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Papa Murphy’s is the popular pizza house in the US. Founded in 1995, Papa Murphy’s now can operate more than 1300 chains in 38 states. Besides, it also has the branches in the United Arab Emirates and Canada. Since it offers the unique concept of serving pizza, Papa Murphy’s can stand out among other pizza restaurants.

Papa Murphy only makes the pizza dough and topping for you. Then, you can take it home and bake the pizza by yourself. This way, you can enjoy the warmness of pizza at home. So, it is like enjoying the homemade pizza. Papa Murphy’s wants to ensure that their pizza and service can satisfy you as the customers. So, it creates PapaSurvey to gain Papa Murphy’s feedback from the customers.

Papa survey is an online survey which is available at  This pizza restaurant invites all pizza lovers to take part in their survey. Through this survey, Papa Murphy’s can collect the customers’ review about the experience they had at the store.

So, Papa Murphy’s designs the questionnaire which asks about the customers’ experience. For instance, the questions will be about the pizza quality, service speed, employee performance, etc. The feedback that you give in this survey can help Papa Murphy’s to improve their service. Besides, this survey also gives you a chance to share your comment.


You only need to have a receipt to enter the Survey. This survey is so brief that it does not take much of your time. It is because you will be able to accomplish Papa survey in less than seven minutes. The section that may need much time is the comment section.

So, it is better you think about what you will write in this section before you take the survey. This way, you can save the time when taking Papa survey. Since your feedback is very helpful for Papa Murphy’s, you will get a reward for your participation. At the end of Papa Survey, you will get Papa Murphy’s redemption code. When you bring it in your next purchase, you will be able to save your money.

What are the Requirements of Papa Survey?

Papa Murphy’s survey does not need the complex requirements. As the customers, you only need a piece of receipt from Papa Murphy’s. This receipt will inform you about the details needed to proceed Papa Murphy’s survey. For instance, it tells you about Papa Murphy’s store number also the time of your visit. Then, what items do you need to process this survey? Here are they.

  • The receipt or baking instruction.

After purchasing pizza at Papa Murphy’s, you will get a piece of paper containing the baking instruction and receipt. This paper will give you the details of your transaction. As the example, the receipts contains the store details including the address and store number.

Besides, the receipt also contains the date and time when you came to Papa Murphy’s. The last, there will be a baking instruction to guide you bake the pizza at home. From all of these details, you only need the store # and time of your visit.

  • Internet accessibility and computer.

Papa Survey is only available online. So, the use of mobile device along with computer is very necessary. When your computer and internet are ready, you can visit the survey portal. Then, you can follow the prompts available at the website.

Apart from the survey requirements, Papa’s Survey also has some rules that you have to understand. When you know what the rules are, you will be easy to complete Papa Murphy’s survey. Here are the rules of Papa Survey.

  • Papa Murphy’s does not limit the age of the participants. So, everybody can take part in Papa Survey as long as they have the receipt.
  • All respondents of the survey have the same opportunity to get the redemption code. Besides, their answer on the survey does not affect the reward. So, although they give the bad feedback to Papa Murphy’s, they will still get the reward code.
  • The reward of Papa Murphy’s survey may vary. In some survey period, the reward may be the free pizza or another menu from Papa Murphy’s. Besides, the reward can be the discount offer. With this discount offer, you can save your budget on the next purchase.
  • One Papa Murphy’s receipt is valid to enter the survey once. It means you cannot use the receipt to take Papa Survey twice or more. If you want to get more reward, you should often make the transaction at Papa Survey. So, you will get many receipts to enter Papa Murphy’s survey.
  • Papa Murphy’s does not allow you to combine the redemption code with other coupons. So, when you have some coupons, you should use the rest for other visits.
  • Then, Papa Murphy’s also does not allow you to redeem the coupon for cash. The coupon is only redeemable for the offer printed on your receipt. You may get the free product or discount based on the survey offer.
  • The last, to redeem Papa Murphy’s redemption code, you have to write this code at the back of the receipt. Then, you can present it the Papa Murphy’s store associate to redeem the reward.
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How is the Guideline to Take Part in Papa’s Survey?

Without a doubt, your comment and feedback at the survey will help Papa Murphy’s to serve the better service for the customers. So, you should not hesitate to state whatever in your mind. Both positive and negative response will help them to build the better quality. Then, Papa Murphy’s Teams will appreciate your participation in this Papa Survey.

Papa Murphy’s survey is very convenient and easy survey. It is because you can take this survey anytime and anywhere. You just need to spend a few minutes to complete Papa survey. Then, you can get the discount coupon as the survey reward. So, how are the steps of this survey? Here we present the survey completion guideline for you.

  • Access the Survey portal.

To begin the survey, you have to go to the website. Finding this survey portal through the search engine may be hard. So, we recommend you to directly type this URL into your browser’s address bar. In the home page of Papa Survey, you will find a greeting and welcoming page from Papa Murphy.

  • Enter the Store number or ZIP Code.

At the home page of the Papa Survey portal, there are two options of entering the survey. First, you can input the Store #.  This number is five or six digit in length. You can find this store number at your receipt or baking instruction. Then, you should enter this store # to the first field. After that, press the Arrow Icon to proceed the survey.

  • Enter the Postal Code or ZIP Code.

If your receipt does not contain Papa Murphy’s store number, you still can process the survey by using the ZIP Code. So, you have to select Arrow Icon next to the ZIP code option. Then, on the following page, you can input the postal code where you reside. After that, Papa Survey portal will help you to find the store where you purchased the pizza.

