer, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Grab Perkins restaurant receipt and take Perkins survey soon.

In fact, there are two methods of taking Perkins Survey. The first method is for the customers that have the Perkins survey code. Besides, the second method is for those who do not have the Perkins survey invitation code. Review the guideline below for the further explanation. If you have Perkins survey code, you should do this procedure.

  • Visit Perkins Survey Site

In this Perkins Survey website, there is a logo of Perkins Restaurant and Bakery logo at the top left of the page. Besides, the top right of the page contains the title of Perkins Guest Experience Program. In the homepage of the survey, you can review Perkins privacy policy.

  • Enter Perkins Guest Survey Code.

Perkins Survey Code consists of 15 digits. You can find this code near the bottom part of Perkins receipt. For your convenience, you can see the sample of Perkins receipt. Click on the link under the survey code field.

However, if you cannot find Perkins Survey Code in your receipt, you can do this following method.

  • Visit Perkins Survey Site

You also can reach this survey page by clicking the help link at is the survey page for the customers that do not have survey code. But, you still need to enter some Perkins receipt details to enter this survey.

  • Enter Perkins store number and Check number.

See the top section of your Perkins receipt to find out Perkins restaurant number. Then, you should input the Check number as well.

  • Enter the date and time.

To verify that you really visited Perkins restaurant, you have to input the visit time. Select the date and time based on the details printed on the Perkins receipt. Then, you can click on the green Start button to begin Perkins Survey.

Once you are successful in entering Perkins Survey, you can continue the next steps. Here are the steps you have to do in order to get the survey reward from Perkins restaurant.

  • Answer the questions.

You have to fill out Perkins questionnaire to complete this survey. Make sure that you do not skip any question in this survey. It is because your feedback is very useful for Perkins restaurant. Be objective when you rate some issues about Perkins restaurant. Besides, this survey also allows you to write some suggestions and comment about this restaurant.

  • Join Perkins e-club.

At the end of the survey, Perkins offers you to join its program. This way, you will receive the info and special offers from Perkins restaurant. If you are willing to join this program, you have to submit your contact details. Complete the registration form by writing down your name, address, postal code, and email address.

  • Take Perkins Validation code.

When you have completed all steps of Perkins Survey, you will receive the Perkins survey reward code. Always write down this code on your Perkins receipt. So, when you want to redeem the offer, you just need to show this receipt to Perkins staff. Then, as the survey reward, you can get 10% off for your next transaction at Perkins restaurant.

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What are the Questions at Perkins Guest Survey?

When you take Perkins Survey, you must be ready to answer the series of questions. The topics of these questions are about your experiences in Perkins. You will be easier to face this questionnaire if you have already taken the survey in other restaurants.

In general, the restaurant surveys have the similar questions. It will be about your dining experience, food, service, and restaurant condition. Do you want to know the further questions at Perkins Survey? Review the lists of the questionnaire below.

  • Visit details.

After you are successful in entering Perkins survey code, you have to be ready to respond the questions. First, you have to indicate the name of the Perkins server. If you do not remember the name, you should see the top part of the receipt.

Then, select the type of visit. Perkins only provides Dine In and Carry Out service. If you carried out your order, you would get an extra question. It asks how you order the food at Perkins. You can state that you ordered over the phone or in person.

  • Overall satisfaction.

In every guest satisfaction survey, you will get this type of question. Customer survey aims to identify the satisfaction level of each guest. That is why you have to respond this question truthfully based on your real experience.

  • Interrogative questions.

In this session, you just need to select Yes, No, or NA for every question. First, state whether Perkins staff greeted you when you entered the restaurant. Then, indicate whether the Perkins bakery case had the items you were looking for. But, if you did not go to the bakery case, you can select NA. The last, state whether the Perkins employee thanked you for your visit.

  • Service.

In the next section, Perkins survey asks you to rate the service given to the customers. For instance, you have to rate speed of checkout as well as the speed in serving the customers. Then you also need to rate the friendliness of Perkins employees.

