Newkslistens – Get Newk’s Coupon from Newk’s Eatery Survey

Have you just visited Newk’s Eatery restaurant? If you still have Newk’s Eatery receipt, you have to check it. If there is a survey invitation code there, you should not ignore it. You can get Newk’s Eatery coupon by taking the survey at Newkslistens. Through Newk’s Eatery Survey, you can convey Newks feedback and rate your satisfaction level after dining in this restaurant.

Newkslistens is the name of the survey portal created by Newk’s Eatery. This company wants to identify the guests’ feedback after visiting their restaurant. So,it assesses the guests’ opinions and feedback through Newks Listens Survey. This company will receive your feedback gladly. It is because Newk’s Eatery wants to provide better service for the guests in the future.

Newks Survey is very easy to complete. You just need to prepare Newks Eatery receipt and access the survey portal at within ten minutes, you will be able to complete this survey and get the validation code. For your convenience, we present the rules and steps of Newk’s Survey. We home this guideline can assist you to complete the survey easily. Happy Reading.

newks survey at newkslistens portal
newks survey at newkslistens portal

Newk’s Eatery Restaurant Profile

Newk’s Eatery started its business in 2004 with the name Newk’s Express Cafe. The founders of this restaurant were father and son chef. Don Newcomb and Chris Newcomb. The first restaurant was established in Oxford, Mississipi. Unfortunately, the founders sold this restaurant to McAlister’s Deli.

In 2013, Newk’s Express Cafe rebranded its name into Newk’s eatery. This company not only changed its name but also the logo. Nowadays, Newk’s Eatery is headquartered in Jackson, Mississipi.this restaurant can develop its business well. No doubt, it can have more than 100 restaurant chains in 13 states of the US.

When you visit Newk’s Eatery, you can find a gourmet made-from-scratch sandwich, salad, soup, California-style pizza, and dessert. This fast-casual restaurant focuses on serving the menu made from scratch. All of the ingredients used are fresh. Also, this restaurant has an open kitchen concept. So, the guests can see how their order is made. If you want to know more about Newk’s, you can visit its official website at

Newkslistens Survey Rules

Before you access Newk’s Eatery survey at Newkslistens portal, you have to understand the survey rules. This way, you can find out the eligibility of the survey, survey method, and the survey reward. You can check Newks Survey rules in the following section.

  • Survey Eligibility.

Newkslistens survey is open to all customers of Newk’s Eatery Restaurant. But, they must reach at least 18 years old. Besides, the survey takers must be the legal residents of the United States. All employees of Newk’s are not eligible to take this survey.

  • Survey method.

Newk’s Eatery only provides an online survey to assess the guests’ satisfaction. You can access this survey at

  • Survey reward.

To appreciate your feedback, Newk’s Eatery offers a validation code after the survey. You can write this code on your Newk’s Eatery receipt. This coupon code is redeemable for the offer printed on your receipt. The survey reward may vary by the survey period. You may get a freebie or discount from Newk’s Eatery.

  • Survey rules.
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Here are some points you have to note before taking Newks Feedback Survey.

  1. One Newk’s Eatery receipt is only for one survey entry.
  2. The survey code may expire. So, you have to take the survey soon after you visit the restaurant.
  3. You must present the original receipt from Newk’s Eatery when you redeem the coupon code.
  4. The coupon is not redeemable for cash.
  5. You need to make a purchase first to redeem your coupon.

Newk’s Eatery Survey Preparation

After reviewing Newkslistens Survey rules, it’s your time to prepare the survey requirements. The requirements below will help you to complete Newk’s survey without any troubles.

  • Newk’s Eatery receipt.

The main requirement you must have is a valid receipt from Newk’s Eatery. This receipt contains Newkslistens survey code. With this 16 digit survey code, you will be able to enter Newk’s Eatery survey page.

  • A device.

We have stated that Newk’s Eatery survey is available online. So, you must prepare a device to access this survey portal. Using a personal computer or smartphone is allowed. If you want to take this online survey conveniently, it is better to use a laptop or computer. So, the survey questions are displayed on the wide-screen.

  • Internet connection.

Your computer or smartphone cannot access the survey portal without an internet connection. So, you have to connect your device to wifi or mobile internet data. You need a stable connection to load the survey page.

  • A pen.

The last item you need is a pen. A the end of the survey, Newk’s Eatery will give you a validation code. Then, you have to write down this code on your Newk’s Eatery receipt.

newkslistens newks eatery survey
newkslistens newks eatery survey steps

Newkslistens Survey Steps

After preparing all the requirements, you must be ready to complete Newk’s Eatery survey. If you have never taken part in this survey before, you can view the survey guideline below. Just do every single step of Newk’s Eatery below in order to get the coupon.

  • Step 1. Visit Newk’s Eatery Survey portal.

The first thing you have to do is accessing Newk’s Eatery survey portal. You can use your browser to access

  • Step 2. Change the language.

If necessary, you can change the language setting. The default setting of Newk’s Eatery survey portal is English. But, if you are not fluent in using English, you can change it into Spanish. Just click on the Espanol link under the Start button.

  • Step 3. Enter Newk’s Eatery Survey code.

In order to start NewksListens Survey, you need to enter the valid survey code. You can get this 16 digit survey code at the bottom section of your receipt. Make sure that you enter every single code correctly.