  • Type the date of your visit.
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In the next step, you have to select the date when you came to Papa Murphy’s. Just click on the Calendar image to select the date and month of your visit. Make sure you select the correct date which matches to your receipt date. The next, press Red Arrow button to go to the next survey page.

  • Confirm the store.

In this section, Papa Survey portal will verify the name of Papa Murphy’s store that you have just visited. So, you should confirm it by selecting Yes or No.

  • Rate the questionnaire.

Papa’s Survey requires recalling the recent experience you have in your last visit at Papa Murphy’s. First, you have to rate your overall satisfaction with Papa Murphy’s. Then, respond how many often you go to Papa Murphy’s Pizza Store. After that, you should rate the food quality, employees, service, and store atmosphere.

  • Write your comment.

In the next session, this Survey allows you to write any suggestion, compliment, or comment. You have to write the comment specifically. Just remember what you have experienced at the Pizza Outlet. Then, you can write the details of your thought about this restaurant.

  • Enter your personal information.

Then, This Survey requires you to write your address. You should not worry about this. If you hesitate to enter your information, you can review Papa Murphy’s privacy policy first.

  • Submit the survey and get the code.

After completing all of the steps, you should submit this survey. Then, the Survey will give you a coupon code as the appreciation of your effort taking the survey. When the coupon code appears, you have to write it on the back of your receipt.

In the next visit, you will get some discounts from Papa Murphy’s. Then, the Survey Site also offers you to join their club member. When you become the member of Papa Murphy’s e-club, you will get some benefits. For instance, you can get the special offer and discount from Papa Murphy’s Pizza Outlet.

What are the Tips for Papa Murphy’s Survey Completion?

  • Do not browse Papa Survey portal by the search engine.

You will be difficult to find Papa Pizza survey website through the search engine. If you visit, you will be directed to the correct survey portal.

  • Enable the cookies.

Please activate the cookies setting to enhance the survey takers’ experience

  • Search Papa Murphy’s store by zip code.

You can enter your zip code and select one of the stores you have just visited.

  • Give the honest rating.

The survey has five questions and you can answer excellent, good, average, fair, and poor.

  • Leave the specific comment.

You can tell everything you want about last experience in the restaurant like bad service and so on.

  • Do not forget to write the redemption code.

Make sure that you write this code to redeem this coupon in all of Papa Murphy’s stores.

  • Call Papa Murphy’s customer service for help.

You can dial 1-844-620-2501 as an alternative way to give your feedback when you lose your receipt.

How to Get Special Offers from Papa Murphy’s?

  • Go to Papa Murphy’s official site.

Visit Papa Survey website at to review the menu offered, deals, and franchise details.

  • Sign up for offers.

Sign Up for Offers and you can register for the program.

  • Fill out the registration form.

Enter your first name, last name, email account, phone number, zip code based on your area of living, and  your birthday.

  • Select how you would like to get the promotion info.
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You will receive Murphy’s promotion through email or text message.

  • Give tick to the box to state that you agree with the term and condition.

You should be 18 years old or older to submit this Dinner Circle registration form.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Service?

Taking part in Papa Murphy Survey is not the only way of sharing your feedback. It is because you can get in touch with the Customer Service. Then, you can share any questions, concern, or feedback. Papa Murphy’s has the multiple ways to contact their customer service. Here are the methods of contacting the Customer Care.

  • By phone.

When you have the urgent issue to talk, you have to call Papa Murphy’s phone number. You should dial 1-844-620-2501 to speak to the Customer Service staff.

  • By mail.

The second, you can write a letter to Papa Murphy’s. Your letter can be about the complaint, suggestion, comment, or questions. When you would like to send a letter to Papa Murphy’s, you should post it in this following address.

Papa Murphy’s International.

Attn: Guest Service.

8000 NE, Parkway DR, 350.

Vancouver, WA 98662.

  • Social Media.

The most convenient way to contact Papa Survey is through the social media. So, you have to follow Papa Murphy’s social media. This pizza house has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest account. By following Papa Murphy’s account, you will get updated about Papa Murphy’s promo and offer.

  • Website.

Visiting Papa Murphy’s official website gives you some benefits. For instance, you can find out the list of menu. Besides, you can know about the current deals and offers. Furthermore, Papa Murphy’s also allows you to submit your feedback through their website. Here are the instructions for submitting your feedback at Papa Murphy’s website.

  1. Visit Then, you have to scroll the page down until you see Contact Us. The next, select Contact Us to proceed the feedback page.
  2. Fill out Papa Murphy’s feedback form. This form consists of some sections. For instance, there are location information, visit info, contact details, and comment.
  3. Select the type of Papa Murphy’s feedback. There are two types of feedback you can choose. First, it is about the recent visit feedback. Besides, the second is about the general ordering.
  4. Then, fill out your location information. Select the province or state. The next, you should write the city and the complete address.
  5. Fill out the visit details. In this section, enter the date and time of your visit. Then, choose the visit type. There are called in order, the order in the restaurant, online order, and mobile app order.
  6. Complete your contact details. This form consists of your name, address, and email. Then, select how Papa Murphy’s can contact you. You can choose by mail, phone, email, or no contact necessary.
  7. Enter your feedback and comment. After writing your feedback in details, you can send this feedback form by pressing Submit button.

Papa Murphy’s Hours

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You can check the store hours before you visit the restaurant.

PapaSurvey is the name of Papa Murphy’s Survey site. Review Papa Murphy Survey guideline here. Also, you can share the feedback to Papa Murphy’s Customer Service. Grab the rewards fast!

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