  • Your order and restaurant condition.

After that, you have the chance to rate the accuracy of food you ordered in Perkins restaurant. Besides, do not miss to rate the taste and the temperature of Perkins food you ordered. Also, you should give your review about the interior cleanliness of Perkins restaurant. The last, rate the overall value you got from Perkins. Was it worthy of the amount of money you spent in this restaurant?

  • Likelihood to return and recommend.

Based on the review you give in the previous section, you have to decide whether you would like to return to Perkins within 30 days. The next, state your willingness to recommend Perkins restaurant to your friends within 30 days.

  • Comment and suggestion.

Perkins Guest Satisfaction Survey offers the chance to share your comment and suggestion. Simply write down your ideas or suggestions which can improve Perkins’ customer service. Explain your opinion in 1200 characters. Be objective and specific in suggesting your ideas. This way, you will be able to get the better experience at Perkins restaurant.

  • Areas to improve.

The next session allows you to select the specific areas that Perkins has to improve its service. You can check more than one area. You may think that Perkins has to improve these following areas. For instance, Perkins should focus on time to make the guests seated, time that guest wait to order and receive the food and drink. Besides, Perkins may have to simplify the checkout system. This way, the customers will not wait too long to pay the check.

  • The frequency of visit.
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Tell Perkins how many times you have visited this restaurant within the last 30 days. You can say that you visited this restaurant once, twice, three times, four times or more.

How to Share Perkins Feedback through Perkins Website?

Taking part in Perkins Survey is not the only way to tell your Perkins feedback. In case you lose Perkins receipt, you still can share your feedback by visiting its website. provides the menu which the guests can use it to share their feedback.

For your information, you not only can share your experience when you visited Perkins. But, you also can give your comment or questions about Perkins eclub, website or the general issues. If you would like to tell your dining experience at Perkins restaurant, you can follow this following guideline.

  • Visit the official website of Perkins restaurant.

To start giving your feedback, you should access This website contains all info related Perkins restaurant. For instance, you can search Perkins location near you. Besides, you also can find out Perkins menu as well as its nutrition facts. Furthermore, this website also presents Perkins gift cards and MyPerkins information. If you are interested in being Perkins employee, you can search Perkins Careers as well.

  • Click on feedback menu.

To tell your dining feedback, you have to search Feedback menu. It is located at the bottom part of Perkins restaurant website. So, you have to scroll down Perkins web page to find out this menu.

  • Select restaurant issues.

Once you select feedback menu, you will land on the new page. In this page, you have to decide what kinds of feedback you will give. For instance, you can choose restaurant issue or the general issue. Besides, you also can share the feedback about Perkins website, Perkins E-club, or franchise.

  • Select the type of comment.

The next, you have to choose the type of feedback or comment you will share. For example, you want to tell your recent experience in specific Perkins restaurant. This way, you can report a problem you faced in this restaurant. Moreover, you can share your compliments. Besides, you also can give the general comment about Perkins.

  • Search the restaurant.

Perkins will forward your feedback to the certain restaurant which you complain. So, you have to state which Perkins restaurant you have just visited. To search the Perkins store, you should enter the zip code or state. Then, you also need to write the city or street.

Click on Next button to go to the following step. Then, Perkins website will display some store search result. Every result will contain the store number, address, phone number, and distance. Just click on one of the stores which you visited lately.

  • Complete the visit details.

Indicate the date when you visited Perkins restaurant. Click the calendar icon to select the date, month and year. After that, enter the time of your visit. But, if you forget the time of visiting Perkins, you can click on Time Unknown.

  • Tell your experience.

Perkins lets the guests share their experience in 2500 characters. So, you can use this chance to explain your feedback briefly. Explain your problem or complaint. Besides, you can give your praise to this restaurant as well. If you had a problem with a certain staff, you could mention his or her name. After that, state whether you noticed the restaurant manager or not. Select Next button to submit this Perkins feedback.

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