  • Step 4. Indicate the date of visit.

Do you still remember the date when you visit Newk’s Eatery? If you do not remember it, you can check your receipt to see the date in which you come to this restaurant. Click on the Calendar icon to enter the date of visit.

  • Step 5. Specify the time of visit.
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The next, you should indicate the time of visit. Check your receipt in order to enter the correct time of visit.

  • Step 6. Answer Newk’s Eatery Survey questions.

After checking all the details of receipt, you can press the Start button. Then, you can start answering all of the survey questions. You need to recall your latest experience when you visit Newk’s Eatery Restaurant. Rate your overall satisfaction with this place. The next, rate some restaurant’s aspects. As the example, you have to review the taste of the food, restaurant’s cleanliness, employees’ attentiveness, etc.

  • Step 7. Leave Newk’s feedback.

Newk’s Eatery welcomes you to convey your feedback. In this section, you are free to write everything about Newk’s. perhaps, you had some problem when you dine in this restaurant. So, you can express your complaints, comments, or suggestions.

  • Step 8. Write down Newk’s validation code.

After completing the survey, you will get Newk’s Eatery validation code. Then, you need to write this coupon code on your receipt. So, when you want to redeem this coupon, you just need to present your receipt to the cashier.

That’s all the brief steps to complete Newkslistens Guest Satisfaction Survey. After getting Newk’s Eatery coupon, you can go to Newk’s Eatery nearby to redeem the survey reward. Make a purchase and present your coupon code. The Newk’s Eatery team member will give you the survey reward.

Newk’s Eatery Hours of Operation

Before you visit Newk’s Eatery restaurant, you have to check Newks hours of operation. So, you will know what time Newk’s Eatery is open and closed every day. In fact, you can check Newk’s restaurant hours on its official website. You just need to select Location menu. Then, enter your current location.

The website will present the direction to the nearest Newk’s Eatery as well as the restaurant details. For instance, you can find the information about Newk’s hours, Newk’s Eatery phone number, and restaurant’s address. For your convenience, you can check Newk’s Eatery hours on the following table.

Days Newk’s Eatery Hours
Monday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Friday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 10.30 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 10.30 AM – 9 PM

From the table above, we can see that Newk’s Eatery is open everyday at 10.30 AM. Besides, this restaurant is closed at 9 PM every day. But, you should note that Newk’s Eatry hours may vary by location. So, every Newk’s restaurant chain may have different restaurant hours. It is better to call the local Newk’s Eatery restaurant to confirm the hours of operation.

When you plan to dine in Newk’s on holidays, you have to check Newks holiday hours. This restaurant is open on major holidays. But, you should note that Newk’s Eatery is closed on New Year Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, and Christmas Day. Besides, in other holidays, Newks may reduced the hours operation. This restaurant may be open later and closed earlier.

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How to Get Newk’s Coupon

You can save your money when you dine in Newk’s Eatery if you have Newks coupon. There are several tips to earn Newk’s coupons easily. With Newk’s coupon, you can enjoy the free menu or discount from Newk’s. So, how to get Newk’s Eatery coupon? Here are some tips you can try.

  • Take part in Newkslistens survey.

If you have a Newk’s receipt, you can use it to take part in Newks survey. This survey is available at After completing this survey, you will receive Newk’s coupon code. You can redeem this coupon with discount or freebie according to the offer printed on your receipt.

  • Download Newk’s App.

When you have Newk’s Eatery App on your smartphone, you can do these following things. First, you can review Newk’s menu. Also, you can order online through this App. Besides, you can search for Newk’s Eatery near me. After downloading Newk’s App, you will get a coupon which is redeemable for a slice of cake for free.

  • Sign Up Newk’s E Club.

If you want to get a birthday reward from Newk’s, you should sign up Newk’s Eclub. You can register online at New’s website. Just fill in the registration form with your personal information. It requires your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth. When you become a member of Newk’s Eclub, you will receive the sneak peeks and any information related to Newk’s.

How to Contact Newk’s Eatery Customer Service

In case you face some problem in your visit to Newk’s Eatery, you have to contact Newk’s Customer Service. Also, you may have some questions about this restaurant. For instance, you want to ask about Newk’s menu, gift card, Newk’s promotion, and many other topics. You should not hesitate to contact Newk’s Customer Service. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Newk’s Customer Service.

  • By phone.

If you want to talk to Newk’s Customer Service representative staff directly, you have to call Newk’s Customer Service phone number. Just dial 601-982-1160 to get the instant response from Newk’s. Make sure that you call them during Newk’s business hours.

  • By fax.

You also can contact Newk’s Eatery by facsimile. You just need to send your message to 601-982-1161.

  • By mail.

If you want to send your feedback or any issues related to Newk’s by mail, you can send your inquiry to the following address.

Newk’s Corporate Office

2680 Crane Ridge Drive

Jackson, MS 39216

  • Via website.

You can submit your feedback through Newk’s website. If you do not have the receipt to enter Newk’s survey, you can visit Newk’s official site to send your feedback. Just go to the Contact menu. Then, submit your general comment or questions through the feedback form. You can access Newk’s Eatery website at

  • Via email.

For the press inquiry, you can send your email to

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